Futera United Wins Big Against Bangkok FC

Futera United remains at the top of the table after three matches and the club earned another convincing win.

On Wednesday, the Web3 football club picked up three points in a 5-0 victory against Bangkok FC at Nonthaburi Wittayalai School.

The win marked the club’s second win in league play to go along with a draw, keeping the side unbeaten through three matches.

Gael Basana was the star of the show for Futera and scored twice on the day to the hosts a comfortable win.

The attacker opened up the scoring after eight minutes before adding a second goal in the first half.

Purpipat ‘Phu’ Siriwat remains the squad’s top scorer this season in all competitions with seven goals.

Meanwhile, Panubong ‘Boss’ Sinphattarapaisan opened his scoring account after bagging Futera’s final goal of the match.

The 5-0 result marks Futera’s third consecutive shutout after scoring 21 goals during the stretch of games.

What’s Next?

Futera United will be back in action again on Sunday, May 15 when they face DOME FC.

The match is part of the Thailand Amateur League and will kick off at 6 a.m. GMT (2 a.m. ET).

Fans can watch all Futera matches via

What is Futera United?

Futera created a football club to combine two passions of the organization; football and NFTs.

By combining the two concepts, the team allows its supporters to have stake in it by making important decisions and shaping its future.

Futera United

Some of the perks include selecting the lineups and designing the club’s badge.

Futera has worked in the sports cards industry for over 30 years and looks to bring its community into the mix.

The club plans on building its digital footprint further in the metaverse with exciting new launches in the future.


What’s Next For Futera United?

At the start of 2022, we met up with Futera — a sports card publisher preparing to enter the NFT space with their project FUTERA UNITED.

Catching up with them again two months in, the Club and the project have taken considerable strides to become the proper Football Club of the Web3 era.

On Thursday, Futera revealed a partnership with ONE37pm, where the media company’s name will be donned on all kits for the 2022 season.

ONE37pm will also distribute content based around Futera United and create further social media buzz for the club.

Futera United

They’ve signed a long-term lease on facilities for the Club’s home in Bangkok, Thailand and brought in the world-class coaching staff.

They are undefeated in their first two league games.

They’ve undertaken several ‘world’s firsts’ in the NFT space. In March, they held an open trial for players to try out for Futera United.

FUTERA UNITED NFT holders voted on who made it through to the final squad.

  • NFT holders voted on the design of the Club’s Logo. 
  • The same goes for the kits; holders gave their input on an array of first colors and designs to choose from. After, the results are Black and Gold for Home and Pink and Blue for Away.
Consume To Earn

NFT holders, and viewers can receive POAPs for virtually attending the match.

Futera United

What’s next for FUTERA UNITED? 

The team is represented in three competitions this season, including the Thai FA Cup. The club has a chance to be drawn against one of the heavyweights of Thai Football.

And to cement their place as the Football Club of Web3: 


The Futera Dome is a Metaverse stadium in the SANDBOX where as a Futera United NFT holder you’ll have access to amenities.

Futera Museum is an archive for their greatest ever cards.

A Futera United store will be available where users can purchase IRL and virtual goods.

The most exciting Football stadium in the metaverse where you can hangout with your online friends.

Perhaps you’ll bump into the Futera United players or even world football stars and influencers!

Next, they have purchased the land, brought in a team of metaverse builders and artists and will take you on the journey of creating this incredible venue.

Futera United

Introducing elements of Play2Earn

Win your Futera United NFT as a Sandbox Avatar!

With challenges to win your own metaverse avatar based on your Futera United NFT you’ll be able to explore the Futera Dome and all its amazing facilities in the Sandbox as your NFT football superstar!

By wearing the team’s kit and featuring the traits that make your NFT so unique, these SANDBOX avatars are fully designed by their own in-house voxel design team.