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The 12 Best Gifts to Buy Your Significant Other This Holiday Season

It’s time to start thinking about potential gifts to get your significant other. The holiday season is right around the corner, and a lot of stores are offering various different deals and discounts, so you definitely won’t want to wait until the last minute to go shopping this year. To get you started, here is a list of the best gifts to buy your significant other this holiday season.

1. Dainty Custom Name Ring
Etsy / GracePersonalized

Most of us tend to like jewelry in some form, so a customized name ring might make a good holiday gift this season. While it is a ‘name ring,’ you don’t actually have to use a name, you can have the ring designed for any word that best represents your significant other (such as brave or strong for example). You can also have the name/word customized in lowercase or uppercase letters if you wish.

Buy Now at Etsy, $28.70+
2. Nike Tech Fleece Taped Jogger Pants
Finish Line

In the era of working from home, comfortable clothing is more necessary than ever. But you can’t always just lounge around in your PJs, so it’s great to stock your wardrobe with items you can wear out of the house but still feel great in at home. These sweats from Nike fit the bill. They’re somehow both lightweight and supremely warm, making them an amazing lounge-around pair of pants. Simultaneously, they’re super fly and come in a wide range of colors. These would make a great gift for anyone who likes versatile clothing options, giving you the freedom to keep your wardrobe small.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $110
3. Minute Egg Maker
Uncommon Goods

Let’s face it. Eggs can be a tricky thing to make sometimes, and just because you get them perfect one day doesn’t mean they will be perfect the next. The Minute Egg Maker solves that problem for those that like scrambled eggs. All you have to do is put your eggs in the ceramic croc (which is specifically made for cooking eggs), put in the microwave, and you’re done. The croc also comes with a vented lid that helps decrease messes.

Buy Now at Uncommon Goods, $30
4. Ourcan Massage Gun

With so many of us working from home nowadays, a massage gun would be a perfect gift for your partner to relax after a long day. The massage gun is designed to loosen your muscles, and can also be used both before and after workouts.

Buy Now at Amazon, $99.90
5. SpaFinder Gift Card
Spa Finder

Let’s face it, after 2020 we are all going to need a Spa Day. A great gift for your significant other would be a spa appointment and/or a spa Gift card. While the specific appointment would depend on the location, SpaFinder offers the ability to purchase a gift card that can be used at thousands of different spa locations. This gift card will definitely make a great gift once the pandemic improves.

Buy Now at Spa Finder
6. Personalized Wine Chiller
Personalization Mall

It’s always nice to look forward to a glass of wine. While many reds are served room temp, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a wine chiller for the bottles you want to keep cool. The Personalized Wine Chiller can be customized to have any name/monogram on it, and keeps the wine cooled at a consistent temperature. 

Buy Now at Personalization Mall, $67.49
7. Astrological Candles
Uncommon Goods

There is nothing quite like a home that smells good. So a great gift this holiday season would definitely be the Astrological Candles. With a candle for each zodiac sign and a designated scent for every one, the candle/candles will be a nice addition to your significant other’s collection (and you could even get one for yourself to match).

Buy Now at Uncommon Goods, $28
8. Nike Air Max 97 Casual Shoes
Finish Line

Regardless of whether or not your partner is a sneaker-head, this entry from Nike makes a great gift choice. Although the signature check and the bells and whistles will make these shoes stand out for the sneaker aficionados, it’s also just a supremely comfortable pair of sneakers, perfect for lounging around the house or taking to the pavement.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $170
9. Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream

Listen, we know the price tag is daunting. But when it comes to face moisturizers, there’s all the other brands, and then there’s Aesop. The Australian skin, hair and body care brand is truly one of the best around. Especially as the cold weather starts to encourage dry skin, consider buying your significant other a little something to soothe the season’s maladies.

Buy Now at Aesop, $50
10. Men’s Nike Sportswear Flex Appeal Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Finish Line

When the cold weather hits, there’s nothing quite like a good long sleeve tee. Perfect for layering, this model from Nike strikes a balance between flash and minimalism; you can let the logo stand out or use the shirt as a base for a wide range of layering opportunities. A versatile tee like this makes a great gift for anyone, but we think it can really be an extra special gift for the extra special someone in your life.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $35
11. Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PS4

If your significant other is a gamer, odds are you’ve heard plenty about the long-awaited PS5 release earlier this month. Spider-Man: Miles Morales was arguably the most hyped game that released alongside the console. Whether or not you were able to get your hands on a PS5 (most of us were unfortunately left empty-handed), you can still buy the game for your previous generation console. Fans of the first 2018 entry to the game series, Spider-Man, and comic book-aficionados alike will be clamoring for this game, so add it to the list of things to buy for the gamer in your life.

Buy Now at PlayStation, $49.99
12. Money Tree Plant
The Sill

People can be easily overwhelmed by the responsibility of house plants, but the Money Plant is unbelievably easy to maintain and beautiful to boot. The tiny tree is believed to bring good luck, and it certainly adds a flair of natural beauty to any living space. In this day and age, you don’t even have to go to the store; you can get a gorgeous plant delivered safely right to your door.

Buy Now at The Sill, $48
Consoles Gaming

The 11 Best Gaming PCs Under $1000

2020 marks the beginning of a generation of gaming consoles, which means new games taking advantage of the latest in cutting edge technology. It can be an expensive time for gamers, particularly those who prefer PC over console. Making sure your graphic cards and other parts can keep up with the demands of the current generation can get costly. Luckily, more frugal PC gamers have options when it comes to enjoying their favorite titles affordably, so we compiled the 11 best gaming PCs under $1,000.

11. iBuy Power Gaming Desktop
Best Buy

Not everything has to be a name brand, especially if you are prioritizing affordability above all else. The iBuy Power may be a bit obscure but it gets the job done with 8GB of memory, a solid state drive, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX1650. With a $600 price point, the gaming rig seems almost too good to be true. Almost as alluring as the price is the ease with which you can get started. While some gaming PC’s require additional set up work, the iBoy Power Gaming Desktop boasts the lowest learning curve with a truly plug-and-play design. This is largely the reason why this brand, despite not having mainstream success, is considered a cult-classic among those in the know of gaming PCs. For many of those who prefer PC gaming, the iBuy Power is their first foray into gaming sans console. The rig also allows for modding, though not quite to the extent of other featured computers. The iBuy Power is truly a jack of all trades when it comes to PC gaming which is why it lands on the top of this list.

Buy Now at Best Buy, $599.99
10. Dell G5

The Dell G5 is a gaming rig designed from the ground up to be affordable, at least relatively. With a base price point hovering around the $700 range, this system isn’t likely to break the budget for most people in the market for a new gaming PC. The system makes use of Intel’s 9th generation of chips, one of many minimum standards to run graphic intensive games, although the company’s Coffee Lake chipset could probably still suffice. The system pairs Intel’s 9th generation chips with Nvidia’s GTX and RTX graphic cards, considered to be among the most powerful on the market. The Dell G5 makes the top of this list for packing as much as possible into an affordable package.

Buy Now at Dell, $679.99+
9. HP Omen Obelisk

The HP Omen Obelisk finds itself squarely in the domain of a more serious gamer. A no nonsense tower, the HP Omen Obelisk comes out of the box ready to handle just about anything you can throw at it, perfect for those who want nothing more than to just game. At $959 for the base model, the HP Omen Obelisk is another piece of equipment with an impressive price and the chassis allows for some rudimentary customization. 

The system plays nice with most peripheral equipment, whether it be monitors, keyboards or mouses. This is thanks to several USB ports the system comes pre-installed with. Engineers built this PC with customization in mind. Unlike other PCs that require tools, the HP Omen Obelisk allows for easy access of its internals. This makes swapping out graphic cards and the like an easy proposition. The system starts with an Intel COre i5 – 8400 with 32GB of RAM. It’s graphics come courtesy of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

Buy Now at HP, $959.99
8. MSI Trident 3 9th

At $999, the MSI Trident is perhaps on the pricier end of the spectrum. But, for the money spent, you get a gaming PC that is future-proof for years to come. The MSI Trident comes with the 9th generation of the Intel Core i7 processor. Nvidia handles its graphics with the company’s GeForce RTX 2060 Super. This combination makes for a system that hits well above its price range. 

Engineers did, however, have to cut corners to bring it down to its price point. The system boasts a slightly less than ideal 8GB of RAM but has storage of up to 1TB. 

The MSI Trident 3 is one of the more popular entries on this list and the 9th generation is one of the most beloved iterations of the device. Though it allows for limited aesthetic customization, it’s internals can be drastically upgraded to compete with some of the priciest computers on the market. This makes it a staple for anyone wanting to make a tentative foray into the world of PC gaming.

Buy Now at Amazon, $999
7. Cyberpower Gamer Xtreme
Best Buy

In much the same way you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a gaming rig by its, admittedly absurd, name. The Cyberpower Gamer Xtreme will set you back $849, to start with. The system features both the Intel Core i5-8400 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER, a combination that allows for impressive performance. 

The system features a red light aesthetic that matches perfectly with its name. Like the HP Omen Obelisk, the system allows for easy access to its internals making it ideal for those who love tinkering with hardware. While increasing its specs to match more expensive rigs might be prohibitively expensive for many, the option to do just that is always there.

Buy Now at Best Buy, $849.99
6. SkyTech Archangel
Best Buy

The SkyTech Archangel is the first of this list that has the eye-catching aesthetic that high-end gaming PCs are famous for. The SkyTech Archangel makes use of lighter colors and strategically placed internal lights to give it the look of hardware from the distant future. 

Unfortunately, its internals aren’t as impressive as it looks. The system comes stock with an AMD Ryzen 5 Series CPU and a Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GPU. It has 16GB of ram and 500GB of storage and does not come with a solid state drive, though you can add one if needed. 

Those specs don’t seem as daunting when you consider the system is $850 to start, making it one of the cheaper items on this list.

Buy Now at Best Buy, $849.99
5. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop
Best Buy

No frills, no neon rainbows, only gaming. If you were to ask me what PC to get to ease into PC gaming I would direct you to the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop. At a starting price of around $650, the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop provides quite the bang for your buck. It comes standard with an Intel 10th Generation Core i5 and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. With 8GB of Ram and 256GB of storage, the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop is able to keep up with and sometimes even outperform gaming rigs that are several times more expensive. It’s a system with staying power, one that you’ll continue to play even as games learn to take advantage of next generation hardware. Will it remain relevant by the end of the upcoming generation? Probably not, but, then again, at its current price point, it doesn’t really need to.

Buy Now at Best Buy, $663.99
4. Acer Aspire TC-895-UA91

Acer has a reputation for making cheap versions of high end products. It’s a reputation the company hasn’t been able to shake off despite the fact that it has created some quality computers in recent years. One of those is the Acer Aspire TC-895-UA91. It takes the award for least flashy gaming desktop on this list. But don’t judge it by its appearance. This model boasts stellar performance by taking full advantage of its internals. The CPU and GPU are Intel Core i3 and Intel UHD Graphics 630, respectively. It comes with a solid state drive, which isn’t always the case with gaming rigs at around this price range. The included SSD is 512 GB. What is most alluring about this rig is that it is, for the most part, future proof. While other gaming PCs simply won’t be able to withstand the rigors of games three to four years in the upcoming generation, this model will likely only need a few internal upgrades, making this system truly a bang for your buck.

Buy Now at Amazon, $403.92
3. 2020 Flagship HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 10th Gen

The HP Pavilion line of computers has more than one contender when it comes to cheap gaming rigs. The 10th Gen Flagship HP Pavilion is another no-nonsense computer that makes up for its lack of aesthetics with a Core i5 CPU and a host of proprietary parts. The system will set you back $799. You get what you pay for, which means you shouldn’t expect this computer to be able to handle Cyberpunk 2077 in 4K. Then again, the same can be said for most of the gaming rigs on this list. The HP Pavilion will be able to handle most games at modest settings and it will do that without breaking your budget and that, ultimately, is the primary concern for most in the market for a cheap rig.

Buy Now at Amazon, $799
2. Surface Go 2!4249!3!432667087587!e!!g!!surface+go+2&OCID=AID2100839_SEM_CjwKCAjw5Kv7BRBSE

With all this talk of gaming rigs, it’s easy to forget that computer towers aren’t the only things that can play games. Laptops, and even tablets, have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of laptops running hot and overheating at the mere mention of Crysis. Modern laptops and their tablet counterparts are able to keep up with mid-tier gaming rigs. It would be foolish for those in the market for a gaming computer to overlook them in favor of a super-cheap tower that may or may not have the same ability to play AAA titles. 

The Surface Go 2, while far from perfect as a gaming rig, is perfectly competent at playing just about any game you throw at it. Doubly so if you’re blessed with a solid enough internet connection to make use of a gaming cloud service. While services like Stadia and others might have been critically panned, largely for reasons only tangentially related to the services themselves, they are a solution for gaming on a system you fear might not be able to handle the rigors expected of a top tier gaming rig.

Buy Now at Microsoft, $399.99+!4249!3!432667087587!e!!g!!surface+go+2&OCID=AID2100839_SEM_CjwKCAjw5Kv7BRBSE
1. Build Your Own

If you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. Building your own personal gaming rig might seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it isn’t nearly as difficult as most people would imagine it to be. There was probably a time when putting together your own personal computer required some measure of technical expertise, but these days, the practice has gone mainstream. Everyone, from the Twitch streamer next door to UFC fighters and celebrities like Terry Crews, has documented themselves successfully putting together their own gaming rigs. There are kits you can buy that simplify and streamline the process, and endless online how-tos.

Most importantly, opting to put together your own gaming rig allows you to have direct control over what goes into your computer. You can add this and skip that to make a gaming PC as cheap as you want it be. For example, I likely wouldn’t have to pay more than $300 to put together a gaming rig with a CPU consisting of an AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with an Ubuntu user interface and other cheap parts. It is, by far, the most cost effective method.

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The Nike Air VaporMax Plus is a Fall Must-Have Sneaker, Thanks to Kida the Great

In a world of infinite sneakers, we all need a little guidance in our footwear purchases. Luckily for us in the digital age, there’s no end to the sources of inspiration available. From Kanye to Lebron, musicians, athletes and more have all emphasized their footwear choices in developing their unique personal styles. There’s really no better way to understand sneakers’ true potential than by seeing someone absolutely rock them. So we got one of 2020’s icons, Kida the Great, to flex in the Nike Air VaporMax plus. 

Michela M. Smith

The Nike Air VaporMax Plus is such a good sneaker for a myriad of reasons. Of course, they look amazing and their minimal style makes them easy to pair with almost anything. But on top of that, they’re immensely comfortable. The VaporMax technology gives them extra cushion in the sole, making them a great fit for walking or—if you’re Kida—dancing. 

Michela M. Smith
Michela M. Smith

These kicks perfectly toe the line between flashy and lowkey. Sneakerheads will give you the nod of approval, and even those who don’t spend their time poring over sneaker moodboards will get a kick out of them (pun intended). Kida looks absolutely unstoppable in these VaporMaxes, and you can too. 

Cop the Kicks, $200

Cop the Top, $130

Cop the Pants, $110
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12 Gifts to Step Up Your WFH Game

At this point in 2020, a good percentage of us are working from home on either a full-time or part-time basis. With remote work slowly becoming the norm, we could all benefit from upgrading our office setups. Here are some gifts to help you step up your work from home game this holiday season.

1. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

In addition to us being home, our kids and family members are home too. Let’s face it, sometimes our new coworkers can be loud—even our pets. The ‘Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones’ are the perfect way to block out those loud noises while focusing on your work.

Buy Now at Target, $39.99
2. Nike VaporMax Plus
Finish Line

There’s no denying that the Nike VaporMax Plus is fly. Aesthetics aside, it’s also an incredibly comfortable pair of kicks, perfect for long work from home days punctuated by a few walks around the block. The VaporMax cushioning gives you an extra spring in your step, making them a great pair of sneaks for lounging around or taking your meetings on the go.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $200
3. Home Essentials Muscle Therapy Massage Gun
Home Essentials

Sitting too much at a desk has always been a source of back problems. Now working from home means that we are sitting more than ever, which in turn could be creating additional back issues. The ‘Muscle Therapy Massage Gun’ will help break up those painful back knots while also relaxing the muscles.

Buy Now at Home Essentials, $29.99
4. Office Desk Supplies Organizers–Office-Desk-Supplies-Organizer-MS2001-L2963-K~MDSC1019.html?refid=GX444392464307-MDSC1019_47955316&device=c&ptid=855160323525&network=g&targetid=pla-855160323525&channel=GooglePLA&ireid=104997652&fdid=1817&PiID%5B%5D=479

Truth be told, some of us need a little more organization in our work life. The ‘Office Desk Supplies Organizer’ is a creative way to better manage our notes, pens, and important information that we need throughout the day.

Buy Now at Wayfair, $17.99–Office-Desk-Supplies-Organizer-MS2001-L2963-K~MDSC1019.html?refid=GX444392464307-MDSC1019_47955316&device=c&ptid=855160323525&network=g&targetid=pla-855160323525&channel=GooglePLA&ireid=104997652&fdid=1817&PiID%5B%5D=479
5. Nike Men’s Tech Fleece Taped Jogger Pants
Finish Line

No WFH setup is complete without the proper attire. And although we’d love to lounge around in our pajama pants all day, sometimes you just need something with a little more style to help you feel your best at home. The Nike Tech Fleece Taped Joggers are a perfect addition to anyone’s WFH wardrobe; they’re stylish enough to have you feeling fitted for the day, but comfortable enough to maintain your work from home lounging attitude.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $110
6. Bose Bluetooth Speaker
Best Buy

We all could use a little music to help us get through our days. The ‘Bose SoundLink Portable Bluetooth Speaker’ is a great way to set the vibes for your workday by playing your favorite tunes.

Buy Now at Best Buy, $79.99
7. Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee is an essential part of any workday. Sometimes, however, we get busy, and our coffee gets cold. The ‘Smart Coffee Mug Warmer’ helps prevent that potential tragedy. The warmer is designed specifically for your home office, and will keep your coffee nice and hot throughout the day.

Buy Now at Amazon, $17.99
8. Fitbit Charge 3

Working from home is no excuse to slack on your workouts. You can take breaks to exercise, and even go on walks while you’re taking phone calls. The ‘Fitbit Charge 3’ keeps track of your daily fitness activities, and is widely considered to be one of the best fitness trackers on the market. 

Buy Now at Amazon, $108.99
9. Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Taped Full Zip Hoodie
Finish Line

Although video calls aren’t quite the same as being in the office, you still have to flex on your coworkers. Nike’s Tech Fleece Taped hoodie is the perfect piece for staying warm, comfortable and, most importantly, fresh. The extra sleeve pockets make it a great item for keeping all your essentials with you, and they’ve got plenty of color options floating around for you to create the perfect outfit.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $130
10. Chemex Five Cup Handblown Coffeemaker

For a lot of people, working from home has emphasized the importance of having a good coffee-making process. Chemex is still one of the best options out there if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing process that yields a delicious cup of drip coffee. There are a plethora of sizes available, so you can decide if you need to be making your morning coffee in bulk or just a couple of cups. The hand blown glass is really a sight to behold.

Buy Now at Chemex, $86.90
11. Acer SB220Q bi IPS Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Monitor (21.5 in)

Although working on your laptop is convenient, you can’t underestimate how satisfying it is to work with an additional monitor. Acer’s affordable entry is a great option for those looking for an extra bit of screen space to display their calendar, videos or whatever they might not want to keep hidden in tabs on their primary device.

Buy Now at Amazon, $93.99
12. Innovera Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest

A wrist rest is an often overlooked necessity for a work from home set up. Though it may seem nonessential, as soon as you use one (and feel how much more comfortable it is), you’ll never be able to go back to your unsupported wrist lifestyle. There are tons of options on the market, but Innovera’s gel wrist rest is an amazing inexpensive option to step up your WFH game. Trust us on this one.

Buy Now at Target, $11.79
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The 12 Best Gifts for Just About Anyone, According to ONE37pm’s Gifting Experts

The holidays are right around the corner, and you may be wondering what gifts to get your loved ones (or even yourself). So we’re here to help you out. This year has been a rough one for many, and we all deserve to treat others and get treated ourselves this holiday season. With a good selection of products to choose from and great deals available, here is our guide to the best gifts you can get for you and yours during the “most wonderful time of the year.”

1. Spinella 4 Hanging Wine Bottle and Glass Rack–Spinella-4-Bottle-Hanging-Wine-Bottle-and-Glass-Rack-X113093658-L58-K~B001068508.html?refid=GX424754646664-B001068508_1094249087&device=c&ptid=941366732531&network=g&ireid=110881510&targetid=pla-941366732531&PiID%5B%5D=10942490
Birch Lane

The Holidays are a time when we tend to indulge in a little more fancy drinking. Wine is an extremely popular Holiday drink choice and if you are like us, then you may have an issue with figuring out where to store your wine glasses. The ‘Spinella 4 Hanging Wine Bottle and Glass Rack’ is a hanging rack that can be mounted under kitchen cabinets. While it may seem a little dangerous, the rack itself is quite sturdy, so there’s no need to worry about all of your glasses falling and breaking. Not to mention, the design is pretty cool.

Buy Now at Birch Lane, $30–Spinella-4-Bottle-Hanging-Wine-Bottle-and-Glass-Rack-X113093658-L58-K~B001068508.html?refid=GX424754646664-B001068508_1094249087&device=c&ptid=941366732531&network=g&ireid=110881510&targetid=pla-941366732531&PiID%5B%5D=10942490
2. Men’s Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage
Finish Line

You’d be hard pressed to find a more versatile pair of kicks than the Nike Blazers. They’re perfect skate shoes, but also work well as everyday walking shoes. The ankle support alone makes it one of the most comfortable shoes in the game, and the color options provide a little something for everyone. The pink foam Nike swoosh is a personal favorite. The leather quality allows them to be dressed up or down; the Nike Blazer really makes an unbelievable addition to almost anyone’s closet.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $100
3. Nostalgia Mini Waffle Maker

With a good percentage of kids and adults being homeschooled this year, you may be stumped as to what to cook for breakfast every morning. The ‘Nostalgia Mini Waffle Maker’ is an enjoyable option for a quick and easy breakfast, and while it does say Waffle Maker, you can also use it to cook French Toast, Grilled Cheese, Quesadillas, etc. The cool thing about the waffle maker is that it can also be a fun bonding experience for those with children, younger siblings, etc.

Buy Now at Amazon, $15
4. Polaroid OneStep+ i‑Type Instant Camera

We’ve all seen those throwback filters that allow you to capture a retro look, but many people want to take a step further by getting a camera that actually prints film like the old days. The ‘Onestep+ Instant Camera’ is a great way for you to capture those throwback picture vibes, while getting creative with your photography skills. Despite its vintage style, the camera gives you a more “modern feel” by allowing you to connect to the official Polaroid app through Bluetooth.

Buy Now at Polaroid, $140
5. Tessemae’s Dressing and Sauce Variety Pack

If your family is anything like ours, then nobody can agree on dipping sauces. The ‘Tessemae’s Dressing and Sauce Variety Pack’ solves that problem. The pack comes with Ketchup, Creamy Ranch, BBQ, and Buffalo sauce to name a few, and will make cooking for the family a lot smoother. All in all the pack has 8 different sauces, and can be purchased from the Tessemae official website.

Buy Now at Tessemae’s, $53.50
6. Women’s Nike Blazer Mid ’77
Finish Line

Everything said above about the men’s blazers can be said about the women’s iteration. However, the women’s edition has a little added flair in the form of a couple extra silvery Nike checks placed above and below the larger check that graces the side of the upper. The blazer is a timeless classic, and the addition of these sneaky little checks gives them a unique contemporary feel.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $110
7. Gravity Weighted Blanket
Gravity Blankets

For those who have a hard time falling asleep at night, the ‘Gravity Weighted Blanket’ is the perfect option. The product is a therapeutic, weighted, gravity blanket, that helps to relieve stress while relaxing the body. The ‘Gravity Blanket’ is designed to stimulate human touch, making you feel like somebody is holding or giving you a hug. The blanket also increases serotonin and melatonin levels.

Buy Now at Gravity Blanket, $189
8. Nike Women’s Shine Fleece Crew Sweatshirt
Finish Line

A good crewneck is a mainstay of any cohesive autumn wardrobe. And this entry from Nike, which comes in a beautiful violet frost or black, makes a great gift for someone working to build out their fall cozy fit repertoire. The fit is a little shorter in the torso with some more room and length in the arms, giving it a more stylish silhouette than your traditional crewneck. The mini silvery Nike logo really seals the deal. 

Buy Now at Finish Line, $65
9. NuWave Brio 6-quart Digital Air Fryer 25

Have you ever been in the process of frying something on the stove, and then all of a sudden a pop of grease hits you? That’s an uncomfortable feeling right? Well the ‘NuWave Air Fryer’ helps you avoid that all together. The fryer is an easy (and less painful) way to fry your Chicken, French Fries, Fish, etc. The process is simple, just preheat the fryer, put your food in, and the air fryer will handle the rest. Using an air fryer also means that you don’t have to constantly watch your food (as opposed to frying on the stove). If you need to step away for a little bit, you can do so without letting your food burn.

Buy Now at QVC, $70
10. Smartphone UV Sanitizer

It’s often been said that our cell phones can actually be amongst the germiest items in our household. Now in particular, we’re even more on top of cleaning and sanitizing. The ‘Smartphone UV Sanitizer’ is a two in one product that handles all of your phone needs. In addition to sanitizing your phone, the ‘Smartphone UV’ will charge your device, giving you a full battery with a fresh clean.

Buy Now at PhoneSoap, $80
11. Nike Men’s Taped Hem Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie
Finish Line

The taped hem full-zip hoodie from Nike is an absolute slam dunk. It’s cozy and soft, but boasts a more athletic fit than your traditional roomy hoodie. The full zip gives you more customization options for layering, and the Nike logos plastered across the bottom hem can peak out for a fun added logo integration. It stands out a little more than your traditional single color hoodie, but is still low profile enough for anyone to experiment with.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $90
12. Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet

Although Aesop’s products might be a bit more expensive than your usual shaving staples, once you use their serum and post-shave lotion, you’re never going to go back. The duet makes a great gift for the man with sensitive skin or really just about anyone who enjoys a close shave. We’d also recommend their face cleansers and hand washes; pretty much everything from Aesop makes an amazing gift. 

Buy Now at Aesop, $80
Culture News

The 6 Most Memorable Holiday Gifts from Our Childhood

My dad has a saying that he repeats incessantly (with a heavy lisp, I might add) when the holidays roll around that goes, “Christmas is for the children.” 

The holidays were prime as a kid. You could write a letter to a metaphorical man in a red outfit to bring you things you didn’t really need, or get presents for eight consecutive nights, or simply enjoy family time with far-off cousins from other states. 

ONE37pm’s editors recall their favorite holiday presents of childhood and recount what they loved most about it. Do you remember any of them?

Name: Lauren Gniazdowski

ONE37pm Title: VP of Content Operations at Gallery Media Group

Best Gift Ever: Talkboy

Why They Loved It: My parents never really bought into the hype around certain toys. But one early-90s Christmas, they made my dreams come true by getting me a Talkboy, the real star of the holiday classic Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. Basically a Walkman with a microphone, I tried to live my best Kevin McCallister-style life. In reality, I spent most of my time recording songs off the radio and playing them back (in slow-mo, obviously). And it was glorious.

TDC Games/Amazon

Name: Omari White

ONE37pm Title: Associate Editor

Best Gift Ever: NFL-Opoly: The Game of Champions

Why They Loved It: I loved this board game so much because it provided the opportunity to take a break from the virtual gridiron-classic Madden franchise and pretend to become a general manager of a sports team. In this game, you buy football players and teams from within the same division, instead of property and railroads and collect royalties if a player lands on your athletes. My friends and I would always go to each other’s homes and play the classic EA sports games on PlayStation. But, there was something about NFL-Opoly that created the image of signing some of the league’s best players and building a sports empire. 

Name: Michael Saintil

ONE37pm Title: Art Director

Best Gift Ever: Sega Genesis

Why They Loved It: As a kid, everyone in my neighborhood had a Nintendo Entrainment System. So, my brother and I would never be home. We would spend hours at friends’ houses playing Nintendo because all we had was a robust board game collection. The world was changing and my father took it upon himself to research the hell outta the computer game console system market. That 1989 Christmas, we literally were the first kids in the ‘hood with a Genesis System. All of our close friends, like 6 or 8 extra kids, would be over every day, from morning until night, playing Sonic the Hedgehog with us! My father was proud to say—and still reminds me—that he knew what the Sega Genesis was before most clowns did. Deep down though, I’m pretty sure it was a way to get his boys back home. 

Name: Madison Russell

ONE37pm Title: Style Editor

Best Gift Ever: The 30-Second Cotton Candy Maker

Why They Loved It: First off, I have to ask, did you covet this plastic device as much as I did? I’m not sure if it was subliminal American children’s advertisements that sacked me or the promise of fluffy, spun sugar, but for my seventh or eighth Christmas, the only thing I wanted on the whole planet was the 30-Second Cotton Candy Maker. Unfortunately, this thing had to charge for something like 8 hours before turning operable, and it barely ever worked. Ah, the bitter-sweet promise of a sugary childhood foiled again by those toy manufacturers. Thanks for the memories and the mere morsel of cotton candy.

Carlos Tischler/Getty Images

Name: Geo Hagan

ONE37pm Title: VP of Editorial, ONE37pm

Best Gift Ever: He-Man Action Figure / Masters of the Universe

Why They Loved It: The best cartoons came out in the mid-to-late ’80s, and I’ll argue to the death over that bold claim. There are several fine choices to pick from in this storied decade, but my favorite has to be Mattel’s Masters of the Universe.

I instantly gravitated to this showーthe cast of characters was just so imaginative, badass and undeniably cool: He-Man, Skeletor, Battlecat, She-Ra and Man-At-Arms. I implored my parents to get me a He-Man action figure for Christmas, and when they actually did, I was the happiest kid in the world! Come to think of it, I might actually flip my look for 2020 and rock a bushy Man-At-Arms mustache the whole year.

Name: Sarah Jacobs

ONE37pm Title: Photo Editor

Best Gift Ever: Red Gameboy Pocket

Why They Loved It: I was just old enough to start enjoying video games when the Game Boy Pocket was released—it was the exact right size to fit into my eight-year-old hands. Having a whole moving world that I could control in my palms was exhilarating. I got it right before we went on a major family trip, and my cousin, brother and I would sit in the back seat of the van—all of us switching between Super Mario Land and Kirby’s Dream Land.

Name: Conor Sheeran

ONE37pm Title: Associate Managing Editor

Best Gift Ever: Nintendo 64

Why You Loved It: When the N64 came out I was six years old and, at the time, I wanted nothing more than a PlayStation. My parents, knowing nothing about video games, mistakenly got me a Nintendo 64 and little did I realize, it would become my favorite present ever. GoldenEye, Mario Kart, Mario Party are just a few of the games that come to mind when talking about this wondrous creation that kept me entertained from the second I got home from school every day, right up until I went to bed. Hell, I still have an N64 in my apartment just in case my friends and I are feeling a little nostalgic and want to throw down in a game of GoldenEye multiplayer. More than 20 years later and it’s still keeping me entertained. Talk about a hell of a Christmas present.

Style What To Buy

The Least Boring Holiday Gift Guide for Millennials

Most holiday gift guides suck. This one doesn’t. 

Our editorial experts have rounded up the least awful things to gift your friends this 2019 holiday season, from collectibles and trading cards to sneakers and streetwear, all from our favorite marketplace, StockX.

If your friend likes the latest drops…
Air Force 1 Low G-Dragon Peaceminusone Para-Noise

South Korean pop star G-Dragon officially revealed his collaboration with Nike, and the partnership uses the universally loved silhouette: Nike Air Force 1 Low. It’s like a piece of art: The upper unveils another color layer with continued wear (or a little intentional scuffing). From the embroidered logo on the tongue to the details found across the top, this premium AF1 is too good to pass up.

If your friend keeps up with trends…
Kith x Disney Mickey Corduroy Bucket Hat

What used to be a marker of a period’s tacky style inevitably becomes that decade’s defining feature, and bucket hats are no exception. But if you’re going for nostalgic anti-fashion, you’ve got to be smart with your choices, or you’ll miss the mark and look just plain gauche. This bucket hat from Kith x Disney is precisely what you should gift.

If your friend is a fan of Gary Vee…
K-Swiss GaryVee 005 ComplexCon Coral

Gary Vaynerchuk, the founder and CEO of VaynerX, launched his fifth sneaker with K-Swiss—the GV005. Based on one of the brand’s most iconic styles—the “Classic VN”—the release celebrates Vaynerchuk’s early days of childhood. “Very simply, this is probably the sneaker that is most near and dear to my heart,” Vaynerchuk says in a video. These coral sneakers launched at ComplexCon and have since sold out.

If your friend likes modern art…
KAWS BFF Open Edition Vinyl Figure

The BFF is one of KAWS’s most beloved figurines and makes a great present for the BFF in your life. Before this release in 2018, the figure only came in black, gray and brown. This bright pink is a fun ode to your collector friend’s love of art…and your love for your friend.

If your friend is in for hype…
Supreme Waist Bag

Once reserved for moms vacationing at Disney World, fanny packs have swept the street-style scene, embellishing the fits of your favorite celebs and influencers. This red version from Supreme screams hype and the box logo is classic.

If your friend is fashionably adventurous…
Balenciaga Pool Slides

Pool slides made a major comeback in 2019. Formerly reserved for lazy day outfits, slides are now produced by high-fashion brands in an assortment of premium materials and varied shapes. These blue ones from Balenciaga feel like classic Americana updated.

If your friend is always late…
Casio G-Shock G7900A-4

A Casio watch is ultimately nostalgic. This cherry red version harkens back to days spent exploring the neighborhood on Razor scooters. If your friend often finds themself tardy, this could be a subtle reminder.

If your friend wants to be a skater…
Supreme Airbrushed Floral Skateboard Deck

Supreme decks will never go out of style. You can score major deals on StockX to own a piece of this history. From 1998 to 2018, artists like KAWS, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons have lent their work to the skate decks. Your friend will appreciate this as a work of art to hang in their home.

If your friend is plugged in…
Dior Airpods Case

How beautiful is this Airpods case? If you have a friend who lives their life with headphones in place, this could be a great gift this holiday. The calfskin leather and industrial D-ring scream luxury.

If your friend is a homebody…

Perhaps the most talked-about collaboration of the year, this Virgil Abloh x IKEA “Wet Grass” rug garnered lots of attention at the end of 2019. Perfect for at an entryway, cop this on StockX and skip the frenzy of lining up at IKEA. 

Sneakers Style

15 Gifts That Will Boost Your Cool Cred (For Every Budget)

Gift shopping is a yearly conundrum. What can you get for your friends who know what’s cool and have everything they need? The only solution is to lean into what they want, those decadent items that they covet but would never purchase themselves.

We tapped our in-house experts in five profitable sectors—watches, sneakers, cards, streetwear and handbags—to curate the three things they want most this holiday season. They’re broken down into a save category, a cost-efficient recommendation, a splurge category, one that throws your budget to the wind and an editor’s choice, the version that our staff would buy for themselves tomorrow. Take a look and get inspired.

Save: Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-9

Casio is a great entry point for any watch enthusiast. This one, in particular, merges excellent materials with razor-sharp accuracy due to its quartz movement. It’s also pretty much indestructible. Functionality and style are the main reasons I picked this. It’s also a newer release, so not many people have it yet. A lot of nostalgia for this brand, but this one brings it into a higher fashion realm. —Thomas Huerta, VaynerMedia

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Splurge: Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A

This one takes the accolades of a classic brand and brings it into the 21st century. Aquanaut is commonly spotted on the wrists of Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Fortune 100 execs and many others. It flies under the radar unless you know what the person is rocking. An ideal sport watch to wear in any situation.—Thomas Huerta, VaynerMedia

Shop Now on StockX
Editor’s Pick: Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 311.

This watch is synonymous with pushing the limits. It was the first watch to ever go to the moon via Apollo 11, and to this day, marks a feat in watch design. It’s really an any-situation watch and looks good on the wrist. You’re sure to get compliments rocking this to any outing. —Thomas Huerta, VaynerMedia

Shop Now on StockX
Save: Air Ghost Racer White Atom Red Neon Yellow

Every year, due to the sheer volume of Nike releases, a few smartly designed silhouettes get lost in the crowd. But that doesn’t have to be the fate of the Ghost Racer, which channels some of Nike’s best impulses in a ’90s homage that doesn’t overcook references. Scoring a shoe like this in the $50 range shouldn’t be this easy. —Corban Goble, Sports Editor at ONE37pm

Shop Now on StockX
Splurge: Air Force 1 Low G-Dragon PEACEMINUSONE Para-Noise

PEACEMINUSONE, the streetwear and apparel line from South Korean pop mega-star G-Dragon, is coming out of the gate blazing hot—G-Dragon only recently left his mandatory military service in his native country. Here, G has delivered a hit collaboration with Nike, reworking its undefeated Air Force One shape and flipping it in a way no one else has (the laces tie at the toe, and the effect is kind of surreal!). A sneaker star is born.—Corban Goble, Sports Editor at ONE37pm

Shop Now on StockX
Editor’s Pick: Reebok Question Mid Double Cross

When Allen Iverson turns 55 in 2030, he’ll be entitled to a trust fund that Reebok established for him as part of their initial apparel deal. That timing seems fortuitous, for both the brand’s sneakers and the legendary athlete. For now, returning to the legendary Question/Answer line is a no-brainer, and the brand has recently rolled out some slightly tweaked classics (like this Double Cross colorway) with gusto. See also: Reebok/Question’s very in-step collaboration with Eric Emanuel.—Corban Goble, Sports Editor at ONE37pm

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Save: Wander Franco 2019 Bowman Chrome Prospects #100

Wander Franco is the number one prospect in all of baseball, and he’s only 18 years old. He has a ton of skills and is only going to get better. If the Vladdy Jr. card prices are any indication, these are a no-brainer at their current price on StockX. —Lou Geneux, Team Gary Vee

Splurge: Luka Doncic 2018 Panini Prizm Rookie #280

Luka Donic is going to be an MVP someday, if not this year. His Prizm is a must-own for any NBA fan or those looking to flip in the next two to three years. He’s the guy to own from the 2018 class.— Lou Geneux, Team Gary Vee

Shop Now on StockX
Editor’s Pick: LeBron James 2003-04 Topps Chrome Rookie #111 PSA 10

The greatest player of this generation has a rookie card reselling for around $2,200 to $2,500 right now, depending on the moment, in a PSA10 or BGS 9.5. Go ahead and compare that to MJ prices and do the math. When it’s all said and done, LeBron’s rookie cards will double, triple or even quadruple in value. A hefty price for sure, but a big reward awaits.—Lou Geneux, Team Gary Vee

Shop Now on StockX
Save: Supreme New Era S Logo Beanie (FW 19) Heather Grey

This beanie is a must. It’s a good piece for if you want some Supreme, but are on a tight budget. I’m one of those weirdos who wears a beanie no matter the weather, so you would see this on my head all year long. —Anthony Bobongo, VaynerMedia

Shop Now On StockX
Splurge: Supreme The North Face Statue of Liberty Baltoro Jacket Black

This one is one of my favorite NF x Supreme pieces. Every time Supreme does a North Face collab, I always seem to remember it the day after it releases. The front and back Lady Liberty graphic isn’t over the top, and the Supreme text running down the hood is a great finishing detail. I would definitely have to splurge on this one. The all-black colorway is the best one.—Anthony Bobongo, VaynerMedia

Shop Now on StockX
Editor’s Pick: Kith x Disney Double Pocket Hoodie Indigo

I am a sucker for anything Mickey Mouse. The three blends of denim and the cut-up Mickey are done tastefully, which is amazing. The scuba hood on this hoodie takes it to another level. I need this in my closet.—Anthony Bobongo, VaynerMedia

Shop Now on StockX
Save: Gucci Bifold Wallet GG Supreme Kingsnake (4 Card Slots) Black

A nice entry to the world of luxury leatherware, this Gucci bi-fold wallet is big enough to fit all your credit cards, but not so bulky to look like a brick in your pocket. The snake detail is never going out of style. —Madison Russell, Style Editor at ONE37pm

Shop Now on StockX
Splurge: Chanel x Pharrell Tote Blue

If I were a billionaire, I’d buy this Pharrell x Chanel fluffy tote bag for the sheer irreverence of it. What a delicious flex, brightly lined in fluorescent yellow but fluffy. This is a baller conversation starter.Madison Russell, Style Editor at ONE37pm

Shop Now on StockX
Editor’s Pick: Louis Vuitton Mini Soft Trunk Monogram Eclipse Black

Kristopher Kites came into the ONE37pm office recently with this Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton men’s bag, and it’s all I have been thinking about since. With classic elements and fresh updates, this timeless bag still feels current. Man bags are hard to get just right, but this one is perfect. —Madison Russell, Style Editor at ONE37pm

Shop Now on StockX
Style What To Buy

The Least Boring Father’s Day Gift Guide for Millennials

Most Father’s Day gift guides suck. This one doesn’t.

Our editorial experts have rounded up the least awful things to give your dad for Father’s Day 2019, from baller monthly subscriptions to special products that’ll make you his favorite son.

If your dad drinks…
Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club
Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon is a monthly cocktail subscription box that delivers the craft cocktail experience to your dad’s home with curated recipes and techniques for mixing the perfect drink every time. Think Blue Apron for cocktails.

Buy Now, $50 per month
If your dad actually enjoys spending time in the kitchen…
Material’s ‘The Fundamentals’

Material is a direct-to-consumer kitchenware brand whose products seamlessly blend functionality and design and are the perfect gift for any dad with a passion for cooking and entertaining. They are high quality at an affordable price.

Buy Now, $175
If your dad is into his fits…
M. Gemi Sacca Loafers
M. Gemi

These loafers feel like they’re legit cobbled on the streets of Milan. They’re supple and sock-like in their premium fit. M. Gemi is a direct-to-consumer brand you need to know, and so does your dad.

Buy Now, $248
If your dad is into shaving his face…
Artis ‘The Cut Above’

Up dad’s shaving ritual with this elevated kit from Artis Brush and The Art of Shaving. The set comes with The Art of Shaving’s Bourbon Pre-Shave Oil to promote razor glide, a weight-balanced Chrome Collection 5-Blade Manual Razor and Bourbon After-Shave Balm to replenish dad’s skin post-shave. Artis Brush’s Digit Skincare Oval 8 Brush is next-level awesome.

Buy Now, $175
If your dad is into how cool his house looks…
Floyd Coffee Table
Floyd Home

Based in Detroit, Floyd Home is an accessible but high-design furniture company that creates minimal home decor that lasts a lifetime. Launched in 2014 on a Kickstarter that garnered $256,273 from 1,395 backers, the company makes pieces that prize function and utility with a design-heavy, urban aesthetic. The brand recently launched a coffee table that is straight-up dope.

Buy Now, From $495
If your dad is a frequent traveler…
Herschel Supply Co. Backpack

The iconic silhouette of this Herschel bag comes at such a reasonable price. Though not as tricked-out as some other options, this is a reliable and stylish backpack. It will never go out of style.

Buy Now, $96
If your dad is into music (or silence)…
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones

Bang & Olufsen delivers on two things: sound quality and minimal style. In unique colors—like gray with gold and steel blue with silver—these stand out from the crowd. This Beoplay H4 model is Bang & Olufsen’s answer to an accessible price point. Wireless and Bluetooth-enabled, they’re crafted with leather, aluminum and steel. I’m currently wearing these suckers, and they’re amazing.

Buy Now, From $185
If your dad likes sneakers…
Greats Sneakers

Founded in 2014, Greats has successfully raised more than $15 million in funding in the past three years alone, with nothing more than a brick-and-mortar store in New York’s Soho neighborhood. The unisex sneakers are offered in a single minimal silhouette—the Royale—in a selection of core colors and rotating seasonal hues. They retail for $119 or $179, for the knit or leather version, respectively.

Buy Now, $179
If your dad wants to feel soft and cozy…
Naadam Cashmere Sweater

Naadam specializes in luxury cashmere fashion at accessible prices, with men’s and women’s styles, accessories, robes, socks and more. Your dad will call you every time he puts on his new $75 cashmere sweater, and the low cost won’t hurt your wallet.

Buy Now, $75
If your dad is witty…
‘The Father of All Dad Guides: From (A)doring to (Z)addy’

This cheeky guide is an aid for readers to identify themselves (if they happen to be a dad), their dads (if they happen to have a dad), dads on television (often a stand-in when an actual dad isn’t around) and dads in the wild. Which dad is your dad? Get this for him and find out.

Buy Now, $14
If your dad is a techie…
Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Sorry, Apple. This Microsoft Surface laptop might beat all MacBooks. I mean, it comes with a pen. You can touch the screen. It has its own kickstand and folds into a tablet. We’re sold.

Buy Now, From $775
If your dad wants more chill…
Blackberry Chai Recess

Recess is a consumer wellness company creating CBD-infused functional beverages and nutraceutical products to help people feel balanced in an increasingly stressful world. They make a line of flavored sparkling water infused with hemp extract (CBD) and balanced with adaptogens ginseng, Schisandra and L-theanine. Get the blackberry chai one. Dad will love it.

Buy Now, $40 for 8