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Introducing ‘Cannabis State of the Union’, a New Podcast Series from ONE37pm

In the world of Cannabis, like many aspects of popular culture, news tends to move at a mile a minute. It’s legalized here; it’s still illegal here, and so on. Given that sort of news tends to be the norm, it can be hard to track where the cannabis industry is going and how far it has come.

ONE37pm presents Cannabis State of the Union; a three-part podcast series focused on the “past, present, and future of the cannabis community as it evolves into an industry.”

Hosted by the cannabis branding expert and co-founder of the Green Street house of brans, Rama Mayo, Cannabis State of the Union will feature discussions and in-depth examinations about one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

Joining Rama will be some of the biggest names in the Cannabis industry, including entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk; founder of the Originals, Brandon Melendez; rappers The Game and Juicy J, Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down; as well as Dr. Dina, one of the leading advocates for medical marijuana.

Even if Cannabis isn’t your thing, this podcast is a must-listen for entrepreneurs and anyone wanting an inside look at how an industry grows and develops.

The first episode of Cannabis State of the Union drops on Tuesday, June 8th and you’re not going to want to miss this one. Make sure to subscribe to the show on Apple Music and Spotify, so you don’t miss a single episode.

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TikTok’s ‘For You’ Podcast Starring Brittany Broski Needs To Be On Your Radar

Over the course of the past few years, TikTok has established itself as one of the most impactful social media platforms in the world. Like a movie/television show, TikTok has its own ‘leading stars,’ and one of the most familiar faces on the app is 23-year-old viral sensation Brittany Broski. You may know Broski as the ‘Kombucha Girl,’ who first blew up with her TikTok that featured her trying Kombucha for the first time. 

With six million followers and counting, Brittany possesses a wit and charm similar to that of Rebel Wilson (while still remaining herself, of course). Her relatability makes her an easy fan-favorite on the app. TikTok recently decided it was time to create an official podcast series, and it was clear that Broski would be the perfect host for the show. Entitled For You, the show features a different influential creator every week. A new episode will debut every Wednesday at 5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST on TikTok LIVE. The first official guest of For You is none other than the electrifying Frankie Jonas.

The Jonas Brothers have been one of the most dominant forces in the entertainment industry for nearly fifteen years. While brothers Nick, Joe, and Kevin may have the famous Jonas Brothers moniker, little brother Frankie is the TikTok star. 

Since his October debut, Jonas has soared to TikTok fame, becoming one of the most famous comedians on the app with his clever puns, humor, and willingness to make himself the butt of his own jokes. The social media star is quickly approaching two million followers with nearly 40 million likes on the app. His most recent video is a hilarious rating of a few childhood red carpet outfits and showcases the essence of his popularity on the platform.

Broski and Jonas covered a ton of ground in this first episode of For You and discussed a wide range of topics, including filming setups, how they handle newfound fame, Jonas’ ability to separate his persona from his brothers, and more. Below is an excerpt of their interview.

Broski: Since quarantine started, we have seen you blossom. You are so funny! I was shocked!

Jonas: Thank You! I’m shocked that people have thought that I am funny! I’ve been making jokes for years—not many people have been laughing at them, and then suddenly I had a few people think that I am really funny!

Broski: So let’s get into this TikTok journey. When did you download the app, and how did you get into it?

Jonas: I actually did everything I could for like a year to not download the app. I thought it was super elitist, and I was like, “Oh, I’m too posh—I don’t need it.” Enough people were like, “Frankie, you spend all day on Instagram watching TikTok reposts and sending it to people who have seen it on TikTok—you are a massive hypocrite!” I downloaded the app, and the first thing I did upon making the app was create a video. At the time, I had a broken iPhone—the diaphragm was ruptured, and it was me recording a video where all you could hear was noise similar to a wind tunnel! It was fun!

Broski: Does the engagement that you get drive your content, or are you just like, “oh whatever?”

Jonas: Honestly, not that much! For me, the real viral moment was when my brother Nick posted a TikTok, and I made a video responding to it. For those who don’t know, Nick posted a video with his wife (actress Priyanka Chopra), which was a duet of another person’s video. The resounding factor of my video was the comment section, which had 20,000 people asking Nick if he was my brother! I didn’t plan that—I had no part in the cults of Frankie Jonas! That got so publicized that I subsequently gained over a million followers in like a 30-hour span. After that, it was definitely a moment of “Oh, I have so much attention right now, what do I do?!” I honestly had a panic attack for like a week straight. I had no idea what to do with myself. 

Broski: How did your brothers respond to your videos about them? Are there any complaints, or are they supportive?

Jonas: They are super supportive! I’ve done everything I can to make sure it’s done in good taste while also poking fun at the general life light of it all. I would definitely never want to exploit them at all! I think they are really happy for me and it’s cool! They are such supportive brothers just in all facets of life. They are amazing people! So with TikTok and everything going on, they have just been happy that I have found a voice and am comfortable with it.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on Broski and Jonas’ full conversation. If you happen to miss out on the TikTok LIVE episode, you can catch it on all major podcast platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Google and TikTok’s YouTube channel on Thursdays.

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Your Definitive Guide to Joe Rogan’s Best Podcast Episodes

You wanna go on a trip? Check out some of the first few episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience. One of the top comments you will see when you watch his first episode with Brian Redban is, “this feels like watching cavemen discover fire.” And it is so true. Rogan couldn’t have known what the show would become. In a sincere moment early in the show, Rogan makes an endearing comment about how they had over 100 live viewers and felt pressure to be entertaining. 

There’s a lesson to be learned there: the idea of creating, over and over, and simply improving with reps. But that isn’t what this article is about. This article is about what the Joe Rogan Experience has become. So we put together the definitive guide to Joe Rogan’s best podcast episodes. Enjoy.

1. Episode #1411-Robert Downey Jr.-

No one gets RDJ to do an hour long sit down. I think the combination of the platform and the duo’s shared experiences with martial arts led to them doing the podcast. What made this episode so fun was the period during which it was recorded in each of the two rockstars’ lives. RDJ had just finished Avengers Endgame and it was a time in his career where there seemed to be uncertainty. He went into great detail about the movie making process for those larger budget projects. Rogan’s show was already the number one podcast in the world, and it seemed as if he was nearing a deal with one of the major platforms, which turned out to be Spotify. The two of them had both reached the peak of the mountain and to hear their stories about the journey to the top was outstanding.

2. Episode #1315-Bob Lazar

Space, aliens, and conspiracy theories. 

It’s no secret that Joe is a sucker for a good UFO sighting story. I think with a lot of Joe’s conspiracy theory friends/guests, you’re forced to ask the question: “just how legit is this guy?” 

Rogan’s episode with Lazar is no different. The stories of UFO sightings captured the imagination of millions, but also warranted questioning. 

What makes this episode so fantastic is that, even if you are a skeptic, Lazar speaks with so much conviction, it’s hard not to believe him. The details are so specific and he doesn’t skip a beat when asked a question regarding the validity of his story. The episode aired right before the craze of his documentary, Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers. 

3. Episode #990-Jamie Foxx

Something I really enjoy about the Joe Rogan Experience is deciphering how well he knows a guest and their past. One of the reasons I enjoyed the Jamie Foxx episode is that the two of them both rose from the concrete of the Los Angeles comedy scene. They’re around the same age and the audience can clearly tell that the two shared similar experiences back in the day.

The two have also both survived 20 plus years in the industry. They break down how things have changed since when they started. Foxx tells a great story about meeting Chris Brown for the first time. He recalls how he initially questioned Brown’s dancing skills, before quickly being silenced by a backflip in the middle of the dance floor. 

One of the best parts of the episode is when the two of them discuss the film, Tropic Thunder. They ask the question, “could this movie be made today?” The answer is no. However, the two of them explain why the film worked at the time it was released. They survived the evolving nature of the comedy industry, so to hear their perspectives on the changes they had seen was immensely interesting.

4. Episode #1306-Wiz Khalifa

For the few people who do not listen to Rogan’s podcast, they assume that it’s Rogan and a guest getting high and talking about their love for marijuana. Throw in some MMA, conspiracy theories, and well… yeah that’s the jist. But that’s also why fans love the show so much. It isn’t drowning in the glamour that you see in a lot of late night television. 

The episode with Wiz is the perfect example of this phenomenon. Very rarely do we get to see these entertainers in this unfiltered, more genuine setting. Many of the episodes on the show can cover intense topics or difficult conversations; listening to Wiz and Joe get high and laugh will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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5. Episode #1488-Andrew Schulz & Charlamagne tha God

Despite having two different styles and very little content overlap, Joe Rogan and Charlamagne Tha God are two juggernauts in the radio/podcasting industry. Charlamagne Tha God’s The Breakfast Club is known for asking brash or insensitive questions. 

The other guest on this episode is Charlamagne’s podcast co-host, Andrew Schulz. The proud New Yorker has proven himself to be one of the best contributors in comedy today. And Joe took notice. 

Schulz originally started on MTV’s Guy Code before transitioning to podcasting. A few years ago, Schulz pitched a comedy special to all the major networks. The project was his baby. And they all turned him down. 

Instead of crying, making excuses, or stalling, he carved his own path. He listened to the audience. In his experiences, people were losing interest in full hour long specials. Instead, they were looking for easy, short and consumable content. 

This led to Schulz posting a lot of his comedy clips on youtube. What he found was that people would watch one two-minute video, but then have a desire to continue watching more. In doing so, he has completely reshaped the content landscape for up and coming comedians. 

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6. Episode #1470-Elon Musk

Ok. Full transparency? I didn’t want to include this one. Yeah, I know, I know. “But it’s Elon Musk!” For a guests list, he’s a worthy inclusion. However, Musk can be difficult to listen to. His thoughts can be unclear and while he’s a brilliant mind, listening to him explain his thoughts can be a mission. 

I had to be rational, however. Joe got Elon to hit a blunt. It is one of the greatest memes in the history of the internet. Those two minutes alone justify placing Musk’s first appearance on the show in this list. 

Perhaps the second best moment of the discussion is when Musk explains that people would not like to be him. He hints that he views his intelligence as a curse and not as the gift that Rogan—and others—seem to think it is.

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7. Episode #1474-Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Most of the entries on this list are somewhat expected. They are big names with big stories. That’s what has caught the attention of so many JRE fans. 

However, Rogan’s podcast is rooted in great conversation from insightful guests. And you will be hard-pressed to find a guest that is more informational and educational than Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

Patrick has been a guest on numerous occasions, going all the way back to 2014. 

Dr. Patrick works in biomedical science and is an expert on nutritional health. Listeners will learn more from her appearances on Rogan’s show than they might in a text book. She is able to explain complex matter in a simple, digestible way. 

In this specific episode, her and Rogan look at the health benefits of using the sauna, not just in the short term, but in the long term as well. Since then, Rogan has been a devout believer in the benefits of the sauna. 

This episode is delightful, but really every one of her appearances is. You can’t go wrong with any one of them.

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8. Episode #1532-Mike Tyson

It would be difficult to provide a list of must-listen episodes of Rogan’s show without mentioning a combat sports guest.

Who better than “Iron” Mike Tyson? This episode is more than the token “fighting” episode. The legend of Tyson’s life seems to grow by the day, and his time with Rogan helped to answer some questions surrounding what is and isn’t real.

Tyson dishes it all out. He even provides details on acquiring the tigers.

His story about handing a stranger a Bentley is one of the most outrageous things you will ever hear. This episode is absolutely flooded with moments when you think: “only Tyson.”

Tyson appeared on the show less than a year later and there was a pretty evident change in demeanor. In his first appearance, he seemed to have let go of his fighting days. It felt as if he had moved on from that life, which brought him so many ups and downs. When he returned to the show, he was promoting his exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr. and you could hear the fire in his voice. 

Another fun dynamic of this episode is Tyson’s new business venture, Tyson Ranch. In the last few years, Tyson has built a cannabis empire and promoted the business on JRE. The two of them discuss how marijuana has benefits in each of their lives, with Tyson saying that he doesn’t like the aggressive nature of his sober self. The two of them agreed to be nicer human beings while under the influence of cannabis. 

This episode also gets bonus points for featuring Tom Segura, even if it is a brief appearance. 

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9. Episode #1491-Bill Burr

Since the very beginning, Bill Burr has been there for fans of Rogan. He’s been a guest of the show over five times, twice in the first 100 episodes. The two comics are both from Boston and built from the rugged, tough cloth. 

As is the case with many of the comics that appear on JRE, don’t let Burr’s jokes fool you. He is an incredibly intelligent individual who is very self-aware about his place in the world. 

Although the episode may feature outdated takes on covid-19, the entertainment value is still sky high. 

The prime example of this is when Joe questions Burr’s stance on mandating masks.

“Let’s not start this Joe.”

“Let’s start it.”

“Let’s not start this bullshit. I’m not gonna sit here with no medical degree, talk to you who has no medical degree. Smoking this cigar and an American flag in the background, acting like we know what is up better than the CDC… All I do is I watch the news once every two weeks, mask or no mask. Oh, masks?” 

With Rogan’s platform being so outrageously popular, some of the guests are unwilling to question or debate with him. That is not the case with Burr. Burr is Burr, unapologetically. He is one of the best guests for that reason. 

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10. Episode #1554-Kanye West

Alright fine. We’ll put it on the list. 

In a similar sense to the Musk episodes, listening to Kanye West converse can be incredibly difficult. He takes time, a lot of pauses, and will every so often go on a tangent that can be hard to follow. 

Ultimately though, this episode had received so much attention prior to the release. People were begging for this to happen. In recent years, discussion around West has often been unrelated to music. 

To be fair, the podcast does not include much from Rogan. West takes up so much time to create and distribute his thoughts, Rogan has very little time to add anything before they need to move on in the conversation. 

Some credit needs to be given to both Rogan and West for tackling the topics that they do. West explains his thoughts on the status of the music industry and record labels. He questions their morality and intentions. By the end of the conversation, Rogan is asking West about his potential as a political player. All in all, if you enjoy Kanye’s music, then you will more than likely enjoy his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. 

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Honorable Mentions:
11. Episode #717-Steve-O

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12. Episode #1529-Whitney Cummings

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13. Episode #1527-David Blaine

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14. Episode #1567-Donnell Rawlings & Dave Chappelle

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15. Episode #78-Bernie Sanders

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16. Sober October 1 Recap: Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer & Tom Segura

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17. Episode #1536-Edward Snowden

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18. Episode #39-Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

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19. Episode #692-Jay Leno

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20. Episode #919-Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Listen to Our Newest Podcast, ‘Sneaker Salaries’

Are you a sneakerhead? The type of person that’s always on the hunt for the latest and greatest pair of kicks? Want to learn more about how people make a living in the sneaker industry? Well, you’re in luck.

ONE37pm is pleased to present our newest podcast Sneaker Salaries brought to you by JD Sports and Sneaker News. The new series, hosted by NFL Sports Agent, Jordan Hagedorn and Sneaker News Editor-in-Chief, John Kim, highlights exactly how sneaker culture influences our daily lives. Each week, hosts Hagedorn and Kim will bring on a different guest to give viewers insight into the diverse sneaker community. The duo will also cover the business side of the industry, providing a look into their personal sneaker journeys and collections. 

Hagedorn brings years of experience as a player agent and is currently partnered with Sneaker News to help bring you the latest and greatest information about the newest releases.

Kim is the Editor-in-Chief of Sneaker News, and has been with the company since 2009. Kim brings over 20 years of experience in the sneaker market, and leads the day-to-day operations of his brand while simultaneously overseeing all digital and social content.

Avid sneaker fans definitely won’t want to miss out on this exclusive series, so be sure to stay tuned to ONE37pm for more announcements and episodes.

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The 20 Smartest Joe Rogan Podcast Guests

Ask any modern intellectual what podcasts they’re listening to, and The Joe Rogan Experience might be in their top five. The audio and video show, launched by the multi-hyphenate comedian and media personality in 2009, is lauded by listeners (around 16 million a month) for providing a thought-provoking forum for all sorts of ideas and conversations you definitely won’t find on any local TV stations. 

With over 1,300 episodes recorded to date, Joe Rogan has proven himself a particularly insightful and prolific interviewer. But it’s his wide range of guests, from the worlds of science, sports, politics, technology and more, that really drives each podcast. And whoa, has this guy had some major players on his show, including some of the smartest minds of today. Being funny and entertaining is one thing, but when it comes to The Joe Rogan Experience, the best episodes combine the two with some serious scholarly discussions. 

If you’re looking for a cheat sheet of where to start, scroll down for eight of the podcast’s smartest guests.

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk needs no introduction. The entrepreneur, engineer and founder and CEO of innovative companies like SpaceX and Tesla is surely one of the smartest people to ever grace Rogan’s recording studio, but his appearance on the podcast has gone down in history, thanks to his puff-puff pass of a particular plant. That viral moment aside, Musk talks everything from electric cars to the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence on this must-listen episode.

2. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Legendary astrophysicist, cosmologist, author and science personality Neil deGrasse Tyson, who can usually blow our minds in a single sentence about the universe, has appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience multiple times, where conversations usually focus on space travel, sci-fi films and cosmic phenomena.

3. Sam Harris

Another recurring guest on the podcast is Sam Harris, a neuroscientist, philosopher and bestselling author who explores subject matter like ethics, free will, politics and religion. He’s also a huge proponent of mindful meditation and even has his own meditation app.

4. Dr. Rhonda Patrick

If you’re interested in health, nutrition and the metabolic processes of the human body, episodes featuring Dr. Rhonda Patrick should be on your to-listen list. The biomedical expert shares some incredible knowledge on the links between diet and health on JRE. If you think you’ve been doing the whole healthy-eating thing right, you might be surprised after hearing what she has to say.

5. Brian Cox

English physicist Brian Cox is known for bringing science to the masses by hosting multiple programs in the U.K. and writing popular science books, including Why Does E=mc²? and The Quantum Universe. He’s pretty much the real-life version of a character on The Big Bang Theory (sans the social awkwardness). Cox has been a guest a few times, during which he expertly explains, in layman’s terms, everything from the shape of the universe to the—brace yourself—meaning of life. Whew.

6. Tim Ferriss

Looking for some serious life hacks? You’ll want to know Tim Ferriss. The entrepreneur rose to prominence after publishing the self-improvement book The 4-Hour Workweek, which focuses on the philosophy of lifestyle design and highlights some of the secrets of his success. On one of the earlier episodes of JRE, he talks about personal development, his morning routine and the importance of meditation in his life.

7. Eric Weinstein

Mathematical physicist, economist and investment pro Eric Weinstein is a big name among the business-minded. We mean, Peter Thiel hired him as the director of Thiel Capital, so you know this guy knows what he’s talking about. One of the coolest things he explains on JRE is Gauge Theory, the major link between physics and economics. Who knew?

8. Naval Ravikant

A ton of Silicon Valley startups can thank Naval Ravikant for their capital. The serial entrepreneur and ingenious business thinker co-founded AngelList, a platform that easily matches angel investors and startups, as well as job seekers looking for positions and openings. In his appearance on the podcast, Ravikant explores the philosophy of entrepreneurship and says that anyone in the world can be wealthy. Inspiring, to say the least.

9. Jon Stewart

The long-standing former host of The Daily Show needs no introduction. Stewart is ultimately one of the most widely-adored, widely-consumed political minds of our era, and entirely shifted the avenues through which pundits may dispense political commentary. In their interview, Joe and John cover a ton of topics, everything from the comedian’s plant-based diet to his latest film, Irresistible, which released in June of 2020. 

10. Andrew Yang

Although Yang’s race for president ended months ago, his impact on the political arena will reverberate for decades to come. Rogan and the presidential hopeful/entrepreneur spoke back in February of 2019, as Yang was first building his campaign. Yang brought many socially-progressive platforms to the debate stage, espousing the important of a Universal Basic Income in the face of a rapidly expanding technocracy. Rogan and Yang discuss the Venture for America founder’s campaign strategy, his goals for the US and much more in their 2-hour sit-down.

11. Michael Osterholm

Back in March, as the concerns around the Coronavirus Pandemic became increasingly urgent, Rogan sat down with Michael Osterholm, an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. The interview is essential both as a deep dive into the confusing and nuanced world of disease epidemiology, but also a time capsule of how we perceived the disease in the week’s immediately before its most catastrophic rise.

12. Anthony Bourdain

Years before his untimely passing in 2018, acclaimed chef and personality Anthony Bourdain sat down with Rogan for a lengthy conversation about his career, writing and marijuana legalization (among many other things). Known for being one of the most likable people in, well, the world, Bourdain espouses a slew of helpful nuggets of advice and insights into the inner machinations of one of the 21st century’s greatest minds.

13. Dan Savage

The Joe Rogan Experience is at its best when Rogan brings on guests he disagrees with. This concept is on full display in his interview with Dan Savage, gay American author, media pundit, and journalist known for his sex advice column, “Savage Love.” It’s an amazing debate, demonstrating the importance of disagreement in cultivating healthy discussion. 

14. Duncan Trussell and Christopher Ryan, Ph.D.

Both Trussell and Ryan are frequent guests on the JRE, and their lengthy discussions of psychedelics and their benefits have become a mainstay of the podcast’s tenure. It’s a four hour interview, featuring hot takes from both stand-up comedian Duncan Trussell and psychologist Christopher Ryan. The episode linked above is a great one, but both Russell and Ryan have been on the podcast many times over the years (both as a duo and individually), illustrating how people and their opinions evolve over time. 

15. Gary Vee

I mean how could we make this list and not include the one and only Gary Vee? The serial entrepreneur, investor and author needs to ONE37pm introduction, but he would be included on this list regardless of his affiliation with the brand. When Gary Vee speaks, the people listen. And this interview is no exception. Rogan’s laid back style juxtaposed against Gary’s fast-paced dissemination of countless insights makes for one of the most dynamic episodes of JRE in its entire catalogue. 

16. David Goggins

It’s hard to characterize David Goggins with only one word. The retired Navy SEAL turned ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete and world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours is a living representation of the way people can unlock their potential. It’s one of the most motivational episodes of the pod; We’d be surprised if you can listen and not end up wanting to go for a run. 

17. Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is best known for his work on ancient civilizations, catalogued in his many books, including The Sign and the Seal and Fingerprints of the Gods. Hancock’s pseudoscientific research is an incredible example of alternative archaeology, and is so deeply different from a lot of what we learn in traditional education systems. As is the case with many unorthodox thinkers, the person best suited to explain Graham Hancock is the man himself. Luckily for us, Rogan and Hancock spend 3 hours doing that very thing.

18. Malcolm Gladwell

When people think of the biggest names in podcasting, many first think of Joe Rogan, but a lot of podcast fans would think of Malcolm Gladwell. Known for hosting the immensely popular Revisionist History in addition to his 20+ years as a staff writer for The New Yorker (and six books), Gladwell has long been one of the most read and discussed writers in contemporary journalism. Gladwell’s signature sing-song voice paired with Rogan’s mellow conversational style makes for an incredible interview, both with regard to content and mere auditory pleasure.

19. Edward Snowden

Snowden’s appearance on the podcast in late 2019 was monumental. Since his watershed leak of classified info from the NSA in 2013 (and subsequent relocation to Russia), any and all interviews with the whistleblower are mandatory viewing. Aside from his groundbreaking choice to leak the information, Snowden is also an immensely intelligent computer security consultant, and his appearance on the JRE makes for one of his longest form appearances to date. If you want to learn more about Snowden’s 2013 leak (or whistleblowing and cybersecurity in general), this episode is a must-listen. 

20. Michael Pollan

Journalist Michael Pollan is perhaps best known for his 2006 book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. A professor at both Harvard University and UC Berkeley, Pollan has written prolifically about a wide range of topics surrounding the socio-cultural impacts of food. In this interview, they discuss Pollan’s 2018 book, How to Change Your Mind, and—in typical Joe Rogan fashion—spend a considerable amount of time addressing their psychedelic experiences. 

Culture Music

Quinn Talks TikTok, Managing Yung Baby Tate and Not Being a Dick

On this week’s episode of our podcast Monday to Monday, Mike speaks with Yung Baby Tate’s manager, Quinn (@Q1hunnid). He wears a lot of different hats (“I do a little bit of a lot”) and provides immense insight into the machinations of the contemporary music landscape, while also highlighting some tips for managers and producers. They discuss Yung Baby Tate’s rise on TikTok, Quinn’s journey as a manager and some of the artists he’s most excited about right now.

In the past year or so, TikTok has become a major new avenue for disseminating an artist’s new music. Quinn discusses Yung Baby Tate’s collaboration with Ashnikko, “STUPID,” which went viral on the platform late last year. It’s a totally new way of distributing music. On the record’s continuous high-streaming numbers to this day, Quinn tells Mike: “I think that shows some of the power of, like if you have TikTok success with a legitimately strong record, the staying power of that.” He adds: “Shoutout to TikTok.”

Quinn does a lot of different work with a lot of different artists, and so, naturally, Mike has to ask him what he’s been most excited about. He lists a ton of up and comers, citing IGIR Woodiee and Tahj Keeton (“it’s very, like, industrial rap”), and many of the artists he works with through his work at StreamCut, including Mulatto, Light Skin Keisha, Saucy Santana and SahBabii.

Mike goes on to ask Quinn to share some advice for either managers or those communicating with managers to get their work seen. “Trying to find yourself a mentor is going to be very impactful,” is one of the first gems he drops, before adding that it’s important to “Legitimately value all the relationships that you meet along the way.” He also includes the importance of being kind and making good impressions, telling Mike, “People remember when you’re a dick.”

Quinn and Mike spend some time near the end of the interview discussing the importance of forming strong relationships with the people he represents/works with. “I want to like you and really believe in your music,” he says, before expanding: “No one wants to deal with the bullshit that you have to deal with as a manager at times if they don’t like the person they’re doing it for.” It’s of course about the music, but it’s also about creating strong bonds with those around you.

If you loved this episode and want to hear Mike chat with more artists, managers and producers, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when he spoke with rapper Glockstar Dimi.

Culture Music

Glockstar Dimi on Upstate New York, Fashion and ( G ) Corp

On this week’s episode of our podcast Monday to Monday, we speak with emerging rapper/fashion mogul Glockstar Dimi. Dimi and Mike discuss the New York state rapper’s recent single with Richie Souf and his last project, LOADIN(G)… Dimi got his start in hip-hop through fashion, and maintains its importance in cultivating a successful presence in the rap space. The duo covers a ton of ground in this interview before letting guests in for a Q and A, in which Dimi discusses the importance of fashion, being from upstate and how he embeds emotion in his music.

Early in the interview, Mike asks Dimi when he first knew that music could be a career. “When my friends started bumping my music. Like when my friends really started taking my music seriously,” he responds. This emphasis on his friends’ opinions comes up a lot throughout the interview, because if his friends enjoy the music, that suggests the world will as well. Dimi also shares some stories about when folks first started bumping his songs.

They go on to address the rapper’s recording process, something he has been fleshing out for the past year or so. “When I record, I want the song to come out the first time, like how I hear it. I don’t wanna keep recording it over and over and over,” he says. Recording LOADIN(G)… helped him develop this process, encouraging him to record things the right way on the first take.

Responding to a question from a fan, Dimi discusses his collective ( G ) Corp and how he perceives the future of the group. “We make clothes, music. I got producers, we got people that build tech, photographers, stylists. It’s just like a creative lab,” he says. He continues, saying: “I wanna make something more than a fashion house, like if you could put a fashion house and Apple in one thing.” It’s certainly an ambitious undertaking, but with Dimi at the helm, it’s well within reach.

Mike asks Dimi about his upbringing in upstate New York and early commitment to fashion. Although he was partially raised in NYC, Dimi still claims upstate as home. “I’m from upstate. I grew up here. I got my bumps and bruises here. I got my heartbroken here. I got a hit out here. Everything that ever happened to me, happened upstate,” he says, and adds: “Upstate, when you come here, there’s so much culture that people don’t know about.” The upstate scene is relatively unknown compared to the city scene, and thus he feels a responsibility to ride for his home. On his genesis in the fashion world he also has interesting advice. “I was fashion first. If you not fashion first, it’s not really gonna work for you,” he says. Part of Dimi’s success can be attributed to his commitment to looking fly, a commitment that many artists overlook.

They close the interview with a discussion of the emotional quality of Dimi’s music. “I just want people to be able to feel what I’m talking about… You could talk about a whole bunch of shit, but if it’s not relatable to people bro, people not gonna gravitate towards it. So I always try and make sure my music’s relatable,” he says. This emotional relatability is part of what makes Dimi’s music so raw and so enjoyable.

If you loved this episode and want to hear more of Mike and the gang talking with artists, producers and managers, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when he spoke with 2KBABY’s manager, Danny Hajj.

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Danny Hajj Talks Producing for 2KBABY and the Importance of Passion

In this week’s episode of our podcast, Monday to Monday, Mike Boyd speaks with producer/manager Danny Hajj, a frequent collaborator of 2KBABY’s. As both a producer and manager, Hajj has worn many hats, and thus provides unique insight into the hip-hop landscape. They address his past as a classical pianist, how he determines the right people to work with and the dissolving boundaries between popular genres in 2020.

Early on in the episode, Hajj spends a bit of time answering questions about the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop in 2020. A fan asks Hajj about the importance of playing an instrument, and although Danny’s a classically trained pianist, he doesn’t emphasize needing to play a traditional instrument. “I think that’s what’s really cool to see in, you know the way music is made today. It’s like, it’s actually less instrumentation and more digital,” he says. He also chats with multiple fans about the blurring boundaries between hip-hop and other genres of popular music. “Hip-hop, now, I think is becoming pop,” he says. 

Throughout a lot of the interview and his interactions with fans, Hajj emphasizes the importance of both putting together and executing a game plan. “It’s one thing to have a product, it’s another thing to make sure that that product is put in front of people,” he says, before adding, “It’s just about executing your game plan.” This ethos has driven his managerial style with 2KBABY and is responsible for a lot of the young rapper’s success.

Later in the stream, YC—who co-manages 2KBABY with Danny—jumps on to chat. He and Hajj discuss how it feels to see all of their hard work paying off. “That is like the greatest feeling you ever can have,” YC says, and Hajj adds: “When you see it from the ground up, you really feel like you manifested everything that you put together. And that’s the coolest thing. Because you know you start seeing the dots connect.” They’re both so proud of the work they’ve put out and how far they’ve come, and it’s really amazing to watch them discuss. 

Near the end of the episode, Hajj discusses some of the qualifications he looks for in people he works with. He drops a couple of absolute dimes. “It’s not about working with the biggest names, it’s about working with the most passionate people that want to help us bring our visions to life,” he says. He follows that quote by putting it even more beautifully: “It’s about that hunger. Judge somebody on what they strive to achieve, not what they’ve already achieved.”

If you loved this episode and want to hear Mike (and the fans) chop it up with more artists, producers and managers, make sure to check out last week’s episode when he spoke to entertainment consultant Ximena Acosta.

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Ximena Acosta Talks Natanael Cano’s Latest Album and Working with Bad Bunny

On this week’s episode of our podcast, Monday to Monday, Mike Boyd speaks with Ximena Acosta, an entertainment strategy and communications consultant who works with a wide range of Spanish-speaking artists. She works closely with Rancho Humilde, the brand which reps up-and-coming superstar Natanael Cano. Mike and Ximena cover a ton of ground in this interview, addressing everything from the current political climate to the way Nata’s music has evolved. It’s a goldmine of helpful advice, tender moments and incredible stories.

Acosta opens the interview with an amazing quote about her genesis in the music industry:  “I’ve always said that you don’t pick to be in the music business, the music business picks you.” She goes on to discuss how she became involved with Daddy Yankee’s public relations in the mid-2000s. She was asked to help do PR for an event featuring Yankee pumping gas (as an homage to his hit, “Gasolina”), and says of her decision to help: “If you don’t know how to do something, always say yes.” 

It’s difficult to name a Spanish language artist that Ximena has not worked with. She tells Mike a really cute story about Nata and Bad Bunny’s collab, when Bunny surprised Nata in the studio to record his verse. “Bunny made a really good point, he’s like, ‘It’s all about all of us supporting each other. We gotta break the barriers of like, Latin Pop or Reggaeton or Trap, it’s like… It’s music in Spanish.’ That’s what, to me, it is. It’s music in Spanish. It’s music in our language. Whether… whatever genre it is, it’s all badass,” she says of the experience with Bunny. And this growing conflation between the genres has been a core part of Nata’s success, as he’s become a bit of a cross-genre hitmaker, producing corridos, reggaeton tracks and, most recently, a trap album. 

A lot of the guests who hop on the stream to ask questions are curious about Nata’s strategy for creating collaborations. Throughout all her answers, Ximena emphasizes the organic nature of these collabs. Speaking of Nata, she says: “I think a big part of his thing is being so connected with your passion that your instinct becomes your best friend. You just innately know in which direction to take it.” This instinctual artistry has allowed Nata to make hits in a wide range of genres with a ton of different collaborators.

One of the greatest things about the interview is Ximena’s amazing energy and her wonderful rapport with Mike. She has such a nice perspective on her work and her legacy, telling Mike: “I dream in like forty years to be sitting by a fire telling all the kids that I was super cool back in the days and I worked in the music business and have all these stories. Because at the end of the day, that’s all we have left.” All we have are our stories, and Ximena does an incredible job of helping artists tell theirs while simultaneously writing hers. 

She concludes the interview with a few pearls of advice. On Nata’s ability to cross between genres, she says: “We’re the only ones that set limits on ourselves. You put the fence around you. The world doesn’t put fences around you unless you allow them to.” Although she’s speaking about Nata’s music specifically, the advice is wide-reaching for all creators. 

Ximena’s final piece of advice needs no introduction:

Ximena Acosta

Be you. Find you […] Do it because you love it. And do it because it makes you happy.

If you loved this interview with Ximena (as I certainly did) and want to hear more of Mike interviewing music industry insiders, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when he interviewed rapper/singer, T:me.

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T:me Talks Paul Thomas Anderson, the 80s and Music as Therapy

In this week’s episode of Monday to Monday, Boyd speaks with artist T:me about his recently released project and his plans for the rest of the year. Then, they open up the stream to guests, letting fans in to ask the New York artist their most pressing questions. They discuss everything from Paul Thomas Anderson’s influence on T:me to how his sound continues to evolve.

This interview is long, but it’s an absolute goldmine of advice and a must-listen for any aspiring rapper, singer, manager or producer. We couldn’t possibly fit all of T:me’s insight into an article, but the full interview is available on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. He addresses techniques for staying motivated, connecting the sonics to the visuals and even chit chats with a friend about some of his favorite movies.

Although he’s primarily a musical artist, T:me is also deeply committed to creating intriguing visuals to go along with his music. He cites Paul Thomas Anderson, one of the great filmmakers of the 21st century, as one of his primary visual influences in his practice of making music videos. Responding to a fan’s question about the director’s impact, T:me says: “The color palettes that he chooses to use, for me, like I feel as though when I’m doing music, I need to see the colors. Some of his choices in colors are supposed to be vivid responses into what the scene is going to change into.” 

Another fan asks about the 80s influence in T:me’s music. “For me, there was a time when I was going through this like, sense of depression and I just wanted something to kind of get me out. And I started to listen to a lot of like 80s music,” he says, before adding, “I feel as though, during that time, I was actually starting to learn how to produce, and a lot of those inspirations came from that as well.” He also returns to movies again, citing the impact of 80s movies on his work. “There’s a certain sound that I feel like the 80s had, that just gives me a sense of emotion, that just grabs me in a certain way, that I like to kind of use in the music as well,” he adds.

T:me goes on to discuss his production process, and how it differs when he’s able to create from scratch. “You can be totally you,” he says. Another fan—an aspiring manager—asks about how to help artists determine their unique identity and sound. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity and staying true to yourself. “People fall in love with you first,” he says, and adds, “If you don’t want it to be a gimmick and you want it to be something that you can go and have longevity with, it’s important to find those things that inspire them or motivate them and how can they incorporate that within the brand to kind of push it through the threshold.”

In a really sweet portion of the interview, T:me speaks with one of his longtime production collaborators, Muddigold. They’ve worked together on countless projects, and the whole conversation is a super interesting look into the relationship between artists and their producers. They discuss how their music creation can work as an outlet for emotion, with T:me saying, “I can’t express some of those emotions to people, so I feel like once the melody is put down or something like that, then I can kind of get all of those emotions out. I feel like it’s a therapeutic process for me […] Music really is therapy for people.”

This is a truly amazing interview, packed full of wonderfully sweet and insightful moments. Make sure to give it a listen. If you liked this episode of Monday to Monday and want to hear Mike and the fans chop it up with more artists, make sure to check out the last episode, when Mike spoke with rapper Ronsocold.