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“The Book of Boba Fett” Recap: ‘Return of the Mandalorian’

Who doesn’t love starting a new episode that throws you right smack dab in the middle of a slaughterhouse?

Let’s insert the “When Worlds Collide” song from SpongeBob SquarePants right here because we open up this episode by seeing our old friend, Mando, casually walking through a slaughterhouse. I knew I missed The Mandalorian, but until I saw him on the screen, I didn’t realize how much I actually did (let’s get Season 3 up ASAP, okay @ The Mandalorian writers?).

On a mission to secure a bounty out for Kaba Baiz, a Klatoonian, Mando finds himself in the middle of a slaughterhouse, heading to the back room to locate him. Though Kaba Baiz first denies even being the Klatoonian in question, Mando has a tracker on him and knows that he’s lying. Surrounded by other aliens, Mando quickly pulls out the Darksaber and makes his way through the crowd, ending on Baiz, who put up a bit of a better fight, leaving Mando with a leg injury before being killed.

Upon exiting the back room, Mando is greeted by another slew of aliens who had been working in the main room and heard all the ruckus. Oh, and being that they’re in a slaughterhouse, they’re all wielding a nice variety of butcher knives. In exchange for the money that their boss owed them, Mando lets them pass and vice-versa.

He limps his way through an odd-looking planet that resembles the classic spiral from Sonic the Hedgehog and arrives at his boss’s office, where he presents her with the head of the Klatoonian in exchange for a bit of money and information. She tells Mando where his fellow Mandalorian the Armorer is, who he sets out to find immediately following the meeting.

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As most of the Mandalorians were killed, he’s only greeted by her and Paz Vizsla, who helps restore his wound. Mando shows the Armorer the Darksaber, and it seems as if Vizsla thinks he should be its owner instead.

After turning his beskar spear over to the Armorer to be formed into something for Grogu, he asks her about Bo-Katan Kryze, and she launches into a bit of a historical flashback about Kryze and her ancestors. Though she was once supposed to rule Mandalore, her and her family stopped following “the way,” which, according to The Armorer, led to chaos and the loss of their world. If it weren’t for those who survived who continued to follow “the way,” there would be no Mandalorian legacy.

After this, the Armorer teaches Mando how to use the Darksaber properly, but her advice isn’t very helpful, as the saber controls him rather than the other way around. The weapon gets heavier and heavier with every swing, leaving it practically useless against any enemy. Mando will have to change his mindset to get the weapon actually to work as it’s supposed to.

Seeing his failed efforts to wield the Darksaber, Vizsla challenges Mando to a combat fight, as the winner will be the holder of the saber. Though a close fight at first, Mando is about to kill Vizsla when the Armorer calls it a win. However, after admitting to her that he has taken his helmet off in the past, she claims that he is no longer a Mandalorian, and with that, he boards a flight to Tatooine.

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And where does Mando head first? But of course, to Peli Motto’s shop, where she had promised him a new ship. He is annoyed to learn that this ship is not, in fact, a new Razor Crest but rather an old Naboo Starfighter, something first seen in The Phantom Menace. Angered by this, Mando demands his money back, though Motto convinces him to let her fully repair it, as she promises that it’ll be an impressive ship. Though she promised to fix it herself, Mando helps out, as things will move faster with the two of them working on it.

After a ton of work, the ship is finally ready to go, comprised of vintage pieces and refurbished parts courtesy of some Jawas, one of whom Motto claims to have dated in the past (they were too furry). Looking much sleeker and matching the overall look of Mando’s armor, he takes a test run with the ship, which flies extremely fast and has great handling.

Wanting to take it off Tatooine and into space briefly, Mando heads up, though he’s stopped by two New Republic pilots (basically the traffic officers of space) for flying too close to a commercial ship. When they start to question him about his involvement with the Razor Crest, he denies them any more information and then takes off into hyperspace, heading back to Tatooine.

Back on land, Mando regroups with Motto, who tells him that someone stopped by and was looking for him. Though she claimed that she kept the visitor out, Fennec Shand jumps into the scene, having gotten past whatever “security” Motto put in place.

Fennec asks Mando if he’s looking for work and claims that the pay is good, though he turns down her money. Instead, he’ll do whatever she needs for free, which will be providing some extra muscle for her and Boba Fett in this upcoming war against the Pykes. But before he’s able to start working for them, Mando mentions that he has to “pay a visit to a little friend.” And we all know who that little friend is.

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“The Book of Boba Fett” Recap: ‘The Gathering Storm’

Ah, the last of the flashbacks.

We begin this episode once again in Boba Fett’s bacta tank, where he’s having another flashback that picks up right where we left off during his last one. On his bantha traveling from the scene of the Tusken Raiders’ destroyed camp, Fett locates Jabba’s (Fortuna’s) Palace and takes account of the situation from afar, realizing that some of Fortuna’s guards are patrolling the grounds.

As it’s starting to get late, Fett calls it a day and starts up a campfire that night. He enjoys some food with his bantha but is taken aback when he hears a few explosions popping off nearby. Traveling a bit to see what the fuss was about, he finds Fennec Shand lying on the ground, nearly dead.

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He straps her onto his bantha and they head off to the outskirts of Mos Eisley, where Fett finds a mod-parlor shop (which is responsible for creating the human-droid modifications like that of the teen gang from the last episode) to save her life. Running things much like a modern-day tattoo parlor, the owner of the shop finally agrees to work on Shand after Fett hands the artist a bag of coins.

Waking up at the campfire later that night, Shand glances down and sees her droid-abdomen for the first time and Fett explains what happened. He reveals that he knows who she is and agrees that she’s worth more alive than dead. Because she owes Fett for saving her life, she agrees to help him break into Jabba’s Palace and retrieve his ship, Slave 1.

The next day, the two set off for Jabba’s Palace on a reconnaissance mission, using Shand’s mini spy droid to take a look at the situation on the inside. Upon its return, the droid creates a hologram-like map of the inside of the palace, including where the guards are stationed. With this information revealing that tons of guards are patrolling inside, Fett decides that they’ll need to time it with the guards’ shifts in order to get to Slave 1.

Taking off on their mission, they enter Jabba’s Palace after Shand cuts open the metal bars of a tiny, open-air window on the side of the building at ground level. Once inside, they first encounter the kitchen, with two droids cutting up various vegetables and cooking food. Fett quickly takes out the smaller of the two droids, moving on to the larger one, who’s wielding six different knives, spinning them in an aggressive fashion very similar to that of General Grievous. Before Fett is able to get to him, Shand takes him out from behind.

Lucasilm Ltd.

However, they’re not quite done in the kitchen just yet. They hear someone coming, so they hide on either side of the kitchen’s entryway while an extremely cute, little LEP Droid walks in and is wondering what’s going on. A quick droid, it runs around the kitchen and through smaller spaces to avoid Fett and Shand, who eventually corner him. They don’t kill him; instead, he turns himself off to avoid the situation altogether.

The two move on to the hangar holding Slave 1, which looks incredibly rusty, though a few Gamorrean Guards enter in behind them, forcing Fett and Shand to hide once again. They quickly take the guards out, but a horde of guards storm into the hangar, greatly outnumbering the two. They try to pick off the Pykes while moving closer to the ship; Fett is able to get into the cockpit while Shand stays behind and continues to take out the enemies.

Slave 1 turns on, though Fett is having a tough time maneuvering the ship out of the hangar and can’t get the door to the outside of the palace open. Shand hops onto the back ramp of the ship and fights from up there, with some of Fortuna’s men jumping up and onto the ramp to take her out. She’s able to fend them off while figuring out how to open the outside door, which she does by firing at a weight holding the door up. With that, the two are finally able to fly out of the hangar.

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After escaping Jabba’s Palace, they head over to the site of the Sarlacc pit, which Fett believes is holding his armor, obviously forgetting the fact that a bunch of Jawas stripped him of his gear. He flies the ship right on top of the pit in order to shine a light in and see better, but out of nowhere, the Sarlacc comes to life and tries to pull down the ship. The Sarlacc only lets go when Shand pushes a button to release a seismic charge into the pit—and what a throwback the sound of that charge was.

Now that the Sarlacc has been killed, Fett lands Slave 1 and heads into the pit in a deep search for his armor, though the only thing he comes up with is a thick layer of mucus from the inside of the Sarlacc. And with that, they head back to set up camp and end the night sitting by the fire. Shand asks Fett if he’s serious about starting his own “house” (collective) in Mos Espa, and he is, explaining how avoidable most of the jobs he took as a Bounty Hunter were. He invites her to join him in his new journey, and though she’s skeptical, Fett offers her loyalty (and money) to be his partner.

Back in the present day, Fett exits the bacta tank and is told that he is fully recharged, which means that we—as the audience—are now caught up on his backstory. Fresh out the tank, Fett takes on Mos Espa, making the rounds and stopping at Garsa Fwip’s cantina to show his face.

Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+

While there, he watches on as a fight breaks out between Black Krrsantan and a few Trandoshans, simply because Krrsantan was annoyed by their rowdy behavior. Flinging them all across the room, he’s about to kill one of the Trandoshans when Fwip comes in and gives him a good talking to. However, it’s not completely good enough, as Krrsantan decides to bite one of their arms off before exiting the building. Things go back to normal almost immediately in the cantina, as Fwip says, “Hit it, Max,” which signals the band to resume playing, loose arm on the floor and all.

Fett follows Krrsantan outside and simply says, “Looks like you could use a job,” and judging by the timbre of his growl, it seems (I hope) that he’ll be joining the squad.

Fett and Shand meet with the three families who control Mos Espa: the Trandoshans, the Aqualish, and the Klatoonians, the latter of whom I didn’t realize resembled the Whos from How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Fett discusses how they all need to join together as one force as the Pykes are clearly gearing up for some sort of war against him and the control of Mos Espa. Though they’re not sure if they want to create negative tension with the Pykes, they finally agree to remain neutral in the event that the Pykes want them to turn against Fett.

Afterward, Fett and Shand return to the palace and reflect on the meeting, agreeing that a war with the Pykes is definitely imminent and that they need to prepare. When Fett says that he’s lacking the muscle needed to take on a war like this, we hear the theme of The Mandalorian quietly play, possibly alluding to a Mando appearance for the next episode.

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“The Book of Boba Fett”: ‘The Streets of Mos Espa’ Recap

For another 38-minute episode (sigh), this one sure packed a ton of storylines in it, as ‘The Streets of Mos Espa’ walks us through the more gritty parts of the city.

At Jabba’s (Boba Fett’s) palace, the 8D8 Droid is standing in front of a projected map, giving Fett and Fennec Shand some history regarding the areas that were previously under the protection of Jabba and Bib Fortuna. He notes that Fortuna had Mos Espa divvied up into three sections by three families: the city center was taken by the Trandoshans, the Aqualish had the worker’s district, and the Klatooinians controlled the upper sprawl and starport. Given this, 8D8 makes it known that the people of Mos Espa are waiting to see how Fett will lead the area.

Fett also reflects on their meeting with Mayor Mok Shaiz from the previous episode, where he denies sending the assassins to kill him. With this, Fett now believes that the Hutt Twins were behind the attack.

Interrupting this meeting, a local water monger and shop owner, Lortha Peel, comes by for an unscheduled visit, letting Fett know that a gang of local teenagers (who are half-human, half-robot) stole some of his water inventory from him. He begs Fett to get rid of them, and finally, he agrees to look into things.

Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+

At night, Fett, Shand, and the Gamorrean Guards head into Mos Espa to track down the teens. Outside of the Peel’s shop, he finds the group of grungy kids hanging out and decides to confront them. Expecting them to lie about their stealing, one of the leaders of the crew, Drash (Sophia Thatcher), openly admits to stealing the water. She explains that Peel is charging an exorbitant amount for water, which Fett is surprised by.

After Drash tells him that there’s no work in the area to make the money to actually pay for the water, Fett suggests that she and her crew come work for him, which they agree to. Overhearing this, Peel comes rushing out of his shop and is outraged by it. Fett calls him out for charging too much for water and reimburses him for the gang’s stealing by paying him a more acceptable amount: 500 credits instead of 1300. After that, the gang follows Fett back to the palace on multicolored sand scooters that resemble Vespas. Or, if you’re a fan of the older Nickelodeon show, Zoey101, they basically look like the Jet-X.

In his medical pod, Fett has a quick flashback back at Kamino, watching his father fly away on Slave-1. In a more recent flashback, Fett is once again back with the Tusken Raiders, where he heads out on a Bantha to go to Mos Eisley and look for the Pykes. In the background, we get a quick glimpse into The Mandalorian as Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) walks by in the background with a few of her robots.

Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+

Fett meets with Pyke Syndicate, where they talk about the protection arrangements in the Outer Rim. He’s expecting to receive payments from the Pyke, though he refuses to pay Fett as they’re already paying another party for protection: the Kintan Striders (the speeder bike gang). As the Pyke won’t budge, Fett tells him that he won’t be hearing from the striders anymore.

Upon his return, a billowing line of smoke clouds fill the air above the Tusken Raider camp, and upon further investigation, it turns out that the entire camp was burned down by the Kintan Striders. Their infamous symbol was painted onto one of the tents, and although Fett thought that he got his message across to them in last week’s episode, they decided to take revenge on him for his actions. With this, Fett departs the camp, though he’s brought back to the present day abruptly, as Black Krrsantan unloads him from his medical pod and throws him across the room.

The two fight in the medical pod room, with Fett making unsuccessful efforts to take the Wookiee down, as he’s basically unstoppable. The gang of teens come running into the room to assist him and are mostly unsuccessful, even though there are so many of them. However, they’re able to lead the Wookiee to the main room in the palace, getting him to stand over the trap door. At this point, Shand unlocks the trap door, though Black Krrsantan is able to hold on with one hand. She takes out her small knife and throws it at his hand, which finally traps him downstairs.

Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+

With that fight concluded, the twin Hutts show up to apologize to Fett with a massive gift (that they forgot to wrap, might I add): a “baby” rancor, fit with a trainer, portrayed by Danny Trejo. The Hutts also reveal that the territory they thought was for them was actually promised to a different Syndicate by Mayor Mok Shaiz. With that, the Twins have decided to go back to Hutta (Nal Hutta), their planet, instead of vying for the territory on Tatooine.

The Gamorrean Guards bring out Black Krrsantan, who is handcuffed, and Fett offers him back to the Hutts if they renounce their claims to Jabba the Hutt’s land. They don’t care about what happens to the Wookiee, so Fett simply releases him back onto Tatooine.

The rancor is brought to the lower level of the palace; its eyes are masked, as the first person it sees will become its leader. Trejo’s character finally removes its mask and the rancor sees Fett, which he quickly becomes attached to.

Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+

Fett, Shand, and the teenage gang head over to have another impromptu meeting with the Mayor, and the Mayor’s Twi’lek majordomo heads back to fetch him. However, he locks the door behind him; upon noticing this, Fett and Shand are able to break their way into the back room, though they find it completely empty.

Having to act quickly to catch the majordomo, the gang of teenagers take off on their sand scooters and begin to chase after him, who has taken off in a land speeder. They follow him through the cramped and crowded streets of Mos Espa constantly dodging droids, markets, and falling crates. It’s not a super-high-speed chase, as one can only go so fast through such small streets, though I feel like they could’ve been going a little faster just for the sake of action.

The gang is finally able to corner the majordomo after he crashes his landspeeder into a fruit market, filling his vehicle with exotic fruits. Fett catches up to them with his jetpack, landing right beside the landspeeder, and finally asks where the Mayor is. Apparently, he decided to take off with the Pykes.

Elsewhere in Mos Espa, dozens of Pykes arrive on a starliner. Shand believes that this is only the first wave of them and that there are more coming; a clear sign that they want to go to war.

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“The Book of Boba Fett” Recap: ‘The Tribes of Tatooine’

With its runtime about 20 minutes longer than the previous one, “The Tribes of Tatooine” was already shaping up to be quite the episode just given that information alone.

In the present day, Fennec Shand brings the assassin that she took hostage in the last episode back to their base in Jabba’s Palace. Boba sits at his throne and questions him, asking about who sent him and what his orders were. When he refuses to speak, Fett drops him down below through the trap door, where it seems like the Rancor (which was killed by Luke Skywalker years before) is about to be let loose behind the door downstairs. However, as a way to stop this from happening, the assassin finally reveals that the Mayor is the one who sent him to kill Fett. As the door opens, nothing is behind it—the assassin was actually in no danger at all.

The crew heads over with the assassin to pay an impromptu and unwelcome visit to Mayor Mok Shaiz; he’s of the Ithorian species and has an attached robot translate for him. When Shaiz clarifies that the assassin is part of the Order of the Night Wind, one of his henchmen immediately kills the assassin.

Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+

Shaiz still considers Fett a bounty hunter, and after some talking, he tells him to seek out Garsa Fwip at her cantina, the Sanctuary, to see who really sent the assassin to kill him. At the Sanctuary, Fwip reveals that “the twins” have decided to take over their late cousin’s throne, and when two members of the Hutt species come marching down the middle of the street in a litter, it’s clear that their late cousin was Jabba the Hutt.

Fett talks to the two twins: one, almost identical to Jabba in green, and the other, his sister, in a more pink hue (or maybe it’s just Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents disguised as descendants of Jabba). Though Fett claims that Jabba’s Palace is his territory, the Hutts feel otherwise, according to a scroll document.

Out of nowhere, a massive Wookiee bounty hunter steps out in an effort to threaten Fett. He doesn’t even do anything—he just stands there and slightly growls menacingly. But honestly, it was kind of unsettling from the comfort of my couch. Fett eventually tells the Hutts that they’ll have to kill him for the throne, and with that, the twins leave for the time being and decide to deal with the issue later.

Back in his medical pod from the last episode, we’re brought back in time a bit, picking up where we left off last week. The Tusken Raiders now accept Fett given his heroic actions in defeating the massive creature from before. They begin to train him in their style of fighting, which involves a long staff that they wield to attack their enemies.

Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+

While training, the Tusken Raiders spot a massive sand train coming through the Dune Sea and get in position to both take cover and fire at the train. Quite a few raiders are taken down in this long-distance shootout, which leads Fett to head out in the night to gather the necessary materials to destroy the train.

At a remote bar, Fett finds a group of aliens threatening a couple and takes this as an opportunity to fight with them. He easily eliminates their crew and leaves the bar with their speeder bikes in tow.

Back at the Tusken Raiders’ camp, Fett teaches them how to use the speeder bikes—at first going very slowly and then faster as they become more accustomed to the new way of travel. He even drills them on jumping from one speeder to another, which takes quite a bit of practice for them to nail down.

Having devised a plan to take down the train the next time it comes by, the crew is ready to jump into action as they see it coming over the horizon. Along with some of the other raiders, Fett hops on a speeder bike while the other half of the raiders take their positions further back with sniper rifles at the ready.

Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+

Fett and the raiders on speeder bikes fight parallel to the train, eventually making their way both on top of and inside the train to take out the enemies. Though it’s a tough battle and ride as the droid-conductor amps up the speed, Fett is able to stop the train by pulling a stuck lever with his brute strength.

Afterward, the raiders offload the rest of the enemies on board and sit them down outside the destroyed train. Fett demands more information about what they’re carrying—spices—and forces them to leave while also prohibiting them from using the area as part of their route.

While gathering around a fire later that night, the chief Tusken Raider gives Fett a gift: a very tiny and cute lizard. The lizard then promptly crawls up Fett’s nose and sends him into a weird sort of hallucination. He walks around the Dune Sea and approaches a large tree, where the branches wrap around him and force him into pieces of flashbacks. Finally, in a vision that’s clearly set in the ocean of Kamino, a large wave crashes and he’s back to reality.

Approaching the camp, Fett is holding a large tree branch, which the raiders then help him craft into a staff of his own. After receiving new clothes from the crew, Fett begins creating his staff. The process is extremely detailed, and with the guided direction of the Tusken Raiders, he’s able to form a weapon of his own.

Gathering around the fire once again, Fett is now in his new clothing with his staff in hand. The raiders and Fett do an elaborate walk-dance around the fire that’s a bit reminiscent of a flash mob, though a much more serious flash mob. And with that visual, the episode comes to a close.

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“The Book of Boba Fett” Recap: ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’

Everything looks familiar in the halls of Jabba’s Palace, though it seems out of place given that it’s completely empty, save for the giant incubator that’s holding Boba Fett. Our first glimpse of Fett comes through a pane of glass and a few feet of water in a medical pod as Fett heals from…something.

Inside the pod, he’s having a dream-like flashback, which brings him both back to Kamino and to picking up his father’s helmet on Geonosis. Suddenly, Fett is inside the Sarlacc, where he finds himself staring at a dead stormtrooper. He tries to figure his way out of the Sarlacc’s intestines, but first, he rips out the stormtrooper’s oxygen tube and uses it for himself. Taking his flamethrower to the Sarlacc’s insides, Fett is able to claw his way out, as we see his fist finally come through the sand on the other side of the Sarlacc pit.

Covered in sand, he makes it out alive and is finally able to rest on the outskirts of the pit. After resting for what we assume is many hours, a pack of Jawas finds him face-down and quickly strips him of his gear. Later on, Tusken raiders find and cure him with a weird carrot-like thing before taking him away.

He’s tied up, beaten, and dragged to their camp, where he wakes up later, tied again to a post with a Rodian bounty hunter in the same situation just a few feet from him. An alligator-like creature that’s serving as a watchdog keeps an eye on both of them.

Fett tries to break out, which catches the attention of the watchdog, who proceeds to attack him, though he’s able to knock the creature out for the time being. Fett then breaks out of his ropes and runs away with a pack of Tusken Raiders following, along with the watchdog that has now woken up. After a stand-off with one of the raiders, Fett is brought back to the camp.

Suddenly we’re brought back to the present day, where his partner, Fennec Shand, is waking him up from outside of the medical pod. After drying off, Fett assumes his seat at Jabba’s Throne, where he and Shand wait for visitors to come by and pay their respects with different gifts.
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Visitors include Fett’s previous boss, Dokk Strassi, a representative from the Mayor, and a pair of Gamorreans who had previously been loyal to both Jabba and Bib Fortuna. Though skeptical of them at first, he takes them on as guards as they assured him of their loyalty.

Fett and Shand then head over to the heart of Mos Espa with the Gamorreans where they hit up the local cantina, The Sanctuary, to speak with the establishment’s owner, Garsa Fwip, about Fett’s new position in the city. This is all part of an effort to get the people in town to respect him instead of fearing him.

While on their way to another destination in the city, the two are surrounded by a group of ninja-like assassins with orange shields and electric staffs. Though Fett and Shand are tough, they’re unable to defeat all of the assassins until the two Gamorreans jump into action and save them.

Although Fett manages to kill one of them with a rocket, two assassins get away, with Shand taking off and running over rooftops to catch them. She ends up pushing one off a roof but is able to corner the final assassin and take him alive.
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Back at Jabba’s Palace, the Gamorreans load Fett back into the medical pod as he was pretty beaten up and out of breath following the assassin run-in. With that, he’s brought back to his dream-like state and the flashback from before picks up where it left off.

In his dream, Fett and the Rodian are instructed by the Tusken Raiders to find shells of water in a remote area of Tatooine. While digging in the sand, the Rodian encounters something much larger and fossil-like, but upon further investigation, it turns out to be a massive four-handed, centaur-like animal with the face of something slightly resembling the creature from the black lagoon. Oh, and it’s pretty angry, too.

The other prisoner who discovered it was almost immediately killed, though Fett was able to finally take out the creature just as it was about to kill the supervising Tusken Raider. He also killed the monster by choking it with a chain, similar to the way Princess Leia killed Jabba in Return of the Jedi.

It seems that this method of killing aliens is all too common on the sands of Tattoine.

Given Fett’s heroic action, it seems like he was released from his imprisonment, as the main Tusken Raider handed him a bowl of water at the end of the episode.

So—although we’re still missing a few pieces about how Fett got to exactly where he is now at Jabba’s throne—the first episode did an outstanding job of setting the general state of things. It’s a bit unsettling to be seeing so much of Fett’s actual face when he has remained a faceless mask in our heads for so many years, but it accomplishes the necessary goal of putting a face to a name.

He believes that a leader should show his face around town, and he meant that literally.

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Everything You Need To Know About “The Book of Boba Fett”

Many bounty hunters have walked the imaginary halls of the Star Wars universe, but none have reached quite the level of varsity fame as Boba Fett. With his heightened presence in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, it was clear that there was a larger story to be told about the famed bounty hunter.

Maybe it’s his helmet, or maybe it’s his suit (or maybe it’s Maybelline), but Boba Fett has undeniably made his mark on the Star Wars world. Everything about him exudes “cool,” so naturally, the audience of millions of Star Wars fans wanted to learn more about him—and more importantly, how he somehow escaped his apparent death in the Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi.

The end of Season 2 of The Mandalorian clued us in on the creation of The Book of Boba Fett with an end-credits scene, as we’re brought back to Jabba’s Palace with Bib Fortuna sitting in Jabba’s seat. Fennec Shand arrives and takes out a few guards and other attendants while also letting go of one of the prisoners. Following behind her is Fett, who promptly (and thankfully) kills Fortuna because honestly, weren’t we all sick of his long nails? After removing Fortuna from Jabba’s seat, Fett finally sits down and claims his territory in Jabba’s Palace.
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Following that scene, this new series will focus on Fett (Temuera Morrison) and Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), an assassin who works with Fett, as they head back to Tatooine and attempt to reclaim the spot that Jabba the Hut once called home.

Although the trailer for the series was a bit underwhelming, it was apparently part of an effort by director Robert Rodriguez to conceal some major surprises. Based on what was shown, it appears that Fett wishes to rule the area that Jabba had once controlled with respect instead of contempt.

Fett wants to forge ahead past his previous occupation as a bounty hunter and become more of an overall force, as he mentions in the trailer that he doesn’t consider himself a bounty hunter any longer. He’s not looking for conflict—instead, he wants all of the bounty hunters to cooperate so that they can reap the monetary rewards together, as bounty hunting was more of a competition back in Jabba’s days. However, the hunters don’t seem as enthusiastic about this notion as Fett is.

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Along with the Fett and Shand, Jennifer Beals will join the series as a recurring character, Madam Garsa, of the Twi’lek species, who hails from the planet Ryloth and sports those large, tentacle-like appendages out of her head. As of right now, it’s unclear what her role will be with regard to Fett and Shand; however, it’s no surprise that Twi’leks will be a part of the series, as the most well-known one—Bib Fortuna—held a prominent role at Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi and was recently killed by Fett at the end of Season 2 of The Mandalorian.

As the premiere date gets closer, be sure to check out the last few episodes of The Mandalorian for a bit of a refresher on what went down with Boba Fett. The Book of Boba Fett drops on Disney Plus on December 29 at 3 a.m. ET.