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Alabama’s Ga’Quincy ‘Kool-Aid’ McKinstry Signs NIL Deal With Kool-Aid

On paper, this NIL deal makes almost too much sense.

Last Wednesday, it was announced that five-star recruit and freshman defensive back for the Alabama Crimson Tide, Ga’Quincy ‘Kool-Aid’ McKinstry, would be signing a NIL Deal with, you guessed it, Kool-Aid.

Ever since the rules and regulations for the NCAA’s new NIL policy were introduced in July 2021, brands and players have been scrambling for ways to take advantage. McKinstry is just the latest athlete to join the growing movement.

Considered to be one of, if not the best cornerback in the 2021 signing class, Kool-Aid McKinstry hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and like so many that play football in that state, he chose to join the Crimson Tide when they made him a scholarship offer.

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Kool-Aid told in 2019 that he’s had the nickname ever since he was born when, according to his grandmother, he “came out smiling.” He introduces himself as Kool-Aid, he tends to go by Kool-Aid, and, hell, he is even listed on Alabama’s roster as Kool-Aid.

Needless to say that when it came time for Kool-Aid to look into potential branding opportunities, Kool-Aid (the brand) was the perfect match.

To signify the new deal, Kool-Aid temporarily changed their Twitter account’s bio to “In honor of our new partnership, we’ve swapped names with Kool-Aid McKinstry and given him the power of OH YEAH.”

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For far too long, college athletes—despite bringing in tons of money for their schools, sports networks, and brands—could never earn financial compensation for their names and likenesses. That has thankfully changed and enabled players like Kool-Aid to be compensated for all their hard work on the field.

While the exact terms of Kool-Aid’s NIL deal were not immediately available, it’s bound to be very advantageous for both sides.

Kool-Aid will be a very exciting player to watch when he suits up for the Crimson Tide this fall, and we can’t wait to see what he can do.

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