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The 21 Best NBA Regular Season Records That Have Yet to Be Beat

The NBA has a long list of dominant NBA teams that have existed throughout its history. The Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen-led Chicago Bulls six-championship dynasty stands out, while the Golden State Warriors made their mark this past decade with three championships in four years. Regardless of the era, one thing separates all these teams from the rest, and that’s the special individuals. We’re talking great talent like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and the aforementioned Jordan leading their teams to some great regular seasons. Here’s a look at the best regular-season records in NBA history.

1. 2015-16 Golden State Warriors: 73-9

After winning the 2015 NBA championship, the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry took it up a notch the next season. Led by the reigning MVP in Curry, Golden State’s deep roster seemed unbeatable at times, starting the season 24-0. The Warriors were able to capture the regular-season wins record by beating their opponents in the final four games. This included a rally from 10 points down in the fourth quarter against the Memphis Grizzlies.

The playoffs were a rollercoaster ride. Golden State came back from a 3-1 series deficit in the Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder and later blew a 3-1 series lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 Finals.

2. 1995-96 Chicago Bulls: 72-10

When Michael Jordan made his return in 1995 with a press release announcing that he was back, the Bulls dynasty was ready to return to NBA prominence. Though Chicago lost in the second round that season, Jordan and the Bulls made it a mission to return to the mountaintop for the 1995-96 season. Chicago went 23-2 over their first 25 games and was a marvelous 48-5 over 53 games. 

Led by Jordan and Pippen, the Bulls smashed the previous record of 69 wins with a 72-10 mark. The Bulls were just as dominant in the postseason, losing just three times in 18 games. Two of those losses came in the NBA Finals with Chicago already up 3-0 against the Seattle Supersonics.

3. 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers: 69-13

The Los Angeles Lakers never looked back after hiring head coach Bill Sharman in 1971. Led by Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West, the Lakers set an NBA record with a 33-game winning streak. No team has come closer than five games to that winning streak. The Lakers continued their success, going 30-10 to set a record at the time with 69 victories.

That Lakers team only lost three games in the playoffs as they went on to win their first championship since moving to Los Angeles in 1960. The Lakers conquered their demons, taking the 1972 NBA Finals against the New York Knicks in five games. New York had defeated Los Angeles in the 1970 Finals previously.

4. 1996-97 Chicago Bulls: 69-13

The 1996-97 Bulls team was essentially competing against the ghost of the last season. Having set a win record the previous season, Chicago’s team could’ve taken it easy in their first title defense of the second three-peat, but they chose violence against the rest of the NBA. The Bulls were victorious in 17 of their first 18 games and had a chance to match or surpass their 72-10 record with a 42-5 mark after 47 games. 
The Bulls slowed down a bit, going 27-8 over their final 35 games to finish 69-13. It wasn’t a record, but it still tied the original Los Angeles Lakers record from 1972. The Bulls team ran through the East in the postseason, going 11-2 through the first three rounds. In the Finals, Chicago and Jordan overcame a tough Karl Malone and John Stockton-led Utah Jazz team and the Flu to win their fifth of six championships in the ‘90s.

5. 1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers: 68-13

Back in the late-’60s, the Philadelphia 76ers were loaded with talent. Featuring NBA MVP Wilt Chamberlain, the 76ers also had a collection of Hall of Fame complements in Hal Greer, Chet Walker and Billy Cunningham. Led by coach Alex Hannum, Philadelphia began the 1966-67 season 46-4. Though they came back to earth with a 22-9 finish to the regular season, the 76ers finished with a then-record 68-13 mark for the season. The 76ers managed to win a championship, defeating the San Francisco Warriors in six games during the 1967 NBA Finals.

6. 1972-73 Boston Celtics: 68-14

Led by John Havlicek, Dave Cowens and Jo Jo White, the Boston Celtics found their footing in the post-Bill Russell era. They won 14 of their first 15 games during the 1972-73 season and came just one game within the original 69-13 Lakers record from the previous season. After defeating the Atlanta Hawks 4-2 in the Eastern Conference Semis, the Celtics lost to the eventual champion New York Knicks in seven games during the Eastern Conference Finals. 

7. 1985-86 Boston Celtics: 67-15

The 1985-86 Boston Celtics were stacked. Already featuring three stars in Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish, they added former MVP Bill Walton as a reserve. Boston went a record 40-1 at home that season and had five streaks of eight wins or more. Boston finished just two games shy of the ‘71-‘72 Lakers win record. 

Though they ran into a young Michael Jordan in the first round, Boston swept the Bulls in three games. They only lost three total playoff games, bagging the 1986 NBA Championship in six games against the Houston Rockets.

8. 1991-92 Chicago Bulls: 67-15

The second title season in Chicago’s first three-peat, Chicago didn’t take their foot off the pedal in their first repeat. After a 1-2 start, the Bulls prevailed 36 of the next 39 games. Chicago settled on 67 wins which was the top record in the NBA that season. 

Chicago faced some tough opposition in the postseason. They outlasted a tough New York Knicks team in a physical seven-game second round matchup. After defeating the Cavaliers in six games in the Conference Finals, Chicago beat Clyde Drexler and the Portland Trail Blazers in six games. Jordan landed his second Finals MVP after averaging 35.8 points in six games.

9. 1999-00 Los Angeles Lakers: 67-15

Swept in the playoffs the previous two years, the Lakers franchise turned to legendary head coach Phil Jackson to steer the team in the right direction. Already armed with the ultimate one-two punch in Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, the Lakers found their groove. Los Angeles had a 19-game winning streak during the season that saw the franchise reach its second-highest win total ever. The Lakers overcame tough teams like the Portland Trail Blazers and Indiana Pacers to score their first of three consecutive titles in the early aughts.

10. 2006-07 Dallas Mavericks: 67-15

Dirk Nowitzki had reached the peak of his game by 2006. Coming off a disappointing 2006 NBA Finals loss to the Miami Heat, the All-Star took the Mavericks to new heights. The Mavericks dropped their first four games of the season, but went 51-5 over their next 56 games. Settling on an NBA-best 67-15 record, Nowitzki led the way, picking up his first and only regular season MVP.

The Mavericks’ regular-season success would be short-lived. Dallas became the first number one seed to lose to an eight seed in the seven-game series format when they lost to the “We Believe” Golden State Warriors in six games.

11. 2014-15 Golden State Warriors: 67-15

The 2014-15 season was the first year of an NBA dynasty on the rise. Thanks to an injury to All-Star David Lee, little known third-year player Draymond Green was moved into the starting lineup and added defense and intensity to the Warriors. Stephen Curry took another major leap, obtaining his first MVP as Golden State triumphed in 21 of their first 23 games. Golden State went on to earn the first championship for the franchise in 40 years. 

12. 2016-17 Golden State Warriors: 67-15

The NBA super-team craze reached a new apex when the Warriors added free agent Kevin Durant to their squad in the summer of 2016. Already featuring three stars in Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, the Warriors now fielded one of the best rosters ever. Besides a few hiccups along the way, Golden State was rare, winning 27 of its first 31 games. This Warriors team only lost once in 17 playoff games on their way to the second of three championships in a four-year span. 

13. 1946-47 Washington Capitols: 49-11

It’s very rare for a sports franchise to win immediately, but it happened for the Washington Capitols. A part of the BAA, the Capitols went 24-5 in their first 29 games. Led in scoring by Bob Feerick (16.8 points), the Capitols finished the year with a 10 and a half game margin for the best record. The playoffs were another story, as the Capitols lost in six games to the Chicago Stags. 

14. 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks: 66-16

The duo of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (known as Lew Alcindor at the time) and Oscar Robertson made the Milwaukee Bucks into an instant title contender. During the 1970-71 season, Milwaukee won 17 of their first 18 games and even had a 20-game winning streak at one point, They finished with the top record in the NBA at 66-16. The Bucks were able to capture their first title after going 12-2 in the postseason.

15. 2007-08 Boston Celtics: 66-16

The Boston Celtics went from pauper to prince quickly. The second-worst team in the association during the 2006-07 season, Boston retooled on the fly, trading their lottery draft pick to the Seattle Supersonics for Ray Allen. 

The acquisition of Allen and the presence of All-Star Paul Pierce allowed Boston to convince former NBA MVP Kevin Garnett to join the club, forming a trio that gelled together immediately. Boston had victories in 29 of their first 32 games and wound up with the best record at 66-16. A championship was in the club’s sights, and the Celtics completed the task, winning the 2008 championship. It was the franchise’s first in 22 years.

16. 2008-09 Cleveland Cavaliers: 66-16

Cleveland had some success in the Mark Price-Brad Daugherty years, but they reached a new pinnacle after drafting LeBron James in 2003. In his sixth season, James secured his first MVP as he led the Cavaliers in points, rebounds, assists and steals. Under coach Mike Brown, Cleveland had a stretch where they won 25 of 27 games. 

Cleveland breezed through the first two rounds of the 2009 postseason. They swept both series against the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks. However, Cleveland’s great season would end abruptly in their third playoff series. Despite a world class effort from James (38.5 points, 8.3 rebounds and 8.0 assists), the Cavs fell to the Orlando Magic in a 4-2 series loss in the Eastern Conference Finals.

17. 2012-13 Miami Heat: 66-16

It seemed to take forever for the LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh era of the Miami Heat to have a truly elite regular season. By 2012, the team had solidified its identity, adding role players like Ray Allen and Shane Battier making them unstoppable on offense. Miami pulled off a 27-game winning streak over a nearly two months-long stretch. The Heat ended up with the best record in the NBA.

The Heat faced some tough competition in the postseason from the likes of the Indiana Pacers and San Antonio Spurs, but prevailed. The Spurs had the Heat on the ropes, but Allen knocked down “The Shot,” reviving the Heat as they came back from a 3-2 Finals deficit to beat the Spurs in seven games and earn their second consecutive title.

18. 1949-50 Syracuse Nationals: 51-13

The inaugural NBA season featured a few titans. The Syracuse Nationals were an early contender, taking 16 of their first 17 games. Hall of Famer Dolph Schayes led the team in scoring with 16.8 points. Syracuse was one of three teams with 51 wins that season, and they won games thanks to coach Al Cervi’s aggressive defensive style. In the playoffs, the Nationals succeeded in their first two playoff series, but they couldn’t finish the job, losing in six games to the Minneapolis Lakers.

19. 1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers: 65-17

The tandem of Moses Malone and Julius Erving is underrated when we talk about the best NBA duos of all time. Flanked by key talents like Maurice Cheeks, Bobby Jones, and Andrew Toney, the Sixers were 50-7 at one point during the 1982-83 NBA season. Malone famously predicted that the Sixers would run through their opposition in the playoffs “Fo, Fo, Fo,” meaning that they would sweep all three playoff series. The Sixers nearly lived up to the promise, going 12-1 on their way to an NBA championship after sweeping their rival the Los Angeles Lakers in four games. 

20. 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers: 65-17

Built around three stars in Magic Johnson Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy, the Los Angeles Lakers were coming off a disappointing five-game Western Conference Finals loss to the Houston Rockets from the previous season. The Lakers response was simple as they wrecked the whole league. The top team in the NBA, Los Angeles went 15-3 in the playoffs, defeating the Boston Celtics in the 1987 NBA Finals to walk away with their second of three championships in a four-year span.

21. 2017-18 Houston Rockets: 65-17

While the Golden State Warriors were the clear favorite for the 2017-18 season, the Houston Rockets had something brewing. Led by James Harden and Chris Paul, Houston’s ability to dissect teams with isolation basketball and a switch-heavy defensive philosophy made them tough to handle. Harden netted the regular season MVP that season as Houston finished with the best record in the NBA. The Rockets cruised through their first two series of the playoffs. In the Conference Finals, the Rockets came close to an upset of the Warriors, but they lost in seven games after blowing a 3-2 series lead.

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The 20 Best Shooting Guards In the NBA Right Now

This NBA season has been a wild ride so far. We’ve had ups and downs, crazy trades, an eventful free agency period, unfortunate injuries to some of the league’s biggest players, and plenty more during this unique season. Normally around this time of the year, we would be wrapping up the season and preparing for the playoffs. The delayed start to the 2021 campaign means that we are still a month away from the postseason, but with only a few weeks left, it isn’t too early to start taking a look at who has been the best in the NBA in certain categories this year. As we head towards the home stretch, here is a list of the NBA’s top shooting guards so far for 2021.

20. Terry Rozier

Team: Charlotte Hornets

Terry Rozier is currently having the season of a lifetime, averaging 21 PPG since LaMelo Ball’s injury. Arriving to the Hornets as part of the Kemba Walker trade two years ago, Rozier’s production level has been so high this year that there have been early talks of a potential contract extension. Rozier has also been efficient from 3-point land, shooting over 40 percent from the field, and was named the ‘Eastern Conference Player of the Week’ two weeks ago for the first time in his career.

As of this writing, Charlotte currently sits at number 6 in the Eastern Conference standings but is only two games behind the Hawks for the 4th seed. If the things remain this close, then Charlotte could end up finishing the season anywhere between the 4th and 6th seeds. Wherever they land, Rozier will be the key to a deep playoff run.

19. Fred VanVleet

Team: Toronto Raptors

VanVleet has had a tough year when it comes to his overall health. The shooting guard isn’t too far removed from a rough bout of COVID and is currently sidelined with a strained left hip flexor. Despite the injuries, VanVleet has still had a productive season thus far and remains an x-factor for the Raptors. VanVleet is one of those players that can be tough to stop once they catch fire, and is averaging 19.8 points per game, 6.1 assists, and 4.1 rebounds for the 2021 campaign. VanVleet should be back in action soon, and his presence will be necessary for Toronto these final few weeks if the Raptors want a shot at the Play-In Tournament.

18. Malik Beasley

Team: Minnesota Timberwolves

The injuries have been so crappy this year, and sadly Malik Beasley is one of the latest to add his name to the list as he is currently suffering from a hamstring injury that is likely to keep him out for the next 4-6 weeks. Of course, with the Timberwolves currently holding the 15th seed, that means Beasley’s season is probably over, but prior to his injury, the Timberwolves SG was averaging 19.6 PPG, along with 2.4 assists and 4.4 rebounds. The 24-year-old Atlanta native has improved every season since being drafted in 2016, and if he doesn’t return for 2021, then he is sure to be back stronger next season.

17. Caris Levert

Team: Indiana Pacers

Caris Levert has had quite a season. The 26-year-old was traded to the Indiana Pacers in January as part of a four-team deal that included James Harden being sent to Brooklyn, and Victor Oladipo going to the Houston Rockets. That injury arguably saved Levert’s life, as the standard MRI required when going to a new team showed a small cancerous mass on his left kidney. After two months of recovery, Levert made his debut with the Pacers and has been lighting up since, dropping 34 points in Sunday night’s win over the Memphis Grizzlies. Memphis currently holds the 8th seed but could move up or down in the standings depending on how these next couple of weeks shake and bake.

16. Victor Oladipo

Team: Miami Heat

Let’s not forget who Victor Oladipo is and what he’s capable of. Between a rough start, and a knee injury that could keep him out for the rest of the season, Oladipo’s first few weeks with the Miami Heat have been rocky, but Oladipo still remains one of the league’s most dynamic offensive players when healthy. At the moment Miami holds the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference, and it would be huge if Oladipo could return in time for the post-season because ‘Playoff Oladipo’ is a different beast.

15. Evan Fournier

Team: Boston Celtics

Fournier is another player that experienced a mid-season shakeup, after being acquired by the Boston Celtics at the trade deadline. It took Fournier a couple of games to find his footing with the Cs, but the guard has been shooting lights out since. Fournier is another explosive bench presence that will be an important piece in this last month of the regular season. As it stands, the Celtics hold the 7th seed, but could end up finishing anywhere between 4th and 8th depending on how these next few weeks play out.

14. Immanuel Quickley

Team: New York Knicks

Knicks Rookie Immanuel Quickley is bouncing back after some mid-season struggles, which is a welcoming sight for the Knicks. The ‘Rookie of the Year’ candidate has been averaging 12 PPG, and it was really nice to see the young fella bounce back after recent criticism. Quickley is still only a rookie and has plenty of time to expand his game. Experience is the best teacher, and Quickley’s scoring will be needed as the Knicks continue their playoff push.

13. Malik Monk

Team: Charlotte Hornets 

Malik Monk is another young player whose full capacity hasn’t been reached. Like many 23-year-old athletes, Monk is still developing and adding to this game, but this season we have seen flashes of his true potential. Just two weeks ago, Monk scored 32 points off the bench in a victory against Miami on March 26th, but injured his ankle a few days later in a matchup against the Brooklyn Nets. Monk is expected to return to the Hornets lineup soon, as Charlotte continues their push to close the season strong.

12. Collin Sexton

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

After a decent start, things haven’t gone the way the Cavaliers have hoped, but their future remains bright with 22-year-old Colin Sexton leading the way. Sexton has grown with each year in the NBA, and is a player that can create his own shots while playing off the ball. The Cavs as a whole have shown flashes of being a potential playoff squad, and from a numbers standpoint, they aren’t that far away from qualifying for the play-in (only 3.5 games). Granted it would take the Bulls, Raptors, and Wizards losing majority of their remaining games (and Cleveland winning theirs), but the fact that the Cavs are still this close is a welcoming sight.

11. Zach Levine

Team: Chicago Bulls

Fresh off a 50-piece in the Bulls loss against the Atlanta Hawks, Zach Levine is well…Zach Levine. A super talented player about to enter into the prime of his career, Levine has been averaging 27 points per game this year, and Chicago is right on the cusp of qualifying for the Play In. They’ll have their spot secured if they can manage to hold on to that 10th seed, but have a very small room for error as the Raptors are right on their heels.

10. De’Anthony Melton

Team: Memphis Grizzlies

By now you’ve heard of De’Anthony Melton, and you will be hearing much more of him in the future. You want to talk about proving people, Melton has shut everybody up this year, and has the potential to eventually develop into one of the NBA’s most elite and versatile scorers. Melton can do just about anything on offense; he can pull up from long-range, slash his way to the basket, and knock down those difficult mid-range jumpers. The battle for seeds 8-10 is extremely close in the Western Conference right now, so the Grizzlies will have to hold on if they want to secure their Play In positioning.

9. Paul George

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

You know who else has been on a tear recently? Paul George. PG13 is coming off a big week where he was just named the ‘Western Conference Player of the Week.’ George has been one of the best shooting guards in the league for the better part of the last ten years, has seven All-Star appearances on his resume, and remains one of the best defenders in the NBA. The Clippers are looking to bounce back after their early elimination last season, and currently holds the 3rd seed in the Western Conference.

8. CJ McCollum

Team: Portland Trail Blazers

McCollum is another vet who has been stellar for many years, and in our opinion, has been underrated when it comes to his overall success at the SG position. McCollum is the flashiest, he isn’t the most ‘loud,’ but at different points in his career has had a serious case for being ranked top five amongst shooting guards in the NBA. This season, McCollum is averaging 23 PPG, 3.8 RPG, and 4.6 APG, and Portland currently sits at 6th in the Western Conference.

7. Jaylen Brown

Team: Boston Celtics

Brown is still such a young player, but has already established himself as being a top ten SG in the NBA. Brown is a true shooting guard who has spent the last couple off-seasons adding to his shooting repertoire, and expanding his 3 point game. Year 5 has really been a turning point for Brown, and the Cs have their sights set on another playoff run.

6. Devin Booker

Team: Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker really has no regard for human life, and is an exciting player who is exciting to watch. D-Book is averaging 26 PPG for the year so far, and the Suns pretty much have their playoff spot locked in as they seem unlikely to fall below the 3rd seed. Everybody remembers the performance Book put on in the bubble last season, and if history is any indication, we’ll be in for another adventure this go-round.

5. Donovan Mitchell

Team: Utah Jazz

There are a couple of rules when it comes to Donovan Mitchell. First of all, don’t make him mad—he might drop 42 on you. Second, do not leave him open. Ever. In the midst of an electric shooting stretch, Mitchell is locked and loaded as the Jazz don’t plan on moving from their number one position anytime soon. While classified as a shooting guard, Mitchell is also technically a point guard, and regularly switches between the 1 and 2. Mitchell has been averaging 26 points this season, and those averages are likely to increase come playoff time.

4. James Harden

Team: Brooklyn Nets

Not much needs to be said about Harden as we are aware of all the 50 point games, All-Star appearances, and his much-deserved 2018 MVP. Harden’s dominance at the SG position dates back to his early days with the Houston Rockets, and is nearly impossible to guard when he catches fire. Despite all of the ups and downs this year, Brooklyn still holds the number two seed in the Eastern Conference. Let’s see what they can do come playoff time.

3. Bradley Beal

Team: Washington Wizards 

Has anyone started a Bradley Beal apology form yet? If not, one needs to be typed up immediately because Beal has been a monster all year long. From 60 point showings, to ‘in your face’ game winners, Beal has had a career year thus far, one that could have put him in the MVP conversation if the Wizard’s record was better. The Play In this season still gives the Wizards a shot at potentially playing for a playoff spot, but they would have to win out most of their remaining games, and hope the Bulls and Raptors drop a couple.

2. Kyrie Irving

Team: Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving is kinda sorta a point guard, but he’s also kinda sorta a shooting guard too. Actually we’ll just say he’s a mixture of both. Kyrie is a generational player that we will likely never see again. You want to talk about versatility? That’s Kyrie. You want to talk about crafty shots and the ability to pull up from anywhere? That’s Kyrie. We can go on and on about Kyrie’s skill set, but there is no denying that he is one of the all-timers.

1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

These dang injuries! Gilgeous-Alexander has been out for over two weeks due to plantar fasciitis in his right foot, but has been averaging nearly 24 points a game. This kid is good, and we have so much to look forward to even if the Thunder don’t make the playoffs. Gilgeous-Alexander will likely be an Olympian this summer, and is sure to get better with time. 

So what do you think of our list. Did we miss anybody? Let us know your thoughts!

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9 Prospects To Follow As We Approach WNBA Draft Night

Believe it or not, the WNBA draft is upon us. The big event is scheduled to tip off this Thursday, and just like last year, the draft will be virtual (hopefully, we can get back to in-person drafts next year). Naturally, you may be wondering which players you should have your eye on and where they may potentially land. Here at ONE37pm, we believe it’s important to give everybody their well-deserved shine, so for this article, we’ll be covering three different players from each round (nine total), and we’ll be updating you through the week with more features and segments on both our website and socials to get you pumped for Thursday night. Let’s take a closer look at these prospects.

1. Aari McDonald, Arizona

Projected: First Round

We already knew McDonald was a beast, but like many budding superstars, she took her game to the next level in this year’s NCAA tournament. While it didn’t end the way Arizona wanted, McDonald was sensational this year, averaging nearly 20 PPG. She was also stellar in the rebounding and assists department and is a hustler on both ends of the court. McDonald is a special player, one that is kind of hard to put into words, but if we could pick one word to describe her, it would be fearless. She is unafraid of the moment and hungry. We are looking forward to seeing what she does in the W her rookie season.

2. Chelsea Perry, UT Martin

Projected: Second Round

Don’t play with Chelsea Perry! Perry had a great college career and racked plenty of awards and honors in her time at UT Martin, including being named the ‘Women’s Basketball Player of the Year’ by the Tennessee Sports Writers Association in 2020. Perry is a scoring and rebounding machine and gets close to a double-double often. Perry has shown consistent improvement every year, puts in that work in the off-season, and it shows.

3. Aaliyah Wilson, Texas A&M

Projected: Third Round

Aaliyah Wilson has an incredible story, one that involves her battling back from a severe knee injury that she suffered as a sophomore. Knee injuries can be hard to recover from, and it can also be tough to regain your footing after months of being away from the game. Wilson has successfully overcome that hurdle and is a special player on both offense and defense. Wilson did it all for the Aggies this year, leading the team in scoring, blocks, and steals, and is ready to bring that same tenacity to the WNBA. Watch out for Wilson!

4. Charli Collier, Texas

Projected: First Round

Barring anything major, Charli Collier is projected to go number one overall and could potentially be joining the Dallas Wings as the newest addition to the team. Collier finished the season averaging roughly 19 ppg, has a nice three-point shot, and the size and athleticism to really dominate in the W. Her post-game is dynamic, and she can really space and spread the floor well to create her own shots. We’re looking forward to seeing her in action this year.

5. DiDi Richards, Baylor

Projected: Second Round

Richards is another young player with an incredible story, overcoming temporary paralysis from a freak collision in October that affected her central nervous system. A serious injury like that could have taken her out for the remainder of the season (and had more serious implications on her overall health), but Richards was miraculously back in action just a little over a month after the injury. Richards is a presence on both ends and an extremely tough player. She can give you a solid 10 points per night, dish out those assists, and regularly gets her teammates involved. Richards is looking forward to her next chapter, and so are we.

6. Aleah Goodman, Oregon State

Projected: Third Round

Goodman spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out whether or not she would return for one more year with Oregon State but ultimately decided it was time to officially begin her professional career. Goodman led Oregon State in scoring this season, earning many PAC-12 honors during the course of her four-year collegiate career. Goodman does many things well on the floor, and one of her most dangerous skills just might be her range from beyond the arc. This girl can shoot, and that will serve her incredibly well in the pros.

7. Dana Evans, Louisville

Projected: First Round

Concluding her college career as one of the all-time Louisville greats, the All-American is ready for this next step in her career. Evans is a versatile scorer with an innate clutch factor that is sure to be helpful to whichever team she joins. She is also a near-perfect free-throw shooter, which is super important as well because we all know free throws can be the silent difference maker in close games. Gary, Indiana breeds greatness, and it will definitely be interesting to see where she lands.

8. Unique Thompson, Auburn

Projected: Second Round

Thompson has rightfully secured her spot in Auburn history and is ready to add more entries to her resume as she starts her professional career. Thompson is a double-double machine, with an almost crazy rebounding ability. Simply put, you aren’t getting very many second-chance opportunities with Thompson on the court, and you need to watch her on offense because she can give you 20 quick

Off-Topic: Can we acknowledge how creative Thompson’s ‘Last Shade’ campaign was this year? For those unfamiliar, Thompson closed her senior season by rocking a different shade of lipstick every night and became known for her on-court (and off) makeup looks during her time at Auburn. What a fun way to close your college chapter!

9. N’dea Jones, Texas A&M

Projected: Third Round

Speaking of elite rebounders, N’dea Jones ended her career at Texas A&M’s all-time leading rebounder and was a key factor in helping A&M to their first regular-season championship. Jones is another one of those players that consistently brings in double-doubles, and earned two All-American honors this season. A fierce competitor, Jones is definitely one that you should be keeping a close eye on during Thursday night’s draft.

This is only the beginning of a fun week of WNBA coverage! Be sure to stay tuned through the week for more previews and profiles.

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The Best Food Item You Can Get At Every Major League Baseball Stadium

Things are beginning to return to normal in the sports world, and that means we are slowly getting closer to enjoying the traditional game-day experiences that we know and love, which also means one thing…food! There is nothing quite like chilling at a nice spring/summer baseball game with a great meal and a nice cold beverage to match. From burgers to waffle cones, we are giving you a list of the best food items that you can get at every MLB stadium this season. Warning: make sure you grab something to eat afterward because this list is going to make you hungry.

1. Bullpen Burger, Kauffman Stadium

Team: Kansas City Royals

A delicious Angus burger with a ‘secret sauce,’ lettuce, tomato, and onion, on a toasted buttered bun. Kansas City is one of the best places in the world at doing burgers, and the Bullpen remains a newer fan favorite. You can choose to get a single, double, or triple, and the meal comes with french fries. While the Bullpen was introduced to the menu in 2019, it is still technically a year old due to fans only being allowed in a limited capacity last season, so there are many Royal die-hards who haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet. Hopefully, that will change this season!

2. Cardiff Crack Nachos, Petco Park
San Diego
Cardiff Crack Nachos

Team: San Diego Padres

It is hard to beat the fan experience at Petco Park in San Diego. Most likely, it will be 72 degrees and sunny. The roster is loaded with exciting talent. The stadium is beautiful and clean. But perhaps the best part of the experience is the food. 

The stadium did something rather unique with its food selection—they took a premier restaurant from each of the different suburbs in San Diego and actually placed it inside the stadium. 

There are a lot of options to choose from at Petco Park. The Brigantine has some killer fish tacos and calamari, and Hodad’s has one of the better burgers in the city. But if you ask any local… and true local… there is one option that stands just above the rest—
The Cardiff Crack Nachos from Seaside Market. They are to die for. The nachos are delicious, marinated, tri-tip meat on top of chips, BBQ sauce, sour cream, green onion, and cheese. 

You can’t go wrong. 

3. Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, Guaranteed Rate Field
Inside The White Sox
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

Team: Chicago White Sox

This sandwich is the perfect balance of being ‘hot’ while not too spicy. Flavorful and crispy, the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is stacked with breaded chicken dipped in Nashville-Style hot sauce. The bread is toasted, and the sandwich has cheese, pickles, and diced tomatoes for that extra touch. The sandwich is a little on the smaller side, so it may be better as a snack or appetizer as opposed to a meal.

4. CREAM Ice Cream Sandwiches, Oracle Park
Eater SF
CREAM Ice Cream Sandwiches

Team: San Francisco Giants

Under no circumstance would these sandwiches ever be considered healthy, but you don’t go to baseball games to eat healthily—you go to ‘ball out’ because you only get one life to live. CREAM is a Berkeley-based sweets stand that has become known for its infamous cookie sandwiches. Featuring a warm cookie with ice cream in the middle, you can choose to load the ice cream with M&M’s, Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, or whatever other concoction you come up with. If you aren’t into cookies then a brownie option is also available.

5. Pizza, Progressive Field

Team: Cleveland Indians

Available in both cheese, pepperoni, and more options, the pizza at Progressive Field is a simpler choice compared to other menu items, but sometimes simpler is the way to go. The pizza has a thicker crust with a healthy amount of cheese, sauce, and toppings if you wish to put them on there. You can choose to purchase by the slice or get a whole pie for the entire family. Stadium food tends to veer towards the more expensive side, but you can get a slice for about $5, which isn’t too bad.

6. Red Velvet Whoopie Pie, Angel Stadium
OC Register
Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

Team: Los Angeles Angels

We might as well keep the unhealthy desserts coming, right? Unlike the other items on their menu, the Dodgers don’t have a detailed description of their version of Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, so we had to look up how the pies are actually made. It’s not actually a pie, but more of a red velvet cake sandwich with cream cheese frosting splashed in the middle. The Whoopi just happens to match the Angels’ team colors and is a nice treat for the seventh-inning stretch.

7. Cauliflower Cheese Steak, Citizens Bank Park
Ballpark Guides
Cauliflower Cheese Steak

Team: Philadelphia Phillies

We could have gone with the Donut Burger, but we’ll select a healthier option because we know some people still want to eat well at games. The Cauliflower Cheese Steak is actually one of the most requested items at Citizens Bank Park and includes roasted cauliflower, poblano peppers, Vegan cheese sauce, and sautéed onions on a vegan roll.

8. S’mores Frybox, Great American Ballpark

Team: Cincinnati Reds

Fries and smores are a unique combination, but one potentially worth trying out. The S’mores Frybox has crispy fries topped with Cinnamon Graham Crackers, M&M’s, marshmallows, and chocolate syrup. Honestly, fries are pretty good when you dip them in sweeter sauces like barbecue and honey mustard, so maybe a fry/smore combo could work. That probably wasn’t a comparison, but nonetheless is still a top-ranked item at Great American Ballpark.

9. Cuban Sandwich, Tropicana Field

Team: Tampa Bay Rays

The Cuban Sandwich is universally recognized as being one of the top items on the Tropicana Field menu. The sandwich has an array of meats, including salami, ham, and pork, and is smothered with swiss cheese. The Cuban Sandwich is also doused in mustard and pickles, adding to their flavor and served on toasted Cuban bread. The reviews on this sandwich have been great, with customers raving about the sandwich’s authentic taste. This is definitely worth the purchase if you are checking out a Rays game.

10. Tender, Love and Chicken, Ringfield Coliseum
Tender, Love and Chicken

Team: Oakland Athletics

The Ringfield Coliseum isn’t exactly known for extravagant food and restaurant options, so your best bet is to probably go with chicken tenders and fries. Tender, Love, and Chicken features crispy chicken tenders served with a decent selection of dipping sauces and french fries. While we haven’t gotten a chance to try out the chicken strips, we hear they are very tasty. You could also go the beverage route and snag a frozen boozy popsicle. The popsicles have alcohol in them, though, so be aware of that before you buy five of them.

11. Rice Bowl, Busch Stadium
Rice Bowl

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Served with Cumin rice, and black beans with a choice of nacho or queso cheese, the rice bowl is a solid choice if you are looking for a meal that isn’t too heavy. You can stick with the rice and cheese or choose to add beef, tinja chicken, or pork for an additional $5.50.

12. 3o5, Marlin’s Park
3o5 Menu

Team: Miami Marlins

If you ever plan on catching a Marlins’ game, then you may want to consider checking out 3o5. The Marlins are more known for their restaurants as opposed to specific food items, and 3o5 has all of the standard ballpark favorites for either $3 or $5. Hotdogs, popcorn, and pretzels are among the $3 items, and the mojo pork tacos are priced at $5. Soda and water can also be purchased for $3, and beer for $5. Sodas and bottled water have been known to range from $7 to $11 dollars depending on the size at other stadiums, and normally beer goes for about $8 to $10 (or more), so these are great prices.

13. Buffalo Chicken Totchos, Minute Maid Park
ABC 13
Buffalo Chicken Totchos

Team: Houston Astros

Minute Maid Park announced quite a few fresh additions to their menu that were set to make their debut in the 2020 season, and unfortunately, the pandemic got in the way of fans being able to truly enjoy the new items. One of the most hyped items on that list was the Buffalo Chicken Totchos—tater tots topped with Buffalo chicken, blue cheese crumbles, ranch dressing, and sliced green onions. The totchos look amazing, and Astros fans should be able to fully savor them this year.

14. Apple Pie Nachos, Coors Field

Team: Colorado Rockies

Apple Pie Nachos are another unique blend of two items that probably shouldn’t go together but somehow end up working. The tortilla chips have cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top, complete with apple pie filling and…cheddar cheese. It may sound gross, but the Apple Pie Nachos have been a heavy hitter at Coors Field, so clearly, people like them a lot.

15. Chicken Wings, Comerica Park

Team: Detroit Tigers

We hear the wings are excellent at Comerica Park, so we’ll include them on this list. Wings are also a go-to game day food choice because you can use them as either a meal or an appetizer. The chicken wings are smoked and marinated in spicy beer sauce and come with barbecue or ranch as a dipping sauce. They don’t appear to be super messy either, so you won’t have to worry about potential spills.

16. Fried BBQ Corn, Miller Park
JS Online
Fried BBQ Corn

Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Let’s take a walk on the wild side and try out the Fried BBQ Corn. Normally fried corn wouldn’t be considered ‘stadium food,’ but apparently, the barbecue takes this dish to the next level. The corn comes tossed in barbecue dry rub and horseradish sauce. This is still a relatively newer menu option, so there aren’t a lot of reviews yet, but many in Milwaukee think the Fried BBQ corn could end up being the next big thing.

17. Creme Brulee French Toast, Fenway Park
Ballpark Digest
Creme Brulee French Toast

Team: Boston Red Sox

Some baseball games take place early enough in the day where meals could still be considered a late breakfast or brunch. If you are attending an early game (or just simply are in a breakfast mood), then the Creme Brulee French Toast may be for you. The french toast has chocolate ganache splattered on top, and you can add even more sweetness to it with either the Vermont maple syrup or the Fenway Strawberry sauce.

18. Yankees Pinstripe Shake, Yankee Stadium
Yankees Pinstripe Shake

Team: New York Yankees

There are tons of milkshake options at Yankee Stadium that are available, but we figured we would include the Pinstripe Shake since it represents the Yankees’ pinstripe uniforms. The pinstripe is a vanilla shake with cotton candy, crackerjack, caramel drizzle, and churro. All shakes are served in a souvenir cup, and other shakes include a Tres Leches flavor, and a celebration and chocolate flavor.

19. Pittsburgh Cone, PNC Park

Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

Believe it or not, the Pittsburgh Cone is actually a chicken and waffle mix as well. Dripped out in swiss cheese, sauerkraut, kielbasa, and pierogi, the waffle cone is also sprinkled with Russian dressing for some extra finesse. This has the potential to be very messy, so make sure you have a ton of napkins nearby.

20. Chicken and Waffle Boat, SunTrust Park

Team: Atlanta Braves

Chicken and Waffles is an ATL tried and true, and SunTrust Park offers a special chicken and waffle boat dish. The perfect mix of sweet and tangy, the boat features crispy boneless fried chicken tossed in mango habanero sauce. The waffle also has powdered sugar on top, along with chopped pecans and honey. The Chicken and Waffle boat is served with curly fries as a side giving you a good breakfast and lunch combination.

21. Chicken and Donuts, Chase Field
The Arizona Republic
Chicken and Donuts

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks

Okay so we covered chicken and waffles, now how about chicken and donuts? Served with crispy Tyson popcorn chicken alongside powdered sugar and maple syrup, the snack is one of Chase Field’s newer items, making its debut in 2019 at Gonzo’s Grill.

22. Chicken Parmesan, Nationals Park
Let Teddy Win
Chicken Parmesan

Team: Washington Nationals

The Chicken Parm Sandwich is another heavy hitter considered to be a fan-favorite at Nationals Park. The sandwich isn’t too much different from your standard Italian gourmet sub, and has a chicken thigh dipped in Ragu. The chicken is also drizzled in mozzarella cheese and Thai basil and is served on white bread.

23. Top Notch O’s, Camden Yards
Baltimore Sun
Top Notch O’s

Team: Baltimore Orioles

If you plan on visiting Camden Yards this year, then you should definitely try out the Top Notch Oss. Served by Birdland Nachos, the plate features Doritos-style chips with white cheese sauce, black olives, sour cream, and salsa and scallions to top it off. The nachos are also served in a souvenir helmet, meaning that customers get to go home with a prized keepsake.

24. PB&J Bacon Sandwich, Target Field
Star Tribune
PB&J Bacon Sandwich

Team: Minnesota Twins

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with bacon may not be the first thing that comes to mind when searching for game day sandwiches, but maybe we have been missing out on something very powerful. The PB&J Bacon isn’t too complicated (it’s literally just toasted peanut butter and jelly with fried bacon added to it) but has earned high praise from Minnesota fans. Throw in some fries and soda, and you’ll be good to go!

25. Dodger Sausage, Dodger Stadium

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

How about giving the Dodger Sausage a chance? An al pastor sausage stuffed with pineapple chunks, pineapple salsa, and cilantro-lime crema, the sausage special is a ‘Dodger Exclusive,’ that can only be found at Dodger Stadium. The sausage was unveiled in spring 2019, as a part of new food items hitting the stadium that season.

26. Vegan Mac & Cheese, Globe Life Park
The Athetic
Vegan Mac & Cheese

Team: Texas Rangers

The Vegan Mac & Cheese was introduced last year as part of Global Life Park’s initiative to add more vegan items to their restaurants, and now Rangers will be to enjoy the new meal options in its entirety. One of those items was the Vegan Mac & Cheese, a meat-and-dairy-free dish complete with a cashew base. The mac & cheese cup is a little on the smaller side, so you may have to order two cups if you are looking to make it into a meal.

27. Wowfulls Waffle Cone, Citii Field

Team: New York Mets

Nothing screams New York baseball more than waffle cones, and Wowfulls is one of the best places in NYC to get one from. A huge crispy waffle cone complete with just about any ice cream flavor and topping you can think of, including red velvet, coconut, and more, the options are endless. Sidenote: the cones are HUGE and sure to fill you up, so you may want to hold off on buying a bunch of food at the stadium if you plan on getting one.

28. Home Run Footlong Hotdog, Rogers Centre
Home Run Footlong Hotdog

Team: Toronto Blue Jays

You had to know a footlong hotdog was coming, and Rogers Centre has one of the best. The footlong honestly isn’t much different from the ones offered at other stadiums, but the Rogers Centre version comes with maple-flavored baked beans, cheddar, and bacon bits. You could try to attack the footlong by yourself, but for the sake of avoiding a stomach ache, we recommend either sharing with someone or saving the other half for when you get home.

29. Kuku Fries, T-Mobile Park
South Sound Magazine
Kuku Fries

Team: Seattle Mariners

Sorry but we absolutely were not putting the toasted grasshoppers on this list. Instead, we’ll go with the Kuku Fries—specialty fries topped with togarashi Japanese seasoning, red tobiko (flying fish roe), chili sauce, horseradish, crema, and chive. That sounds like a much better choice than the grasshoppers, but T-Mobile Park is apparently averaging around a million grasshopper sales a year, so maybe we are the ones that have got it all wrong.

30. Aloha Chicken Sandwich, Wrigley Field
Time Out
Aloha Chicken Sandwich

Team: Chicago Cubs

A grilled chicken sandwich breast served on Hawaiian bread with sweet chilli glaze, with sauteed pineapple and Asian Slaw, the Aloha Chicken Sandwich has the potential to be one considered one of the best meals at Wrigley Field. The sandwich is already drawing a lot of attention, quickly becoming one of Wrigley’s most talked about items. If you ever decide to check out a Cubs game, this is a must-try.

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3 Things We’ve Learned So Far This March Madness

So how long did it take for your bracket to bust? Was it Ohio State, or Illinois that did you in? Or perhaps was it Texas? Yes we know it’s ‘March Madness,’ but we are still finding it hard to believe the absolute craziness we have witnessed the first few days of this tournament. Have there been early upsets in previous years? Yes, but this many upsets so early on might be something that we have to compare to previous March Madness tournaments to see if this year has a case for the most early exits.

Last night closed out the second round, and now we head to the Sweet 16. With everything up in the air for what is sure to be a wild battle for the Elite 8, these are three things we have learned so far from the tournament.

Nobody Is Safe From An Upset

It’s probably safe to say that nobody had Illinois being sent home this early on their March Madness vision boards. Ohio State probably came as a surprise to a few folks, but if you watched the Buckeyes this season, then you know that while they were extremely talented offensively, from a defensive standpoint, they struggled at times (they were ranked 78th in the nation). Ohio State had been up and down since the middle of February but delivered a strong showing in the Big Ten Tournament, only losing to Illinois. OSU was projected to go further, but you could also see how they would struggle against an excellent offensive team like Oral Roberts.

Illinois, however, had National championship talks surrounding them prior to the tournament. So it was definitely a shock to see them suffer an early second-round exit. 

As we have said before, the regular season (or even the conference tourneys) means absolutely nothing once the tournament starts. Not even the last tournament game matters. You are only as good as the game you are currently playing, and teams that ‘have nothing to lose’ are by far the scariest that you can encounter. Oftentimes they come out looser, playing with a level of fearlessness because they aren’t expected to win. Sometimes (not all the time), higher-seeded teams with equally high expectations end up feeling the pressure, and that too can be affected by their level of play.

We could go on and on about the various reasons as to why an upset can happen, but the bottom line is that nobody is safe from an upset.

COVID Is Still A Legitimate Threat To The Tourney

We know you don’t want to hear this (and we really don’t want to talk about it either), but Covid is still very much a problem, and it has already impacted this tournament. As you all know, VCU had to forfeit their first-round matchup against Oregon due to multiple positive COVID-19 tests, and as a result, VCU was removed from the tourney, with Oregon automatically advancing to the next round.

Things seem to be okay right now (fingers crossed), but unfortunately we still have to be aware of this scenario potentially happening again. The only thing we can do is hope that all of the players, coaches, staff, etc., stay safe and healthy because it is truly heartbreaking for everyone involved when positive COVID tests affect the games.

Do Not Sleep On Oral Roberts

It is truly not March Madness without a potential Cinderella story. If you thought Oral Roberts’ Friday night upset win over Ohio State was a fluke, then you might want to consider changing your stance quickly. The Golden Eagles took down the seventh-seeded Florida Gators on Sunday pulling off their second major upset in two days. That win against Florida makes Oral Roberts the second 15th-seed in NCAA history to reach the Sweet 16. 

This team has a bunch of resilient kids (such as D.J. Weaver who was huge in Sunday’s victory), who are unafraid of big moments. The Golden Eagles believe it is their time to shine, and their confidence rises with each victory. This team believes that they can win the championship, and are eagerly awaiting Saturday’s matchup against Arkansas for a spot in the Elite 8. 

Now is there a chance that Oral Roberts could potentially take down Arkansas?

Our answer to that would be anything is possible. If the previous two games are any indication, then the Golden Eagles could make things interesting. They proved their resilience against Florida when they battled back from an 11-point deficit, and numbers/seeding aside, they do have the offensive firepower to hang in there with Arkansas. Now we aren’t saying for sure that they can pull of the upset, but we are saying don’t be surprised if they do.

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NCAA Women’s March Madness Schedule: Your Guide To All The Games

Selection Monday has come and gone, following a thrilling season that gave us loads of exciting moments. After the disappointment of last year’s tournament being canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NCAA Women’s Tournament is finally back, with 64 teams competing for the ultimate prize. Those 64 teams were decided on Monday and the tournament will officially tip-off Sunday, March 21st. Below is everything you need to know as far as schedules and key dates.

When Does The NCAA Women’s Tournament Tip-Off?

The tournament officially begins Sunday, March 21st, with the first rounds being played on that day and March 22nd.

Where Will The Teams Being Playing

The tournament is set to take place at five different locations:

  • UTSA Convocation Center
  • University Events Center (San Marcos, TX)
  • The Alamodome (San Antonio, TX)
  • Frank Erwin Center (Austin, TX)
  • Bill Greehey Arena
What Is The Tournament Schedule?

Below is the schedule for the tournament:

  • Selection Show – Monday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • First Round – Sunday, March 21 and Monday, March 22
  • Second Round – Tuesday, March 23 and Wednesday, March 24
  • Sweet 16 – Saturday, March 27 and Sunday, March 28 
  • Elite Eight – Monday, March 29 and Tuesday, March 30 
  • Women’s Final Four – Friday, April 2
  • NCAA Championship Game – Sunday, April 4 Alamodome

Games can be seen on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU through the Sweet 16. ESPN will broadcast the Elite 8, as well as the Final Four and the national championship game.

Everything is truly wide open this year with many teams determined to capture that number one spot. We’ll be surrounded by basketball all day everyday for the next couple of weeks, and we can’t wait. Be sure to tune in starting Sunday, March 21st.

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7 NCAA Men’s March Madness Teams To Watch

Hello March Madness! It feels so good to be saying the words ‘March Madness’ again after the entire tournament came to a screeching halt due to the Coronavirus pandemic last year. It felt weird not experiencing the magic of ‘Cinderella’ stories, buzzer beaters, and major upsets, but we are finally here again.

With 68-teams set to go dancing, we have selected seven that you should be watching in the coming days. Now, this list isn’t just the top-seeded teams; it also contains the squads we think could make some serious noise in the tournament. We’ll be updating this list in the coming days, so be sure to keep up with us as we tip-off our March Madness coverage.

1. Gonzaga

Gonzaga is our prediction to win the national championship, and here is why —The Zags are crushing people on offense, beating most of their opponents this season in blowout fashion. That trend continued during the West Coast Tournament, with Gonzaga taking out the BYU Cougars, Santa Clara Broncos, and Saint Mary’s Gaels, all by 10 points or more. The No. 1 seed boasts a loaded roster full of versatile scorers such as Jalen Suggs, Corey Kispert, and Drew Timme, and the team leads the nation in offensive efficiency with their near-perfect ball movement and ability to outsmart defenses.

Kispert is a dynamic player that makes contributions on both ends of the court. He can catch fire from 3-point range and is one of the best in the NCAA at taking it to the hoop. Kispert’s game is reminiscent of NBA scorers like Kyle Korver—and he is known to regularly pull up from NBA range.

Jalen Suggs’ athleticism will be on full display during the tourney, with the point guard being recognized as an elite slasher, scorer, and playmaker. Suggs has generated tons of buzz this year as a 2021 NBA draftee and has been a tenacious and rarely guardable player, giving his opponents headaches on a nightly basis.

Timme is one of the Zags’ most impactful players with crafty footwork and finesse. He can bring in around 20 points per game and is the team’s leading rebounder. Opponents have rarely gotten a second chance this season with Timme on the floor, and his defensive contributions could end up being just as important as what he does on offense.  

The Zags could end up being tested in the later rounds of the tournament, but barring anything major, they should steamroll their way to the Final Four. 

The team begins their tournament journey on March 20th.

2. Alabama

First of all, what a battle between LSU and Alabama; talk about beating somebody by a hair. Obviously, It should come as no surprise that Alabama is on the list. Enjoying one of their most historic years in program history, Bama has been dominant, winning 16 SEC games for the second time ever, with plenty of blood, sweat and tears shed along the way. The defense has been Bama’s secret weapon, and the Crimson Tide looks to carry that momentum into March Madness as they take on the No. 15-seed Iona Gaels. Senior Herb Jones was recently named Tide Athlete of the Week, and came up huge in the SEC championship final with his game-sealing block, while sophomore Jahvon Quinerly, the SEC tournament MVP, scored 14 points.

JQ has proved a lot of people wrong this year, averaging a solid 15 points off the bench, and his play will be extremely important as Bama begins their tournament quest. 

Alabama faces the Iona Gaels on March 20th.

3. Michigan

Prior to the Big 10 tournament, the Wolverines had been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride with different high and low moments (including difficulties with Covid), but they bounced back nicely with a strong showing during the conference tourneys. With the exception of Ohio State (who defeated the Wolverines on March 13th to win the Big 10 championship), Michigan handed beatdowns to the Michigan St. Spartans and Maryland Terrapins, but they are going to be missing somebody very important for the time being—senior Isaiah Livers. Livers suffered a stress fracture in his foot (something that had been building up over time), and is likely to miss the remainder of the postseason. His presence was sorely missed in Saturday’s loss to the Buckeyes, and while the Wolverines should be able to easily get through the early rounds, they could end up running into trouble later on.

Michigan is slated to begin their tournament run on March 20th and will find out their opponent later in the week.

4. Ohio State

The Buckeyes still have the potential to make the Sweet 16. The team had a solid run during the conference tourneys, hanging in there with Illinois, but this season’s biggest issue has been their inconsistency. The Buckeyes were on a tear prior to the middle of February, but since then, it has been a matter of trying to figure out which Ohio State team you are going to get on a nightly basis. When they are locked in, they can be virtually unstoppable. Duane Washington Jr. and E.J. Lidell lead a standout offense this year, but their defense struggled at times. That could wind up being a problem for them down the road, and Ohio State shouldn’t sleep on Oral Roberts when they face them Friday afternoon. Oral Roberts is a team that can give you the business offensively, and they are excellent at spreading the floor, picking their sweet spots, and just so happen to have the nation’s leading scorer, Max Abmas, as one of their weapons.

5. Illinois

It has been roughly sixteen years since we last saw Illinois snag the number one seed, and the Fighting Illini are eyeing a national championship. While Illinois is enjoying their conference tournament championship win against Ohio State, they understand that the work is far from being finished. Big Ten award winners Ayo Dosunmu, Kofi Cockburn, Andre Curbelo, and Trent Frazier make up the team’s core, with each bringing a valuable range of talents.  Dosunmu is a clutch player unafraid to take on big moments, and Cockburn is a commanding big that can control both sides of the ball. Illinois’s supporting cast is also strong, making them a complete team that can give you a little bit of everything.

Of note: Illinois has a polarizing defense. They are probably among the most skilled and intuitive teams in the nation when it comes to predicting offensive schemes, and their reaction times are impeccable.

6. Baylor

This is getting tough. The Baylor Bears are poised to have a legitimate shot at winning the championship. They had a stellar regular season and possess the AP Big 12 Player of the Year, Jared Butler. The tournament loss against the Oklahoma State Cowboys shouldn’t necessarily be an indictment against the Bears—Baylor knew ahead of time that their spot in the tournament would be guaranteed, and in those cases, teams may hold back their best efforts to prevent injuries, conserve energy, etc. The Bears’ offense is led by players like Davion Mitchell and Macio Teague, and their chemistry and confidence are soaring at just the right time. That said, Baylor’s loss is an example of how an off-night could result in an upset.

Sleeper Pick: Oklahoma State

Speaking of Oklahoma State, whenever you have the projected No 1. pick in the NBA leading your roster, anything is possible. Cade Cunningham is a monster, and the Oklahoma State Cowboys have been on a roll, upsetting Baylor to win eight of their last nine. Cunningham is a pure scorer, capable of putting up 20, 30, or even 40 points on any given night. His clutch factor is also insane, and at this point, we’ve lost track of how many game-winning jumpers he’s nailed over the last month or so. The Cowboys could make a deep run—beating the Bears has given the team the confidence of knowing that they can hang with anybody. It shouldn’t be a surprise if Oklahoma State ends up making the Sweet 16 (or perhaps further).

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Here Are ONE37pm’s Official 2021 March Madness Predictions

Are you guys ready for the early but not so early March Madness predictions? Well, we sure are.

With Conference tournaments in full swing and the excitement of Selection Sunday just a few short days away, we are gathering up our predictions to get you pumped for an exciting couple of weeks. While we won’t know the entire bracket until Sunday evening, it is still fun to play the guessing game right? We’ll see in the near future if our predictions were on the money or completely left field, but for the time being, let’s get in on the bracketology madness.

Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, and Illinois Will Be The Number One Seeds
Getty Images
Gonzaga celebrates championship win against the Brigham Young Cougars

This prediction isn’t too crazy. These are the four teams that are widely projected to take the No. 1 spots due to their dominant performances and consistency this season. 

Gonzaga is undefeated, and they have only had one game this year where they didn’t win by double digits. The margin of error for this team is slim-to-none, and the Zags have a versatile offense with scorers like Corey Kispert, Drew Timme, and Jalen Suggs. Gonzaga absolutely bombards their opponent’s defense with speed, transitions, and crafty backdoor cuts. If you want a shot at beating the Zags, you will have to slow them down offensively and as evidenced by their zero losses, that is not an easy feat.

Now on to Baylor. The Bears could actually have a case for being the best team in the tournament. Led by junior guard Jared Butler (who was recently named the AP Big 12 Player of the Year), Baylor has had very few slip ups this season, only losing to 10th ranked West Virginia on March 3rd. Offensively, the Bears are flowing, and they are lethal from 3-point range, one only needs to look at  Davion Mitchell and MaCio Teague to get an idea of what we mean. Teague can rack up points quickly, and Mitchell has also been incredibly efficient this season. The Bears might be one of the most complete teams in the tournament this year, and their confidence is high heading into next week. Also of note: Baylor lost almost a month of games due to Covid-19.

Next up Michigan. The Wolverines had been on a tear prior to their loss against No. 3 Illinois, but since then it has been an up and down battle. Michigan beat Michigan State like they were supposed to on March 4th, but then three days later they turned around and lost to, well, Michigan State. The Spartans are a solid team themselves, looking to make some noise in the  Big Ten Tourney, but Michigan was widely considered to be the better team heading into that matchup (especially since they had just easily beaten them a couple of days before). Here is the thing—once March Madness starts, the regular season no longer matters. We’ve seen teams that have had near-perfect seasons go down early by way of an upset. In March, you are only as good as your last game. The Wolverines’ are still capable of everything predicted earlier this year and a solid performance in the Big Ten tourney could help them get their confidence back before March Madness.

Last but not least, Illinois. Recently climbing to No. 3 in the rankings, the Fighting Illini have a ‘Fantastic Four’ in Ayo Dosunmu, Kofi Cockburn, Andre Curbelo, and Trent Frazier, all of whom recently collected Big Ten awards, and are hitting their stride as they approach the Big Ten tournament. You could make the argument that their best game of the season so far was their win against Michigan, and they remain one of the hottest teams in the nation. Illinois possesses a suffocating defense, and was able to take down Michigan without Dosunmu (their leading scorer). That is some insane depth, and a scary sight for opponents.

Ohio State Will Still Make The Sweet 16
Getty Images
Musa Jallow of the Ohio State Buckeyes

You could call this ‘editor’s favoritism,’ but in this case the Buckeyes have the numbers to back it up. Despite their losses to Iowa and Illinois, OSU shouldn’t be written off completely.

Prior to their recent struggles, they had one of the best resumes in the country, with an impressive offense led by Duane Washington Jr. and E.J. Lidell. The Buckeyes have just got to get their mojo back, the season is full of ups and downs, and the Big Ten tournament could be a great place to get back into that groove they were in up until the end of February. Ohio State is good at breaking down defenses and knocking down threes, and they proved that against Illinois when they shot 40% from long range in the first half. The Buckeyes could also use the help of Justin Ahrens, who has been in the midst of a shooting slump. The only way to get out of a slump is to keep shooting, and Ahrens hasn’t let his struggles affect his mindset. If he can manage to get some shots to start falling, that would be huge for OSU.

Drake University, VCU, Colorado State and Hartford Will All Make The First Four
Getty Images
Drake Bulldogs’ guard De’Antae McMurray

Eight teams will make the first four, and we have Drake University, VCU, Colorado State, and Hartford as four of those teams securing their token. Here is why: 2021 is the year of bold confident takes.

Drake University is having not only a great season, but one of their best in the history of the program. However, they may end up running into a momentum issue. The Bulldogs lost to Missouri State on Saturday, and will automatically advance to the Missouri Valley Conference Semis by way of a ‘Covid elimination’ after their quarter final matchup against Northern Iowa was canceled due to an outbreak amongst Northern Iowa’s players and personnel. Their next game is against Missouri State on Saturday, leaving the Bulldogs with a full week off. The break could either be helpful or to their detriment, but we still have Drake getting in.

VCU had a strong showing in their win against Davidson on March 5th, advancing to the A-10 Championship. One more win gives them an automatic bid to the tourney. Now here is where the bold prediction comes in—VCU will pull off the upset to take down the No 1. Ranked St. Bonaventure Bonnies. Some may say this can’t happen, but if any team could potentially beat St. Bonaventure, it would be VCU who is ranked No. 2. Both teams like to throw the first punch offensively and put their opponents away early, so it will be a matter of who can get the most stops. VCU’s defense has had great moments this year, and if they can weather the storm, they have a decent shot at beating St. Bonaventure.

If you don’t know about Colorado State, then you should become familiar really quickly. CSU is a sleeper team sounding alarms, ringing bells, making noise or whatever you want to call it. CSU is coming off a 14-4 Mountain West Conference record— their best in school history—and they are hungry for an NCAA tournament bid. The Rams know there is a lot at stake—their devastating loss against Nevada hurt their tournament conquest, but they can potentially recover with a powerful performance in the Mountain West Tournament.

Hartford appears to be in a good position to lock in a tournament spot, beating the No. 2 ranked Vermont in the American East semifinals. Now all the Hawks have to do is beat UMass Lowell on Saturday, and their spot in the NCAA Tourney will be secured. From a numbers standpoint, Hartford should be able to seal the deal, and they are riding high from their victory against Vermont. The Hawks will need another dynamic performance from Traci Carter and Austin Williams, and their offense will have to flow like it did this past Saturday if they want to win.

We’ll be updating this list in the coming days, will have more March Madness coverage coming your way soon.

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How To Watch March Madness 2021: Complete Schedule and Dates

Get ready for a March Madness unlike any other we have seen in the history of the tournament. After the pandemic halted last year’s event, things are back in action this season, with 68-teams looking to fulfill their quest of winning the coveted NCAA championship trophy. There will be some changes this year; the entire tournament will take place in Indiana as opposed to being scattered across various states and cities, and the majority of those games will be played in Indianapolis.

We know you have probably have a lot of questions, so we will try to cover all of them with the information we know now. We will be providing round-the-clock NCAA coverage over the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back frequently for the latest updates.

When is Selection Sunday?
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Selection Sunday is March 14th at 6 p.m. EST/ 3 p.m. PST on CBS.

What day does the tournament actually start?

As usual, the NCAA will have a First Four round to determine the play-in slots. The First Four starts Thursday, March 18th, with the first round taking place that Friday and Saturday. The second round will begin at noon on Sunday, March 21st, and continue on through Monday, March 22nd.

What is the full schedule for the Tournament?

Games can be watched on CBS, TruTV, TNT, and CBS.  This is the full schedule as slated:

  • Selection Sunday — 6 p.m. ET March 14 on CBS
  • First Four — 4 p.m. start on Thursday, March 18 on TruTV and TBS
  • First-round — 12 p.m. start on Friday, March 19, and Saturday, March 20 on CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV
  • Second round — 12 p.m. start on Sunday, March 21, and Monday, March 22 on CBS, TBS, TNT, and TruTV
  • Sweet 16 — 2 p.m. start on Saturday, March 27, and 1 p.m. start on Sunday, March 28 on CBS and TBS
  • Elite Eight — 7 p.m. start on Monday, March 29, and 6 p.m. start on Tuesday, March 30 on CBS (Monday) and TBS (Tuesday)
  • Final Four — 5 p.m. start on Saturday, April 3 on CBS
  • NCAA championship game — 9 p.m. Monday, April 5 on CBS
What Are The Safety Protocols?

As per, this year’s tournament will be played entirely in Indiana. Games will only be played one at a time at Lucas Oil Stadium and various other locations, including Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Hinkle Fieldhouse, Mackey Arena, Indiana Farmers Coliseum, and Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. Teams will utilize the many different courts at the Indiana Convention Center for practices, and each team will be housed on dedicated hotel floors with socially distanced meeting rooms available for their use. Transportation will be provided to and from the competition centers. 

How Will The Seeding Changes Affect The Tournament?

Previously, certain elements of bracket positioning were dependent upon the locations of the teams. With the entire tournament taking place in Indiana this year, the bracket positioning will now be entirely based on rankings. Geography will no longer affect the ‘S-curve’ (a system used by the NCAA committee to make bracket decisions), and there will be 37 at-large selections, with 31 automatic qualifiers.

Obviously these things could change in light of a potential Covid outbreak (let’s keep our fingers crossed), but for the time being this is everything you need to know right as far as scheduling.

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7 NCAAW March Madness Teams To Watch As We Head Into The Conference Tourneys

Are you ready to go dancing?

Well we are, but before we do, we have to work our way through the conference tournaments. For some programs he conference tourneys aren’t that important—win or lose they know that they will be a part of the 64-team bracket (though a loss could potentially affect your standing/opponent). For other teams it’s a do or die situation and if you want a chance to compete for the national title, you have to show up and show out during the conference tournament. We’ll get into that more in the coming days, but for now we want to highlight seven different teams that you should be watching as we conclude the regular season. This could change tomorrow, but that is the beauty of March right?

1. Texas A&M

Watch out for the Aggies. We knew they were a problem, but it seems this team is hitting their peak at just the right moment. Texas A&M now holds the number two ranking, making it their highest ranking ever in the Associated Press Women’s College Basketball poll, and recently captured their first SEC regular-season title. Senior forward N’dea Jones is closing her collegiate career with personal career highs and has been excellent on the boards breaking the rebound record in Sunday’s win against South Carolina.

Teammate Aaliyah Wilson is also having a great season leading the team in points per game. Watch out for Jordan Nixon as well, she is a very tenacious player good with dishing the ball and getting boards. The Aggies have got a ton of depth, and you have no shot at a victory if you can’t out rebound them. They beat you on both sides of the ball.

2. Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana is another one of those quiet teams that made 2021 their statement year. They aren’t receiving as much attention as some of their counterparts, but they have managed to slide their way into the top ten. With recent wins against Iowa and Ohio State, this team is full of the veteran leadership necessary to make a deep postseason run. Their backcourt is nice (Grace Berger and Ali Patberg can give you scoring and defense), and as a team they always stay composed. That will be critical for them later in March.

3. UConn Huskies

UConn. What a surprise.

By now you should be familiar with the Huskies’ continued dominance, and this season is no different. As of this writing, the Huskies have a 21-1 record (18-0 in conference play), and a potential player of the year in Paige Bueckers. Bueckers has been poised and efficient in her freshman season, which has helped her lead a relatively young group to the number one ranking. Olivia Nelson-Ododa and Christyn Williams have also been key scorers alongside Aliyah Edwards, and their defense has been solid as well. UConn could very well win the title this year, but their youth could also end up being exposed during the tourney. A number one ranking has never guaranteed you a title, but anything is possible with a Geno Auriemma team.

4. NC State Wolfpack

One thing about NC State, they are resilient. This has been a tough couple of weeks overall with upsets and near upsets, but they have the ability to lock in and come up big during crucial moments. This is another team with a ton of depth, and I think we should keep be keeping a close eye on Jada Boyd—she was the x-factor in their win against Syracuse. Kayla Jones and Elissa Cunane are dangerous too. This team has a loaded arsenal which makes them capable of withstanding runs and fending off teams.

5. Stanford Cardinal

Stanford is currently projected to be the number two seed when the official bracket is announced on Selection Monday. Claiming their first Pac-12 regular season title since 2014, the Cardinal  have fought hard in what has proven to be a difficult season due to Covid. They have an elite defender in senior guard Anna Wilson, and a hungry group ready to compete. Stanford beat the eighth-ranked USC Trojans yesterday and faces the fifth-ranked Oregon State tonight.

6. Louisville Cardinals

Louisville is another team having a strong year, and a young woman by the name of Dana Evans may have something to do with that. Evans has been incredible, recently being named as one of the five finalists for the 2021 Ann Meyers Drysdale Award, given to that year’s Outstanding Contributor to Women’s College Basketball.  

Evans has shown many skills during her senior campaign including: the ability to pick any designated spot on the court and get a bucket, as well as her mental toughness and clutch ability. Evans can have her way with any defender, and veteran leadership is going to be key. Elizabeth Dixon and Mysaka Robinson will be key on the offensive end, and Hailey Van Lith can give the team a solid ten points per night. The Cardinals look good heading into this final week of the regular season.

7. Baylor Lady Bears

The Lady Bears currently own the nation’s largest streak of consecutive regular-season championships, and are obviously looking to not lose again for the rest of the year. While their offensive efforts are great, it is their defense that continues to impress time and time again.  If you want to beat the Bears, you are going to have to rely on hope because they are not going to let you have anything.

They also don’t allow much room for second chances as they lead the nation in rebound margins, and standout power forward NaLyssa Smith has come up big in that department, ranking fourth in the Big 12 in rebounds per game. Smith is also ranked 9th in scoring, and is currently one of eleven semifinalists for the Naismith Trophy. 

We’ll be updating this list as our March Madness coverage continues. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with your favorite teams as they close out their seasons.