Curiously Curated 002: Four Producers You Need to Know

In the world of music, producers have always played a key role. In the modern era of music, that notion has only become more substantiated. Producers are getting much more spotlight through social media platforms, which make discovering them even easier than before. Additionally, companies like BeatStars and Timbaland’s BeatClub have made producers’ lives even easier, connecting producers with other producers, artists, labels, sync licensing companies and more.

As the producer niche of the industry has evolved, so have the producers themselves. In this day and age, producers have to be some of the most adaptive music-makers of all. Think about it: a new trend emerges, and the first producers to master it are likely the ones to land the most placements with budding stars. Some are even fortunate enough to be the reason why the trend starts in the first place.

On this second edition of Curiously Curated, we’re highlighting some of our favorite producers who you probably aren’t directly aware of. Chances are, you’ve heard some of their work before. In no particular order, here are four producers you need to know.

1. Bakkwoods

Bakkwoods is a producer who’s come a long way in the past couple of years. He become well-known for his work with SoFaygo, along with many other noteworthy artists. Woods been producing for Faygo since their early days together in Atlanta, and the two have only continued to collaborate.

In his latest Instagram post, Bakkwoods and SoFaygo are at Pharrell‘s crib in Miami, where they’re making music together and pouring champagne together. This is just one of many star-studded scenes that Bakkwoods has found himself immersed in lately; he’s produced for artists like Trippie Redd, Lil Tecca, SSG Kobe, Thouxanban Fauni, 6 Dogs and many other stars.

His “woods light that shit up” tag and his trademark sound are becoming more and more familiar to the world each day, as his music is accumulating a ridiculous amount of streams. Woods has put in years of work to get where he’s at today, and is only continuing to work harder.

2. Cash Cobain

“And this beat from Cash not from YouTube.”

New York producer Cash Cobain has come a long way since he taught himself how to produce drill beats. From pop to hip-hop, R&B and more, his thorough knowledge of music fuels the “sample drill” wave that he’s largely responsible for.

If you were to look at his Genius page, you’d see an insanely long list of collaborations, along with some easily recognizable names: B-Lovee, Lucki, Lil Yachty, Shawny Binladen, Casanova, and many, many more. A lot of the records he crafted for these artists have gone on to be some of their most unforgettable tracks. In the same way that Warhol would include logos of some of the most reputable brands in his works, Cash Cobain samples hits that live somewhere in just about everybody’s mind. And as if that’s not impressive enough, Cash raps on his own beats, too. The young talent does it all.

3. AR

AR is a Long Island-born producer whose come-up looks like nobody else’s. AR has long been one of my favorite producers, though I’m slightly biased from my time spent as his assistant in 2018 (and being from Long Island). That time, though it was largely spent doing menial tasks, taught me so much about AR, the underground hip hop scene, and music in general. Just by being around him, it was impossible to be behind on culture – from fashion, the best kept secrets in rap and production, cannabis, crypto, and more, AR has a phenomenal understanding of the world around us.

Separate from his other areas of expertise, AR’s musical catalog is seriously impressive. He’s got songs with Bryson Tiller, A$AP Rocky, Lil Gotit, Thouxanban Fauni, The Game, Kevin Gates, Robb Bank$, and countless other highly regarded names in music. Even more impressive than the big-name records he has is his eye for talent. He’s collaborated with artists like Yeat, Ola Runt, Sainvil, Benji Blue Bills, and Lunchbox, long before just about anybody else was aware of them. AR has a very distinguished style and is highly adaptive to the artists he works with, which is a rare balance in music.

Cor Blanco

One artist who’s stood out to me over the years I’ve been familiar with him is Cor Blanco. From the beats he creates out of thin air, to the ear-catching lyrics he writes over them, and his ability to put on a performance that ties all of it together – Cor Blanco is on another level. There are some huge artists that I feel inclined to mention in comparison to Cor, but no comparison would do a proper justice. Cor Blanco’s music is incredibly original, from production to rapping.

To a familiar ear, Cor Blanco’s personal catalog of records is just as impressive as the placements he’s landed. His latest project, ‘Globoy,’ is the pièce de résistance of his recording work thus far, featuring his close friends ATM, Stacy Money, PuddaH, Countup, and NEMP. Separate from his impressive work for his own recording career, Cor Blanco landed two placements in Jack Harlow‘s 2019 project, ‘Loose‘: “9th Grade” and “Can’t Call It.” Talk about being early on a superstar. Cor Blanco has proven not only his ear for up-and-coming talent, but a masterful ability to produce and record music.

Check out our playlist below, which features music from these four producers, along with last week’s picks. The first 8 songs feature 2 songs from each of these producers, in the same order as this article.

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Bops That Just Dropped: ONE37pm’s New Music Round Up

Every week a bunch of new projects, songs and snippets hit the airwaves and streaming platforms and it can be a tall task sorting through all of the noise. Luckily, ONE37pm is here to help keep you in tune with what should be on your radar. This week sees the release of some of the most anticipated debut projects in recent memory. New singles from heavy hitters have also arrived.


Coi Leray is ready to lead the way with her debut album, TRENDSETTER. The artist on the rise has been carving out her own lane with hit songs on both Tiktok and the Billboard charts and big energy. She received her first gold plaque for the Pooh Shiesty-assisted “Big PURR(Prrdd)” and followed up on the success of the hit with “No More Parties.” The platinum, Lil Durk-featured banger peaked at 26 on the Billboard Hot 100. Records like “TWINNEM” and her Top 40 collaboration with Nicki Minaj, “Blick Blick” have also gone off. The young artist with almost 2 billion global streams has so far been nominated for an American Music Award and a couple of BET and iHeartRadio Music Awards.

B.I.B.L.E. – Fivio Foriegn 

Aye! Aye! Aye! The Brooklyn naive first appeared on most news feeds and in algorithms with his viral hit “Big Drip.” Since then, he’s become one of the faces of New York Drill off of the strength of standout performances on tracks with some of hip-hop’s finest. He put his best flows forward on Drake’s 2020 mixtape cut, “Demos” and upped it from there with a scene-stealing verse on “Off The Grid,” from Ye’s Grammy Award-winning Donda. Now he’s ready to take center stage with B.I.B.L.E. The 17-track album features the singles “City of Gods” and “Magic City”, as well as contributions from Quavo, DJ Khaled, A$AP Rocky and of course Ye, who serves as the project’s executive producer.

Misunderstood – B-Lovee

While Pop Smoke and Fivio Foriegn have taken Brooklyn Drill worldwide, several Bronx bombers have been putting their own spin on the aggressive style of rap. One of the artists to emerge as a leader in the Bronx Drill sub-genre has been B-Lovee. The 22-year-old rapper reps A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s Highbridge the Label imprint and has amassed fans and followers with hard-hitting bangers, collaborations with the likes of Kay Flock and catchy tunes. His breakout single, “IYKYK” currently has over 14 million Youtube views and is featured on his first official EP, Misunderstood.

Fivio, Coi and B-lovee weren’t the only hitmakers to drop heat this week. Lil Baby, Action Bronson, Jack Harlow, 42 Dugg & EST Gee, Yung Lean, Soulja Boy, Vince Staples and others also premiered new bops over the course of the last seven days. Tap in with our new weekly playlist below and don’t forget to come back next Friday and every Friday after that for a round up of the best of what’s new in music.