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10 Hawaiian Shirts to Help You Look Like Hopper from ‘Stranger Things’

Dog days of summer, we’re here. Yup, we’re in the thick of the season, when it often feels like the only tolerable form of clothing is nothing at all, and the thermostat’s intensity can be measured by the number of sweat beads that have taken up residence on your face. July and August can take their toll on your usual cool and collected self, but no need to let Mother Nature’s relentless deliveries of heatwaves and humidity compromise your fresh vibes. Au contraire.

The very apropos Hawaiian shirt took the lead as summer’s sartorial star, with every retailer offering various versions of prints ranging from classic to kooky. And if the runways are any indication (spoiler alert: they are), look no further than the spring 2020 designs of Dries Van NotenDolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh to know that the trend has legs. And of course, beloved local constable Chief Hopper from Stranger Things (season 4 can’t come soon enough) launched a tiki-shirt craze.  

Dress it up with khakis or white pants, dress it down with denim or shorts (or denim shorts!)—the tiki-inspired shirt is endlessly versatile. This is a license to dig up your dad’s old vacation uniform (vintage is always in style), but if you’re craving a more modern take, we’ve got you. 

Here are ten Hawaiian shirts to buy now. Summer is one big luau, after all.

Palm Tree Print Shirt, Zara

You can always count on Zara for trends, and this bright red option makes an eye-catching statement for any occasion.

Buy Now, $40
Amalfi Premium Short-Sleeve Shirt, Bonobos

Sometimes, more is more. Particularly when it comes to Hawaiian shirts. If boldness is your thing, go with this colorful option and watch frowns turn upside down as you pass people on the street.

BUY NOW, $138
Patterned Resort Shirt, H&M

Let’s debunk once and for all the myth that pink is for girls: it’s actually an OG dude hue dating back to the 18th century. Strong men wear pink. Especially when it involves sharks.

BUY NOW, $18
Mike Regular-Fit Pineapple Print Shirt, ASOS

If florals make you fret, there’s always the fruit route. It telegraphs tropical without the Hawaiian horticulture, so you win.

BUY NOW, $40
Rayon Hawaiian Shirt, Faherty

If mint chocolate chip is the new black, then its close cousin creamsicle is the new white. This sorbet shade is so crisp, you’ll instantly feel the cool once you make it yours.

BUY NOW, $158
Ecru Floral Oversized Shirt, Topman

Nothing screams summer more than oversized prints of hibiscus and banana leaves. This shirt will pair exquisitely with a refreshing cocktail too. Just sayin’.

BUY NOW, $45
The Aloha Shirt, Best Made
Best Made

For when you want the vintage feel without the dated fit. A hula pattern like this reads retro while looking oh so modern.

BUY NOW, $248
Short-Sleeve Button-Down Workshirt, Madewell

Not ready to fully commit to the tiki? Dip your toe instead of diving headfirst with this fun twist on the classic denim shirt.

BUY NOW, $80
Loulu Trail Camp Shirt, Reyn Spooner at East Dane
East Dane

The art of non-effacing subtlety is seldom mastered but could be achieved with this palm-forward button-down.

BUY NOW, $138
Short-Sleeve Hibiscus Leaf Camp-Collar Shirt, J.Crew

The juxtaposition of bright colors on a black background makes this shirt a no-brainer for dudes who crave a visual vestiary balance.

BUY NOW, $65

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