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Tobias Harris Talks Social Justice, Esports, and Building His Dream Home

There is more to Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris than what you see on the basketball court.

When the NBA resumed its season after the forced suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Harris and the rest of the NBA were in the midst of fighting against social injustice issues such as police brutality and economic inequality.

On July 20, 2020, Harris was asked about Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook’s collaboration with the NBA on new social justice shirts. Instead of responding directly, he shifted the conversation to send a message to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to help bring Breonna Taylor’s killers to justice.

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“Nothing against the T-shirts, but we want to make sure that (Kentucky Attorney General) Daniel Cameron will arrest the cops and the officers involved with Breonna Taylor’s death, and that’s all I got to say,” Harris said before walking away.

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Harris recently spoke with ONE37pm’s Tyler Schmitt about his new property purchase on the west coast.

“I bought that about a year and a half ago, and it has been a process. Like no other learning process, too, from building something from the ground up, and I wanted to build my dream. Being able to get that off the ground, architect, planning, coastal, and it really is a true process,” said Harris. 

“It is also a learning experience as well, but [it is] really an interesting, cool thing, seeing it and making sure it is right. It has taken some time, and we are still in the process of dealing with the permits, but when it is all said and done, it is going to be beautiful.”

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How did Harris choose between purchasing something already established in comparison to building something from the ground up? It depends on how much knowledge he has on the topic and how he must complete it.

“If I have the time and really the knowledge to do things and understand, I am all for it. At first, I wanted to purchase something that was already established, but everything that I was looking at cost x-amount of dollars to really get what I wanted. So, that route came about out there in that area in San Diego, and the views are amazing, and I wanted to capitalize on that,” Harris said.

“So, when I saw the piece of land, that is when I knew that is where I wanted to live. I want to be able to wake up and see that view every morning and enjoy that with my family. So, that learning experience and being able to have that creativity factor is a real key for me.”

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Esports and gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, and you are seeing numerous athletes such as San Francisco 49ers’ cornerback Richard Sherman and Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine embracing it. Harris is not a big gamer nowadays, but in the past, that wasn’t the case. Harris also elaborated on his, let’s say, ‘lack of skill’ at video games.

“I’m not the biggest gamer I used to be. I used to play Call of Duty, Madden, and Fortnite, but I am not good at video games. I played Fortnite for three months, and I was not finishing in first place, and I was like, this is not for me,” he shared.  “However, I know it is a huge business, esports, and everything down that line is big. It is just tough for me to get into it.”

Be sure to check out what Tobias Harris is doing on the court and off it and watch the full interview above. You can follow Tobias on Instagram and Twitter.

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