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Drew Dober Fights With a Smile, Previews UFC 263

When most people think about fighters, they imagine a tough, rugged figure. Drew Dober is not that.

Dober fights with a smile. He is in that octagon to provide the audience with a show. He doesn’t view the rankings as some end-all, be-all type of system. He simply wants to give fans some entertainment. It’s refreshing, but he will be the first to tell you that he didn’t start this method of fighting.

Dober: “I think it is the mentality that (Justin) Gaethje and Donald Cerrone carry. Anywhere, anytime. But it is not reckless. It is sheer enjoyment. It is contagious. I think people really enjoy watching these fighters enjoy themselves… win or lose – we are still watching them fight.”

Dober is a member of one of the best fight teams in the country in Colorado. The Elevation Fight Team is elite. From top to bottom the team is full of studs: Justin Gaethje, Cory Sandhage, Curtis Blaydes, and plenty more…

In addition to being great fighters, they are also performers.

Dober: “I think it is just the enjoyment and fans put you in the zone to perform the best. Some people have different ways of using it, like with Cory and Curtis. But coincidentally, Justin Gaethje and I just so happen to have the same mindset, on the same team, on the same mat. I love bouncing, not only ideas but techniques and skills. It’s a sheer coincidence that the two most entertaining men in the lightweight division are in the same camp.

When Dober entered the UFC, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Dober’s time in the UFC started with two losses and plenty of people have been cut by the company for less. Of course, Dober is an incredibly positive guy. But trying times can get the best of anyone.

Dober: “The first fight was a struggle… Man, it was just tough. And I went out there and I gave my best. I didn’t get the decision win. Giving your best, no matter the outcome, giving your best is the only thing you can do. Giving 100 percent of something and it not going your way, it doesn’t hurt as bad.”

Dober’s positivity and mentality are contagious. He takes a very unique perspective and outlook on life.

Check out Dober’s fight against Brad Riddell on Saturday night on ESPN+ at UFC 263.