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Match Your Summer Style With the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

For the accessory-inclined, summer can be a difficult season for putting together an outfit that really highlights your personal style. For starters, there are no layering opportunities, beanies are out of the question and scarves are a no-go. However, one of the best accessories for adding a bit of personality to your looks is the most wearable during this season. You guessed it: We’re talking about sunglasses. The right pair of shades can take an outfit from generic to totally personalized, but picking the right pair can be hard. So we teamed up with Sunglass Hut on their 50th anniversary to put together a list of a few iconic pairs to consider based on your individual summer style.

If You Live in Short-Sleeved Button-Downs… Try the Ray-Ban Wayfarer X Sunglass Hut 50th Limited-Edition Style
Sunglass Hut

This is a great pair for the semi-formal summer dresser. The striped havana front coupled with the brown polar lenses gives them a sleek, low-profile, which pairs perfectly with a light blue button-down and a pair of casual pants.

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If You Spend Your Summers by the Pool… Try the Versace X Sunglass Hut 50th Limited-Edition Style
Sunglass Hut

For those who spend their summers in various levels of undress, then you want a pair of shades that provides as much coverage as possible. This entry is a perfect fit, as the larger frames will keep you from squinting and the orange lenses give you an added level of protection for those sunny afternoons.

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If You Spend Your Summers Flexing Your Sneakers… Try the Prada x Sunglass Hut 50th Limited-Edition Style
Sunglass Hut

This is definitely one of the more eye-catching options on this list. The flared frame shape and the orange temples give these an extra special “pop,” so they make a great option for someone who likes to put together flashier ‘fits in the sweltering months. Couple these with a low-profile uniform and use your freshest sneakers as the cherry on top. This is how you can put together a memorable outfit with the limited accessories available.

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If You Spend Your Summers in Athleisure… Try the Oakley Gibston x Sunglass Hut 50th Limited-Edition Style
Sunglass Hut

For some folks, summer can be kind of a relief: you don’t need to spend time putting together cohesive outfits. You can just throw on a pair of Nike shorts, a tank top and call it a day. This sporty entry is a great option for the athletic, leisurely summertime dresser. Wear them poolside, take them to the gym or even dress them up with a more formal ‘fit—they‘ll pair nicely with almost anything.

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If You Live in Designer Duds… Try the Versace x Sunglass Hut 50th Limited-Edition Style
Sunglass Hut

The flex doesn‘t stop in the summer. So if you‘re someone who loves to show off your higher-end pieces when the sun is at its highest, then this entry from Versace is an amazing choice. The logos on the temples give this pair a pop of gold, but the overall frame keeps them fairly understated. Couple these with a billowing linen button-down and your latest denim. 

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If You’re Drawn to the Simple Things…Try the Oakley Leadline x Sunglass Hut 50th Limited-Edition Style
Sunglass Hut

For the minimalists out there, summer is an amazing time to get back to basics. This entry from Oakley is low-profile, but the polarized lenses add color to an otherwise basic look. Throw these on with a white tee-shirt, chino shorts, white sneakers, or a pair of loafers, and you‘ve got yourself some refreshing summer style.

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