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5 Sneakers To Watch Out For This Weekend

Y’all I’m hyped! This is my favorite time of the year when it comes to sneaker releases because of how intertwined basketball and sneaker culture are during the season. The WNBA Playoffs are officially starting today (we’ll get into that shortly), and NBA training camp kicks off next Tuesday meaning more signature sneakers, partnerships, and releases. I can’t wait! Speaking of signature shoes and partnerships, Candace Parker (who’s preparing for another title run) is dropping an exclusive collection today with Adidas, and last week the City of Chicago proclaimed September 16 Candace Parker Day to celebrate.

The collection arrives in inclusive sizing showing that sports truly belong to everyone with high-performance apparel and footwear, leading with a custom Exhibit (A)ce Low silhouette. The sneaker’s three dynamic colorways represent key chapters in Parker’s life, including tributes to her late college coach, as well as her daughter, who represents the next generation of culture-shifters. We’ve also got some other dope releases on the way so let’s get into the action.

1. Exhibit A Candace Parker Shoes
Exhibit A Candace Parker Shoes

 Release Date: 9/23

All of three of the colorways in this collection are sick, but these are absolutely my favorite. I love the bold orange and yellow along with the color mixtures, and I think this shoe goes along perfectly with the fall season. The black and silver colorways are cool too, and the collection itself is a testament to sports belonging to everyone, and it represents both brands’ commitment to the expansion of women’s basketball programs that empower trailblazers like Parker. I’ve always maintained how important representation is in the sports world, and CP continues to break down barriers. 

BUY NOW, $110
2. Jeff Staple x Feiyue
Jeff Staple x Feiyue

Release Date: 9/23

Also arriving today is an exciting collaboration with STAPLE and Feiuye. Merging Staple’s streetwear heritage with Feiyue’s classic functionality, the footwear brand known for “Flying Forward” flocks together with Staple’s iconic Pigeon to create a one of a kind collaboration. Staple continues to stay true to the classic design of the Fe Lo 1920 and added in unique touches including an exclusive footbed, tumbled leather upper, detailed Staple Pigeon embroidery on the counter, and branded eyelets. We’ve got two colorways to choose from—Gray + White, and Black + Pigeon Pink. You can check it out here.

BUY NOW, $193
3. James Bond 007 X Adidas Ultra Boost 2020 Core Black
James Bond 007 X Adidas Ultra Boost 2020 Core Black

Release Date: 9/24

The name is Bond. James Bond. And he has a sneaker coming out to kick off the release of his newest film James Bond 007: No Time To Die. There’s five sneakers to pick from in this collection, but we went with the all black because it’s classic James Bond. You need the solid all-black to contrast with the Aston Martin. Just saying.

BUY NOW, $168
4. Air Jordan 5 “Oreo”
Air Jordan 5 “Oreo”

Release Date: 9/25

Right now Saturday’s are all about college football and hitting on SNKRS. Between both, it’s unlikely we’ll see inner peace for a while because we have to go through the emotional highs and lows of trying to get sneakers in the mornings, and then sit on pins and needles for the games in the afternoons. The latest sneaker in question is the AJ5 “Oreo,” which I think are cool. Every Jordan has their standard look and to that point, these are your average 5s. So if you consider picking these up if you don’t already have a pair.

BUY NOW, $224
5. Jelly Belly x Reebok
Jelly Belly x Reebok

Release Date: 9/25

Is it me, or is everything popular from the 90s and 2000s making a comeback? Jelly Belly never went away per say, but I definitely remember this candy being a prominent part of my childhood. Reebok has been doing a lot of throwbacks this year (i.e. the Nerf and Power Ranger collections), so maybe this is a line with that theme. Definitely eye-catching for sure.


Alright that’s gonna do it for this week

See y’all next time!

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