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The 12 Best French Streetwear Brands To Date

It’s no surprise that France is widely recognized as the fashion hub of the world. Mega fashion houses across the country are constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing urban style. Today’s prominent surf skate culture has been adopted by both new and old labels, all of which drastically transform the French streetwear industry. Brands like Pigalle, Agnes B, and Veja have gained attention from style icons across the country through their collaborations, collections, and big debuts. As we’ve seen the prominence streetwear has accumulated, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a rundown on the best French streetwear brands for you to wear.

1. Poyz & Pirlz

What first began with a printed t-shirt and a 90’s inspired slogan quickly expanded to a wide range of clothing and accessories. Poyz & Pritz has been viewed as a streetwear brand from the start. Their lookbook of apparel was first inspired by Parisian culture. Still, throughout their growth, they have been referenced with a French origin as they continue to collaborate with various French artists—the brand ties in music, style, and urban influences throughout its collections. 

2. Pigalle

The essence of Pigalle encompasses all things local business as stated in their mission that they focus on honoring their community while staying true to themselves. The neighborhood-grown French streetwear brand was dubbed after a former red-light district in Paris. Since its start, the brand has expanded its presence in the fashion world through its work with well-known brands like Nike and Converse. 

3. Agnes B

As we laid eyes on Agnes B., we quickly realized that this is way more than a brand. It is a fashion house, an art gallery, and a music lover’s dream combined. Agnes B. founded the brand on all things she loves, which is reflected through the diverse and cultural quality of the company’s history. In 1973, Agnes B. began her journey as a fashion icon, opening her first shop in an old butcher’s store located in the central market of Paris. From that point on, Agnes’s popularity skyrocketed as she created the first snap cardigan, opened a slew of stores, wrote books, worked with charities, and even started one of her own, The Tara Ocean Foundation. 

4. A.P.C

A.P.C is a French clothing brand that first gained popularity for its classic jeans. Fast forward, the brand now offers an entire men’s and women’s collection that is based on a minimalist style. Jean Touitou, creator, and Judith Touitou, artistic director of the clothing brand, focus on the stylish, casual look essential for their buyers’ day-to-day wear. Notably, “A.P.C. means Product and Creation workshop. Without production, creation remains at the idea stage. And without creation, a garment will have no soul.” To make their identity come to life, A.P.C continues to keep in sight of its roots and vision of fashion. 

5. AMI

Alexandre Mattiussi is a well-bred fashion designer who spent years immersed in fashion houses across the globe. After gaining an immense amount of experience, he decided to branch off and create his brand, AMI. The name AMI is French for a friend, which is blended into the internal workings of the brand. As it embodies “a particular type of the French capital’s nonchalance, one that is relaxed, authentic and friendly,” – shown through each apparel item designed for men and women. 

6. Club 75

When a music producer, creative designer, and stylist come together, you get the trio of a lifetime. Club 75 is the product of three friends who had taken each of their interests and combined them into a top-of-the-line clothing brand. Pedro Winter, So-Me, and Michael Doupuy are creators who teamed up “to deliver quality items aiming at what they would love to wear themselves.” The brand’s success has been proven by its collections with BornxRaised and record label, Bromance. 

7. Blvck Paris

As the name implies, Blvck Paris is a lifestyle & accessories brand that sells ‘All Black clothing. The idea is centered around “a culture shift to live life on your terms free from vanity.” The brand has created a 908k and growing community that aligns with the evolution to ‘Blvckout’ their lives to aid in the movement.
The brand has reached such a large community due to its incredible backing of creative masterminds. The Blvck Paris team hones in on the quality and design of both their visual content and merchandise. As one can see, the brand focuses heavily on its social media platforms, blog postings, and incredible collaborations. Since the launch of Blvck, they have branded a Hurucan Lamborghini, launched Rose & Champagne, and more.

8. Project X Paris (PXP)

If you are looking for a brand that aligns with the emphasis streetwear has placed on the urban lifestyle, Project x Paris (PxP) is it. The brand was launched by two French designers who found a burning desire to combine street culture and minimalism. This one-stop-shop provides men with a variety of apparel items that are influenced by the sporty-chic lifestyle. Each item is easy to wear, authentic and wearable on a range of occasions. As we know, the PxP brand embodied a unique culture, calling for collaborations with French and international high-hop artists and athletes such as Chris Brown, Post Malone, David Luiz, and more. 

9. Maison Kitsuné

Since 2002, Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki have led a multi-faceted brand that has captured the Parisian lifestyle on all wavelengths. Although their apparel is key to the label’s success, it is not the only focus. The intricate brand also has a music label, Kitsune Musique, and 16 Cafe Kitsune, coffee shops placed in iconic locations worldwide. 

Inclusive to the uniqueness of the brand is the meaning behind it. Maison is French for a house, and Kitsune is Japanese for fox. Together, Maison Kitsune represents an adaptable fashion house that is characterized by an imaginary animal.

10. Kenzo

Of all the brands mentioned, this would be the one you would quickly pinpoint. Kenzo is a French label that many American’s have familiarized themselves with over the past few years. Since its inception, the clothing line has been one to celebrate nature and cultural diversity through its use of designs, vibrant color choice, and mix of prints. As the collections gained notice in the fashion world, the company took it as an opportunity to grow internally. They onboarded Portegues fashion designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista. On account of this new addition, Kenzo has flourished into a new chapter filled with creativity. 

11. Andrea Crews

Word on the street is that fashion designer Andrea Crews has made quite the impression on the fashion industry. To date, the brand has two streetwear couture lines that are labeled: The High Street & Artisanal. Each collection item is one of a kind, thanks to the innovative approach the brand uses to create apparel – upcycling. This is an environmental conservation technique that pieces together discarded materials to design an item of higher quality. In the case of Crews, the act of upcycling adds the perfect touch to the mix of strong prints and the uniqueness of each item.

12. Harmony

To be one is literally & physically what the brand, Harmony embodies. David Obadia, the founder of Harmony, built the company off valuable pillars and firm ambitions. As the team grew, it soon became apparent that the internal workings of the brand played a significant factor in the label’s success. Focusing on the everyday consumer are the brand’s designers who pay attention to the detail of the cutting edge apparel. Each item is made out of the most delicate fabrics to produce the simple essentials. 

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