Nike’s NYvsNY Tournament Has A Fun Night At Dyckman

Since its launch five summers ago, Nike’s “NYvsNY” summer tournament has provided great energy in New York City’s reemerging basketball scene. With five of the best city parks (reigning champion Dyckman Park, Lincoln Park from Queens, West 4th, Tri-State, and Watson Basketball Classic) competing in a nearly-two month-long tournament each week is guaranteed to have great action.

On Tuesday night (June 28th), the second week of the 2022 NYvsNY tournament took place at Dyckman Park. As always suggested by Dyckman’s team, early arrival was encouraged as the park was already halfway packed an hour before game time. But soon, in front of a packed house, with barely any room to move, the first of two games got underway between Lincoln Park and West 4th.

While NYC’s summer hoops can consist of all three levels (youth, college, and pro), NYvsNY serves as a big stage for the former. With each park consisting of their area’s brightest high-school talents, you’re often staring at the game’s future. Guards come in all shapes and sizes but possess the same skillset. The big-men jump so high you think they were playing on a trampoline. And it becomes more surreal once you remember they’re in high school, where their age ranges from 14-18.

But we did witness a bit of everything on Tuesday. After having a memorable 17-point comeback win last week, Lincoln Park followed up with another one and pushed their record to 2-0. The reigning NYvsNY champion, Dyckman Park, cruised to an 18-point victory and entertained their home crowd. With the first two weeks of action concluded, three weeks of regular season play are remaining before the playoffs begin on August 2nd.

Click here to learn more about the 2022 Nike NYvsNY tournament!

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Bronx Pastry Chef Paola Velez Is Dazzling NYC

Meet Paola Velez. An award-winning Afro Pastry Chef who has quickly amassed a large following on Instagram with over 28k followers. Also a social justice advocate, Velez hails from New York, and has worked for renowned restaurants such as the Milk Bar and Maydan in Washington, DC. In 2020, Velez co-founded both the organization Bakers Against Racism along with a pop-up donut shop called  Doña Dona. Her latest project is one with Häagen-Dazs, which is a partnership that includes an exclusive ice cream sundae creation. 

The sundae hit Häagen-Dazs shops nationwide, and what’s more is Häagen-Dazs Shops and Paola will be donating a portion (10% of sales) of the proceeds of the Sundae to Dreaming Out Loud, a nonprofit organization selected by Paola out of her hometown of D.C. that supports underserved food communities and entrepreneurs at large. 

We spoke with Paola about her career and the collab last week in an interview that you can check out below.

Sara Remington

ONE37pm: Hi Paola! Great to be chatting with you today! How did you get your start as a pastry chef?

Velez: I started out as a savory cook in different NYC restaurants, and my now husband and I had just started dating. I took a job as a pastry chef where he worked, and it’s been non-stop ever since!

ONE37pm: Could you just speak a little more about this collaboration with Häagen-Dazs?

Velez: It’s a dream come true from the packaging to the presentation! This is a special sundae that has chocolate, peanut butter, banana, and more, and it’s called the Dazzler. It even has a cherry on top! It’s called The PBJ Sundae, and there’s a card with all of the information on it including the organization where a portion of the proceeds will be going to for charity.

Haagen Dazz

ONE37pm: How did you come up with creation?

Velez: For me, I’m always trying to figure out what people want to eat and how to appeal to everyone. This project is one that is nationwide. In the past I’ve had projects that were geared towards the East or the West Coast, and I created with that in mind. With this one, I wanted to nail American culture, and who doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It starts from the time you are little, and goes into adulthood.

ONE37pm: How does it feel to be working with Häagen-Dazs in particular?

Velez: It’s amazing. I’m from the Bronx and grew up eating Häagen-Dazs, so now being able to partner with them is a dream come true! There is a charitable component, where 10% of the sales will be going to Dreaming Out Loud, which supports organizations and allows us to make an impact.

You can continue to keep up with Paola via Instagram.

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Ballroom Dancer Leiomy Is Entering the Metaverse As a Judge on HBO Max’s ‘Legendary’

If you had told me ten or even five years ago that I would be conducting an interview VR style in the metaverse, I would have looked at you crazy. It just didn’t seem fathomable. Yet that is exactly what happened this past week when I interviewed Leiomy, a key icon in ballroom culture,who was also tapped to bea judge on HBO Max’s Emmy-Nominated Ballroom Competition series Legendary. 


The interview shouldered a Metaverse-hosted panel that Leiomy joined with fellow LGBTQ+ community leaders Law Roach, Renee Montgomery, and Dr. David J Johns (Executive Director, National Black Justice Coalition) for a discussion on gender identity, their unique journeys as intersectional individuals, safety in virtual reality, and owning their identity and culture in uncharted immersive spaces.

Released to the public on 6/21, today, the panel is part of the fourth installment of the Metaverse Culture Series, DREAM HOUSE. As mentioned earlier, we spoke with Leiomy about this project last week in what was an incredible interview that you can check out below.


ONE37pm:  Hi Leiomy! It’s so good to be chatting with you today! Let’s first start by talking about DREAM HOUSE. How excited are you for the release?

Leiomy: I’m super excited! I’m a gamer myself so I was already used to using the device, but being a part of the metaverse has been something completely different for me, and I loved it so far. I love the fact that I’m able to create an avatar and the movement behind it, as well as the facial expressions and the fact that you are able to play around with motions.

I also like how you can create your own rooms as well, and have spaces to create your own meanings. You can create different things and ideas are so endless!

ONE37pm: This upcoming installment of Metaverse Culture Series, Meta brought together an epic group of LGBTQ+ community leaders. What are some of the things we can expect from this monumental moment?

Leiomy: Honestly, I want to see how many people get involved with this! I feel like a lot of times people are shy to try new things, or socially awkward. A place like this will help so many people be more open to just talking and being expressive. I look forward to even seeing people having events and seeing huge turnouts with so many different types of people. 


ONE37pm: There’s also a ballroom inspiration behind this project. Could you talk a little bit more about that?

Leiomy: Oh yes! I love the fact that they created a runway. It’s really cool! I love how they put together everything about this. I look forward to seeing more and what they can create because I know this is a first phase kind of thing, but it’s beautiful. The environment itself is so beautiful to look at, and even the judges’ panel is so cool. The dance floor makes it look so surreal.

ONE37pm: Let’s talk about the guests for this panel. We’ve got Renee Montgomery, Law Roach, and Dr. David J. Johns. That’s an awesome lineup!

Leiomy: We all did the panel altogether, and it was so amazing to be a part of the panel and hear everyone’s perspectives on being public figures and sharing our platforms and journeys. I feel like that’s something that’s important for so many different reasons. We’re all from different walks of life, but we can come together and make things happen.

ONE37pm: How about the way we are doing this interview “Inside The Metaverse.” I don’t think we could have imagined this ten years ago!

Leiomy: Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined this ten years ago. Even hearing about the way we were doing these interviews at first was crazy. Being a part of the panel was something different, and I feel like the exploring has been really fun. I’ve loved seeing all of the reporters coming in, and everybody having their different avatars. It’s been cool to see that!

ONE37pm: What are you most excited about with this project?

Leiomy: I love how mobile the movements are. As a dancer, I feel like I can actually teach a performance class via metaverse. That will be really cool!


The Five Best Moments From 2022 Governors Ball

With an uptick in concerts, albeit smaller, across New York City, the 2022 Governors Ball (June 10th-12th) represented a massive step up as far as attendance and expectations go. But if you had to ask any of the thousands of attendees who were present, the 11th annual Governors Ball at Citi Field in Queens, NY not only lived up to the hype but exceeded it.

With great weather and beautiful sunsets curating the vibes this past weekend, the 2022 Gov Ball didn’t lack in star power or quality of music. As the trio of Kid Cudi, Halsey, and J. Cole headlined each of the nights (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), attendees were first blessed to watch the day’s long performances by a who’s who of artists– Playboi Carti, Jack Harlow, Kaytranda, and Ashnikko amongst others– before or after enjoying an assortment of attractions and spaces on-site.

Even though music festivals are becoming an experience more targeted at younger fans, it still manages to unite fans of all ages and backgrounds. The sight of watching two generations of listeners rap or sing their favorite words alongside each other is a sight that can’t be lost; especially when they’re singing Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.”

Here are the five best moments from the 2022 Governors Ball Music Festival.

J. Cole, Halsey, and Kid Cudi’s superstardom is clear as day

To some this talking point is obvious but that’s the beauty of attending performances like the Governors Ball— you’re reminded of that truth in the clearest way possible. Regardless of which stage these trio of superstars performed at (there’s a lot of space to cover in Citi Field’s parking lot, by the way), thousands of attendees sprinted their way there in order to find the best view of them.

For nearly an hour each night, J. Cole, Halsey, and Kid Cudi each effortlessly cruised through their sets; aided by a variety of their most popular songs, and new material. And if that wasn’t enough, we also watched Halsey perform a lovely rendition of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.

The Playboi Carti show is every bit as advertised

The term “the ground was shaking” is often misused but in this case, it was beyond accurate. As Playboi Carti touched the stage at Citi Field, the ground was literally shaking as his rabid fanbase turned up in the night.

With the influential Atlanta, GA MC standing on top of a built-in hill and the lighting being mostly dark minus an occasional flash, his set was not only memorable but proved why he’s one of hip-hop’s most-watched performers. The energy and visual effects of Carti’s performance at Governors Ball were the talks of excited fans on the subway home.

Shaq + random kid = exciting DJing duo

At the halfway point of Saturday’s action at Governors Ball, NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal AKA DJ Diesel, performed what some considered the best set that day. Having jumped into the world of DJing EDM, Diesel controlled the crowd with the same ease once exhibited on the basketball court. But you know it wouldn’t be a Diesel show without crowd participation.

At one point, Diesel brought a kid on stage, put him on his shoulders, and they DJed together. The Gov Ball faithful provided a loud ovation to the interaction and the fact that Diesel’s set was only getting better.

Plenty of upcoming artists shined on stage

What makes Governors Ball a fun experience for music fans is the ability to discover more talent. This weekend, it was routine for attendees to watch new acts perform and immediately pull their phones out to download the songs they liked during their set (and trust me, it happened a lot).

As someone who is personally an avid new-music listener, I enjoyed OCTAVIO the Dweeb, Peach Tree Rascals, and Jax during their performances!

The weather and sunsets were beautiful to look at

Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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From Athlete to Author: Jada Lewis

When I first met Jada Lewis in the Fall of 2017, we were both in different phases of our lives. She was a sophomore standout basketball player at Georgia State University, and I was in my first year covering the team. I was having a conversation with the play-by-play announcer Sam Crenshaw, who’s first words to me were: “That’s Jada Lewis, she’s always the first one in the gym, and the last one to leave.” Through the following two years of covering the team, I found that to be true. One day after a game, I had a brief conversation with Jada, and she told me then that she had a passion for writing.

Fast forward two years, and now Jada is officially adding author to her resume. Her first book, which is entitled Pretty Is Me, is a tribute to her niece Draiyah, and a tribute to young little Black girls around the world to love themselves just as they are. One of Jada’s hidden talents has always been her ability to write powerful stories in an effort to teach valuable life lessons in a creative and illustrious way. I caught up with Jada last week to talk about her new releases and goals for the future.

ONE37pm: This is a full circle moment! I remember meeting you in 2017, and now here we are almost five years later and you’ve got a book out! I think in order to be a writer, you also have to be a reader. Have you always loved reading and writing?

Jada: Yes! I was that kid that went outside a little bit, but I was most in my element when I was reading books. I read all of the Junie B. Jones books, and before that I was reading all of the children’s books. My mom had to take me to the library weekly because I just kept going through books. I would put all of my puppets on the floor and pretend to read to them, not even realizing that I was expanding my vocabulary. It wound up eventually translating to writing over the years. I was a reader first, and that probably did inspire my writing identity.

ONE37pm: I love the message of your first book Pretty Is Me, which is all about self-love. I know it’s dedicated to your niece Draiyah. Could you tell us more about that?

Jada: This book was inspired by my niece Draiyah, and it’s so crazy because I never imagined that I would write children’s books! I always thought I would write a memoir which I am working on, and I thought that was going to be my sole piece of writing. I didn’t want to write any other major pieces of work besides telling my story, but I’ve been watching my niece grow over the years, and she’s become one of my best friends.

Just watching her grow inspired me, and my main inspiration was the desire to have her look at this book one day and realize she was in the inspiration. There’s not a lot of African-American girls in books that reach a large-scale audience, and that is my goal because I think it is important that we feel empowered and beautiful. My niece doesn’t even realize how big this is for me!

ONE37pm: We see former athletes go on to work in athletics, but we never really see “athlete to author.” Can you tell us more about that?

Jada: The roles have reversed as I’ve gotten older. When I was younger I read a lot, and as I got older I started to write. I would always tell myself that I can create my own stories. Even as an athlete I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I didn’t realize I had a gift until college when I had to write papers. A lot of students dread writing papers, but I loved it. Anytime I was given a paper, I would light up. I could write a paper in a day. Those instances showed me I had a gift, and I think God called me to write books. That’s how I got into writing.

ONE37pm: What all goes into the process of publishing a book?

Jada: I didn’t know much about publishing, but I am a very determined person. If I want to do something I’m gonna find out how to, even if I don’t have the knowledge. With technology nowadays, if you don’t accomplish something, it’s on you. I just went onto Google and searched the process of writing and publishing your first book. With this one, I self-published and edited through Amazon, but in the future with my memoir I will hire a publisher. 

ONE37pm: You’ve gotten a lot of support from your teammates, coaches, family, etc. How does that feel?

Jada: It’s amazing you said that because I feel like everything is coming back full circle for me. My mom always taught me to be nice and respectful to everybody through her actions. How you treat people and the impression you leave on others is very important because you never know how people can end up supporting you and helping you. That is always something that I’ve kept in the back of my mind. You never know! People will always remember it. Everybody supporting me is just a full circle moment. It feels great! 

ONE37pm: What are you reading right now?

Jada: I love memoirs and people’s stories. I’m actually reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I’m fascinated with how people made it to where they are.

You can continue to keep up with Jada and all of her latest projects on Instagram

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Hip-Hop Legend Rakim Links With Black Market Group for 4/20 and More

Hip-hop legend Rakim, Black Market Group, and INFMS Farms are blazing the tracks tonight (literally) with the epic launch party “Smoke In The City.” The New York-based legend who has a track with the same title is coming full circle with Black Market Group which is officially launching the event. BMG amplifies brands that place the culture at their center by preserving the legacy of artists, farmers, and various brands within cannabis while creating dynamic environments that build up small operators.

Of course, Rakim is an avid consumer of cannabis himself, and we caught up with him to talk about this event, and everything going on in his world. 

ONE37pm: Rakim, this is a full-circle moment for you! What are you most excited about in terms of this event?

Rakim: There’s a lot to be excited about. Number one, after all, we’ve been through the last few years, I think people getting out and seeing iconic New York Hip-Hop again is something we need to keep expanding on and SOBs couldn’t be a more iconic venue to do that in. It’s where a lot of artists and emcees came up through the years. Number two, we’ve got the unofficial holiday that is 4/20…and that’s something like an awakening in newly legalized New York in and of itself.

It’s a double dose of celebrating freedom and creative expression.

ONE37pm: Y’all have got some big names coming through such as Styles P, Havoc, and Big Twins to name a few. What’s it been like working with them?

Rakim: We’re talking about the core of New York Hip-Hop here. Styles has been my man forever. We’ve been on the road together, knocked out tracks together. He’s my go-to when I want the unfiltered attack on a track or the raw energy on the stage. Going back to Bad Boy era LOX, Styles never lets up.

And Hav’s been my brother since he and Prodigy asked me to bless “Hoodlum” 25 years ago. To see us all come full circle, expand our projects outside the booth and then celebrate them coming together under the same tent is another milestone for me.

ONE37pm: Now this event is taking place on 4/20, a day we’re a lot of people are going to be partying. What can partygoers expect from this event?

Rakim: When you got this kind of talent on stage together, it’s always gonna be a party, but on Wednesday we really going to fire things up, know what I mean. We’re letting people get up close and personal in a way you might not get to see in other venues. We’ve got vendors coming in with all sorts of creative infusions for the people to try. It’s kicking off with the Smoke Champs crew earlier in the night.

The city has a lot of reasons to celebrate and we got a bag of tricks to help them along the way and make sure people talk about this one for a while.

ONE37pm: Can you guys talk a little more about the cannabis connection, and what it means to Black Market Group?

Rakim: Cannabis has always been one of the tools that help me along in my creative process, but I hadn’t really been outspoken about it. BMG came together at the right time with the right philosophy and made me look at how I could get into this exploding industry at a higher level than just throwing my name on some package. The support for legacy farmers and social equity…real support and not just talk; the ability to think creatively with cultivation and willingness to try ideas I’ve had floating in my brain forever.

I’m known as an innovator in the booth and the BMG model lets me extend that innovation into the cannabis business. It’s that industry leadership that makes me comfortable being more overt. And, of course, the product is fire.

ONE37pm: What else do you guys have planned for the rest of the year?

Rakim: I can tell you for the rest of the week I’m probably gonna be high off the 4/20 party. But we keeping things moving. The silver lining of staying close to home the last few years is it meant staying close to my studio and with everything getting back to where it should be, I’ll be hitting the road with some new ammo in my notebook. And I’ll be bringing Higher Frequency Flower out with me! See you at SOBs.

ONE37pm also spoke to Annick Goldsmith from BMG and Big Twins from INFMS Farms to learn more.

ONE37pm: Thanks for chatting with us guys! What are you most excited about for tonight?

Big Twins: It’s gonna be great! We’re gonna have a podcast taping of the show, and we’ve got guests like Styles P lined up in the building. The most important thing by far is the Higher Frequency Flower.

Annick: It’s amazing because it’s a childhood dream of mine come true! I used to listen to hip-hop on cassette tapes, secretly smoking weed, and now I’m shocked that I get to do this for a living! Rakim is gonna be in the house along with a lot of NY legends, so it’s gonna be great! One of the most important things for me is making sure that we continue to have a space for people who helped build this industry from the ground up.

Whether that’s the legacy cultivators on the side or the folks who have been hustling in the streets for some time. We plan on having more events, and for us, that looks like incorporating other small entrepreneurial upstarts into our environment. 


ONE37pm: How is cannabis culture in NY different?

Annick: Well cannabis originates from California, but like with everything, New York has put its own spin on it. New York takes a thing and does it better. I do believe that in the future NY will be number one in consumers. In the traditional market, nearly 60 percent of cannabis was distributed through NY while the rest of the stuff stayed in the city. Now consumers have matured in their preference for cannabis, and they want OG, Sour Diesel, purple strains, and things like that.

Even though we aren’t in the Black Market anymore, what we are acknowledging is that it drives the weed culture in this country, and New York City is transitioning into being this legit weed scene where entrepreneurs are developing businesses which represent New York’s hustle and grind.

Big Twins: As she said, California is the mecca, but I think New York will be number one in consumers, and it will be more than any other state. And New York is 24 hours when this cannabis gets started. I think it’s gonna sell a lot!

ONE37pm: What does the perfect night look like for you guys tonight?

Annick: Fun, chaotic, and even stressful. Twins and I have a good groove, we have great entertainment, and I want it so clouded that you can’t even see!

Big Twins: I want everybody to leave talking about it. We’re incorporating small entrepreneurs and creating platforms, and for us, it’s all about collaboration.

BMG will also have Delta-8 hemp derived gummies coming out soon, so make sure you stay tuned for that as well.

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A Guide To The 21 Best Nicolas Cage Movies of All Time

He’s played everything from car thieves and treasure hunters to Spider-Man, Nicolas Cage has truly become one of Hollywood’s biggest wild cards. For all his eccentricities, one thing is for sure: He always gives 100% in all his performances. His filmography is large and the movies he’s in are not always great but you can’t doubt Cage’s passion for his work. As we approach the release of his latest movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, you’ll definitely watch to check out some of his greatest hits. Here are the 21 best Nicolas Cage movies of all time.

1. Raising Arizona

The legend of Nicolas Cage was truly born with Raising Arizona. Written and directed by the legendary Coen Brothers, Cage and Holly Hunter play a childless couple, who in their desperate quest to have a child, kidnap the kid of a wealthy family. As with practically any Coen Brothers’ movie, chaos and hilarity ensue leading to Cage’s career truly taking off.

watch on prime video
2. Leaving Las Vegas

The film that got Cage his Oscar, Leaving Las Vegas follows his character Ben Sanderson, an alcoholic screenwriter who decides to move to Las Vegas after losing his job. When he gets to Vegas, he falls in love with a prostitute named Sera, played by Elisabeth Shue. While it can be a tough watch at points, this movie is a must-watch for Cage Shue’s performances alone.

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3. Adaptation

Another classic Cage performance. In Adaptation, he plays twin brothers Charlie and Donald Kaufman. The film, written by the actual Charlie Kaufman, follows his attempt to break through his writer’s block that is slowly driving him insane.

The movie saw Cage get nominated for an Academy Award as well but he, unfortunately, lost this time around.

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4. Moonstruck

Nicolas Cage and Cher in a movie together is a recipe for success, and that is proven with Moonstruck. In this 1987 film, Cher’s character Loretta falls in love with her fiance’s brother, played by Cage. The movie was a massive success and went on to win three Academy Awards.

5. Pig

One of Cage’s more recent movies, Pig was a film that caught many by surprise. On the surface it has a sort of bizarre concept, man loses a pet pig and embarks on a quest to find it. It really is a story of how to process grief and the struggle to find yourself after losing someone you love.

Cage’s performance was one of the best of his career, he portrayed a man in anguish, who didn’t know what to do when the one thing he still loved was gone.

watch on hulu
6. Bringing Out the Dead

Directed by Martin Scorses, Bringing Out the Dead sees Cage play a depressed paramedic who begins to hallucinate the ghosts of people who he failed to save.

It’s another fantastic Cage performance and Scorsese really knows how to get the best out of him which helps take this movie to the next level.

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7. Mandy

In Mandy, Cage portrays a man named Red who is out for revenge following the murder of his one true love, Mandy. It is a bloody spectacle that starts hot and doesn’t let up as Cage fully embraces his inner psychopath as he carves a swath through all those that have wronged him.

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8. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

While it shares its name with the Harvey Keitel classic, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans follows a different corrupt cop named Terence McDonagh (Cage) who, following Hurricane Katrina, becomes addicted to painkillers and other drugs.

As he attempts to solve a murder case, McDonagh’s life spirals downward but despite his corruption, he maintains that he can still do his job.

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9. Lord of War

Lord of War follows Yuri Orlov (Cage,) an illegal arms dealer who attempts to navigate the world of gun-running with an FBI agent (Ethan Hawke) hot on his heels. It’s a story of how far one will go to earn money even if it means contributing to the destruction and death of innocents and fueling the engine of war.

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10. Matchstick Men

Just one of many great films in Ridley Scott’s filmography, Matchstick Men stars Cage and Sam Rockwell as a pair of con artists, with Cage’s character also suffering from Tourette’s syndrome and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Cage has begun seeing a psychiatrist and is attempting to connect with the daughter he never knew he had, and his life begins to change in unexpected ways.

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11. National Treasure

“I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.”

More than anything, National Treasure is just a damn fun movie. Is it sort of an Indiana Jones rip-off? Sure, but that doesn’t make this film any less of a great time.

Cage plays Benjamin Gates, a historian and treasure hunter who has dedicated his life to discovering the lost Templar treasure. It’s a race against time as he tries to outwit his former partner who wants the treasure for himself.

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12. National Treasure: Book of Secrets

The not quite as good sequel to National Treasure, Book of Secrets sees Ben Gates attempting to unravel a conspiracy surrounding the Lincoln assassination and how his ancestor may have been involved. His attempt to clear his family name takes him to Europe and beyond and Ed Harris plays a great foil to Cage’s Gates.

It’s not on the level of the first movie but Book of Secrets is absolutely worth a watch if you’re in the action-adventure mood.

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13. Con Air

The ’90s were a hell of a decade for action movies, with Con Air certainly being on the Mount Rushmore of those films.

Army Ranger Cameron Poe (Cage) is on his way home after spending many years in prison. Just when he thinks he is home free, the airplane taking him home is hijacked by Cyrus the Virus (John Malkovich) and his gang of crooks.

The movie also features John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, and Ving Rhames in supporting roles and is an action film classic.

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14. The Rock

If you ask me, The Rock is the GOAT Nicolas Cage action movie. It’s got everything: Villains taking over an island fortress demanding money, Michael Bay action sequences, Sean Connery as the grizzled badass, I mean what could be better?

Cage plays FBI agent Stanley Goodspeed, a chemical weapons specialist, who finds himself a part of the team that is attempting to stop a rogue army General from launching rockets full of deadly nerve gas into San Francisco. Goodspeed works with Navy SEALs and the only prisoner to ever escape Alcatraz, John Mason (Connery), to stop the General.

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15. Face/Off

Another action classic with possibly the most ridiculous premise of all time, Face/Off stars John Travolta and Cage as FBI Agent Sean Archer and homicidal villain Castor Troy, respectively. Archer is attempting to hunt down Troy after he killed Archer’s son, and after learning that Troy has planted a bomb somewhere in Los Angeles, he is forced to go to extreme measures to stop him.

What do I mean by that? Well, as any good crime-stopper does, he undergoes an experimental face transplant to literally become Castor Troy. Upon discovering this, Troy undergoes the same procedure and becomes Archer.

Naturally, the chaos and action that ensues is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

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16. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Cage might not be the star of the show in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse but he comes close to stealing it. In this animated superhero adventure, he plays Spider-Man Noir, a black and white version of Peter Parker that fights crime in 1930s New. York.

His hobbies include: Drinking egg creams and fighting Nazis, both admirable goals if you ask us. He helps Miles Morales and alternate versions of Peter Parker as well as Gwen Stacy stop the Kingpin from opening an interdimensional portal that could potentially destroy the multiverse.

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17. Gone in Sixty Seconds

What would you do if a villainous gangster kidnapped your brother and is forcing you to work for him? Steal 50 cars in a single night, naturally.

Nicolas Cage plays Randall “Memphis” Raines, a reformed car thief who enlists a crew of his old associates to help him accomplish this task in order to save his brother. A hokey, action heist film that is guaranteed to entertain, Gone In Sixty Seconds is a Cage movie you’re going to want to watch.

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18. Kick-Ass

A delightful and bloody play on the superhero genre, Cage plays Damon Macready aka Big Daddy, a formerly honest cop who became fed up with inaction in the police department after he was framed by the mob.

He teams up with fledgling superhero Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson) and his daughter Hit-Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) to take on the mafia in New York City.

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19. Joe

A movie that unfortunately flew under the radar considering the brilliance of Cage’s performance as well as its story, Joe follows an ex-convict who regretfully takes up the mantle of a mentor to a young man trying to get away from his alcoholic father.

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20. It Could Happen to You

If you’re in the mood for a good romantic comedy, look no further than It Could Happen to You. Based on a true story, Cage plays NYPD office Charlie, who makes a deal with a diner waitress named Yvonne (Bridget Fonda) to split the money with her if he wins the lottery. Well, you guessed it, he wins the four million-dollar prize and follows through on that promise, which doesn’t exactly thrill Charlie’s wife Muriel (Rosie Perez.)

As the film progresses and Charlie and Yvonne fall in love, they become minor celebrities after their story is made public. The movie is incredibly charming and is guaranteed to have you feeling all warm and fuzzy by the end.

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21. The Family Man

If you got a chance to see what your life would have been like if you did things differently, would you take it?

In The Family Man, Cage plays a high-powered Wall Street executive who forfeited a chance at having a family in order to advance his career. After a run-in with an angel (Don Cheadle,) he’s transported to an alternate reality where he traded in that job for a house in the suburbs and a family of four.

We can’t go back and change things but a glimpse into a different life certainly can provide some well-needed perspective. The Family Man is another romantic comedy-drama that is inherently rewatchable and one you’ll love.

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Fivio Foreign Discusses “B.I.B.L.E” And Working With Kanye West

Since Fivio Foreign broke onto the scene with his hit single “Big Drip” three years ago, his career has been a case study of how an artist deals with sudden success. Once an artist stuck within New York City’s busy rap scene, Foreign has experienced various highs (collaborating with Drake, and Quavo) and lows (losing close friends Pop Smoke, King Von, and T Dott Woo to gun violence) but is still standing, this time bigger than ever.

Following his stellar verse on Kanye West’s Donda via “Off The Grid” last summer, the Brooklyn, NY native has seen his star significantly rise. Alongside West becoming a frequent collaborator of his, the multi-time Grammy-winning rapper and producer is the executive producer of Foreign’s biggest project yet, B.I.B.L.E (April 8th). “Me and ‘Ye got a lot in common,” Foreign said. “We’re both spiritual people and try to make things as normal as possible.”

B.I.B.L.E, a 17-track effort that includes notable features from Quavo, Lil Yachty, and DJ Khaled, witnesses Foreign maintain his signature sound while still improving as an artist. A greater effort was exhibited in his songwriting, and experimentation with different melodies. As the conversation surrounding Foreign now turns to his newest body of work, he’s confident in what he will do next.

Last weekend at the Dreamville Festival, ONE37pm spoke with Fivio Foreign about making B.I.B.L.E, what it’s like working with Kanye and Nicki Minaj, and more.

ONE37pm: What was your biggest lesson learned while making B.I.B.L.E?

Foreign: I learned you can’t go crazy on records before you send them to people. It’s best to send them a little something such as a hook, just so they can be comfortable with what they’re hearing and how they can perform on it.

ONE37pm: On a project that has so many features, how did it come together?

Foreign: S***, it was all love and vibes because of our relationship and how we rocked with each other. They understood the cause and the movement so, with all of those features, I’m happy because I actually look at them a certain way.

ONE37pm: You have this ongoing and positive rapport with ‘Ye who is executive producing your album. What made the two of you click?

Foreign: We relate in a lot of different ways, especially with how much we believe in God and that helped me a lot.

We initially connected because of the freestyle, I did on [Funkmaster] Flex after I came home and he loved one line for when I said “I got a question for the Reverand/if you kill a killer, do you go to heaven?” and ‘Ye said “I need bars like that on my album.” The next thing, I know I’m on the jet to Atlanta and the rest is history.

ONE37pm: To further speak about New York City, you recently collaborated with one of the city’s greatest MCs in Nicki Minaj. How important was that for you?

Foreign: It means a lot. Salute to Nicki and everyone who is coming into the drill world and supporting it. It means a lot to us who’ve been a part of the drill community from the beginning because people forget this sound wasn’t always worldwide.

We {drill rappers} were just speaking to our communities about what was happening and how we lived. So for Nicki to come through, especially as someone from the city who is big, and do a record with me is nothing less than big.

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The 10 Best Moon Knight Comics to Read While You Wait for the Next Episode

The first two episodes of the new Moon Knight show just dropped on Disney+, and if you can’t wait for the next one, there are plenty of Moon Knight comics out there to give you your fix and give you more insight on one of Marvel’s most bizarre heroes.

Like Wolverine and Punisher, Moon Knight started out as a minor villain in a book called Werewolf By Night. It’s an appearance that, spoiler alert: won’t be featured on this list. It’s fine, but unless you’re a completionist there’s really not much of the modern character in this appearance. He’s a standard mercenary named Marc Spector and has some moon-themed gear. That’s about it.

How that character evolves, from battles with other agents of his god to his own alternative personalities, is what’s helped make the character a staple of Marvel’s lineup, starting with:

1. Moon Knight: Bad Moon Rising (1980)
Marvel Comics

Alright, here’s where the good stuff starts. This collection includes the start of the first solo Moon Knight series. Launched in 1980 with writer Doug Moench and artist Bill Sienkiewicz, it’s a marked change in the character and introduces Marc Spector’s origin.

Spector’s start here is interesting and pretty unusual for a Marvel hero. He’s a henchman for a mercenary called Bushman, but he has a sudden attack of conscience a few issues in, when Bushman is about to kill innocent people and himself gets struck down by his boss. He’s brought back by the Egyptian god Khonshu and starts his work as a superhero enacting the god’s wrath.

So how is it as a book? It’s fine, but there’s much better ahead. And skipping ahead a little bit…

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2. Moon Knight: From the Dead (2014)
Marvel Comics

If you read one Moon Knight book, this is it. It’s a fairly short run by writer Warren Ellis and artist Declan Shalvey, only 17 issues, but it’s one of those character-defining runs that’s outstanding both for longtime fans and newcomers. Each issue acts mostly as a standalone story, playing around with panel layouts and genre storytelling in ways evocative of greats like Grant Morrison’s Animal Man or Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

It’s the series that introduces “Mr. Knight”, a costume redesign featured fairly heavily in the show’s production.

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3. Moon Knight (2005)
Marvel Comics

Second only to the 2014 run, the 2006 series with Charlie Huston writing and David Finch, Danny Miki, and Frank D’Armata on art should also be the go-to for anyone looking for good Moon Knight stories. In the mid-2000s, Marvel really ran some of its heroes through the wringer. Like Bendis’ Daredevil, Huston’s Moon Knight is a hero at a real low. He’s lost his friends, love, and the patronage of Khonshu. It’s a pretty brutally rough series and lavishly gritty if that’s what you go for.

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4. Moon Knight (2010)
Marvel Comics

Controversial opinion among Moon Knight fans: I like the Bendis and Maleev Moon Knight mini-series. It doesn’t have the most sterling reputation among fans, marking the start of Bendis’ star fading from his acclaimed Daredevil run to his pretty derided Guardians of the Galaxy run, but there’s enough of the creative spark from Daredevil that makes this run worthwhile. Also, Maleev doesn’t miss, and his work on Moon Knight is no exception.

Spector is back on the West Coast and is, seemingly, in the big leagues as he teams up with some of the A-list Avengers to take down a criminal operation. Without spoiling anything: it’s not as simple as that.

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5. Moon Knight (2016)
Marvel Comics

Following the Warren Ellis run is a tall order, but the series by writer Jeff Lemire and artists Greg Smallwood and Jacob Thomas handles the task admirably. Moon Knight has a reputation as one of the more mentally unstable heroes, and Lemire capitalizes on that by having Spector institutionalized in a facility where he’s unable to separate his grimy surroundings from Khonshu’s fantastical visions. The story is good, but the way that art seamlessly blends mundane New York and a cosmic vision of Egyptian mythology is the real star.

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6. Moon Knight: Crazy Runs in the Family (2017)
Marvel Comics

Following Lemire’s run on the character, writer Max Bemis and artists Jacen Burrows and Mat Lopes lean in on the mental health angle with a new villain that acts as a dark mirror to Spector. Moon Knight struggles not only with the conflict between his personalities but also with a new villain called The Truth, a mental patient able to peer into others’ minds and drive them to madness. Bemis handles the topic with more care than some others on this list, and the result is an arc that feels poignant. Almost as impressive, Bemis manages to set up some significant changes to Moon Knight’s life that open up new opportunities and challenges for Spector.

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7. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976)
Marvel Comics

It’s not the first Moon Knight team-up with the good guys, credit for that probably goes to Defenders #47, but this arc is a lot less messy than that issue. The story is a pretty boilerplate “good guy who doesn’t kill, fighting a good guy who does kill” story commonly seen with crime-fighting contemporaries like Daredevil and Punisher, but it’s an effective setup that helps sell Moon Knight as a fairly gritty opposite to Spider-Man in spite of his outlandish costume.

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8. Marvel Knights (2000)
Marvel Comics

As aforementioned, there are earlier Moon Knight team-ups, he was even on the West Coast Avengers in the 80s, but he really finds his footing in this totally-not-Defenders group up of various street-level heroes like Punisher and Daredevil. Recent series have pretty wisely not emphasized Spector being loaded with cash, but here Spector acts as the financier of their operation and the gadgets guy. It’s a niche role he fills pretty well.

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9. Avengers: Age of Khonshu
Marvel Comics

A supermoon amps up Khonshu’s powers and the god seemingly has his sights on world domination. As his earthly agent, Moon Knight is beholden to follow the Egyptian god’s will, which obviously sets him on a collision course with his friends and allies in the Avengers. It’s Moon Knight at max power, taking on the likes of Thor in some wild fights.

Is it good though? Eh, not really, but it’s still a pretty fun and unique set-up for a Moon Knight story even if it squanders some of that potential.

There’s a concept called “blue-orange morality”, where a character’s moral spectrum is so distinct from “normal” that what’s good or bad for them isn’t comparable to anything on the black-and-white spectrum. Age of Khonshu is at its best when it leans into the Egyptian god not seeing good and evil the way modern superheroes might, but it loses some of that as it inevitably has to wrap up in a restoration of the status quo.

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10. Moon Knight: The Midnight Mission (2022)
Marvel Comics

Trying to right some of the wrongs from Age of Khonshu, the Mr. Knight personality opens a shelter for those in need and starts to take on the “duties” of the wayward Egyptian god, but the new mission leaves Moon Knight contending not only with gangs and other traditional enemies but with rival worshippers of Khonshu who view this new imperative as heresy. Like the eponymous hero, writers Jed Mackay and artists Alessandro Cappuccio and Rachelle Rosenberg also work through the unenviable task of rehabilitating the scorned hero, and it makes for a quality series.

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Who Is the Best James Bond Actor? All 6 Leading Men, Ranked

There’s no doubt that James Bond has left an indelible mark on the film industry, producing 27 movies and countless moments that are etched into history and will never be forgotten. Six men have played 007 (well, technically seven, shoutout David Niven), and each has their own version. Fans have debated for years who the best James Bond actor is, and it seems that it’s an argument that will not be settled any time soon.

With the character celebrating his 60th anniversary this year and the latest entry in the franchise, No Time to Die, dropping in 2021, it felt only fitting to deliver our take. Here is our ranking of who the best James actor is; we’re sure that there will be disagreements, as always.

6. George Lazenby: 1968–1969
Getty Images

Films appeared in:

  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

I feel a little bad placing George Lazenby in last place on this list but his appearance as Bond in just one film kind of forces me to put him here by default.

Lazenby’s only appearance in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was a pretty big difference from the Sean Connery entries in the franchise, as it was a more serious take on the character. While it still maintained the campiness that fans love, it certainly was a new type of 007. While the film, as well as Lazenby’s version of Bond, was not well received when On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was first released, the movie’s reputation has improved greatly in the years since.

In fact, it is now regarded as one of the best movies in the franchise and while Lazenby’s performance (he was not a professional actor when he took the role) is a bit wooden and leaves a lot to be desired, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is still a great Bond film.

5. Roger Moore: 1972–1985
Getty Images

Films appeared in:

  • Live and Let Die
  • The Man With the Golden Gun
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Moonraker
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • Octopussy
  • A View to Kill

Roger Moore has appeared in more Bond films than any other actor, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. For over a decade, he starred as 007, and his films were notable for fully embracing the campiness and humor rather than the more serious aspects of the character that would come with the Craig and Dalton eras.

Moore has plenty to love in his take on the character. His wit and one-liners are among the very best in the franchise. He looked to be having a ton of fun in his movies, to his credit. His charisma was off the charts in these films, and if you’re looking just to have some fun with a Bond movie, Moore’s entries are probably what you’re looking for.

A View to Kill and Octopussy haven’t aged all that well, a trait that they share with a lot of other Bond films, but there are still things to enjoy in there.

Let’s not talk about Moonraker, though.

4. Timothy Dalton: 1986–1994
Getty Images

Films appeared in:

  • The Living Daylights
  • Licence to Kill

Timothy Dalton was Daniel Craig before Daniel Craig was Daniel Craig, if that makes sense. Dalton’s Bond was in stark contrast to Moore’s, as he was dark, brooding, ruthless, and was, in fact, closer to the character that Ian Fleming had envisioned when writing the books.

While Moore went the light-hearted and campy route, Dalton took a much more serious route and wanted to separate himself almost entirely from the Moore era. Gone were the days of witty one-liners and womanizing (although those were still present in some capacity). Dalton’s Bond was polarizing. The charm and humor were something people loved about the character, and, much like Lazenby’s version, it took audiences time to fully appreciate what Dalton brought to the table.

His two films, The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill, were much more serious, and we got a hardened Bond that was out for revenge as much as he was out to save the world. In an era which action heroes like Schwarzenegger and Stallone dominated, Dalton’s Bond got lost in the shuffle, but he was just as impressive as the rest.

According to Dalton himself, his Bond was a”man, not a superhuman; a man who is beset with moral confusions and apathies and uncertainties, and who is often very frightened and nervous and tense.”

If this version of the character is what you’re looking for, check out Dalton’s movies.

3. Pierce Brosnan: 1994–2004
Getty Images

Films appeared in:

  • GoldenEye
  • Tomorrow Never Dies
  • The World Is Not Enough
  • Die Another Day

The James Bond of my youth, Piere Brosnan will always hold a special place in my heart for his run on 007. While the quality of his movies isn’t always great (it can be argued that Die Another Day is the worst film in the franchise), there’s no question that Brosnan was a great Bond.

Like how Dalton went out of his way to make himself different from Moore, Brosnan did the same by returning to a more campy route while still retaining some edge. Brosnan also found himself at a crossroads regarding how the public viewed the Bond character. The world had become much more progressive, and the Cold War was over, which left many wondering if Bond still had a place in the world.

The misogynistic, womanizing traits of the character were seen as relics of the past, which is even reflected in the film GoldenEye. Bond is called a “sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War” by M, and it was the film’s way of acknowledging that the world had changed.

The “Bond Girl” presence is most definitely still felt in his movies, but they had become actual characters rather than just the damsel in distress like the past iterations.

Brosnan was, in many ways, a perfect combination of the Moore and Dalton entries. He was having fun with the charm and jokes but never went full schlock; he was serious when he needed to be but always remembered to have fun.

2. Sean Connery: 1961–1967, 1970–1971 and 1982–1983
Getty Images

Films appeared in:

  • Dr. No
  • From Russia with Love
  • Goldfinger
  • Thunderball
  • You Only Live Twice
  • Diamonds are Forever
  • Never Say Never Again

Not placing Connery as the number one Bond will be controversial, this much I know. However, as the years have gone by and the films he appeared in have continued not to age gracefully, it’s difficult to consider him the best of the best.

That being said, Connery was the original Bond, and he was everything you picture in 007. He was suave, charming, and funny in a way that made him the total package. Not to mention he was the first to say, “Bond. James Bond.”

Connery created the blueprint and laid the foundation for what it means to be Bond, and while the other actors put their spin on 007, he was the originator. He made playing James Bond look like an extension of his own personality, leading to the character and the actor becoming forever entwined with one another.

Many consider him the best Bond ever, and it’s hard to argue against that. He is what most fans picture when 007 is talked about, but in my mind, there was one who did it better than all the rest.

1. Daniel Craig: 2005–2021
Getty Images

Films appeared in:

  • Casino Royale
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Skyfall
  • Spectre
  • No Time to Die

It might be recency bias. It may be that Daniel Craig is the James Bond that was most present through my formative years. I was 16 years old when Casino Royale dropped, and from Craig’s introduction, the black and white fight scene between Bond and his first kill, I knew that this would be something special. GoldenEye might have been the first James Bond movie I saw, but Casino Royale changed the game for me.

Craig’s version of Bond is the most tragic and flawed 007 that we’ve seen yet, and despite emerging triumphant in every film, there is a palpable sense of danger that makes you question whether that will be the case.

His run recently ended with No Time to Die, and, as shown in that film, he was the first Bond to die on screen. This also wasn’t a “well, maybe he survived” type of moment; he is certainly dead.

Daniel Craig’s tenure gave Bond a much more layered dimension to the character, providing humanity not yet seen before. He grew from just being a suave spy into a cold, vengeful man that came to hate the job he was entrusted to do, one that was reluctantly pulled back into it on more than one occasion.

While not as lovable as Connery, Moore, or Brosnan, there is no question that Craig made his mark on the character and has cemented himself as the best of the best.

He has set the bar extremely high for whoever takes up the mantle next, and fans can only hope they are up to the task.