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Get to Know Michelle Waterson aka “The Karate Hottie”

It is easy for fighters to talk to the media after they win. They get a lot of easy questions that are fun to answer.

After a loss? Not so much.

Michelle Waterson was kind enough to come on In the Fight and talk about her most recent loss to Marina Rodriguez.

In addition to her last fight, Waterson talked about life lessons, social media bullies, and what her life might look like after her fighting career.

Waterson is known for having a very open relationship with her daughter when it comes to her fighting career. Her daughter has seen every fight that she has been in, something that is somewhat rare in the fight game.

Templin: If your daughter’s memory was wiped clean, and she could only watch one fight of yours… which would you choose?

Waterson thought about it for a second.

Waterson: Good question.

We talked about her time working at Hooters, being a stuntman for a Marvel movie, appearing on the classic MTV show Bully Beatdown, and what she has in mind for life after her career.