Grand Collection Winter ’22: Immaculate Skatewear for a Good Cause

Grand Collection, founded by Ben Oleynik, is a NYC-based skate brand that consistently releases some of the most elevated but wearable pieces in the skate scene right now. Oleynik has a keen eye for taking silhouettes and pieces that are comfortable for skaters, and then giving them an aesthetic upgrade through the use of nostalgic or semi-unorthodox materials. Just last week, Grand held its first ever runway show to coincide with the brand’s fourth annual food drive. In celebration of Grand’s runway debut, I went through some of the pieces from the collection and selected my favorites.

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Grand Collection Winter ’22

Part of what makes Grand so special is the fact that the pieces are often garments that would usually be relegated to the world of athletic wear, but with a few key design choices that elevate them to a higher formality. You wouldn’t normally think of sweatpants as something you could wear to dinner, but the color and material choices often allow the pieces to rise above their prescribed formality.

“For every collection, I’m thinking about what me and my family and friends want to wear. What pieces do they need for the different aspects of their life: skating, skate trips, non-skate trips, chilling at home, taking their partner out for a nice dinner, you know,” Ben remarks on the Winter ’22 selection.

And if the pieces weren’t desirable enough, a portion of all the proceeds from the Winter ’22 collection go towards feeding New Yorkers in need.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

1. Velour Collared Sweatshirt in Powder Blue
Grand Collection

This is the standout of the collection in my opinion. A beautiful color paired with a glistening velour makes for a versatile shirt that would be equally appropriate at the skatepark or a night out.

shop now, $104
2. Velour Pant in Navy
Grand Collection

When I first saw these pants in person, I was immediately drawn to the quality of the velour. It’s a material historically donned by an older demographic, but revitalized in this silhouette with the Grand logo and side seam, they become a luxurious take on sweats.

shop now, $122
3. Harrington Jacket in Light Grey
Grand Collection

This Harrington jacket is another great example of a timeless piece that can be styled in endless ways. Getting dressed doesn’t need to be hard.

shop now, $208
4. Nylon Jacket in Forest/Cream
Grand Collection

When I think of Grand, this is the jacket I picture—partially because I always see Ben out here rocking countless epic nylon tracksuits. This is the epitome of the brand; these are classic styles that harken back to the 90s, but with a silhouette and color that settles them perfectly into 2022.

shop now, $138
5. Velour Short in Powder Blue
Grand Collection

It’s clear I like the velour stuff. These shorts perfectly encapsulate an even more distant nostalgia for the 70s, when short velour shorts were a staple of not only loungewear but going out on the town as well. The color of this velour is just so unbelievably cool.

shop now, $88

Keep up with Grand below and take a look at their soon to release collab with Premier.

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