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A Conversation With Colin Louis, The Founder of Maxwell Skincare

Finding a good skin care regimen can be a tricky process for men—especially when you factor in shaving and the potential irritation/ingrown hairs that can make the process that much more difficult. Some get lucky and find the right products without much trouble, while others have to go through a trial-and-error process before finding the right one-two punch combo.

Maxwell skincare is a highly-rated face-first company dedicated to providing an assortment of products geared towards men’s skin and hair care. The company offers everything from exfoliants to facial cleansers and prides itself on being a company focused on the care of their customers above anything else. ONE37pm’s Aaron ‘Don’ Dukes and Jael Rucker spoke with founder Colin Maxwell about his path to getting the Maxwell brand to where it is today.

Maxwell Skin Care
Maxwell Facial Cleanser

ONE37pm: You all started Maxwell Skincare in 2018. At what point in your company’s journey did you decide to start a business?

Maxwell: The idea came for Maxwell in 2017 while taking a walk with a friend who was complaining about not being able to take care of their skin. “Guys are inherently lazy,” he said, “they want someone to do it for them.”  Being a guy who actually liked taking care of his skin, and spent years doing research, testing products, and figuring out what works, this was an area I could help with. The real “aha” moment came half an hour later, ordering a smoothie at Juice Generation, and adding a booster or antioxidants. Plenty of men’s grooming companies have a cleanser or moisturizer, few tailor these products for men. I knew I had a unique business idea, and niche market value if I could find a way to match specific antioxidants to men’s skin types, giving guys better products at an affordable price. Essentially, “do it for me.”

ONE37pm: Can you walk us through the timeline from when you guys first started Maxwell to where you are today?

Maxwell: The research phase of Maxwell began in 2017. We had to find suppliers, a cosmetic lab and do user interviews across the male demographic spectrum. I went through an accelerator program in NYC called Tacklebox, which is for founders with full-time jobs. Going through this program was extremely valuable and really set the groundwork for how Maxwell was going to come to life. The advisors, mentors, and pitches I went through were essential for building sustainable advantage. In 2018 we began the testing phase with cosmetics, working with our lab to focus on a specific skin type, and doing research on proven ingredients to test. 

Why normal/combo skin? 67% of men identify with it already, and there are ample antioxidants to focus on. The end products came in 2019, with four key ingredients per product, starting with a daily cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer. We launched at the beginning of 2020, and our timing coincided with the beginning of the pandemic, which everyone had to deal with. We’re still in our “early” growth phase after a year in the market and have a fantastic group of men using our products consistently with great results. 

Maxwell Skin Care

ONE37pm: Obviously the decision to start a website for your business is a critical one, what was that process like for you guys in terms of selecting a resource to build your website?

Maxwell: Web presence is crucial, there are only a few touchpoints a consumer will have with our brand before purchase, all being digital. 

I’ve had experience in the past with Wix and GoDaddy, so I stuck to what I was familiar with for hosting and building. The biggest impact is the copy, constantly iterating and changing up the way we’re talking to our consumers to see what drives the most engagement. 

ONE37pm: What are some of the challenges you guys have faced in your journey?

Maxwell: When you start a company, everything is a challenge, especially when you bootstrap it. You’re the head of social, head of customer service, head of product development, marketing, and everything else. We had challenges ranging from our bottles not being able to fit with the cosmetics we produced to our fulfillment center not being able to store the pallets of a product before they were filled. We dealt with the packaging of our boxes not aligning with our brand colors to shipping costs being way over budget. With each challenge, you have to be nimble and work within the constraints you have, namely budget.

ONE37pm: What advice do you all have for anyone beginning a startup?

Maxwell: You have to ask who your business is for and what it can achieve. If you can’t answer these questions specifically, intuitively, and consistently as you create your business, you will not be successful. I’ve gone back to these questions over and over again to align and realign Maxwell with my target customer base. The second piece of advice— be persistent and dedicated. Without daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly persistence and dedication, you will not be successful. 

ONE37pm: Where do you see Maxwell five years from now?

Maxwell: I have a five-year vision for the company, but I’m flexible enough to know that it could end up in a completely different direction. Starting a company is not necessarily about growing in a straight line, but moving with your consumers, the market, and where you can have a distinct long term advantage. 

Maxwell will (hopefully) expand its footprint into preventive face care for men, not simply daily care. That will include OTC products, SPF, and potentially even some male acne products. Additionally, I would hope for a large retail footprint in five years, laddering up to more specific problems that men can solve through our online process. 

You can learn more about Maxwell and their products via their website.

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3 Tips to Help You Prep for the Holidays Now

Anyone who has a grandmother who starts cooking for Sunday dinner on Thursday knows—there’s a lot more to holiday planning than meets the eye. Whether Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or a personal tradition that your family has adopted, this year we implore you to take a cue from grandma and get a jump start. In partnership with Calvin Klein, here are three really simple things to do now that will save you from scrambling a month from now.

1. Set Aside a Budget for Gifts

Remember last year when you realized you only had $50 in your bank account and promised gifts to 25 of your closest friends? Yeah, let’s not do that again. Take a minute right now to jot down everyone you’d like to give to this season and how much money is realistic for each. Even better if you can brainstorm actual gift ideas, like a fresh scent from Calvin Klein.

Next, tally up it all up and start a system for saving. If your budget is larger, you could employ an automatic transfer from your bank account for the next few paychecks, or for smaller savings simply make a rule to stash away every $5 bill you get.

2. Invest In Pieces You Can Wear to Nearly Every Event!!Blazers%20%26amp%3B%20Sport%20Coats;;Dress%20Shirts;;Suits%20%26amp%3B%20Suit%20Separates;;Ties

Unless you’ve curated the perfect capsule wardrobe, chances are you’re going to have moments this season where you have absolutely no idea what to wear. Use this time to take stock of your closet.

So you’ve got jeans, button-downs and T-shirts (and plenty of sneakers, natch). But seems your missing anything that resembles a blazer, a sweater that’s not a hoodie and nice boots. This is a good time to invest in a sport coat to dress up those T-shirts, like this version above from Calvin Klein, or a wool coat that can take a denim and button-down ‘fit from basic to baller. The key is to find items that work with what you’ve already got so that you are buying reinforcements rather than a one-time-only outfit.

3. Mark Your Calendar for Big Sale Days

Now that you have your list and know your holiday budget, it’s time to start price shopping. This is as easy as it sounds and could end up saving you a good amount of green. You want to make sure you’re getting the best deal when the holiday sales start happening, so go ahead and price the items on your list. It will be much easier to spot the good deals when you know the regular price of items. (You may even find and scoop up some great deals now, like this exclusive Calvin Klein luggage.)

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The Life Hack You’re Probably Missing, From a Pro Surfer

A waterman since birth, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer holds 15 World Championship victories, including ISA World Champion, two-time Ultimate Waterman and four-time Master of the Ocean Champion. He leads a full and present life as he travels the world competing, chasing giant waves, teaching surf clinics to adults and children and talking story. Schweitzer is the author of Beneath the Surface, a book that weaves teachings with tales of his travels, competitions and motivations that all led to his InZane life.

I’ve had to continually adapt to a new daily routine due to my schedule and travels. The only practice I can confidently say that I’ve held over my professional career has been journaling. The rewards have been profound, and I owe so much of my success professionally and personally to this single practice. 

I remember visiting my grandmother Diane Schweitzer before my first world tour circuit at 11 years old. She said, “Zane, one day you’ll be old like your grandfather and me, so write down your experiences with the world and its people. Then, they’ll never be forgotten,” and gave me a journal.

Fast-forward 15 years, and journaling has been a part of my daily routine ever since, no matter the time zone, the location, the state of mind, or intensity of tasks to that day. I have two journals on me at all times. One is for short-form gratitude and manifestation toward daily desired outcomes, and the others are for performance growth and wisdom: competitive experiences through wins and losses, training and diet. There is also room for in-depth, long-form journaling about skills, relationships, knowledge, lessons learned and ever-growing philosophy. Journaling has made me the man that I am today, the champion I have become and given grounding mindfulness to continue a relentless, purposeful pursuit of my dreams. Here’s how I do it.

Daily Reflections and Meditation

Every single night before bed and every single morning when I wake up, I journal. When looking within, dreaming up a destiny, bottling up lessons and embracing moments of growth along with defeat, we continue to find our purpose to create waves of success. These things drive me to put the pencil to paper. This routine has been my lifeblood since the beginning of my career, and it continues to be the one truth I hold daily.

I usually wake up well before sunrise and start my day with gratitude and five minutes of journaling. I open my daily journal and jot down three to seven things for which I am grateful. Always come up with new ideas, avoiding repeating the same thing twice. My grandmother and most prominent life coach, Carolyn Jackson, always reminded me that, “when you are grateful, you’ll always have a reason to be happy.” 

During morning journaling, I find it is essential to manifest your desired daily outcome, goals and plan of attack to execute tasks. I do this by listing at least three things that would make today great and set me up for a fulfilling day.

To finish my morning journaling, I make a daily affirmation. Affirm that you are stronger than you know, smarter than you think and braver than you thought possible with a self-affirmation to set you off with confidence to start your day.

In the evening before bed, I reflect upon my day. Reflecting on what made the day feel like a win and what could’ve gone better is the perfect way to end. I do this by listing at least three amazing things that happened that day, followed by a selfless action or “Blue Life Choice.” I finish with what I could have done to make the day better.

I am no stranger to the ocean, and I have been privileged enough to accomplish so much in my life thus far. My father is an 18-time world champion windsurfer and my grandfather is the inventor of windsurfing. You can imagine that most of our days were spent at the beach, immersed in the ocean, riding the waves and harnessing the wind with great company. There are few victories that I reflect on more than high-octane endurance races and surf-sports with the best water sports athletes.

In the last year, I have been stepping back to emphasize bettering the environment, my community and oceans around the world. My competitive experiences and success have given me the knowledge, humility and opportunity to share with the people I meet along the way. Through speaking engagements, beach cleanups, clinics or my actions on social media, my drive to “Innovate and Inspire” really is the fuel that keeps me going more than anything. 

I find it so valuable to journal on these goals and measures of preparation along with life choices and routines that you commit. Writing down commitments and habits that will help you get closer to your goals, choice after choice, day after day turn into the formula for success. After all, I believe that success is when preparation meets opportunity.

In this journal focused on competition and performance growth, I often track my training, diet and mental and physical well-being leading up to and following matches. 

Pre-competition, I often journal with the practice of pre-manifested destiny as if I have already met my goal and embrace the feelings when visualizing that success and spill it to the paper. Post-competition, I often track my results and actions/choices that lead to my victory or defeat. If I walk away from an event knowing what was good and what was terrible, then I’ll be more confident and prepared for the next one. I will also have my notes to review to ensure that I don’t make the same mistakes twice. I’ll be more confident about meeting a success.

Long-Term Thoughts and Wisdom

The third journal contains long-form memoirs, creativity and experiences that I feel need to be treasured or locked away in some form of a time capsule. I also include philosophy and values to be remembered. In this journal, I go into detail to dissect emotions and decisions that led me to intense highs and lows, along with enlightening lessons and values or epiphanies. 

The greatest gift I could’ve ever received is one that an 11-year-old boy realizes the inherent value. Today I’m grateful that my experiences with the world and its people, my life journey and lessons learned are preserved and archived. I can be proud to leave behind my words for future generations and the world. Aloha and Mālama pono. See you on the water.

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The Best Grooming Products for Men, According to Our Team

The sea of products at your local drugstore can be daunting. The men’s grooming product space is only getting larger—in total, U.S.-based men spent $6.9 billion on grooming products in 2017, according to data from Euromonitor, a data and market researcher. My inbox, as a men’s style editor, has been flooded with the news of men-targeted grooming brand launches.

We spoke to Francesco Clark, the man behind Clark’s Botanicals (a brand that has evolved from a homemade serum to a leader in the natural-but-effective beauty space), interviewed Alex Penfold of “The Bro Mask” and Jaxon Lane and more. But we haven’t cut through to the nitty gritty and revealed what each team member actually repurchases time and time again. 

Here is a condensed list of tried-and-true grooming saviors that our editors find themselves buying on repeat.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

It’s not very glamorous, but I’m a ride-or-die Cetaphil user. I have pretty sensitive skin, and this is the one face wash that doesn’t make me break out. 10/10, would recommend! —Julian Brooks, Video Editor at ONE37pm

Buy Now, $19 for 2
Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer

It keeps my skin feeling fresh without making it too oily. I haven’t found a better one, but the downside is that it is too expensive. I found out about it from a press event, where got a sample, tried it, loved it and bought it. —Kevin Smith, Grind Editor at ONE37pm

Buy Now, $68
Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit

I like it because it keeps my beard straight and tamed after long hours of fitness and recreational sports activities. I’ll continue to buy it because it provides an excellent balance of awesome smell while providing a healthy, shiny texture for my beard. If it wasn’t for my mother randomly shopping in a Wal-Mart with her best friend during her girls trip, I’d be lost in the beard sauce without it.—Omari White, Associate Editor at ONE37pm

Buy Now, $40
CeraVe Facial Moisturizer

My brother is extremely deep in the grooming product game so I get to try a lot of stuff. But for me nothing works better than this simple CeraVe face moisturizer, which is cheap, sheer and has SPF, characteristics I value above all else. If CeraVe rebranded their packaging to make it look less like bunion ointment, they could easily sell it for $40.—Corban Goble, Sports Editor at ONE37pm

Buy Now, $13
Baxter of California Clay Effect Style Spray for Men

I love this stuff because it lets me add *just* enough texture to my hair, and it has a matte finish, so I don’t end up looking like a Wolf of Wall Street extra. The best part is that I can use three sprays right when I get out of the shower, mess my hair around a little bit and spend the rest of the day looking like I’ve got my life together.—Ryan Haney, Editor at ONE37pm

Buy Now, $22
Hello Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush
Hello Products

I love this all-black toothbrush not only because of its sleek and minimalist design but also because of the softness of the black bristles, which are made with activated charcoal from eco-friendly bamboo. You can get routine free toothbrushes with a Hello toothpaste subscription too. Hello even curated a cool playlist of hello-themed songs that you can listen to while keeping your mouth feeling fresh. —Brian Anthony Hernandez, Senior Culture Editor at ONE37pm

Buy Now, $4
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How This Founder Went from Skin Care Newbie to Guru

Alex Penfold is the cofounder of Jaxon Lane, a company that creates Korean skin care products for men. Now a self-described skin care fanatic, Penfold grew up not taking care of his skin and had skin issues from his teenage years through young adulthood. He went from not wearing sunscreen so he could “get a little color” to employing a rigorous Korean-inspired five-step (sometimes ten-step) routine. Here, Penfold shares the products that helped him turn his skin around and made him realize that good habits lead to better skin. Today, the brand is launching a sunscreen and face wash.

Courtesy of Jaxon Lane
Alex Penfold, cofounder of Jaxon Lane

Step 1: Face Wash
Jaxon Lane

“Shake And Wake” Enzyme Powder Face Wash by Jaxon Lane

Every day for me begins and ends with having clean skin, just like brushing your teeth. I’ve tried everything from Cetaphil (gentle but doesn’t get the sunscreen and grime off at night), bar soaps and regular face washes (dries out the skin, which makes it produce more oil and cause breakouts), to scrubbing exfoliators (too harsh for breakouts and for daily use). I’m also on the road a lot, and it’s a pain to pack liquid face wash on flights. This is what led us to make a powder face wash that uses pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate and clean skin with vitamins B, C and E for an extra health boost. It’s super light and travel-friendly. Plus…I know I’m nerding out but… it’s pretty fun to watch as the powder transforms into a face wash by adding water. It’s like BOOM! Suds.

Buy Now, $34
Step 2: Toner

AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner by Some By Mi

People cringe when I tell them that one of my go-to products is toner because they’re remembering the alcohol-based toners from the ‘90s that sting and dry out your skin. Today’s toners—especially Korean-made toners—are alcohol-free and packed with vitamins and plant extracts that are great for your skin. It’s the first step to hydrate and treat skin with great ingredients. I like this particular toner because it has a good concentration of niacinamide (vitamin B3), which is great for reducing acne, redness and inflammation. It also has plant extracts like tea tree water to soothe skin and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin. I just splash a bit into the palm of my hands and pat it onto the skin after cleansing.

Buy Now, $17
Step 3: Serum

Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum by Klairs

Step three for me is a serum, which is a more concentrated treatment that gets applied before a moisturizer. There are lots of different kinds of serums which help with different skin issues. Depending on how my skin is looking, I switch it up between hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, retinol and vitamin C (TMI, I know). One of my go-to serums is this vitamin C serum. I’m at an age where I’m getting fine lines and uneven dark patches from one too many sunburns in my 20s. When I’m jet-lagged, overworked or recovering from a night out, I find that my skin looks saggy and tired. Vitamin C is a great pick-me-up for the face. It can boost collagen production which helps skin look fuller. It also helps control melanin production which helps fade those dark sun spots.

Buy Now, $23
Step 4: Sunscreen
Jaxon Lane

“Rain or Shine” Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen (SPF 50+) by Jaxon Lane

The single most important part of a good skin care routine is daily sunscreen. Sure, it’s nice to have a tan, but unprotected sun exposure is the single biggest cause of skin cancer—not to mention wrinkles and aging skin after your 30s. Most people don’t know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and men are twice as likely to get skin cancer than women. My dad goes to the doctor to get skin cancers removed from his face and body several times a year, and comes out of each session with 14 stitches or a black eye. This is way too common, yet guys of our generation still haven’t embraced daily sunscreen. This is why we set out to create a high-SPF sunscreen that is non-greasy and doesn’t leave a white film, so it’s easy to use every day, no excuses—rain or shine. It does double duty as a light moisturizer with great ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

Buy Now, $32
Step 5: Moisturizer

Ceramidin Cream by Dr. Jart

At night the last step in my routine is a good moisturizer. When it’s hot and humid out, I use a lighter moisturizer. In the winter when it’s cold and dry, I use this super rich moisturizer with ceramides. Ceramides are lipids (aka fat molecules) that are a natural part of our skin, and keep skin moisturized and protected from the elements. When you get older, your skin produces less lipids which makes it dry. The hallmark of a great Korean product is a cocktail of rich, natural ingredients in addition to the main active ingredients, and this moisturizer is no exception. It has probiotics and 18 plant extracts to help soothe skin and repair UV and environmental skin damage. It is perfect for days when you have dry, chapped or irritated skin.

Buy Now, $31
Step 6: Sheet Mask
Jaxon Lane

Bro Mask by Jaxon Lane

You guys still there? This is the last (but certainly not least) step. This is the product that started my skincare journey. Years ago, when I met my now wife and Jaxon Lane cofounder Jen Yu, she would keep these huge stashes of Korean masks in her bathroom. I found myself sneaking in there and trying these things on more often than I’d like to admit. This was back in the day when I wasn’t taking care of my skin, and I noticed a big difference from using these masks a few times a week. We realized there was a huge opportunity to bring the best-quality Korean masks to guys and make it approachable for someone who might not be super familiar with the idea. We make the Bro Mask with hydrogel, which sticks to skin way better than regular sheet masks. It is a two-piece mask, so guys with beards can skip the bottom half or use it to calm the neck after shaving. And it’s sized up for men’s faces. Nowadays I use it once a week and before big events like weddings.

Buy Now, $28
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A Guy’s Guide to Taking a Decent Picture of Yourself

In a social media-driven world, the art of taking a selfie has become a commodity. We’re meeting people on dating apps, promoting our businesses on IGTV and using Twitter to start conversations. According to the non-profit organization Rawhide, 1,000 selfies are posted to Instagram every single second of every single day, and most of them suck. 

We’re totally not encouraging you to sit around all day and attempt to get the perfect photo of yourself. We don’t condone scaling buildings with a selfie stick to get a shot, interrupting the historic significance of cultural monuments with your vanity or any other dangerous task. 

But, if you’re going to take a picture of yourself, here are five easy tips to get a better result. Happy snapping.

1. Find a window.

The biggest culprit sabotaging your selfies is improper lighting. By simply moving toward a window, you’ll catch yourself looking fresh. Stand in front of a natural light source (or outside, if you’re able) to diminish harsh shadows of fluorescent lighting—the enemy of a good selfie.

Courtesy of Editors
Omari White, Team ONE37pm
Courtesy of Editors
Omari White, Team ONE37pm
2. Use the front-facing camera.

Using your front-facing camera does two things for you: it will take a photo in high-quality 4K resolution and it will get you out of your own head. By removing the mirror image staring back at you, you’ll feel more comfortable to snap a few pics. If you’re on an iPhone, use the volume up button to capture. In fact, most of the “after” images featured in this article needed to be resized to accommodate the small megabyte limit on our website. 

3. Wipe the lens.

Fingerprints on your camera’s lens can ruin even the best-intended selfie. Wipe the glass with your tee or pants to remove any debris. Your picture will instantly look more clear.

Courtesy of Editors
Lou Geneux, Team Gary Vee—Before.
Courtesy of Editors
Lou Geneux, Team Gary Vee—After.
4. Move your head around.

Once you’ve found an adequate light source, play with how high or low you’re holding your phone. Slightly above eye line with your arm extended fully tends to be the most flattering angle, but you can test what works for you. 

You should also experiment with the angles of your face, looking straight into the lens but rotating your head to favor each cheekbone toward the camera.

Courtesy of Editors
Justin Novello, Team Gary Vee—Before.
Courtesy of Editors
Justin Novello, Team Gary Vee—After.
5. Take a few options.

Don’t only give yourself one image. Snap a series of images as you slightly turn your head and move the camera around. Look directly into the tiny circle of your lens to create a genuine eye line.

6. Choose the winning image quickly.

Now that you’ve taken a handful of images of your face, don’t stress about which one to ultimately pick. Look at all of them as small squares in your camera roll and quickly choose which one stands out to you the most. 

Don’t spend hours taking your selfie. Just take a slightly better one than before.

Courtesy of Editors
Ryan Haney, Team ONE37pm—Before.
Courtesy of Editors
Ryan Haney, Team ONE37pm—After.
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How One Guy Overhauled His Grooming Routine Because of Social Media Marketing

My name is Josh. I’m a 21-year-old marketing student at California Baptist University in Riverside, California. I help manage @empathywines on social media across all platforms, acting as a community manager. I got my job at VaynerX by DM’ing Nate (one of the co-owners of Empathy Wines) on Instagram, showing him what I do in the social media marketing and management space. And now here I am. I love working at VaynerX. It is great to be working in this environment, and I am very grateful to be assisting one of Gary Vee’s businesses.

My usual grooming routine consists of washing my face in the morning and at night, using a simple Clean & Clear face wash to get rid of New York dirt and grime. But when ONE37pm’s style editor, Madison Russell, asked me to test some products that I’d seen advertised on social media and in the subways, I started implementing these four new products into my daily routine. This was quite a fun project. Here are my reviews. 

Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

Hims Shampoo
Josh Ordonez for ONE37pm

The first product I got to try was a shampoo by Hims. First of all, after posting a photo of this product on my social media, I got a ton of replies from people asking “Oh, does it really work?” or “When can I get some products?” thinking I had a Hims product plug connection of some sort. So I knew this brand was a rather large one and I had heard of the brand before I tried these products, so clearly their marketing is on point. I think it’s also pretty cool that they have @hims as their Instagram handle.

This shampoo has great packaging—nice and simple. Just a brown box with the word Hims on it in a cool and simple font. After opening the box, the design on the product itself made me feel like I was in for a heightened experience. It felt super nice. It has a fancy matte finish and cream color that looks very appealing.

My overall experience of using the product was a very pleasant one. The shampoo has a nice blue color with a great smell. I have curly hair, and I usually wake up with very curly hair. However, after using this product, I would wake up the next morning with what I like to call “tamed curly.” It almost looked like I had already styled it and was ready to head out without touching it or using any additional hair products. Almost.

Buy Now
Hims Morning Glow Serum
Josh Ordonez for ONE37pm

Hims Morning Glow Serum also has great packaging design, almost identical to the brand’s shampoo. But I was questioning this product just a bit. Morning glow serum? Hmm, what does that even mean? Why would my face need to be glowing in the morning? To me, a morning glow serum sounds like signing up for my face to look greasy. I hate having a greasy face, as does everyone, so why make a product for that? However, this product certainly did not make my face look greasy. It just gave it a nice glow and left it feeling quite nice.

Overall, I don’t think I’d use this product again because I did not like the smell of it. It smelled a little like maple syrup.

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Dr. Jackson’s Day Cream
Josh Ordonez for ONE37pm

Dr. Jackson’s Day Cream had outstanding packaging as well. This product had my favorite look and feel. The packaging is a metallic black container that feels almost like a cool metal to hold and had a nice clunk every time I set it down on my bathroom counter. The product was great, and I actually look forward to using it more long term.

The cream has a nice smell to it, but it is certainly not meant to be used to smell good. It has a scent, but the point of using the product is more for its intended use.

It felt good to use a daily morning cream because it’s something I was in need of. My beard area sometimes gets a little dry, and this product moisturized and solved that problem.

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Dr. Jackson’s Night Cream
Josh Ordonez for ONE37pm

The night cream is basically the same experience as the day version. Same smell, same texture, and I am sure it has the same purpose—but at night. These products go hand and hand.

Another compliment for this brand is that they actually engaged with me on social media after I tagged the products in my Instagram Story.

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