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The 10 Best Canvas Shoes For Men

Canvas shoes are a versatile option that comes in handy for work, school, and everyday wear. Stylish and comfortable, there are many different canvas shoes available through a plethora of retail websites, and the shoes itself are lightweight with many different colors and styles to choose from. In every closet, there are a select amount of items deemed as a ‘must have,’ and canvas shoes fall under that category due to their affordability and versatility. As many of us start to return to some form of office life, you may be in need of a new pair of work appropriate shoes, and we have you covered with ten different pairs of Canvas’ that can be used for both work and everyday life. Below is a list to get you started.

1. Vans Authentic Core Classics
Vans Authentic Core Classics

When in doubt, go with Vans. Vans remain a timeless tried and true appropriate for just about any occasion. The ‘Core Classics’ are a shoe that represents Southern California to the fullest, while blending together surfing and skating styles. Vans have been known to be a very durable shoe that can last for years, so you will definitely be getting your money’s worth as the neutral color makes it easily pairable with just about anything in your wardrobe. With lightweight and flexible uppers you won’t have to worry about creases, and the shoes are very comfy. While we selected the solid tan color, Vans has plenty of other colors available depending on what you are looking for.

BUY NOW, $49.95
2. J. Crew Explorer Canvas Slip-On Sneakers
J. Crew
J. Crew Explorer Canvas Slip-On Sneakers

J. Crew is another go-to brand that has offered quality work clothes and shoes over the decades. The ‘Explorer Slip-Ons’ are a lightweight supportive shoe that has received rave reviews since its release. Made from cotton, the shoes have breathable cotton drill lining and comfort counter padding to prevent sweat, and the rubber outsole helps make for a sturdy shoe that can last you many years. Perfect for the spring/summer, the ‘Explorers’ make for a great investment, as they can be used for many casual events and occasions. J. Crew is known to be on the expensive side at times (but very much worth it), however with these, you will be getting a steal as they are currently on sale for more than half of their original retail price. If you decide to order, consider going a size smaller as the ‘Explorers’ are known to run large.

BUY NOW, $29.50
3. Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops
Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops

Converse is another one of those brands that never misses when it comes to adequate shoe options. The High Top Canvas’ are an ‘OG’ shoe that was originally designed as a performance shoe, so you can get plenty of wear and support out of them. One of the most iconic shoes to ever be created, the ‘Chucks’ are made from canvas material, and have OrthoLite insole cushioning to provide additional comfort. Converse offers loads of different colorways that you can play around with depending on what you are feeling style wise, and are a relatively affordable option as an added bonus. Whether you are a shoe/sneakerhead or not, everybody needs Chucks in their closet. So if you don’t already own a pair, consider picking one up as your next Canvas shoe.

BUY NOW, $69
4. Adidas Original Stan Smith
Adidas Original Stan Smith

It would be downright criminal if we didn’t include the ‘Stan Smiths’ on this list. You want to talk about classics, there are fewer shoes on the face of this planet that are more iconic and legendary than the ‘Stan Smiths.’ Period. Originally created as a tennis shoe modeled after, well, Tennis hall of famer Stan Smith, we can personally assure you that they will never go out of style. Clean and fresh, the ‘Stans’ are a simple shoe (which always been the case), but they are eye-grabbing and easily recognizable, so you are sure to get compliments anytime you step out in them.

BUY NOW, $60-$90
5. Nike Air Force 1s
Nike Air Force 1s

There was once a period of time where Air Force 1s were no longer considered ‘in-style.’ To make a long story short, AF1s became associated with negative connotations, and as a result, many people quit wearing them. Fast forward several years later, Forces are now as in-demand as what they were at their peak in the early 2000s, and with the overall trends and styles associated at that time coming back, this is the perfect opportunity to grab a new pair of AF1s. If you are considering updating your Forces, we strongly recommend doing so sooner rather than later, as right now their is a low supply of the shoe due to the rising demands (and Covid). Don’t miss out!

BUY NOW, $80
6. Nicklas Laceless Canvas Shoe
Nicklas Laceless Canvas Shoe

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, then consider trying out the Nicklas Laceless Canvas Shoes. A five-star shoe offered by Banana Republic the Canvas’ are laceless and complete with lightweight OrthoLite inner cushioning alongside comfort technology insoles to help provide extra support and breathability. At the moment, Banana Republic has two colorway variations (blue and tan), and come in a variety of sizes. Banana Republic is another one of those outlets where you will be paying more than other stores, but the price is oftentimes worth it due to the durability of their products.

BUY NOW, $79.99
7. Nike Court Legacy Men’s Shoe
Nike Court Legacy Men’s Shoe

Another iconic tennis shoe, the Nike ‘Court Legacies’ are a household sneaker staple that remains a must-have. A modern streetwear shoe, the ‘Courts’ are deeply rooted in tennis culture, and the shoe blends together classic street fashion to create a plethora of casual classy looks. Comprising solely from leather, the ‘Courts’ feature an intricate detailed design on the outer, and a canvas trim around the midsole to bring that ‘on court’ tennis feel. Nike currently has seven different colorways available with the colors ranging from solid white to black, and the canvas is designed to stand the test of the time. 

BUY NOW, $60
8. Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged Boot
Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged Boot

For this next one we’ll go with something different. Nordstrom is an excellent place to find a wide variety of canvas shoes, and one of their products is the Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged Boots. Boasting a chunky lugged sole, the boots are basically your standard Chucks on top of a platform. Sleek and cutting edge, you can create tons of different styles from casual to formal, and the shoes are a solid fit with not too many complaints about comfort. If the black colorway isn’t your desired color choice, then you could choose to go with either the all-white or grey colors (though the all-white is more expensive). While these shoes are suitable for the spring and summer seasons, these would probably work better for fall/winter as the thick rubber outsole will be helpful for rainy and snowy conditions.

BUY NOW, $70
9. Maison Margiela 22 Classic Replica Sneaker
End Clothing
Maison Margiela 22 Classic Replica Sneaker

We had to include Maison Margiela for all of our luxury lovers. Since their debut in 1998, Maison Margiela has become one of the world’s luxury leaders, with their historic pieces. Now you may be wondering what exactly would warrant spending nearly $500 on a pair of canvas shoes when you can easily buy a pair from another outlet for $50. The answer to that would be that Maison Margiela is one of the most recognized and renowned luxury brands in history, and owning a pair is definitely one of those fashion ‘check-offs.’ Whether luxury items are a part of your regular shopping routines or not, we all deserve to treat ourselves. The company offers several other colors of the classics in addition to the neutral tans, and are truly a handsome shoe that would be worth the investment (especially if you decide to sell them in the future).

BUY NOW, $495
10. KEDS Champion
KEDS Champion

Ranked highly for their arch support, the KEDS are 100 percent canvas that blends style and comfort together effortlessly. A classic tennis shoe, the KEDs are one of the most versatile canvas shoes on the market with tons of colors and styles available at your disposal. Priding themselves on their comfortability, KEDS shoes have cushioned insoles with breathable fabrics to prevent excessive sweating, and thick rubber outsole for outdoor walking. Most KEDs are very affordable too, with prices ranging from $50 to $60. With many different silhouettes to choose from, KEDS is another go-to that won’t let you down.

BUY NOW, $49.95

Canvas sneakers are just about everything you can ask for in a sneaker. They are diverse, colorful, suitable for many different occasions, and easy to clean. Speaking of cleaning, canvas shoes require a very specific routine in order to maintain durability. How frequently the shoes need to be cleaned depends on how much you wear them, but be sure to hand wash your shoes with mild detergent and warm water. Now that you know how to clean your shoes, you are now ready to add to your collection. We hope this list will help you in making your next selection.

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The 15 Best Streetwear Websites To Shop Now

Streetwear is one of those things that will never go out of style, and if you are looking for some new streetwear brands to discover as we head into spring and summer, then we have you covered. No two streetwear websites are the same, and each site offers a different selection when it comes to brands, merchandise, and prices, so we’ve compiled a list of fifteen different streetwear websites to check out. While this isn’t a list of all the streetwear brands you can find, it’s certainly enough to get you started.

15. Hypebeast

Hypebeast is one of the best streetwear outlets that you can shop from. While Hypebeast describes themselves as being the ‘leading destination for men’s streetwear,’ there is an abundance of items for both genders, as well as unisex pieces. Hypebeast also has a specific section devoted solely to streetwear news and articles, so you’ll be able to find new brands and keep up with the ones you are already familiar with.

check it out
14. Livestock

A Canadian streetwear staple, Livestock is one of the go-to places in the Great White North for both streetwear and sneakers. The brand has physical locations in Vancouver, Toronto, and Winnipeg, and a website that offers many of their in-store merchandise. Livestock caters to both men and women and is known to carry many big-named and small-named brands.

check it out
13. Undefeated

You can’t talk streetwear without mentioning Undefeated. Based in Los Angeles, Undefeated was founded by James Bond and Eddie Cruz and carries streetwear and sneaker apparel. Undefeated has an abundance of t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, and all of the other basic streetwear essentials, and regularly collaborates with Converse, New Balance, and Timberland to bring forth some of the hottest shoes in the game. 

check it out
12. Off-White

There is absolutely no denying Virgil Abloh’s impact on fashion, and Off-White has been a powerful player in the streetwear and haute couture communities. Since its 2013 inception, Off-White has become an iconic brand that prides itself on creating pieces with no labels or limitations. In addition to its streetwear pieces, the company also has its own specialty sneakers for both men and women, and the collection ranges from classic low-tops to exclusive Nike collaboration styles. Off-White remains known for its innovative custom designs and has put its stamp in the streetwear world over these past eight years.

check it out—–HFhoCC64QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
11. Union

One of the ‘OG’ streetwear lines, Union has been around since 1989, becoming the first major store to sell streetwear clothing with its original New York City store. Union then expanded to Los Angeles, opening a location there, and eventually made its way into the online retail space. Union offers streetwear pieces from brands all over the world and has always been a space where you can find clothing different from those offered in traditional department stores.

check it out
10. ASOS

ASOS offers a wide range of streetwear clothing and sneakers, and is one of the world’s largest online retailers with more than 50,000 brands on its website. There is truly something for everybody on ASOS, including plenty of pieces for those heavily into street fashion. ASOS carries Adidas, Nike, and Reebok, as well as Armani, and their own original ASOS pieces. It doesn’t stop there though, ASOS also has plenty of items that aren’t technically labeled as streetwear but could very well fall under that category, such as baggy jeans, hoodies, jackets, and more. Since the website has such a huge catalog, you will have to do some digging, but it is definitely worth it as you can find tons of great pieces.

check it out
9. RSVP Gallery

Based in Chi-town, RSVP Gallery is a cool place to do some streetwear shopping as they offer many notable brands and streetwear clothing for any budget. Virgil Abloh is one of the co-founders, and RSVP has been in the streetwear game for over a decade, celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2019. While their online experience is an enjoyable one, we also recommend checking out their physical location, as they have a stunning art gallery.

check it out
8. Haven

Haven is another dope place that you should visit in person if you are ever in Canada, but their website is just as aesthetically pleasing as their retail location. Haven is a premium Canadian men’s apparel brand that offers Japanese and internationally sourced products, and is the epitome of what it means to be a true streetwear brand in the sense that they offer everything you could possibly imagine. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything on their website, we still recommend checking them out because you can discover the brands that aren’t receiving mass media attention and even the rare companies that many people don’t know about.

check it out
7. Naked Copenhagen

Naked Copenhagen has everything, and we do mean everything. From coats to accessories, Naked Copenhagen covers all of the streetwear basics. While they do have luxury streetwear items that can veer towards the pricey side, they also have lesser expensive clothes that are still of excellent quality. As far as their sneakers, Naked carries Nike, Adidas, Jordans, and more, and even has some of the sold-out sneaker releases that you would normally have to go onto the secondary market to get. 

check it out
6. Flight Club

Speaking of sneakers, no streetwear outfit is complete without a pair of dope kicks, and Flight Club is one of the best online retailers a sneakerhead can ask for. Flight Club literally has thousands of shoes at their disposal, and plenty for you to choose from for any occasion.

check it out
5. Moose Limited

Moose Limited aka MLTD has an almost absurd collection of streetwear threads that will have you looking fresh and fly at all times. Another one of those places where you can find just about anything, MLTD offers various styles of streetwear fashion including hip-hop and sneaker-inspired pieces. From up-and-coming designers to big names such as Stussy, MLTD satisfies just about all of your streetwear needs.

check it out
4. Concepts

Having already developed a reputation for their sneaker collabs, Concepts has been able to successfully transition in the streetwear universe, offering clothes for men, women, and kids. Sometimes kids get left out when it comes to the latest streetwear drops, so Concepts making youth releases a priority is a refreshing sight. Concepts currently has collaborations with over 30 brands, working with Converse, Adidas, and Nike amongst others, and has a selection of specialty ‘Concepts’ designs that you can choose from too.

check it out

END offers both contemporary and luxury streetwear, with an abundance of sneakers as the icing on the cake. With over 400 brand partnerships, the options are limitless at END as the company has one of the best streetwear selections on the planet. With tons of stuff added to the website daily, END is definitely worth regular visits.

check it out

KITH has become one of the most globally prominent streetwear brands and lives up to the hype with its hyped collaborations and sneakers. The merchandise on KITH tends to sell out pretty quickly, so you’ll have to always stay updated with their latest drops and move fast when you have your eyes on something you want. KITH is also an incredible in-person shopping adventure, so be sure to check them out if you are ever in one of their location spots.

check it out
1. Stussy

Last but not least, Stussy, one of the streetwear GOATs. Stussy made its debut in 1980, and the brand is just as popular in 2021, as it was 40 years ago. A classic favorite amongst the older and newer generations, Stussy gives you that traditional ‘Cali-style streetwear’ vibe that is still very much modern and fresh. Stussy is one of those legendary brands that you can never go wrong with, and their prices are reasonable (you aren’t paying $120 for a t-shirt). Every streetwear fan needs at least one Stussy piece in their wardrobe, so check out their website if you haven’t already.

check it out
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The 15 Best Backpacks For Work

Backpacks. We may not buy them very often, but when we do, it’s important for them to be both stylish and comfortable. Think about it—when you went back to school shopping, what was one of the most important items on the list? Backpacks, right? If your family was anything like mine, then having a cool backpack was a must. Sometimes we would visit multiple stores to see who had the best selection, and there was nothing like packing your bag the night before the first day of school knowing you were going to pull up in style.

While many of us may not be students anymore, we still might need backpacks for different reasons such as traveling, something to carry to and from work, the gym, etc. Whatever the reason might be, we’ve got you covered with some of the best backpacks on the market. 

When selecting a backpack, there are many different questions that come to mind. Do you need the bookbag for work/school, or for day to day activities? Comfort is also a huge factor to keep in mind, as well as your shoulder and back health, as many people have suffered pain in those areas from carrying around heavy bags all day. While those details may seem small, it is important that you keep those things in mind in order to avoid paying a difficult price later. Now that we covered those bases, let’s get into the different backpacks that are ideal for most situations/scenarios. We have compiled a list of the best fifteen backpacks for work or wherever else you may need to take them:

1. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack
Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack is an excellent bag for both work and school. Most of us have laptops for work, and can agree that our biggest fear is dropping/damaging them when we are walking around, driving, etc. The Matein Backpack comes with a laptop pocket, as well as phone and pen pockets. It also has a hefty handle, adjustable straps, and luggage straps in case you’re traveling. Reasonably priced, this is a decent investment.

BUY NOW, $25.99
2. Air Jordan Fluid Backpack
Air Jordan Fluid Backpack

What better accessory to accompany your newest Js than an Air Jordan backpack? Designed to give you a ton of room, the bag has plenty of space for storage with a large main compartment for bigger items, and a line top-zip pocket for smaller ones. The Fluid Backpack also has two additional side pockets just in case you need more space. Oh, and once again, it’s Air Jordan. You can never go wrong with anything Jordan.

BUY NOW, $64.40
3. Jester School Laptop Backpack
Jester School Laptop Backpack

The North Face is known for their incredible bag selection. Designed specifically for students, the Jester Laptop backpack features a 15″ laptop sleeve, as well as a larger main compartment in the front of the bag to store books and binders. The shoulder straps are super comfy, and the padded mesh back panel and lumbar panel provides back support. A comfortable carry that is great for commuting, this is also a relatively inexpensive bag that gets the job done.

BUY NOW, $46.66
4. Adidas Unisex Backpack
Adidas Unisex Backpack

Featuring five outlined zipper pockets, as well as a separate laptop pocket, the Adidas Unisex Backpack is a crisp bag providing you both style and comfort. The padded sleeve and Loadspring shoulder straps help take the load off carrying heavier items throughout the day, and the reflective details increase visibility in low-light conditions, which will be especially helpful at nighttime and during foggy conditions. 

BUY NOW, $52
5. Oakley Men’s Enduro 2.0 30L Backpack
Oakley Men’s Enduro 2.0 30L Backpack

While this is a little pricier compared to some of the other backpacks on this list, this bag is definitely worth the money. Designed with separate compartments for all of your items, the Oakley Enduro backpack is made with a strong long-lasting fabric to help keep your gear secure. While the bag is water resistant, it can only withstand lighter amounts of rain. So you’ll have to check the weather before wearing it outside.

BUY NOW, $74.81
6. Pans Backpack for Men Large Military Tactical Travel
Pans Backpack

Equipped for 3-day traveling, the Pans backpack has four spaces for your cellphones, wallets, and keys, and the bag is spacious enough for just about anything you might need or require. The middle compartment is meant for larger items, while the main compartment can hold your clothes, and any miscellaneous items you wish to bring on your trips. The Pans backpack also has a separate water bottle mesh pocket located near the side, and two walkie-talkies pouches, which can be found on the back strap of the bag. 

Obviously this backpack is best suitable for those in the military, but it could also be helpful for those heavily into camping and hunting as well—though you probably won’t need the walkie-talkie pouches

BUY NOW, $37.99
7. Carhartt 2-in-1 Insulated Cooler Backpack
Carhartt 2-in-1 Insulated Cooler Backpack

The Carhartt Backpack is a 2-in-1 backpack cooler is a five-star bag that has an insulated base compartment, a main compartment with mesh pockets for food, tickets, keys, etc. The cooler compartment can hold up to 12 beverage cans and has an ice pack to keep everything cold for at least 24-hours. The main compartment can hold non-perishable food items and clothes (though we recommend not storing the two together), and the mesh side pockets are another valuable feature that the bag has to offer. The Carhartt 2-in-1 has received high ratings for its durability and comfort.

BUY NOW, $34.83
8. Reebok Trainer Gym Backpack
Reebok Trainer Gym Backpack

A basketball bag is an essential item for any hooper, and Reebok is one of the best at providing them. Described as being a compact bag, the Reebok trainer works well for the gym and school, offering storage, support, and comfort. The backpack also has thick-padded back and shoulder straps, alongside dry/wet compartments with ventilated sides. A 15” Laptop Sleeve is also built into the trainer, meaning you could go to the gym straight from work/school without worrying what to do with your laptop. While labelled as being a trainer bag, you can definitely use this for traveling as well. 

BUY NOW, $43.95
9. NIKE Hayward Backpack 2.0

A clean and sporty backpack that can be used for all events, the Hayward bag has plenty of room for anything you might need to carry with you for the day. The backpack features a dense weave for lasting durability, and elastic shell straps on the outer part of the bag for a cutting-edge look. Padded adjustable shoulder straps allow you a comfortable carry, and there is one main storage pocket that can hold all of your essentials. The backpack also has an alternate haul loop which gives you the option of not carrying the bag directly on your back if you wish.

BUY NOW, $51.56
10. YOREPEK Backpack for Men
YOREPEK Backpack for Men

Talk about a diverse backpack. The YOREPEK has a grand total of 20 pockets for both large and small storage. The backpack also has three spacious compartments with hidden pockets to organize your work and school supplies, clothes, travel accessories, and more. The YOREPEK features elastic net pockets that can hold your travel gear, and the bag is structured to make TSA checkpoints a little less stressful as the bag can be easily unfolded to get you through the Airport checkpoints without much difficulty. 

The YOREPEK also comes with a USB port that includes a set-in charging cable for your electronic devices. If you look close enough, you will also find a small hole in the backpack that you can plug your headphones into. As if all of these features weren’t enough, the bag also has side compression straps that allow you to play around with the sizing. 

This is probably the most resourceful backpack on the list, and it is quite inexpensive considering all it offers. The ratings are decent as well, with most buyers giving the bag a four or five-star rating. 

BUY NOW, $29.99
11. Carry+ Professional Laptop Backpack 17 Inch
Carry+ Professional Laptop Backpack

Avid gamers could really benefit from having the Carry+ Professional Laptop Backpack. While most backpacks can only fit a 15” laptop, this backpack can house a 17” laptop, making it a suitable option for those that have gaming computers. The bag also offers advanced protection for your gear, with hidden back and side panel pockets for extra storage. With easy travel features such as light handle grips, and removable back straps, the bag makes TSA checkpoints a breeze. The double nylon is water resistant and back cushioning is added to make an already awesome backpack even better.

BUY NOW, $209.99
12. Oscaurt Laptop Backpack, Anti-theft Travel Backpack
Oscaurt Laptop Backpack

One of the biggest fears of having something attached to your back is the possibility of a sneaky pick-pocket stealing your stuff without you noticing—this is especially prominent in bigger cities.

The Oscaurt Laptop backpack eliminates that fear with hidden zippers on the main pocket and a secret pocket at the back to ensure your belongings stay safe. Additional features include: a built-in charging cable on the inside of the bag, a USB charging port located on the outside, compartments for storage items such as pens and notebooks, and adjustable shoulder straps with EVA material for back protection. Similar to the Adidas backpack, the Oscaurt also has reflective panels, which again make nighttime travel much safer.

BUY NOW, $35.99
13. New Balance Players Backpack Dual Compartment Bag
New Balance Players Backpack

A spacious bag that will never leave any of your belongings hanging, the New Balance Players Backpack is one of the toughest bags you can find. Made from strong and durable polyester, the bag is equipped with an abrasion resistant bottom, making it suitable for many different weather conditions. A padded interior zip laptop compartment is one of the bag’s top features alongside mesh water bottle pockets, and interior zip pockets to hold your smaller valuables. With more than one color option available, the bag makes for a stylish and comfortable accessory. 

BUY NOW, $21.99
14. New Balance Daily Driver Ii Backpack
New Balance Daily Driver Ii

New Balance is so nice we had to do it twice. The Daily Driver is a nice sturdy backpack that holds up well over time. While not the biggest backpack, it still has an adequate amount of space that you can use to store your items, and is a good bag for those smaller trips that don’t necessarily require you to carry a heavy load. Three color options are available (blue, magenta, and red), and the backpack has received near-perfect reviews with customers praising the design and the bag’s ability to withstand bad weather conditions without damage.

BUY NOW, $37.12
15. PUMA Men’s Evercat Contender 3.0 Backpack
PUMA Men’s Evercat Contender

At first glance this backpack may not look very spacious, but don’t let the overall appearance fool you. The Evercat can hold a 15″ laptop, books, binders, and anything you else you may need through the day with its compartments and smaller pockets. Many buyers have also used this bag for traveling noting its room to hold some of their lighter traveling objects, as well as the comfortable straps. With many different colorways, the Puma Evercat does its job well, often being overlooked due to the deceptive nature of its size. If you are looking for a backpack that is relatively lightweight but still sturdy, then the Evercat could be a solid option.

BUY NOW, $44.99

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The Best 25 Winter Jackets For Men

There’s never a bad time to be copping a new winter jacket. Whether it’s for the remaining colder weather days or next season’s chilly times there’s some strong offerings out there from a variety of brands. Between down-filled pieces or hyper technical outerwear, there’s a jacket for every weather, style, and vibe available now. From classic menswear like Eddie Bauer to more trendy styles from Arc’teryx, below are the 25 best winter jackets for men. 

1. Eddie Bauer CirrusLite Down Jacket
Eddie Bauer
CirrusLite Down Jacket

The Eddie Bauer CirrusLite Down Jacket takes on a minimal puffer style made from 100% nylon. The piece is a sleek and minimal option to the often bulky puffer jacket you see on the streets. With a warm, insulated interior the slim piece offers both a comfortable level of warmth while also staying stylish. 

BUY NOW, $74.25
2. Eddie Bauer Rainfoil Insulated Parka
Eddie Bauer
Rainfoil Insulated Parka

If you’re looking for something a little more sturdy from Eddie Bauer the Rainfoil Insulated Parka might be the right pick for you. Doubling dipping into the worlds of comfort and durability this top takes on an insulated interior with a waterproof shell on the outside for any weather. The jacket includes double pockets on the chest and two more pouches on the front. Outdoorsy as possible this jacket also features a removable hood which also comes packed with ThermaFill insulation. 

BUY NOW, $119.25
3. Eddie Bauer Downlight Hooded Jacket
Eddie Bauer
Downlight Hooded Jacket

Another strong offering from Eddie Bauer is their downlight hooded jacket with responsibly sourced down material this hyper technical piece is for the outdoors elite, or those who simply enjoy the style. Engineered for mountaineering and climbing it’s sure to keep you warm while walking to the deli too. The lightweight design packs a super warm punch while also being super packable, the left pocket even has a carabiner clip-in loop. 

BUY NOW, $174.99
4. Columbia White Out II Omni Heat Insulated Puffer Jacket
White Out II Omni Heat Insulated Puffer Jacket

Columbia might still just be your Dad’s favorite outerwear brand, and maybe like the Dad sneaker, it’s up next for a little hype. This one stands out with its Omni-Heat thermal reflective material and water resistant fabric.The piece is light, features a regular fit and is hailed by some for it’s exceptional pocket space.

BUY NOW, $99.61
5. Carhartt Bartlett Jacket
Carhartt Bartlett Jacket

Carhartt brings a lot to the table in terms of durability and their workwear style has gone fairly mainstream as to popularity. The Bartlett Jacket features their industrial aesthetic combined with a warm sherpa lining on the interior and quilted sleeves. The jacket’s two front pockets make it great for working or casual wear, while the adjustable hood lets you customize based on weather or style. 

BUY NOW, $119-$129
6. Marmot Guides Down Winter Jacket
Guides Down Winter Jacket

Marmot is another staple outerwear brand delivering high quality technical products. Like most great outerwear brands, they have deep roots in the technical, mountaineering community giving them great cred when it comes to keeping people warm. The Guides Down features a 700 fill power down for warmth and a moisture resistant treatment to help stay dry.

BUY NOW, $249.95
7. Alpine North Vegan Down Puffer Jacket
North Vegan Down Puffer Jacket

Just because you’re environmentally conscious doesn’t mean you can’t be warm too. Alpine North’s vegan down makes their puffer jacket a vegan alternative to other down-filled products. The jacket is engineered for temperatures down to -22° Fahrenheit and features an 8-pocket design for all your stuff. 

BUY NOW, $139
8. The North Face Thermoball Eco Insulated Jacket
Thermoball Eco Insulated Jacket

The North Face is another storied outerwear brand and their thermoball insulated jacket is creatively designed, eye-catching top with the specs to match. The eco insulation is a special synthetic they designed as a collaborative effort to create a synthetic down with the power to keep you warm. The ultra packable design folds down and fits into its own pocket for easy storage or travel. 

BUY NOW, $123
9. The North Face Carto Triclimate
North Face Carto Triclimate

The North Face Carto Triclimate is good for stepping your outerwear game up. This piece takes on a heavy duty and longer style with technology for keeping dry which is also made from recycled materials. 

BUY NOW, $144
10. Amazon Essentials Heavyweight Hooded Puffer Coat
Heavyweight Hooded Puffer Coat

For those on a budget, the Amazon Essentials heavyweight puffer is a wallet-friendly option that still packs a punch when it comes to staying warm. The jacket takes on a water resistant design with a taffeta-lining keeping both sides optimally suited for the winter weather.

BUY NOW, $54.90
11. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket
Ultra Light Down Jacket

The Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket provides the necessary warmth to keep you cozy, while also being compact enough to be stowed away in its own carrying pouch. Made from 100% Nylon, and 90% down, this jacket offers a more casual look. And it keeps getting better – it’s also water repellent. At the $60 price point, it can’t be beat.

BUY NOW, $29.90
12. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Parka
Ultra Light Down Parka

For those interested in the lightness of the Uniqlo down but want more warmth and insulation, the Light Down Parka is the jacket for you. This parka is a less casual look than the Ultra Light Down jacket but it’s water repellent and would be good for colder climates with rain, snow and lower temperatures. 

BUY NOW, $29.90
13. Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody
Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody

The Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody can be used as a middle layer to add warmer pieces to or a standalone piece for cool, dry conditions. With its synthetic insulation, this jacket insulates warmth perfectly. The shell is 100% nylon, while the insulation is made with Coreloft™️, a highly crimped multi-denier siliconized polyester yarn. It’s lightweight, packable, durable and repels moisture. This jacket is roomy, so it’s perfect for layering for those colder days!

BUY NOW, $259
14. Coalatree Eco Camper Hooded Jacket
Eco Camper Hooded Jacket

The Coalatree Eco Camper Hooded Jacket is sustainable and functional. The outer is made up of 100% nylon, while the synthetic insulation is 100% ComforMax fiber fill. With its responsibly sourced materials, Coalatree makes sure to bring their customers the best quality while also being sustainable and conscious of their company’s effect. With its flattering fit and its warmth, this jacket is a winner, for sure.

BUY NOW, $159
15. Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket
Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket

Patagonia’s Down Sweater Jacket is a staple in any person’s closet. It’s sleek design is packable, as well as light and resilient to cold winds. Its shell is made of 100% recycled polyester ripstop, and ethically sourced 800 goose filled down, making it a reliable option if you’re on the move. 

BUY NOW, $182
16. L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Down Parka
L.L. Bean
Mountain Classic Down Parka

L.L. Bean is always a go-to for outerwear. The Mountain Classic Down Parka is one of their best jackets. What sets this parka aside is that when wet, the parka absorbs 33% less moisture, and dries 66% faster than other parkas, making  it more favorable to wear in wetter, colder climates. 

BUY NOW, $134
17. L.L.Bean Ultralight 850 Down Hooded Jacket
L.L. Bean
Ultralight 850 Down Hooded Jacket

Another one of L.L Bean’s best jackets is their Ultralight 850 Down Hooded Jacket. Their most sustainable jacket offers warmth, a windproof shell, as well as their water repelling technology, Downtek. It packs into its own 9×12 pouch that makes it perfect for travel.

BUY NOW, $259
18. Burton Covert Jacket
Burton Covert Jacket

 Designed for snow sports, Burton’s Covert Jacket is an excellent choice for anyone trying to stay warm. The insulation, Thermolite™️, uses 40% recycled materials as well as water proof, breathable fabric all throughout. Burton jackets last for ages, just take a look at Bernie Sanders in his staple 8-year-old Burton. 

BUY NOW, $130.49
19. REI Co-Op Farlands Down Parka
REI Co-op
REI Co-Op Farlands Down Parka

REI’s Down Parka is definitely a bang for your buck. At just under $100, this parka offers warmth, comfort and style. It has a plethora of hand, chest and internal pockets for your essentials. It is made out of 60% cotton, and 40% nylon so it’s breathable and comfortable. Filled with 650-down, this jacket surely keeps you as warm as possible. 

BUY NOW, $261.75
20. Columbia South Canyon Down Parka
REI Co-op
Columbia South Canyon Down Parka

Columbia’s South Canyon Down Parka is heavily insulated to make sure all your body heat stays where you need it. It’s waterproof and breathable shell locks out moisture while being exceptionally comfortable. With 650-full down and internal reflective lining, this jacket does everything to keep you warm and cozy and even includes a removable faux fur trim for an added dash of cold-weather style.

BUY NOW, $139
21. Mountain Hardwear Ghost Shadow Insulated Hoodie
REI Co-op
Ghost Shadow Insulated Hoodie

Weighing under 12oz., this hooded jacket makes for a perfectly light, cozy winter top. It can be worn as a mid-layer or a standalone piece. It’s PrimaLoft™️ insulation is lightweight, breathable, and 70% recycled. The Ghost Shadow Insulated Hoodie makes you feel good about the sustainability and comfortability of your next winter jacket. 

BUY NOW $174.98
22. Everlane ReNew Long Parka
ReNew Long Parka

Everlane’s ReNew Long Parka is made from 64 renewed plastic bottles. It is composed of 100% recycled polyester, as well as 100% recycled PrimaLoft insulation. With its relaxed fit, and oversized pockets, it’s a perfectly welcoming jacket. 

BUY NOW $85.80
23. Stoic 3-in-1 Ski Snow Jacket
Stoic 3-in-1 Ski Snow Jacket

The Stoic 3-in-1 Ski Snow Jacket is a versatile winter jacket for all occasions. It comes with a removable liner, allowing you to customize the jacket however you see fit. The inner jacket can be layered or worn as a stand-alone piece. It includes a detachable and adjustable hood making it a diverse winter-wear offering. 

BUY NOW, $79.98
24. Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Parka
Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Parka

This 100% polyester jacket is sure to keep the winter cold out. It features double storm flaps with snap closures, as well as adjustable cuffs and hidden storm cuffs to protect against the elements. It is insulated, windproof and water resistant. This is the ideal jacket for anyone who is amongst the elements more often than not. 

BUY NOW, $83.69
25. Levi’s Hooded Drawcord Waist Parka Jacket
Drawcord Waist Parka Jacket

 Levi’s has always been known for their incredible quality with jeans but we see this in their Hooded Parka Jacket as well. It includes a fleece lined detachable hood, fleece lining, as well as four front pockets with button flap closures. This fleece filled parka will surely keep you safe and warm, while also keeping you polished.

BUY NOW, $89.99
Style What To Buy

Producer Kato Shows Off the ‘Fit He Rocks in the Studio

Since the genre’s inception, hip-hop and fashion have been inextricably linked. Rappers and producers are trendsetters. Where would Adidas be without their iconic collaboration with RUN-DMC? Streetwear isn’t only dynamic, but increasingly global. You can’t possibly keep your finger on the pulse of contemporary streetwear by simply shopping at American retailers.

Luckily, JD Sports is finally available in the U.S., and—through their Global Access program—is offering exclusive gear you can’t find anywhere else. We partnered with legendary producer Kato to showcase how he rocks some of the freshest JD Sports clothing and shoes in the studio to demonstrate the full style possibilities available to the modern sneakerhead.


From fly Nike T-shirts to Global Access exclusives like the Air Max 97, you can’t possibly make beats without getting a fresh ‘fit off. Air Maxes are also immensely comfortable for long studio sessions, making them a great pair of sneakers for artists and fans alike.

JD Sports

Shop Now at JD Sports

Between the cozy Nike sweats and Air Max 97s, Kato shows off a timeless ‘fit that you can wear at home, in the studio or on the town. With JD Sports, the possibilities are endless.
JD Sports

Shop now at JD Sports
Sneakers Style

Where Elite Sneakerheads Can Now Go to Stock Up on the Latest Gear

Try as you might, it’s difficult to maintain a grasp on international style if you only rely on American retailers. Luckily for us, UK-based retail giant JD Sports is finally opening stores in the US. The 40-year old British brand has got some of the best sneaker options on the market, from big names like Nike all the way to burgeoning brands like Danner, in addition to other gear you might need for the cold winter months—like Timberlands and Champion sweats. You could truly browse through the catalogue for hours and hours, so we did it for you. Feel free to browse anyway. Here are ONE37pm’s favorite items available now from JD Sports.

1. Nike Air Max 97
JD Sports

The Air Max 97 is in the midst of a renaissance. It’s really one of the most versatile shoes ever released by Nike. Couple that with their immense comfort and the hype around chunky shoes, and you’ve got yourself a no-brainer. There are numerous colorways to choose from at JD Sports, so browse around and find the best pick for you. These are also a Global Access exclusive, so you can only get them at JD Sports.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $170
2. Nike Air Force 1 Low
JD Sports

No collection is complete without a pair of icy Air Force Ones. You can’t always wear colorful sneaks, so sometimes minimalism is the best option. Consider these for outfits featuring vivid pants or shirts. Let the outfit do the talking and use the kicks as the cherry on top.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $90
3. Puma Future Rider Eat Ur Veggies
JD Sports

The resurgence of retro styles over the past few years has opened up a world of possibilities for comfort and flash. This entry from Puma checks all the boxes. The thick suede and veggie colors scream nostalgia, and the overall shape of the shoe signifies a commitment to comfort. These are great for lounging around the house or putting together a vibrant outfit, depending on your mood. The Pumas are another Global Access exclusive; you won’t find them anywhere else.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $80
4. Air Max 2015 Running Shoes
JD Sports

The Air Max line has put out hits even in more recent years. This model is intended for running, but the red iteration makes a great statement for some of your more muted outfits.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $180
5. Adidas NMD R1
JD Sports

The NMD was a massively popular silhouette upon its initial release. With that popularity came numerous releases of various colorways. JD Sports carries a wide array of NMDs, so if you’re a fan of the silhouette, take a look at all of their color options and find the right option. The blush green and cream white are especially fresh.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $140
6. Nike Air VaporMax Plus Running Shoes
JD Sports

It’s been a huge year for VaporMax, with good reason. They’re unbelievably comfortable and the tech will keep you bouncy and ready to roll. It’s one of the more hyped sneakers in the game right now, so $200 is a great price for a sneaker that will probably go up in value. Cop the black if you’re trying to stay low-key or the red if you want to stand out.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $200
7. Timberland 6 Inch Premium Waterproof Boots
JD Sports

We know this list is for sneakerheads, but it’s wintertime. There’s really no boot more associated with sneaker culture than the Timberland. For when it’s too snowy out there to flash your freshest kicks, cop a pair of Tims so you can flex from the warmth of a comfy boot.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $198
8. Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Embroidered Hoodie
JD Sports

It’s hoodie season. This entry from Nike is stylish, understated and—perhaps most importantly—warm. The embroidered logo gives it a more refined style than your traditional printed hoodie and the slim cut gives it a more chic fit than your everyday baggy sweatshirt. We’re partial to the heather gray.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $50
9. Champion Reverse Weave Embroidered Hoodie
JD Sports

Not a Nike fanatic? Then maybe Champion’s got the right hoodie for you. The reverse weave construction is warm and comfortable, and JD Sports carries a color that pairs with almost any pair of sneakers. This is a great piece for layering or wearing on its own; the possibilities for outfits containing a Champion hoodie are truly endless.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $65
10. Sonneti London Jogger Pants
JD Sports

We had to include a pair of sweatpants on the list, as they pair nicely with a wide range of sneakers and keep you warm in the cold winter months. These slim joggers can be understated or eye-catching, depending on what sneakers you pair them with. They’re a great option for lounging around the house, or can be taken to the streets with the right outfit construction.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $30
Style What To Buy

The 20 Best Beanies For Men That Are Perfect For Any Outfit

Beanie season is always on and with the impact of the winter months still ever-present you’re going to need something new to cover that noggin. From high-end options to budget-friendly picks there’s an endless list of toques, beanies, and winter hats to choose from. We did the hard part for you and identified the 20 best beanies for men right now. 

1. WTAPS Beanie 02

Like so many Japanese streetwear heavyweights WTAP (double taps) stands as one of the stronger brands out right now. Their beige beanie 02 features a simple patch logo on the front with a minimalist knitted style that replaces frills for super high-quality wool.

Buy Now: $89
2. Noah x Depeche Mode Rose Beanie

As part of the Depeche Mode “Violator” capsule collection, New York-based streetwear brand, Noah, delivered a simplistic, ribbed beanie with an embroidered rose graphic. Noah’s headwear is some of the most coveted in the game, this one comes sans Noah logo, for real fans of the brand and Depeche Mode.

Buy Now: $30
3. Arc’teryx Diplomat Toque

Arc’teryx is a serious outdoors brand, you can tell by the way they use “toque” instead of “beanie.” They’re known for their jackets but this merino wool toque is a much cozier way to stay warm on the slopes.

Buy Now: $40
4. Nike SB Fisherman Beanie

Nike SB’s fisherman beanie is a simple take on the ribbed silhouette that takes on a classic and timeless black and white color scheme as dependable and OG as their simple skate-inspired beanie.

Buy Now: $20
5. The North Face Logo Box Cuffed Beanie
The North Face

TNF has some real fans out there and like most outdoor brands their jackets take center stage but don’t count out their logo box beanie, another simple approach to the rib-knit hat features a soft yarn construction for upgraded comfort, style, and stretch.

Buy Now: $30;-logo-box-cuffed-beanie-nf0a3fjx?from=subCat&variationId=L4U&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=freeshopping&utm_term=The+North+Face+TNF+Logo+Box+Cuffed+Beanie+Hat:+Navy&utm_content=ecomm
6. Awake NY Old English Logo Beanie
Awake NY

Awake’s another NY-based brand that should be on your “Streetwear brand to watch” list but if they’re not break out that list and add them. They’re slowly making their mark on the scene, mostly in part to their funky logo stylings, this Old English beanie is a classic Awake NY piece that features both acrylic and embroidery.

Buy Now: $42
7. Supreme Overdyed Beanie

Supreme is supreme, simple as that. You love them, hate them, fill your closet with their clothes and try to turn a profit on Grailed when you grow out of it. They’re known for just about anything you can get attention for and their overdyed white beanie just POPS so hard with that small, red, bogo tag on the front. It’s from 2020 so it’s not really a collector’s item just quite yet but still one of their better offerings from that season.

Buy Now: $132
8. Only NY Alpine Games Beanie
Only NY

Only NY is another heavyweight of NY’s streetwear scene holding down the “Skate Dad” aesthetic all the way from the Lower East Side’s Stanton St. (Real ones know). Their alpine games beanie is a classic gauge knit with an acrylic graphic right across the front.

Buy Now: $14
9. Stone Island Patch Logo Beanie
Stone Island

Step your beanie game with heightened Italian craftsmanship and a dash of luxury. Its price point is on the higher end but this pure wool, ribbed beanie comes decked out with the brand’s compass patch logo decoration so you get it.

Buy Now: $145
10. Palace London Beanie
Palace London

Take the road less traveled with your streetwear beanie and go for the IYKYK Palace London beanie. The hyped brand is a streetwear icon with its inside jokes, direct marijuana references, and all-around “cool skate punk” aesthetic. This knit headpiece comes with a plastered acrylic knit logo on the top and embroidery on the brim, reminding onlookers of Palace’s origin.

Buy Now: $72
11. Carhartt A18 Watch Hat

We all know a guy with the orange Carhartt beanie, but don’t let some kid who just moved to Bushwick set the culture for Carhartt. Their blue-collar ethos sets the standard high for workwear and their A18 watch hat is another great example. This acrylic beanie fits snugly and features a tight-knit to keep your noggin warm whether you’re a fan of true craftsmanship or on call for the early morning construction crew.

Buy Now: $17
12. Banana Republic Donegal Beanie
Banana Republic

The Donegal beanie takes on a humble Irish fishing village vibe with a ribbed knit and speckled green color scheme. It’s also got the low-key energy of  Banana Republic’s refusal to outwardly brand their items.

Buy Now: $37
13. Uniqlo RIbbed Beanie

If simplicity is your game then look no further than the Uniqlo Ribbed Beanie. This soft, ribbed knit hat is perfect for just about anyone, another great example of Uniqlo’s everyman aesthetic of providing staples for everyone at prices you just won’t see anywhere else for this quality.

Buy Now: $15
14. Wolf & Badger Upcycled and Recycled Plastic Beanie
Wolf & Badger

Although this hat contains plastic you can’t even tell, I promise. The hat features recycled plastic bottles and upcycled wool making for a comfortable and cozy blend. It’s a hat you can spend a little more on but feel good while you’re wearing it. Talk about using your head to save the environment.

Buy Now: $71
15. Patagonia Wool Pom Beanie

Patagonia’s the must-have outerwear brand you’ve already heard of but their headwear is seriously slept on. Their Wool Pom beanie is a great example with ‘gonias environmental ethos front and center – their products contain 68% recycled material. The Wool Pom brim flips down for a longer beanie look and cuffs nicely for a smaller silhouette.

16. Lacoste Ribbed Wool Beanie

Lacoste’s ribbed wool beanie is a cold-weather essential. Their chic and casual style comes across with their simple gray color scheme and embroidered crocodile logo that really pops in their signature green color. The hat is made from 100% wool.

Buy Now: $45
17. Burton Gringo Beanie

Burton’s Gringo beanie is made from a snug acrylic yarn knit. Their aesthetic leans towards snowboarders but the leather logo patch on the front is a clean and stylish look for any outfit.

Buy Now: $27
18. Acne Studios Beanie
Acne Studios

Step your game up with this designer beanie from Swedish fashion house Acne Studios. Even though you might be more inclined to go for their denim, rock the brand on your dome too with their 100% wool beanie. The simple design is a great high-end accessory and their straight-faced emblem patch on the front brings the concept to the next level.

Buy Now: $150
19. Polo Ralph Lauren Holiday Bear Wool Beanie
Polo Ralph Lauren

The Polo Bear is an icon in its own right and if you don’t own one of their iconic sweaters there’s still hope! The holiday bear is front and center on this wool beanie, a perfect accessory for the Lo-life in your life.

Buy Now: $98
20. Stussy Basic Cuff Beanie

Stussy’s beanie is another great staple piece of headwear. Their acrylic cuffed beanie has a great fit and features the classic Stussy logo in white on the front.

Buy Now: $40
Grind Money

What is Bitcoin and Is It Too Late to Get Started?

So your 17-year-old neighbor keeps bragging about that new PS5 scoop and you finally caved. What is Bitcoin and is it too late to get started?

There’s so much noise around the crypto space right now, and it can be hard to break through and get straight facts. It feels like every media head either has a special interest in Bitcoin’s success or hates Bitcoin and everything it stands for.

Let’s make it simple.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new currency created in 2009 by the anonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin transactions are made on a public ledger — there’s no middle man involved.

In other words, two parties can transact goods and services without the need for a bank.

Over time, Bitcoin has become more practical for real-world transactions. You can now use Bitcoin to purchase just about anything — a vacation getaway, Xbox games, a pair of shoes, even pizza. And more companies are hopping on the crypto bandwagon every day.

A lot of the media hype also comes from the wealth opportunities that exist when trading it. Because Bitcoin is so volatile, price speculators can make (and lose) big bucks on coin exchanges.

More interest than ever

The rise of Bitcoin has spawned a new generation of Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires—some still in high school.
In the last few weeks, Bitcoin reached peak popularity on Google trends… right as it hit a price peak of ~$41k per coin. Coincidence? Nah.

Google Trends

Interestingly enough, the more popular Bitcoin becomes, the more potential value it has. More on that in a sec.

The nitty-gritty of Bitcoin tech

Every Bitcoin is essentially a unique set of digits.

A coin or fraction of a coin has its own ‘send’ address (private), and every digital wallet has a unique ‘receive’ address (public). If I want to send Bitcoin to…let’s say…your Aunt Sally, I have to know Aunt Sally’s receive address. She has to know my send address to confirm the transaction.

We use these addresses to buy and sell things on the Internet, or even in person. For an in-person transaction, all it takes is something as simple as a QR Code scanner, or a digital cash register like Square.

Jared Wolf

So, you may be thinking… how is a collection of ‘unique’ numbers worth $40,000? Seems kinda sketchy.

Well, Bitcoin is both a medium of exchange and a ‘speculative’ asset. Its worth comes from usability and perceived value.

How does Bitcoin compare to traditional currencies?

When we talk about traditional currencies (post-Nixon-shock), we refer to fiat currency. Fiat currency is issued by governments and isn’t backed by any commodity (like gold). That means its value is based on the legitimacy of the government issuing the currency.

Examples of fiat currency include the US Dollar, Euro, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, etc.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a currency that derives value from 1) its utility as a medium of exchange (technology) and 2) price speculation (as an asset). Unless Bitcoin is universally adopted, these factors are inevitably tied together.

If Bitcoin has no utility, it has no perceived value. If it has no perceived value, it has less utility.

The other main difference between fiat currency and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is entirely digital. There is no paper version of it. However, just about every major government in the world has created its own digital currency tied to paper fiat. But that’s for another time.

How can I purchase Bitcoin?

If you want to purchase Bitcoin, you have some options. You can purchase on an exchange, you can have someone transfer it to you in exchange for fiat, or mine it yourself.

Buying on an Exchange

There are two types of exchanges you can use to purchase Bitcoin: 1) Centralized exchanges and 2) Decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

An example of a centralized exchange would be Coinbase. It has central authority over the exchange. DEXs are commonly open-source and allow users to be anonymous.

Centralized exchange

  • Less control over the platform
  • More security risks
  • More common for beginners
  • Higher fees
  • More features
  • ID checks, no anonymity
  • Fast transactions

Decentralized exchange

  • More user control
  • Minimal security risk
  • More common for intermediate, advanced users
  • Zero or small fees
  • Limited features
  • Slower transactions (you usually have to pay more “gas” fees for faster transactions
Making a transfer

If your buddy wants to send you Bitcoin, you need a mobile app or computer to receive it. That means you need to create a digital wallet.

By making an account on a popular app like Coinbase, you create a digital wallet. Alternatively, you can purchase a cold-chain (hardware) wallet like Trezor to receive your Bitcoin. This is more secure because no one can hack into hardware.

Downside to cold-chain wallets? They can be confusing to newbies. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can make a fatal mistake like sending your bitcoin away.

Apps like Coinbase are widely popular because they democratize the barrier to entry for everyday mailmen interested in Bitcoin. You don’t really need any technical knowledge to get started. Just expect to pay more fees for the convenience.

Mining Bitcoin

You can also mine Bitcoin. Mining bitcoin = solving complicated math puzzles (that is how they are rewarded). This article is for Bitcoin beginners, so I’m not even touching that.

Trading Bitcoin

Once you own Bitcoin, you can also exchange it on a trading platform to make a profit.

Price dip? Buy low. CNBC ran a positive headline about Bitcoin? Wait 24 hours and sell high.

Sounds easy enough, but you can lose a lot of money really quickly. Like in seconds. And there are so many get-rich-quick schemes out there that I’d do extensive research on a trading platform for days before making a single trade.

The same goes for executing a trading strategy. Don’t read two articles about crypto trading and throw a $10,000 long with 100X leverage. You should spend at least a month of consistent reading from bull-to-bear perspectives before trading any crypto.

Also, keep in mind that trading isn’t for everyone. This is the finance equivalent of sports gambling, only with crypto you aren’t from Wisconsin betting on the Packers. This is a New Yorker betting on Latvian soccer or some other fringe sport you probably know nothing about.

Know yourself, evaluate your risk tolerance, and make informed decisions.

Is it too late to buy Bitcoin?

Back in December 2020, Guggenheim’s CIO Scott Minerd famously said that Bitcoin should be worth $400K. For you non-finance folks, Guggenheim is a globally-renowned financial services firm.

If Guggenheim is saying it… we can rule out the idea that a $400,000 Bitcoin is reserved for Rogan stoner bros and libertarians.

Sure, Bitcoin has its flaws; it’s far from perfect. But if we’re answering a simple question… is it too late to buy Bitcoin? The answer is clear: No. We’re still in the early stages.

If you can get on board with the idea of taking on Central Banks and creating a financial system that’s owned and operated by people instead of institutions — you’re never too late to the party.

Culture News

The 20 Best Lego Sets of All-Time

I’ve been building with LEGO for nearly my entire 25 years of life. In 2015, I began creating daily LEGO content online for my brand, MiniSuperHeroesToday, which has exploded into an enthusiastic community of over 165,000 fans and followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. My content focuses on showing how to build custom LEGO figures using only existing LEGO pieces and set reviews, LEGO news, and more. Last year, I was accepted into the LEGO Ambassador Network. I now serve as a proud ambassador/influencer for the company that has inspired me daily since I opened my first LEGO box over 20 years ago. 
When ONE37pm reached out to me about writing a story on the greatest LEGO sets of all-time, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. There are so many amazing sets to choose from, but I narrowed it down to my 20 favorites, from the complicated to the coveted. Without further ado, these are what I consider to be the 20 Best LEGO Sets of All-Time! 

FCC Disclosure: Pushkar Media, LLC may be compensated as an affiliate seller from any purchases derived from affiliate links in this article.

20. The Tumbler – 76023

LEGO has released many versions of the Batmobile, but the 2014 Tumbler from The Dark Knight ranks among the best.

At a whopping 1,869 pieces, it’s such a cool project that results in a display of one of the most iconic superhero vehicles of all time. This one actually came out a while after the hype of The Dark Knight, so rather than being a play vehicle for kids, this was aimed more at adults and those with the expendable income to take on such a massive build. It also comes with the Heath Ledger Joker, a super sought-after figure for enthusiasts.

Buy Now at eBay
19. Harry Potter Diagon Alley – 75978

Full disclosure, I’m not a diehard Harry Potter fan, but this is too cool of a set not to include! These sets connect with the LEGO Creator modular buildings (as I talked about with other sets on this list)  and come with four connectable buildings to create your own LEGO-scale Diagon Alley. This comes with so many figures and is so incredibly detailed; if you’re a Harry Potter fan, this is a must-have set.

Buy Now at Ebay
18. Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced Starfighter – 10175

This 2006 set is a bit dated aesthetically, but that’s part of what makes it so cool. LEGO hasn’t remade this ship since this iteration, so it’s a bit of a collector’s item (hence the hefty price tag on the secondhand market these days). It’s obviously not as detailed or sleek as some of the more recent Star Wars sets, but its understated style and rarity make it among my favorites of all-time.

17. Sandcrawler – 75059

LEGO has done a couple of versions of the Sandcrawler, but this Ultimate Collectors series edition reigns supreme. After the explosion in popularity of The Mandalorian, the Jawas’ Sandcrawler, one of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars franchise, saw an increase in sales.

This set is also super detailed on the interior, making it a difficult but extremely rewarding build. It’s absolutely gigantic (22.9 x 18.9 x 6.7 in), so make sure you’ve got space before building this set, which comes with a whopping 14 minifigs —from Luke and the R5 unit with a bad motivator to those pesky Jawas.

Buy Now at Ebay
16. Red Five X-Wing Starfighter – 10240

Aside from the Millenium Falcon, you’d be hard-pressed to name a more recognizable Star Wars ship than Luke Skywalker’s Red Five X-Wing. This set is from the Ultimate Collector series, so it’s super detailed and definitely requires some time and prowess to build. “Red five, standing by.”

Buy Now at Ebay
15. R2-D2 – 10225

This R2-D2 model, at the time, came out of nowhere. LEGO hadn’t put out anything like this bust/model since the late 90s when they’d released a buildable Darth Maul bust and a Yoda, which both debuted before LEGO Star Wars’ prime. This R2-D2 model, which dropped in 2012, has since become a major collector’s item because of how beautifully it displays (it comes with a stickered-on plaque and an additional R2-D2 Minifigure) and has, understandably, become super valuable.

Buy Now at Ebay
14. Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier 76042

There’s so much to say about this 2015 set. First of all, it’s absolutely massive, coming in at nearly two feet long. On top of that, it can be upgraded with numerous “powered up” functions, including lights and rotating turbines. You can also rotate the turbines manually with a gear located on the back, so no matter how you choose to build, you’re in for a display piece that will wow just about anyone. This set also comes with exclusive “micro figures” which make the scale of the helicarrier much more realistic. In addition to those micro figures, this set comes with Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, as well as Nick Fury and Maria Hill minifigures that are exclusive to this set.

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13. Assembly Square – 10255

This is another one from the LEGO Creator modular series. This set was actually released as a celebratory set for the 10th anniversary of the modular series. It’s bigger than the standard modular series sets and is built to include a flower shop, bakery, and numerous apartment buildings over the storefronts. This is such a great culmination of the modular series and a really great addition for anyone building out a LEGO city. Combine it with your other modules and you’ve got yourself an ever-growing city block!

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12. Castle Medieval Market Village – 10193

This is a super rare set, mostly because there are very few medieval sets floating around to begin with. Most modern medieval/castle-themed sets are fantasy-based, as opposed to this set’s more historically-accurate take on the medieval age. This is, at the time of writing this, my favorite of the medieval LEGO sets. Simply looking at it feels like taking a trip to the renaissance fair!

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11. Ultimate Collectors Series Slave 1 – 75060

This is another entry from the Ultimate Collectors Series and is an absolute must-have for Star Wars fanatics. Like with all of the sets in this UCS line, this model is aimed at adults—hence the high price point and elevated build complexity. After the re-emergence of Boba Fett and the Slave 1, this set is one that is bound to go up in value over time. 

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10. Nintendo Entertainment System – 71374

This could have easily placed higher on the list, mostly because of the ingenious array of functioning gadgets included in the set. It’s almost a scale model of the Nintendo Entertainment System and comes with a Super Mario cartridge in addition to a buildable controller. You also get to build a vintage 80s cassette TV with a crank, which moves your Mario “piece” across the screen, simulating a real play session on the nostalgic entertainment system. This one is too cool not to include in the “top ten.”

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9. Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon – 75192

This list couldn’t be complete without a shoutout to the Millennium Falcon. They’ve done two Ultimate Collectors series editions of the Falcon, one back in 2007 and this one in 2017. This was the largest LEGO set of all time until 2018’s Hogwarts Castle set bumped it from its spot. Now it rests firmly in the third-place position thanks to 2020’s Colosseum taking the #1 spot with over 9,000 pieces. This set allows you to recreate scenes from the original trilogy and the recent films; it includes numerous minifigs, including Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Rey, and Finn. You can also change out the satellite dish to the corresponding film trilogy. Like with many of the UCS builds, this one has a complex interior, so you can open the ship and tinker around with the Falcon’s iconic interior. It even comes with a little Mynock figurine (the critter that attacks the Falcon when they stop momentarily during their chase in The Empire Strikes Back) for full cohesion with the film.

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8. Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322

This is the first entry on the list to come out of the LEGO Ideas series, allowing LEGO builders to propose ideas for new sets. If 10,000 people support the idea, a LEGO design team will look into putting it out as an actual set! The Pirates of Barracuda Bay set is a callback to a similar model from the 80s, the quintessential LEGO pirate ship. The ship is shipwrecked in this version, but the set offers an alternate build option that puts the ship back together, just like it would’ve looked in 1989.

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7. Palace Cinema – 10232

This is another modular set, so you can add it to your growing LEGO city—and the growing list of modulars in this countdown! The Palace Cinema is meant to be a corner building and perfectly encapsulates the vintage Hollywood fee it seeks to represent. The first floor has concessions and the second floor has the movie theater seating area. The theming on this set is just so perfect; this makes for a great set that has earned its place in the top ten portion of this list.

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6. Back to the Future – DeLorean Time Machine – 21103

Who doesn’t love Back to the Future? This was an early LEGO idea set, then called “Cuusoo” (the name change to “LEGO ideas” shortly after was a good one!). The set comes with extra pieces that allow the builder to recreate any of the three DeLorean versions, from the classic first movie iteration to the Wild West version in Part III. It also comes with Marty and Doc minifigs, which are among my favorites ever. This set was only $35 when it first came out, but good luck finding it at that price point these days!

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5. Disney Castle – 71040

This set is absolutely insane. It’s modeled after the Magic Kingdom castle from Florida’s Walt Disney World and comes replete with a wide range of Disney movie-themed rooms. There’s a callback to Aladdin (with his signature rug hanging on the wall) and even a chest with Rapunzel’s hairbrush, to name just a few. It also comes with several iconic Disney minifigs, including an exclusive Mickey, Minnie, and Tinker Bell, as well as Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.

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4. 1989 Batmobile – 76139

Many Batman fans will argue that the 1989 Batmobile is the coolest Batmobile of all-time. Adam West may have ridden in my personal favorite Batmobile, but the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman is the coolest; with the pop-up machine guns, the sliding cockpit, and those flame turbines in the back, every kid on the planet went nuts when this showed up on the big screen. The LEGO model offers all the same excitement: the cockpit opens forward, and the machine guns can be raised manually with a crank on the back. It also comes with a Michael Keaton Batman figure, Jack Nicholson Joker and Vicky Vale. It might not be as militaristic as the Tumbler, but it has an iconic superhero style that remains unmatched to this day.

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3. Star Wars Death Star – 75159

This is the ultimate LEGO playset. This 2016 iteration of the Death Star includes everything you could ask for. You can spin it around and see all of the Death Star’s iconic scenes, like Palpatine’s throne room (where you can drop him down the reactor shaft just like the movie!), the garbage compactor, and Leia’s detention block. There’s even a slide from the detention block area in the garbage compactor and a button to make the walls start closing in. It’s a super expensive set due to all of its amazing features and the high piece count, but it’s worth it if you want a faithful LEGO Death Star model in your home—and really, who doesn’t?

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2. Indiana Jones Temple Escape – 7623

I understand that this set may be a bit of a curveball, but if you see it in person, you’ll know exactly why it snagged the number two spot. Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the most recognizable movies of all time, and this set invokes the film’s most iconic scene with less than 600 pieces. LEGO created an exclusive piece for this set, the golden idol, which will make parts of the set fall over when removed from its display. Every character from the scene has a corresponding Minifigure, and it makes for the ultimate display piece for Indiana Jones and film fans alike. I made my first stop motion movie on my flip phone with this set in 2008, so it really holds a special place for me and will always be among my favorites. It unlocked numerous ideas for me as a creator, and my love for creating LEGO content can be traced back to the day I built this set.

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1. Ghostbusters Firehouse – 75827

You might be surprised that the number one spot isn’t a Star Wars set, but this Ghostbusters model really has it all. You can open the sides to reveal three distinct floors of the firehouse from the film, chock full of Easter Eggs and references to the pair of classic films. There are bedrooms, the haunted toaster, the team’s firepole, and more. If you were lucky enough to cop the Ecto I set from LEGO Ideas in 2014, the car could even be backed into the garage of this set for safekeeping. This set comes with minifigs of every character you could want, including numerous ghosts and the entire Ghostbusters team, complete with exclusive arm printing. It’s so faithful to the movie and such a fun playset; this is without a doubt my number one set of all-time.

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Culture News

Adam iLL’s Top 10 Munchies to Satisfy Those Smoke Sesh Cravings

What’s one thing all Cannabis consumers have in common? Munchies, of course!

I don’t know what it is about Cannabis, but food always tastes better after a nice sesh, and the stomach seems to become a bottomless pit to whatever you’re currently chowing down on. I’ve found myself eating food combinations that I’d never thought would work together, and that turned out to be delicious. Now, not everything we eat has to be creative or weird, but it does have to taste good. Whether it’s sweet, savory, sour, spicy, tart, or whatever your palette is craving, don’t hold back— and if you need a little “munch-spiration,” read on for the list below, where I’ve compiled my top 10 favorite snacks to eat while faded.

10. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Sandwich
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

There’s nothing quite like a PB&J—except a PB&J with chocolate. I like to use a chocolate spread (though you can also use Nutella if that’s more your style), and if you’re like me, you can take it that extra mile to flavor town by adding some bananas or honey.

9. Bowl of Mixed Cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch/Cocoa Puffs)
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

One kind of cereal with milk is boring, so I like to mix and match my cereals and milks to keep my palate on its toes. Have you ever tried a bowl of Cinnamon Toast-Puffs? Give it a try, and thank me later. I also love to fill a bowl with chocolatey cereal and strawberry milk; milk flavor variation is key. Oat, hemp, almond, the options are limitless. Have fun.

8. Fruit
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

Fruit is a tried and true stoner snack. Bite into a crisp apple after a session and feel your dry mouth dissipate in an explosion of flavor, or maybe savor a juicy slice of mango, which is also known to enhance the high. Pick up some fresh fruit and give your body those natural sugars. 

7. Cookies and Chocolate Milk (eaten cereal-style)
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

I said it once already, but I’ll repeat it: Cereal is boring. Instead of putting some bland cheerios into a bowl, throw a handful of Oreos in (maybe even some minis) and douse them in a healthy serving of milk. The line between cereal and cookies is arbitrary anyway—I’m looking at you, Cookie Crisp.

6. Butter Burritos
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

Sometimes simplicity is the name of the game. Go ahead and take a tortilla, throw it on the stove. Toss a pat of butter on there, let it melt, and then roll that baby up. Feel free to add honey, jam, or any other sweet accouterments to really spruce it up. 

5. MunchPak

MunchPak is a subscription service that is truly a stoner’s best friend. You can customize your snacks’ quantity and frequency, and then the company sends you a curated box of snacks from around the world. If you’re looking for Pocky sticks, unattainable flavors of Kit Kats, or Hi-Chews, then you should definitely subscribe.

4. Cheese plate (Humboldt Fog, Italian Truffle)
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

This is one of the options on the list that requires a little bit of prep. Before you smoke, go ahead and grab your most beautiful cutting board. Lay out some fine cheeses, perhaps a jam, maybe a baguette, and some apple slices. Once you’re good and frosty, the combination of creations you can come up with is only limited by your imagination.

3. Chocolate (Especially Dark)
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

No explanation is necessary on this. Chocolate is delicious. Dark chocolate is delicious and, honestly, nutritious. Also, chocolate kicks off your anandamide. 

2. Beef Jerky and Cheez-Its (Stoner Cheeseburger)
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

Sometimes you’re craving a cheeseburger and don’t have all of the ingredients. But if you just need a hit of beef and cheese, look no further than the stoner’s cheesesteak: a delicate sandwich concocted of beef jerky sandwiched between two cheez-its. The perfect crunchy texture accompanied by the chewy jerky will leave you salivating for more. 

1. Kit-Kies (Kit-Kat inside a Twinkie)
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

This is the pièce de résistance. Maybe a Twinkie doesn’t have the crunch you’re looking for. Maybe a Kit Kat just doesn’t quite scratch your pastry itch. When I’m looking for a sweet, fluffy cakey, crunchy, chocolate treat I look to my creation, the Kit-Kie. Just slide your Kit Kat into the Twinkie (maybe use your specialty Kit Kats from the MunchPak), admire your work, and dine. Frozen Kit Kat’s make the penetration a lot easier.