The Best Sports Podcasts To Stream Right Now

Whether you are commuting to work, getting some stuff done around the house, or just looking to pass the time, a quality sports podcast can be just the trick. Be wary though, as there are now thousands of options to choose from. To help solve this dilemma, here is a list of the 20 best sports podcasts to stream right now.

20) Bussin’ With The Boys

To plenty of people, this could be a podcast that climbs higher on the list. Just for me personally, I’ve yet to fall in love with the podcast the same way others have.

But the popularity is undeniable. Will Compton and Taylor Lewan have created quite a fun environment together. Like plenty of the other shows on this list, I would encourage you to check out their video format on Youtube to get the full feel.

You can listen to Bussin’ With The Boys, here:

19) The Draymond Green Show

When Draymond Green first said that he would be hosting a podcast, I think there was a collective roll of eyes from NBA fans. At the time, we didn’t realize just how insightful Green can be. Since that announcement, he has flourished behind the mic on his podcast and in front of the camera on NBA on TNT.

His work in the content space has locked him up for a lifetime of jobs working in NBA media coverage. His authenticity is unmatched and his understanding of basketball schematics is next level. Some of yall may recall when Drake hosted the ESPY’s and roasted Draymond Green for his podcast. I think that sentiment was shared by a lot of people, but Draymond has proved a lot of those people wrong. He is an emerging, and thoughtful voice that will be here to stay. 

You can listen to The Draymond Green Show, here:


You would think with the most popular sport in the world, soccer would have a strong grasp on the podcast game. But I don’t actually find that to be the case. Part of this could be because there are so many different leagues, that the attention is spread more thin. But if I was to look at a single podcast in the sport – I’d suggest taking a listen to ESPN FC’s podcast.

They turn the TV program on ESPN, and distribute it in podcast form. A very clean and accessible way to consume some audio-form football content. 

You can listen to ESPN FC, here:

17) The Dan Patrick Show

Dan and the boys have become legends in the sports radio game. I mean, they did *it*. They pulled off what every single friend group has dreamed of doing.

Dan became a first-ballot hall of fame member during his years at ESPN. He created one of the most dynamic sports shows of all-time with Keith Olberman during their days at ESPN, hosting SportsCenter. Since then, Patrick recruited his best buddies to do a radio show together. That love and fun amongst a friend group is felt over the airwaves. It is tough to say how much longer the show will continue, but when you think about the legends of the game – you will be hard pressed to find a show or host as iconic as Dan Patrick. On an all-time great list, this show is in the top-10. But if you are looking around for a new favorite podcast, it would be hard to catch onto all the inside jokes and personalities.

You can listen to the Dan Patrick Show, here:

16) The Pivot Podcast

Ryan Clark’s work in his post-playing career is oftentimes overlooked, in my opinion. Clark has remained adaptable, coachable, and eager to bring his voice and energy to the best fit that he sees. He’s really a model figure in the sports content world for retired athletes.

Joining Clark is Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor as his co-hosts – and together, they have put together a really fun show. In some stand out episodes, the team has hosted both Shaq and Charles Barkley. 

You can listen to The Pivot Podcast, here:

15) You Better You Bet

If you are a *degenerate* gambler, you will love this show. It is that simple. Nick Kostos is an electric factory. His rants have become legendary (may I point you in the direction of the stoned college student playing Madden).

It may take an episode or two to understand the shtick between Kostos and Ken. But these two are incredible. They don’t do the silly LeBron vs Jordan debates and instead keep their focus on the field.

You can listen to You Better You Bet:

14) Talkin’ Baseball

Jomboy Media’s dominance in the baseball world really should not be downplayed. And the podcast, Talkin’ Baseball, is a very good place to start. This is in any discussion surrounding the best places to consume MLB content.

Something that is impressive with this show is its ability to discuss a lot of the small details that happen over the course of a 162 game season. It seems as though with most MLB shows, it is usually recapping just the bigger movements in the league. However, with Jomboy, you won’t miss a beat.

You can listen to Talkin’ Baseball, here:

13) JRE’s MMA Podcast

Once Joe Rogan’s podcast hit another stratosphere of popularity a few years ago, he decided to split up the MMA or combat sports guests into a different section called JRE’s MMA Show. For fans of the fight game, it is the biggest voice to be heard.

When it comes to the fight game, this one feels undisputed. Since the early 2000’s, Joe Rogan has been one of the lead commentators for the UFC. I actually had an interaction with a friend the other day that I found to be quite telling when it comes to Rogan’s podcast. Rogan’s name came up in conversation and there was some discussion about his credentials as a martial artist. I quickly pointed to episodes with Georges St-Pierre, who said that Rogan produces more power on his kicks than any man GSP has met… 

Think about that. One of the greatest combat sports athletes of all-time is saying that Rogan’s kicks are as impressive as any he has seen. There is no denying that Rogan’s combat background is deeply respected.

You can listen to JRE’s MMA Show, here:

12) All The Smoke

There is a common denominator amongst a lot of these podcasts featuring former players… Most of them were not all that well liked during their playing days.

Draymond Green and Pacman Jones are two good examples of that. And I feel the same way about Matt Barnes. However, since retirement, I’ve really grown to respect and value Barnes voice on NBA talking points. That story from the “We Believe” Warriors is LEGENDARY. The authenticity with Stephen Jackson is fantastic and when these two get a great guest on, I am tuning in. 

You can listen to All The Smoke, here:


Between Brandon Marshall, Pacman Jones, and Lesean McCoy… this is a wild crew.

But do not confuse the chaos with a lack of some outstanding behind the scenes stories. Much like All The Smoke, the guys tell it how it is. At times, the show can veer off a little much for my taste, but they have put together a legit platform.

You can listen to the I AM ATHLETE podcast, here:

10) Old Man and the Three

This is a good podcast. Which is saying something because, at times, I can find JJ Reddick to be a pinch of a know-it-all. But I can’t even front – he brings it on this podcast. It is full of great stories and incredibly insightful NBA information from the perspective of players.

There have been some spectacular episodes with current superstars. At times, it almost feels surreal listening to the best players in the world discuss their most intimate trade secrets. Of the entire catalog of the show, some must-see episodes include Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid, Chris Paul, and Luka Doncic.

You can listen to The Old Man and the Three, here:

9) Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson

This podcast has a special feeling about it for one very specific reason.

The guests want to be there. It is an honor to be there. And that is because EVERYONE wants to talk with Mike Tyson. This podcast isn’t always perfect or cookie cutter, but damn – it has some remarkably profound and heavy moments. 

8) Spittin Chiclets

Now, I may not know a ton about hockey. But damn, these are some funny ass guys.

 I think there has always been a stigma that hockey doesn’t get the media love that it probably deserves, which is probably what made this podcast such a refreshing breath of air for fans of the sport. They never had anything like this. Spittin’ Chiclets is a home run. Point. Blank. Period.

You can listen to Spittin’ Chiclets, here:

7) ESPN’s 30 for 30

ESPN nailed it with 30 for 30. It is some of the best sports storytelling I’ve experienced. And their podcast is no different.

They did what I doubted they could, and recreated that same storytelling magic. There are some episodes that have a video counterpart, and some that are audio-only. But with 30 for 30, it doesn’t matter what it is. It is always kick ass.

You can listen to 30 for 30, here:

6) The Rich Eisen Show

Man, I have so much respect for Rich Eisen. He has delivered top-tier sports talk radio for so long, and still keeps his show fresh. I appreciate how his show will veer off of sports for a big guest, but at his core, he is a sports junky.

 I also think that Rich doesn’t get enough credit for some of his more touching or sentimental moments. When you have been on air as long as Eisen has, there will be days where unfortunate topics are necessary. And it is in those moments where I find myself enjoying Eisen the most. 

You can listen to the Rich Eisen Show, here:

5) The Herd, Colin Cowherd

If you don’t respect this man’s craft – then you don’t get the industry.

 Being live on radio for five days a week, at three hours a day, is not easy. Of course, Uncle Colin can be susceptible to some not so great takes, but more often than not – I think he is entertaining. And if there is one thing you can count on, it is Cowherd comparing a team or player to Starbucks… every single week. 

Cowherd created his own podcast network, where he hosts a separate show. But all of them can be found on the same feed. It has a very similar feel to his previous gigs.

You can listen to Colin Cowherd’s podcasts, here:

4) The Ryen Russillo Podcast

I consider Ryen to be the gold standard in sports talk. He’s a little more dialed back compared to a Pardon My Take or Pat McAafee. However, Ryen’s desire to discuss the nitty gritty details of players and games is remarkably enjoyable.

Whether you fell in love with his radio work at ESPN, or if you got on the train when he joined The Ringer, Rusillo is a champ in the podcast space. 

You can listen to The Ryen Russillo Podcast, here:

3) Pardon My Take

There is no one funnier on this list than Big Cat and PFT. These two are world-class comedians. The kicker is that they are genuine, everyday, over the top, sports fanatics.

The Barstool tagline always gets a reaction, but these two are fantastic podcast hosts. The team releases three episodes a week, but if you are a fan of the NFL, I would advise listening to their Sunday night reaction episodes during the season. Obviously, we are looking at some cream of the crop podcasts and this show would receive a lot of top votes.

You can listen to Pardon My Take, here:

2) The Bill Simmons Podcast

He is called The Podfather for a reason. From the beginning of podcasting, there was Bill Simmons. And like many people on this list, not everyone is going to love his show. But to deny what Simmons has done in podcasting would be negligent.

The Bill Simmons podcast gets massive names, has plenty of good substance, and is as reliable as any. Simmons releases the show about three times a week, in addition to all of his appearances on other shows. Just be aware, he is a Boston homer.

You can listen to The Bill Simmons Podcast, here:

1) The Pat McAfee Show

At this point, he is inevitable. Pat is the biggest and best name in the game. There are some obvious reasons as to why like his infectious energy, remarkable storytelling, and his genuine kindness.

But when Pat began to interview Aaron Rodgers for 45 min every Tuesday during the NFL season, it became official – he is the best sports podcast host in the game. Perhaps the most impressive part of McAfee’s show is the frequency. Like with everything else that Pat does (football, comedy, content, wrestling, ect.), he goes all-in. You can watch the crew live on youtube Monday through Friday from 12 P.M. to 3 P.M. EST. 

You can listen to The Pat McAfee Show, here:


The Best Golf Podcasts to Stream Now

In the last three years, the entire golf space has skyrocketed. People are playing more than ever before, golf apparel companies are thriving, and golf content has ascended in popularity. With that being said, golf fans are looking to find a podcast that will educate them, make ‘em laugh, and talk about the great game. There are hundreds of great content creators in golf, so if I missed one of your favorites—forgive me! But here is a list of my favorite golf content creators and some of the best golf podcasts you can listen to right now.

11) Honorable Mentions

In the number 11 spot, I would like to use this opening for some honorable mentions that may not qualify for the Top-10. 

James Jordan Golf 

I do not know what it is with James, but I am obsessed with his instructional content. I am not an avid obsessor of the mechanics in a golf swing. I enjoy the feel and mojo of a round. But James has dialed in his teaching in a very fun, unique way. I look forward to the day where my income is a little more stable and I can give this man a call to fix this swing. 

His ability to work with kids is next level. He has become one of the best coaches for kids trying to play college golf. If you are trying to get better at the game, he unloads instructional content to your feed for free. If you want to dive deeper, you can buy his book, “The Plan.”

Mulligan Plus 3 Putt 

No, this is not a podcast or long form creator. Sue me. I don’t know who this guy is. I almost want to keep it that way. But wow, has he just figured out Tik Tok. 

Most of the content coming from Mulligan Plus 3 Putt is quick, short form content. If you are casually looking for some relatable golf shots, this is the guy.


Good, clean, competitive, wholesome fun. With the unmistakable southern accent, “BustaJack” is one of the more soothing and calming presences in the golf content space. This duo has got some serious game, but also embrace the mistakes that occur in a competitive setting.

No Laying Up

When mentioning golf podcasts, creators and communities – it wouldn’t be a full list without No Laying Up.

They are as well oiled of a machine as you will see. This is for golf DIE-HARDS. They preview and analyze every tournament. The youtube page is fantastic. The Beluga and Soly do a great job hosting the podcast and recap weekends.

I love the golf. Truly. And if you do too, then there is a great shot that No Laying Up might be the community for you.

You can listen to the podcast here:

10) Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield is the host of the “Hack it Out” podcast and has been one of the longer standing members in the golf content community. This selection is a bit of a throwback for me, but if you have been consuming golf content long enough then you know who this is.

This is a true and true, a golf purist’s dream. Crossfield brings it with every piece of content that he puts out.

You can listen to Mark’s podcast, Hack it Out,” here:

9) The First Cut Podcast

CBSSports has really done a remarkable job with its golf coverage. Obviously it helps to have the IP rights and copyright freedom when it comes to The Masters, but even beyond that, they have some of the best work around.

The First Cut podcast is a great example of that. The voices include Kyle Porter, Rick Gehman, and occasionally – Jonathan Coachman. This show lines up with a more traditional coverage of the sport, but it is quality golf discussion.

Here is where you can listen to “The First Cut”:

8) Tour Junkies

Not everyone loves to gamble… but in the golf world, they do.

So when golfers want some good betting content, this is where I send them. The Tour Junkies have a partnership with DraftKings, which is always a plus for me.

It feels like with each and every month, this podcast has found a way to step up its game. If you are watching a majority of the PGA Tour events, I suggest giving these guys a listen! They have one of the best golf podcasts around.

Be sure to listen to the “Tour Junkies” before the next big tournament!

7) Manolo Teaches Golf

This feels like when Shaq was listed as one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players in only his fourth season in the NBA. In about 365 days, Manolo has become one of the most iconic voices and faces in the game of golf.

Yes, he is funny as any creator you will find. That’s a no brainer.

But where I think Manolo really separates himself is that he is able to make connections from other sports, to help consumers translate those skills into the great game. In addition, Manolo does an incredible job of just explaining the ettique and rules of the sometimes confusing game.

He hasn’t dabbled as much into long form content, but when he does, I have no doubt it will be glorious.

6) Danny Maude

I’m afraid that my list will favor creators who place more emphasis on video content, but I think that makes sense. It is hard for me to consume golf content without envisioning myself hitting the same shot or mimicking a swing.

Danny Maude is one of the first names you will see when you enter the golf video rabbit hole. And it is for good reason. His videos break down different situations on the course, while also providing a lot of free instructional content. Can’t ask for much more than that.

5) Golf Sidekick

Stress. Free. Golf.

For Golf Sidekick that is the name of the game. Golf is a hard enough as it is… why do we like to make it harder?

I’d imagine that some people won’t find his content to be as detail oriented as some other great teachers like George Gankas. But I find his work to be just as helpful, and perhaps, a little bit easier to consume for the average Joe.

Golf Sidekick produces some incredible full-round video content. He is able to break down club choices, shot decisions, and provides easy ways to chop strokes off of your final score.

Undeniably, one of the golf creators that has helped my game the most.

4) Garret Clark, GM Golf, Good Good

It probably helps when you have the most viral, insane moment in the history of golf recorded for your Youtube channel. 

This group of guys really mastered the youtube platform. When the golf content boom happened, this was the first group to really rise to the top. Obviously this is a very entertaining bunch, but they also have some real players. 

One of the things I appreciate about these groups is the diversity in backgrounds. Garret Glark is the leader. He was the one who exploded onto the scene first with his incredible trick shots. You also have the ex-collegiate golfers like Grant Horvat. But in addition, there are members who come from other sports and are just great athletes who are trying to make that adjustment into golf. Seeing these golfers interact feels very welcoming.

What Garret has built is special. He is a young kid, but don’t let that fool you. There is a maturity and authenticity that is palpable in his content.

Check out their podcast here:

3) Rick Sheils

Rick Sheils is probably a founding father when it comes to the golf content game. He’s been at this thing for quite some time and if you have ever gone down a golf rabbit hole on youtube, then you have seen his face and heard his voice. 

When I’m watching Sportscenter with my Dad, during commercials, I hear Rick’s voice come from my Dad’s phone. Rick has collaborated now with the likes of Tommy Fleetwood, but his video library is outrageous. If you are looking for a golf creator to enjoy, do not look any further than right here.

On any given day, or any given moment, Rick has a claim to the best golf podcast in the game.

Take a listen to the Rick Shiels Golf Show here:

2) Fore Play Podcast

This podcast and team has grinded over the last 1000 days to consistently put out quality content. There is no doubt that some people won’t find this content to be their cup of tea, but that is OK. Truth be told though, their access is better than any of their competitors. The crew includes the leader “Riggs,” Frankie, Trent, and Lurch. Each of them brings a different perspective and level of experience. 

The podcast took a massive leap when they became official TaylorMade sponsored golfers (that still feels weird to say). Now, they frequently collaborate with the biggest names in golf, bringing that Barstool flare to the interviews and shenanigans. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Barstool vibe, I think Fore Play does a good job of balancing the rowdy banter and genuine excitement. Because of their relationships in the PGA, there is a some level of seriousness that these guys have to keep. 

I think this crew sometimes gets a bad reputation. If they say they are scratch golfers, people would say BS. If they claim to be 20 handicaps, people would say they are sandbagging.

Either way, these guys bring it. Every week, these group provides some of the best golf content in the game. A list of the best golf podcasts would be inaccurate if Fore Play was not included.

1) Robby Berger, Bob Does Sports, Brilliantly Dumb

His name may not ring a bell, but if you spend any time on social media – you know who this guy is.

He’s the man who heckles golfers, but in a very polite manner?

How about the time he ate 18 hot dogs with his pal and frequent collaborator, Joey Cold Cuts?

Let us not forget the time “Bobby Fairways” told Cold Cuts that they would be playing the infamous Torrey Pines… only to take him to the worst rated golf course in California?

Jokes aside, Robby Berger has made some incredible golf content in recent memory. His podcast, The Brilliantly Dumb Show, will veery of the path of golf content. But Bob Does Sports has undeniably become my favorite way to consume golf content. This is probably the most casual golf content you will see on this list, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

I also imagine, with time, that Berger will be able to rise the ranks and do big-time partnerships. Much like the way Fore Play has. The show already has welcomed Beau Hossler onto the channel.

If you don’t watch Bob Does Sports, you are missing out on some great laughs. To me, he belongs on any list of the best golf podcasts.

For some more shenanigans, check out the Brilliantly Dumb Show here:

Sports Strength

Introducing ‘Proper Football,’ a New Podcast From ONE37pm

Welcome to “Proper Football,” a new ONE37pm podcast series launching today across all platforms.

[LISTEN: Spotify Apple Podcasts YouTube]

Every week hosts Rodney Wallace, Ethan White and Paul Desbaillets will bring their takes on the latest trending topics in the world of proper football with an emphasis on the culture of the beautiful game.

Wallace and White bring a wealth of knowledge to the conversation after playing in Major League Soccer for over a decade combined, while the former competed at the 2018 World Cup in Russia with the Costa Rica national team.

Meanwhile, Desbaillets is an avid football fan and creator of the GOAL Initiatives Foundation in Canada.

On this week’s episode, the crew discusses FIFA’s growing interest in hosting the World Cup every two years, Cristiano Ronaldo’s record-breaking sales record at Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain’s latest luxury brand deal with Dior. The guys also bring up the latest from World Cup qualifying, including how the U.S. Men’s National Team, Canada and Costa Rica are faring.

ONE37pm is committed to bringing our audience the best content in the proper football world and we’ve been hard at work making sure we can provide top-notch commentary in the space on a variety of unique topics.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts, and remember to tune in each Thursday for new episodes of Proper Football.

Gaming Interviews

Inside the Screen with Owen Roe

In this episode of Inside the Screen, ONE37pm’s Don speaks with Evil Geniuses graphic designer, Owen Roe. Roe is only 17, but already has an impressive roster of clients for which he has created graphics and other designed assets. EG is one of the oldest brands in the esports space; the legendary org was founded in 1999. They did a huge rebrand in 2020, a project which Roe worked on heavily. 

Roe creates and shares beautiful posters daily on his socials, so naturally, Don begins the interview by asking him about how he got into the practice. “It basically just boils down to me wanting to get better,” he says, before adding: “as an esports designer, it’s really simple to fall into a repetitive cycle with these kinds of things.” By creating these daily posters, Roe has an opportunity to consistently flex his design skills outside of the realm of creating content for his clients. “It’s like free reign.”

One thing that sets Roe apart from some of the other guests who have been on the show is how he views his role as a designer. “I identify more as a designer than an artist,” he says, adding: “I’m doing this as a service for somebody.” He’s career-focused and views his design skill as a tool to be utilized for clients, in addition to its inherent artistic value.

Don also asks Roe how he got involved with Evil Geniuses. Although people anticipate a convoluted story, it’s actually a pretty simple tale that highlights the importance of social media and always shooting for the stars. “The way I got involved with EG was that someone retweeted a tweet saying they needed a graphic designer, and I just applied. That’s all,” he says. Sometimes it’s that simple.

Roe and Don speak a lot about the importance of designers and other more “back-end” contributors in the esports space. Speaking of esports designers and other talents, Roe says: “It’s probably one of the best incubators of talent, really, on the internet.” Owen has also clearly been thinking a lot about how important the job of a designer has become. “I don’t think a lot of us fully understand the positions that we’re in. I mean, we’re on the frontier of a booming industry,” he says. 

Don asks Roe if he sees himself creating content and aiming for a sort of influencer status, to which Roe responds no. “I want to be more of a backend guy,” he says and adds: “There are so many bright people on the back end. Like that’s the place where I want to be.” Don shares some of his insight as well: “The esports and gaming scene doesn’t need any more gamers.” There are so many more opportunities for people to get involved in esports than just as a gamer. Owen agrees, sharing a valuable insight: “If you’re an accountant or something and you want to work in esports, like, there’s a place for you. And you’re gonna be a lot more successful doing that.”

Don’s conversation with Owen is extremely illuminating because of how it demonstrates that esports is an industry, not just a sport or form of entertainment. As streamers, gaming organizations, and teams continue to burgeon, the need for contributors to support players and their brands is growing at a commensurate rate. For the esports industry to continue to thrive, we need designers, accountants, social media consultants, editors, and more. Esports isn’t just for gamers; it’s a business

Culture Trading Cards

Your Guide to the 14 Best Sports Card Podcasts

For beginners, the most important part of the card collecting hobby is educating yourself before buying anything. The best way to get this education is to follow the accounts of some of the most reputable content creators who cover all things sports cards. 

Even if you have been in the hobby for quite a while, you might want to tune in to a podcast and hear opinions of experts, athletes, industry insiders and card shop owners so that you can chart your next big move. 

While social media is flooded with information, you have to be sure that you are getting GOOD information. This list of 14 podcasts (in no particular order) are some of the most popular and informative ones currently putting out content related to the hobby. 

1. Card Talk Pod
Card Talk Pod

Presented by ONE37pm, Card Talk is a weekly podcast all about the hobby and what you need to know about it. 

New audio drops every Wednesday.



New video drops every Friday.


Instagram: @CardTalkPod

Twitter: @CardTalkPod

Hosts: Tyler Schmitt @tyler  |  Ryan Johnson @cardcollector2  |  Lou Geneux @lougeneux

listen here
2. SlabStox

Per SlabStox:

“Aaron, Nate, and Sam have loved sports cards and sports their whole lives but wanted to find a way to use their experience, knowledge, and storytelling to bring a positive affect to other collectors’ lives. That’s where the SX Podcast comes in. Releasing four or more episodes a week, our hosts will help you navigate the sports card investment and collecting world, always making sure you are up to date on the biggest trenders and newest releases.”


Instagram: @slabstox



Mondays: @slabstox YouTube Live Q&A @ 6PM ET

Hosts: @slabstoxaaron @slabstoxnate

Tuesdays: Sam Dunks (basketball show) @ 1PM ET

Host: @slabstoxsam

Wednesdays: MeelyStox (card shop show) @ 1PM ET

Host: @shopmeelypops

Thursdays: Dinging Corners (baseball show) @ 1PM ET

Host: @slabstoxnate

Sundays: @SlabStoxFC (soccer show) @ 11:30AM ET

Host: @slabstoxaaron

listen here
3. MojoBreak “The Hype”

Covering the latest in sports card news and breaks, the Mojobreak podcast, The Hype, is one worth checking out, given their expertise in all matters related to the hobby. for break spots. #thehype


Instagram: @mojobreak_media @mojobreak_com


listen here
4. House of Jordans
House of Jordans

Per the House of Jordans page:

“It’s called THE Hobby for a reason.  Collecting sports cards is culture, art, athletics, storytelling, community, technology, entertainment, speculation, and markets–all rolled up into one.  It’s an obsession for the three hosts of the “House of Jordans” podcast, who sit around a table once a week and discuss it.”




Twitter: @HouseofJordans @KristinasPC

Insta: @chris_hoj @KristinasPC

Hosts Name: Chris

listen here
5. Wax Museum Podcast
Wax Museum Podcast

A weekly podcast that talks about all things basketball cards from past and present and into the future. New episodes every Thursday. 


Instagram: @waxmuseumpodcast

Twitter: @waxmuseumpc

listen here
6. Go GTS Live
Go GTS Live

Per the Go GTS Live site,  this show promises to deliver “the latest product information, news, trends and guest interviews. This web show will be the perfect platform to not only discuss the hobby and products but also to see the latest offerings from each manufacturer. The show promises to be a positive, entertaining, informative, and constructive resource for The Hobby.”

Every Thursday at 9 pm EST simulcast on:





Instagram: @goGTSlive

Twitter: @goGTSlive

Hosts: Rob Bertrand @VOTC  |  Ivan Lovegren @WatchTheBreaks

watch/listen here
7. Cardboard Chronicles
Cardboard Chronicles

Per the Cardboard Chronicles page: “Cardboard Chronicles is a podcast dedicated to the basketball trading card hobby and all the unique collectors that make it up.”




Instagram: @Cardboard_Chronicles

Host Name: Joshua Johnson

listen here
8. Stacking Slabs
Stacking Slabs

Per the podcast’s page, “Welcome to the Stacking Slabs, a podcast for sports card investors. Join us to get the latest sports card investment advice, hear from industry experts that are deep in the trenches, and find out when to turn left when the rest of the market is going right. Get eBay ready. Get PayPal ready. Let’s be students of the game and stack some slabs.”

New episodes drop every Wednesday and Friday. 




Twitter: @StackingSlabs

Instagram: @StackingSlabs

Tik Tok: @StackingSlabs

Hosts Name: Brett McGrath

listen here
8. Sports Card Nation Podcast
Sports Card Nation

Weekly Sports Card Podcast (Every Friday) striving to be the hobby’s best interview podcast, featuring convos, giveaways & fun.



Twitter: @Sportscardnati1

Instagram: @Sportscardnationpodcast

Tik Tok: @sportscardnationpodcast


listen here
9. About the Cards
About The Cards

Per the podcast’s page: “A hopefully smart and insightful podcast discussing trading card collecting. A podcast by collectors for collectors.”



Twitter: @AboutTheCards

Instagram: @AboutTheCards

listen here
10. The Lefkoe Show
Lefkoe Show

While not directly all about sports cards, The Lefkoe Show provides a ton of great information about players and gambling that will provide tons of insight as to where to focus your card collecting efforts.


Twitter: @LefkoeShow

Instagram: @LefkoeShow @LefkoeCards

11. Dr James Beckett: Sports Card Insight

“Dr. James Beckett, coming out of retirement, stories, serialized, encyclopedic, covering sports cards, based on his six decades of intensive experience”


Google Podcasts


listen here
12. Talking Shop w/ Buster Scher
Buster Scher

Talking all things sports and trading cards, Talking Shop w/ Buster Scher provides a ton of great insight and info on the hobby and more.

Twitter: @busterscher

Instagram: @buster


Host: Buster Scher

Listen/Watch here
13. Luka Tiger Lebron Podcast
LukaTigerLebron Podcast

A daily podcast bringing you sports card investing tips and more.




Google Podcast

Instagram: @lukatigerlebronpodcast

Twitter: @lukatigerlebron

Hosts: @cagelawyer @iamandrewgoldberg

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14. Heros For Sale
Heros For Sale

Hosted by Adam Palmer, Heros for Sale is “a podcast about the sports card industry. Learning and sharing information about sports cards to help collectors new and old.”



Twitter: @herosforsale

Instagram: @herosforsale

Tik Tok: @herosforsale


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Entrepreneurs Grind

The 14 Best Business Podcasts

There are two types of people when it comes to making use of some unexpected free time: the kind who falls into the trap of mindless scrolling, couch-napping and binge-watching and the opposite who makes the most of a week by staying motivated and working toward their goals. Since you’re reading ONE37pm right now, we’d venture to guess that you fall into the latter category. Props.

If you’re keeping up your grind from home or looking for the inspiration you need to finally launch that side hustle, some of the best stories, advice and real-world tips for killing it in business are just a listen away on these top podcasts. And while there are so many entertaining and informative pods to choose from (can you tell we’re obsessed?), we’ve ranked the best of the best—from the most interesting for the already CEOs to the most useful for the business beginners ready to put their dreams into action. Take a look.

Best Podcast Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs
14. ‘How I Built This with Guy Raz’

This NPR-produced podcast hosted by journalist Guy Raz offers firsthand accounts of the world’s most game-changing companies and innovations. Each episode features a one-on-one interview with an entrepreneur, from the founder of Wikipedia to Michael Dell (yes, of Dell computers), in which they share the real stories, struggles and triumphs behind their success. If you want an in-depth look at how your favorite brand or product came to be, give this one a listen.

13. ‘Art of the Hustle’

Jeff Rosenthal, cofounder of the exclusive Summit series for creators, takes a conversational (and humorous) approach to hosting entrepreneurs on the quarterly pod by iHeartRadio and WeWork. The podcast is always an easy and enjoyable listen, featuring guests like Dollar Shave Club’s Michael Dubin and RxBar’s Peter Rahal, who touch on a range of topics exploring their approach to growing their million-dollar ventures. Most episodes feel like a coffee (or happy hour) catchup with your casual genius friend.

12. Mixergy – Startup Stories

We’re ranking Mixergy as the highest among the interview-focused podcasts not only because of how expansive its archive is (over 1,900 episodes to date) but also because of host Andrew Warner’s unabashed ability to ask difficult questions in order to dig deep into the journeys of business founders and leaders. We also love Mixergy’s diverse range of guests who are making waves in all sorts of unique industries, from cybersecurity to cryptocurrency to gaming. And you’re always sure to get something out of it. As one reviewer said, “Andrew is honestly one of the best in the biz at expertly extracting [the] bits of gold that listeners are looking for.”

Best Podcasts for Actionable Advice
11. ‘Entrepreneurs on Fire’

For those who enjoy hearing from real entrepreneurs but want some solid directives to glean from their success stories, Entrepreneurs on Fire combines the best of both worlds. Host John Lee Dumas chats with CEOs and thought leaders, and each episode discusses a concept or strategy that’s worked for them. Some recent episodes include “How to Launch & Scale Your Expertise with Nick Unsworth” and “How to Become ‘Data Rich’ and 10x Your Business with Data with AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell.” The lingo and ideas are a bit high-level, so it’s recommended for those who are already familiar with the ins and outs of the business landscape.

10. ‘BiggerPockets Business Podcast’

The BiggerPockets Business Podcast has practical content that is accessible for newbies. Hosts J and Carol Scott were once everyday corporate managers when they left their careers to launch their own house-flipping business, so they know what people who might not have formal training want to learn from entrepreneurs who are already doing the damn thing—without any lofty language.

9. ‘Online Marketing Made Easy’

If you’re already deep in the trenches of running your own business or work in digital marketing, tune in with pro Amy Porterfield, who hosts Online Marketing Made Easy. There are over 300 episodes live right now, a selection that features a mix of masterclass tips from Porterfield, strategies you can apply right now (like, 6 MUST DO Action Items to Make Magic Between Launches), interviews with experts and some inspiring pep talks. Listeners have recently raved about episode 305, “Why Overnight Success Is a Myth.”

8. ‘The $100 MBA Show’

No MBA? No problem. Let Omar Zenhom, the award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and host of this straightforward podcast, be your teacher. You won’t find any long-winded backstories here, just plenty of fluff-free lessons for modern business leaders and beginners alike (that’s why each episode is only around 15 minutes long). We love that Zenholm offers real-world advice on things business owners deal with every day, like difficult customers, how many support agents you really need and when the best time to send out your newsletter is.

7. ‘Youpreneur’

Calling all aspiring influencers: If you’re not only interested in building a company, but also a personal brand, this pod is a must-listen. British entrepreneur, bestselling author and international keynote speaker Chris Ducker offers smart, easily-digestible advice on what you need to do—no matter your hustle. From ways to monetize your podcast to how to write your first book, Ducker gives you his secrets in bites that are mostly under 20 minutes. The only asset you need to get started is, well, you!

The Best Podcasts for Beginning Side Hustles
6. ‘Side Hustle School’

If you’ve been thinking about starting a little something on the side during your commute to a cubicle, this daily podcast will inspire you to finally take that chance. Chris Guillebeau, the bestselling author of The $100 Startup and The Happiness of Pursuit, shares the stories of real people and the side hustles that changed their lives, like the barista who turned a coffee blog into an $8,000 per month copywriting career or the music teacher who quit her job to earn $100,000 on Fiverr. Additionally, he answers some relevant questions from listeners, like “Should I pay someone to build my website?” and “Where do I begin if I want to create an app?”

5. ‘Smart Passive Income’

You don’t need to create a billion-dollar tech startup to earn major dough. According to Pat Flynn of The Smart Passive Income blog and pod, all you need are a few different revenue streams. The best and perhaps the easiest way to create those are through online businesses. Through interviews with pros and mapped-out strategies from Flynn, listeners can learn how to tap into niche markets, build authority online and make use of all the digital marketing opportunities at their disposal. The goal? Eventually, build something that makes money while you sleep.

4. ‘The Side Hustle Show’

“Because your 9-to-5 may make you a living, your 9-to-5 makes you alive.” That’s the tagline of Nick Loper’s The Side Hustle Show, which we’ve ranked the highest here because it offers the most direct and actionable advice that could be applied to side businesses in any industry. Episodes range from covering the basics (7 Key Steps to Start and Grow Side Hustle) to advice on when to hire an assistant and how to manage your product flow. And if you’re not even sure what kind of side hustle you’d be interested in, don’t worry—Looper has an entire episode with ideas.

The Best Inspirational Podcasts
3. RISE Podcast

Look at some of the world’s most successful people and you’ll find that it’s not just business acumen that sets them apart—it’s their entire outlook on life. Rachel Hollis’s RISE podcast is a great place to start when it comes to understanding and embracing the habits, mindsets and perspectives of leaders who’ve risen above the norm. Glean confidence-boosting wisdom from Hollis’s diverse guests or get the kick-in-the-butt motivation you need from her solo shows. No matter where you’re at in your career journey, everyone can benefit from being urged to “Stop Procrastinating!

2. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Of course, the guru of grind himself, Gary Vaynerchuk, aka GaryVee, has a podcast. One of his most prevailing pieces of advice, after all, is that you can always make more content, and on The GaryVee Audio Experience, you’ll find a compilation of some of his best. His honest, no-BS insight comes through in every episode, whether it’s a motivational keynote he’s given, one of his #AskGaryVee editions, a segment from his #WeeklyVee video series or a chat with a fellow innovator. You’ll definitely pick up some solid, applicable branding tactics and business strategy. Even more importantly, you’ll take away some life advice that is sure to fire you up, from overcoming the self-judgment holding you back to being dedicated to living life on your own terms. Boom.

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

We’re sure you’re familiar with Tim Ferriss, the legendary entrepreneur and author behind the concept of “The 4-Hour Workweek.” Most of the over 400 episodes highlight a world-class performer killin’ it in their field, ranging from CEOs (including longtime Disney CEO Bob Iger just before stepping down) to chess players, scientists, sports stars and even burlesque icon Dita Von Teese. While it’s not a straightforward “business” podcast per se, the fact that it extracts teachable lessons and big ideas from unexpected places makes it the best listen for anyone who wants to disrupt the business world.

Culture Music

Independent Brooklyn Rapper Kota the Friend Loves Music

This week on our podcast Monday to Monday, Mike Boyd sits down with rapper Kota the Friend. Boyd and the Brooklyn rapper cover a lot of ground in this interview—everything from Kota’s genesis creating music videos to his best tips for having a successful tour. Kota emphasizes his commitment to remaining independent, his “Lyrics to Go” video series and his recently released album, Foto.

Digital Art by Dawayne Kirkland for ONE37pm

Kota has always been involved in music. Beginning with the trumpet in third grade, he’s expanded his musical repertoire over the years. But he didn’t begin to build his brand in the music industry until he started creating music videos. His passion for video is still important to this day. His “Lyrics to Go” series—which features the rapper delivering a track straight to camera while remaining almost totally still—demonstrates his ethos for creating compelling music videos. He tells Boyd, “I wanted people to focus on what I was saying more than anything. Because that was the real draw.” His reason for keeping the shots simple in this series is equally minimal. It’s not about ambitious shots and cuts; he tells Boyd the mindset behind these videos is: “Yo this is what I’m saying. And I want you to hear it.”

The two go on to discuss the process behind Kota’s recent project, Foto. After Boyd asks Kota what he was trying to accomplish with this album, he tells him, “I wanted to drop something that I could die with.” Foto is an immensely personal project, and you can really hear in Kota’s voice how proud of it he is. He goes on to describe the features for the record: “Most of the features are just like, my homies,” the last-minute Saba verse they managed to record during the Chicago rapper’s short visit to New York, and his elementary school music teacher’s saxophone feature. 

Ep. 6: Kota the Friend
Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm
Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

Kota and Boyd also discuss the importance of remaining independent—and that it’s the only lane Kota wants to be in. When Boyd asks him about the pros of being independent, Kota has one main point in mind. “My favorite thing is freedom, bro. Like you can’t put a price on freedom.” He’s critical of the way labels can take money away from artists, proudly telling Boyd, “I feed my family with streams.” But he understands that being an independent artist is definitely a process. Patience is a recurring theme. “Patience will get you through man, year by year.” And that patience has paid off. Kota tells Boyd that he had two million streams on Spotify in 2017, 11 million in 2018 and then a massive 71 million in 2019. 

Kota goes on to talk about his tips for touring and the importance of getting every detail right. But ultimately, “The sound varies from place to place, all that matters is the crowd, y’know. That’s it.” This emphasis on people is echoed when he goes on to highlight his adulation for his team. He tells Boyd, “Building your team matters,” followed closely by, “People matter. That’s it. It’s just people.”

The interview closes with Kota revealing his favorite song he’s ever made. Speaking of his track “Chicago Diner,” Kota tells Boyd, “I think it’s the perfect song. I think it’s the best song I’ve ever made. Every time I listen to it, I’m like, ‘Damn, this is a good song.’” It’s amazing to listen to artists speak so passionately about their music. He loves this song, and it’s part of what makes it so great.

If you want to listen to Boyd chat with even more artists and managers, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when Boyd spoke with Soundcloud rap phenoms, the SOS Crew. And make sure to check out Kota’s recent project Foto, available now on all major streaming platforms. 

Episode 6: Kota the Friend
Kota the Friend

I wanted to drop something that I could die with.

Culture News

‘Blockbuster’ Podcast Details George Lucas and Steven Spielberg’s Inspiring Bromance

In a burgeoning podcast market flooded with so many podcast options, it can be hard to stand out. But Blockbuster—a new six-episode podcast about the friendship and rivalry between filmmaking stalwarts George Lucas and Steven Spielberg—does just that, leaving competition in the dust like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars traveling at light speed. Blockbuster has already been featured in Apple Podcasts’ “New & Noteworthy” section since launching this month.

“I really wanted to do something in the scripted world and had a good basic knowledge of George and Steven’s friendship back in the 1970s, but I had no idea they would visit each other’s films and advise each other over those years,” Matt Schrader, Blockbuster podcast creator, tells ONE37pm. “This is a story of struggling artists who don’t know if they’ll ever achieve their dreams, but they fight through it. It’s hugely inspiring and relatable to every young artist.”

Two episodes have been released, with four more still to come.

In this quick Q&A, Schrader and podcast producer Kenny Holmes tell us about the ambitious project, their favorite parts of it and what they were surprised to learn in researching the bromance between Lucas and Spielberg.

How would you describe Blockbuster to friends at a party?

Matt Schrader: It’s a movie for your ears. Blockbuster is the biopic I always hoped to watch about Steven Spielberg and George Lucas back when they were struggling artists in the 1970s. They didn’t know if they would make it. It’s a scripted audio series re-created using hundreds of sources and archival audio to take you back in time to their early friendship. It’s the friendship and in some ways the rivalry that led to Jaws and Star Wars changing the movies forever.

Kenny Holmes: It’s a drama about two legends before they knew they’d become legends. Not only is there magical dialogue from our award-winning actors—Max Mittelman as Spielberg and Ray Chase as Lucas—but Peter Bawiec’s three-dimensional sound design brings the 1970s to life. When Spielberg’s crew is on the boat filming Jaws, you hear the waves splashing and the boat creaking and the crew working. You feel like you’re on that boat. And when George walks through the Star Wars set and sees the Millennium Falcon, you swear you’re looking at it too. The narration sets each scene to help paint the picture and really transport you into these moments. There’s really nothing like it out there today.

Matt Schrader, ‘Blockbuster’ creator

George was convinced [Star Wars] was going to be a flop after risking his own money and health to make it. At that lowest-of-low moment, sitting in the sand on a beach, they come up with the idea for Indiana Jones

What is your favorite snippet from all six episodes?

Schrader: In the final episode, Steven and George sit together in Hawaii, dreading Star Wars opening weekend box office numbers. George was convinced it was going to be a flop after risking his own money and health to make it. At that lowest-of-low moment, sitting in the sand on a beach, they come up with the idea for Indiana Jones. It still gives me goosebumps that that actually happened.

Holmes: Without revealing too much, when George and Steven share the moment of first hearing John Williams’s Star Wars theme, it’s freaking magic. Plus, Matthew Bohrer as John Williams somehow makes me like Williams even more than I did before, if that’s even possible.

What are three fun facts that we’ll learn from the podcast?

Schrader: George helped Steven cast Jaws. Steven insisted George hire John Williams for Star Wars. And the two were each other’s closest confidants even as Jaws and Star Wars fell apart, only to later become surprise breakout hits. This is also a deep dive into the world’s most famous film composer, John Williams. I had no idea before embarking on this that John’s breakthrough success came immediately after the tragic loss of his wife. Most people have no idea, and it’s an incredibly powerful and moving story.

What makes this podcast stand out?

Schrader: We were really inspired in making the first scripted biopic for the podcast platform. We took a large-scale “feature film” approach to research, script development, casting, design and music, and really wanted to create a 2.5-hour movie for your ears. It’s such a rich story arc to begin with, but it still gives me goosebumps hearing certain moments, like hearing Carrie Fisher cry the first time she heard the Star Wars music.

Valerie Macon/Getty Images
Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

Culture Music

How R&B Singer Mario Rebuilt His Confidence

Mario wants you to let him love you and let him be everything you want and need, all over again. Nearly ten years have passed since Billboard named the R&B vet one of its artists of the decade, partly on the strength of “Let Me Love You,” his inescapable hit that ended the 2000s ranked as the decade’s eighth “most successful single.”

What has Mario been doing lately?

The Baltimore-bred crooner resurfaced with his long-awaited fifth studio album, Dancing Shadows, finally arriving in October 2018, nine years after his previous release. Mario promoted his new music with appearances on The Wendy Williams Show, MTV’s Total Request Live and The Breakfast Club—reminding people of his luring melodies, heart-tickling falsetto and confident aura. It was a big October for Mario because Fox also announced that the singer/actor had been cast as Benny Coffin for Rent Live, the TV musical that aired in January 2019. Following that, Mario joined the nostalgia-inducing Millennium Tour, which launched in March and wraps up in May, alongside B2K.

Mario set fear aside for his comeback

Mario has been building his confidence ever since performing in middle-school talent shows, he tells ONE37pm in a Live From the Bar Cart podcast interview. In this audio snippet from the podcast episode, Mario reminisces about how singing a Boyz II Men song helped him make friends by impressing classmates who initially hated him.

Mario admits that pressure from his music industry peers over the past decade stifled his energy, but he’s actively setting his fears aside for this new era in his career, which will include an acting stint on Fox’s Empire and a book. The revived confidence is evident in his new Jake Gosling–produced “Good Times” track when he sings, “Don’t make it hard when it’s easy / You don’t need a reason to have a good time,” over guitar riffs from legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy. 

“Fear is something that’s around us all the time and it subconsciously beats in our head,” he says. “The energy of fear and what it does to us collectively can suppress the growth. Once we get rid of fear, we’re just going to have a better world—we’re just going to be fucking unstoppable.”

Listen to the full Mario podcast here: AppleSpotify | Google | iHeartStitcher | TuneIn
Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm