Saweetie’s Top 20 Instagram Style Moments

Today’s Diamonté’s birthday, and since she is once again throwing a really cool party that none of us are invited to, we figured we would celebrate in a different kind of way. Now if you are anything like myself, then you were first introduced to Saweetie during her time at USC. While she has since gone on to become a global superstar, she has always served looks. Today we are looking at some of her top Instagram style moments while we patiently wait for her to drop the pics from this latest birthday celebration. Let’s take a look back. 

1. USC Saweetie

USC Saweetie wasn’t anything to be played with. This business look was super chic.

2. USC Saweetie Pt. 2

That supersized art bag was something else.

Graduate Saweetie

You can never go wrong with a black dress and heels for graduation. I know dats right.

4. Money Making Mami Saweetie

Before Saweetie was being tapped by major brands as an ambassador, she was repping her own.

5. Fall Saweetie

Everybody needed a nice picture with a suburban background for the IG aesthetic back then, and Saweetie showed us how it was done.

6. Casual Saweetie

A little casual aint never hurt no body. This was such a cute fit.

7. Early Icy

Can’t stop, won’t stop, get guap.

8. L.A. Saweetie

Tell me this doesn’t remind you of Insecure.

9. Blonde Saweetie

Saweetie doesn’t go blond every often, but when she does…

10. 1970s Saweetie

This look gave 1970s L.A. on a summer day.

11. Off-White Saweetie

The blue Off-White pantsuit was an instant Pinterest moment.

12. Belly Saweetie

One time for the outfit. One time for the caption.

13. Luxury Saweetie

Yes ladies and gentlemen. She is the moment.

14. Quarantine Saweetie

One could argue that nobody did quarantine shoots better than Saweetie.

15. Friday Saweetie

No Felicia did not get to borrow the car right quick.

16. Bootylicious Saweetie

Saweetie definitely won Halloween 2020 with this Destiny’s Child recreation.

16. Airplane Saweetie

Most of us look a mess at the airport. Diamonté does not.

17. Little Mermaid Saweetie

The red hair paired with the green jumpsuit was a perfect match.

18. Calvin Klein Saweetie

Saweetie’s winter 2021 concert was decked out in Calvin Klein everything.

19. Courtside Saweetie

Looked were definitely served courtside this past January at the Crypto Arena.

20. Grammy Saweetie

And when you are nominated for two Grammys, you’ve gotta show up and show out.

Happy birthday Saweetie! Hope it’s a good one.