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Urijah Faber Tells Untold Stories and Talks Early MMA Days On ‘In The Fight’

On this episode of In The Fight, I had the incredible pleasure of speaking with the one and only, Urijah Faber.

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Faber is a UFC Hall of Famer. He is a WEC champion. He is a pioneer and UNDENIABLE legend in the world of MMA.

Getting to chat with the man himself was a thrill.

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The California Kid and I talked a lot about his early days in the WEC. As a San Diego native, I had to ask him about his fight against Jens Pulver at the San Diego Sports Arena. Faber gave me some incredible stories about the fight, the post-fight celebration, and even mentioned one of his good friends ending up in Mexico. Trust me, you will want to hear this one.

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And if for any freaking reason, that isn’t enough, Faber tells an all-time great story about Carlos Condit, who retired last week. Although I am unsure if I am able to write out the details of the story, I beg you to go listen to it. It is f**king hilarious.

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But perhaps the juiciest part of the interview comes when I asked Faber about what he is looking for in a return fight. Yes, he is retired. But he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of another scrap. Faber gives some spicy details about who peeks his interests.

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