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NFL Draft Prospect Rashad Weaver Is Cool, Calm, and Confident

Rashad Weaver is one of the highest-rated prospects at his position in this year’s NFL draft, and yes, he is listed at 6’5, 270 lbs, and yes, he is in the middle of a crazy time in his life. 

He has a lot of things that you want in a draft prospect. And those things are well documented. 

But what about which Jordans he will wear on draft night? What about his favorite cheat meal spot? What do people get wrong about him? 

There are a lot of people providing voices and opinions during the weeks leading up to the NFL draft, so it was a refreshing change of pace to hear thoughts directly from the source of one of the players. 

ONE37pm, meet Rashad Weaver.

The University of Pittsburgh defensive lineman is one focused cat. Of course, the days around the NFL draft can be complex. He doesn’t know where he will live for the foreseeable future and if you put yourself in that scenario, there would be some discomfort. 

But don’t confuse that uncertainty with a lack of confidence. Because Weaver knows that he’s got game. 

Bo Templin: Have you set goals for yourself already? Or are you waiting to see where you go first? 

Rashad Weaver: I don’t know how other people go about it. For me, yeah I set goals. My goal is to be the defensive rookie of the year. Be starting on the team. You know, they are drafting me to be a top player…My goal is to meet every expectation, plus one.

And it is responses like those that make him a coveted NFL prospect. That confidence is infectious. But it isn’t a loud, boisterous confidence. It is quiet, in the shadows. When he delivers a sack or a big play, he will act accordingly. 

Templin: Are you a celebrations guy? Do you plan any out? 

Weaver: If you don’t have celebrations in mind, I feel like you’re not expecting big plays. In college, I knew what moves I would celebrate with cause I expected myself to get a couple of sacks or big plays. I think it’s all a part of the mindset.

Obviously, winning is the most important thing. It is all about winning. But if you are doing your job… celebrating can bring the team and yourself energy and people can feed off of that. 

Templin: You obviously get a player comparison question all the time. So I’m not going to ask you about ‘Jason Pierre-Paul’ or anything like that. But is there a career you would want to model yours after? Whether it be longevity, endorsements, or commercials? 

Weaver: “Yeah. First, for defensive players, it is tough to get sponsors. You gotta be the top, best of the best—defensive rookie of the year, that type of stuff. And just football in general cause we have our helmets on, we don’t have much facial recognition… I could say right from Pittsburgh; I’d say Aaron Donald. What he strung in his first 7-8 years in the league, that got him plants of endorsements. You see a lot with J.J. Watt.”

Templin: Any idea what you are going to wear on draft night? 

Weaver: Yeah, chill outfit. Jordans.

Templin: Which Jordans?

Weaver: I don’t know, we will have to see when the picture drops.

Sorry ONE37pm family, I tried.

Templin: How about a favorite cheat meal spot?

Weaver: I was super strict during my pro-day training. But during those cheat meals… fried chicken honestly. Chicken wings.

Templin: OK, but what kind of wings? Mom’s homemade or a spot?

Weaver: Anywhere. The spot, bar, restaurant… any chicken wings anywhere. Or I am big on sweets. Shakes are my thing… There are a couple of places in Pittsburgh. GetGo is a convenience store in Pittsburgh and they have a late-night menu with an oreo shake.

Weaver is destined for big things. Sure, there may be uncertainty right now.

But his success feels inevitable.

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