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Meet Nico Cantor, Star of ‘The Golazo Show’

When the National Football League first introduced a new project known as ‘NFL Redzone’ over 12 years ago there were concerns about the disruption of the traditional viewing experience.

American football games could now be viewed in a very different way, especially with the rise of social media and fantasy sports influencing the ways in which consumers absorb sports.

Fast forward to 2021 and Redzone is now a hot commodity in the American football space and CBS Sports has taken a page out of the NFL’s book with its launch of a similar concept in the European football world.

Meet ‘The Golazo Show’ and its first host, Nico Cantor.

He’s the son of legendary broadcaster Andres Cantor, who has covered World Cups, Olympic Games and a number of other major football events throughout his famed career with Telemundo Deportes, NBC Sports and other outlets. 

Nico is making a name for himself though in a unique space though, one that has the chance to spark a new interest in proper football in the United States with a product that allows fans to see the highlights of all the top matches across Europe’s UEFA Champions League and Europa League competitions.

“When I took the job I didn’t really know what to expect,” Cantor told ONE37pm. “It was very different than anything I had previously done, especially in another country.

“It was interesting because not only was it my first time properly working in English language television, but I was working in England. I think each week now I’m learning something different and that’s helping the show evolve in its own way.”

Cantor, who got his start in broadcasting with former NASL side Ft. Lauderdale Strikers, has had to train himself to prepare in a different manner than he has in the past for previous opportunities.

Instead of focusing on a single team or league, his attention is now drawn every which way with the Champions League and Europa League encompassing the entire European continent.

“I’m prepping all the time,” Cantor said. “Everything I watch now technically counts as prep work for me. Knowing the context is huge.

“I think understanding the context of where every team is at is important so when it’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday and my girlfriend wants to go to brunch I’m the one that has to be like ‘I have to watch Chelsea-Aston Villa.’

“It’s just about being informed with everything that’s going on.”

The change in routine has been a welcomed challenge by Cantor during the early stages of ‘The Golazo Show,’ but he’s embracing all aspects of the job.

With the presence of proper football growing in the United States and CBS’ willingness to take a major step towards introducing the game to a greater audience stateside, the program has a massive opportunity to capture a new age of fans in a similar way that NFL Redzone has done.

As Cantor points out, fans often don’t have the time or energy to watch every minute of every match, and that’s where ‘The Golazo Show’ can thrive.

“I really believe this is a game changer and I think there’s a really interesting product that we have in our hands right now,” Cantor said. “I see that every day, on social at least, more people find out what ‘The Golazo Show’ is and I do believe that people really like it.

“Sometimes I’m really baffled because people will write to me on Twitter asking when the next ‘Golazo Show’ is coming on and there’s genuine interest in what we’re doing. It feels like people are actually craving it and that’s a huge credit to everyone at CBS that’s helped put this together.

“They’ve made it dynamic enough with the right materials and right guests. There’s this great balance in having a broadcast where you can sit back and have fun and watch ‘The Golazo Show.’”

Viewers can tune in to ‘The Golazo Show’ every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the Champions League and Europa League campaigns on CBS Sports. The program returns next week when the resumption of both competitions starts on Sept. 28. 

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Adidas Taps Bionic Model and Singer Marsha Elle For New AFROPUNK Campaign

Following a successful release in June, AFROPUNK and adidas have once again collaborated on an inspired release of the TRIPLE PLATFORUM, and this time around they are tapping bionic model, singer, and motivational speaker Marsha Elle as the face of adidas Originals + AFROPUNK’s ‘Live the F@%k Out Loud’ campaign.

adidas Afropunk

‘Live the F@%k Out Loud’ embraces non-conformity and living unapologetically, which represents Marsha to the fullest. The new TRIPLE PLATFORUM sneaker also mirrors these values through its aesthetic, reimagining the iconic triple platform design with AFROPUNK’s sleek black & white silhouette, which also represents the brand’s non-conformist spirit.

Never letting anything, anybody, or any obstacle stand in her way, Marsha has refused to let any setback pull her back transforming her lifelong condition into a power. From notching her first hit “Hallelujah” at 17 to becoming a leader in the body positivity movement, and now working towards using her experiences to empower others. Marsha is the perfect brand ambassador and role model. We spoke to Marsha about what it means to be a part of this campaign.

ONE37pm: Congratulations on becoming the face of adidas Originals + AFROPUNK’s ‘Live the F@%k Out Loud’ campaign! What has this experience been like for you? 

Marsha: The experience was amazing; in particular I really dug the concept, because it aligns with my own values of living unapologetically. Working with the director was awesome too. Glad to be a part of it!

Marsha Elle

ONE37pm: What does “Living the F@%k Out Loud” mean to you, and how do you personally embody that in your life and career?

Marsha: It means to be free and limitless—whenever I feel like I am not challenging myself, I push harder. That’s part of the reason why I am exploring so many different avenues at the moment in my creative range. For my community, for the disabled community—I go hard for them and myself. That’s Living the F@%k Out Loud. 

ONE37pm: You are truly a quadruple threat! You model, sing, you’re a motivational speaker, and completing your nurse practitioner l degree! How does each of these fulfill you?

Marsha: I try to only engage in things I am passionate about and are of service to others. I want to leave a positive impact on the world—a legacy.

I am no longer pursuing medicine but going off the last question, I’m currently healing in art, music, fashion, and activism, where I think I can make the biggest difference. 

ONE37pm: adidas represents many of the values and traits that you have. How has it been being a part of the adidas family?

Marsha: adidas is a brand that is embedded in the culture; from Run DMC to Yeezy, to this collaboration with AFROPUNK. I’m elated to have been a part of this historic campaign, especially one that focuses on self-love and empowerment. 

adidas Triple Platform

ONE37pm: Last but not least—there are a lot of people that look up to you and want to be able to do some of the things that you are doing. What is your advice to them?

Marsha:  My advice is simple but important: be authentic to yourself. That will make your reach and interaction with your audience genuine and sustainable.

NFT Tech

What is an ENS Domain?

The domain name is something we are all familiar with. If you want to visit a website, it is the website url that you type in. Ownership over that domain is something that companies and individuals pay a premium for. The significance of owning a domain like enables Nike to control their intellectual property in a way that is familiar and accessible to consumers, not to mention it’s easy to find. In the early days of the internet, websites had IP addresses which made it difficult to easily visit a website. Domain Name Service (DNS) allowed the websites we are familiar with today to convert their IP addresses into readable text.

As the age of the internet continues and Web 2.0 evolves into Web 3.0, it is important to consider what the future of the internet will look like for online storefronts, brands, entrepreneurs, and artists. 

With the progression of web 3.0 technologies like cryptocurrency, decentralized marketplaces, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) comes the need for a name service that makes crypto addresses memorable and quickly identifiable. 

Enter the ENS

Otherwise known as Ethereum Name Service, the ENS offers a secure way to translate the Ethereum addresses a user has into a text that is easily searchable from human memory. As of right now, ENS domains end in ‘.eth’ and can be registered at When creating an Ethereum wallet, users are given a long string of generated numbers and letters that they are able to send their Ethereum assets to and from. The difficulty with this is that these addresses are too difficult to memorize and use consistently. When registered, the ENS resolves the address and becomes the identifier for the specific address that the wallet is registered to. 

How to get an ENS domain:

Before you get started you will want to have a small amount of ETH to pay the transaction and ENS registration fees associated with the ‘.eth’ domain you want to acquire. 

1. Open an Ethereum-enabled Browser

You will need an Ethereum-enabled browser to access your crypto wallet. If you do not have a crypto wallet, you can set up yours by following this guide here

If you are registering through mobile you can use Trustwallet, Coinbase Wallet, or MetaMask mobile apps.

In order to access the ENS registration application, you must be signed in to your Ethereum browser with the same wallet that you want to have the ENS name registered to. (Note: If you register the ENS name to one address and you want to transfer it in the future, you can do that).

2. Go to
ENS Domain

3. Find and register an ENS

Once connected to the ENS registration app, start by searching for your desired ‘.eth’ name. When searching for a name, you will get one of two prompts: Available or Unavailable. If the name is unavailable you will be able to see the address that registered it and when the expiration date is. If the address is available you will be prompted with a way to register the domain and pay for the number of years that you would like to register the domain for. You can always log back into the ENS provider to extend the time that you have the ENS registered for so that it does not expire.

ENS Domain

4. Confirm registration

This is the step that you will need to use your crypto wallet to sign the transaction. In order to register the ENS name, you will need to pay the registration fee associated with the name as well as for each year that you would like to register it for. You will need to wait for the ENS app to confirm your registration to make sure that no one else is trying to register the same name at the same time.

5. You now have your own ‘.eth’

Congratulations, you are now a registered ENS owner. 

Additional benefits of owning an ENS

A recent update now allows the owner of a DNS domain name to import the same name for use on an ENS name. The integration allows for the ENS name to be used for many more applications, including portable web3 username and profiles, payments in any cryptocurrency, and decentralized websites. This allows ENS to be a complete key to the future of web3. 

In addition, ENS domains are registered to the ERC-721 standard which allows them to function as an NFT. This utility allows you to treat ENS names the same way as you treat NFTs—meaning that you can buy, sell, trade, and transfer to other wallets, accounts, and exchanges. 

With an ENS name, you will never have to worry about entering the wrong wallet address, and it will allow other users throughout the world of crypto to easily interact with you.

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How YOUNG036 is Leveraging TikTok in His Music Career

Within the music industry, TikTok can make an artist explode at exponential rates. This is the case with the Fort Worth, Texas-based artist named YOUNG036. Young is currently a junior at Texas State, where he is running OHTHREESIX! Media and managing his music career. YOUNG began seeing traction when his song “Sorority! began to blow up on TikTok during Alabama’s rush week. The song was released in October 2018 but started to catch waves recently, all thanks to TikTok in 2020.

In an interview with the College Chicks Chapel Podcast, he stated that Indiana’s Gamma Phi sorority created a TikTok dance using his song “Sorority.” The TikTok eventually went viral, attributing to YOUNG’s emerging success. He continued to build leverage by releasing “Gphi-Anthem,” which he noted was a song to thank them for helping his music blow up. 

Additionally, YOUNG released the Zeta Anthem with “6 Zetas In This Benz!” The track reached over two hundred thousand plays on Spotify. This led to nearly four thousand videos created using this sound within TikTok. These TikToks were made following the release of Greek Week! and Greek Week! (Deluxe). These two projects are filled with catchy sorority and college anthems. Check out this TikTok below that blew up on the platform, receiving over one hundred thousand likes.

Another wave started around the same time Alabama’s rush week continued to gain traction across TikTok and even within the mainstream media. Alabama’s Zeta Tau Alpha sorority began to use his song “Where Them ZTAs At.” The song caused several of the sisters of the sorority to post them using this song. Furthermore, over two thousand videos were created using this sound. YOUNG even went to Alabama to join the sorority at a Loud Luxury event. The ZTA roll-call was another factor that helped YOUNG reach over sixteen thousand followers on TikTok. Tune in to this TikTok below of the ZTAs using this song, getting nearly four hundred thousand likes and millions of views.

We talked to YOUNG in an exclusive interview to talk about the success of his music, TikTok, and more. 

ONE37pm: How did it feel about going viral on TikTok and having that much support?

It was kind of surprising I never thought it would get this big, so when it did, I didn’t really know what to do; I had to restructure the way I made music to accommodate for what was happening.

ONE37pm: Which song was your favorite to make when creating the Greek Week! album?

“3 A.M. in College Station,” that beat is so different, and I love what I put on it. I constantly challenge myself when it comes to music.

ONE37pm: With the success you’ve seen on TikTok, how do you think emerging artists should approach TikTok?

There is such a dumb stigma from being a “TikTok rapper” that it turns away artists from using the platform, but this platform caused many artists to blow up and do things that probably would take years to otherwise. Like YoungChris, he is still in high school and was in the studio with Freddie Gibbs and Rick Ross because of Tiktok ONLY. So I say use it to the best of your ability and don’t care what other people think, because as an independent, you HAVE to use every tool to your advantage; you’re competing with multi-million-dollar labels. People hold themselves back in music because they think there is a sure way to come up. There’s not.

ONE37pm: What’s next for your career/music? Anything special that you’re working on?

We are working on this college experience where we get DJs and artists all together to invite the community and throw a massive party. I want to work with fraternities and find sponsors to go to the enormous party schools and throw huge shows. However, that’s a lot of logistics, and it will take some work,

I have a whole college album coming out. I had to delay it because of everything that’s going on right now. I am also working on making roll calls for sororities and fraternities.

This one trend that YOUNG successfully developed shows alone how powerful TikTok is as a platform. If you are an aspiring artist, be sure to keep posting TikToks consistently and keeping up with the latest trends. This is evident with YOUNG, as he is beginning to make a splash on Spotify and continue his success on TikTok. Be sure to keep an eye out for YOUNG, as we’re sure this isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing about him. 

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The 20 Best Multiplayer Horror Games

People tend to be split down the middle when it comes to horror games. Some people love them and are fuelled by the fear and suspense that comes with playing them and some people can’t understand why anyone would ever put themselves through such an experience.

For the latter group of people, perhaps the solution is having someone by your side, literally or figuratively. For you, we have a treat. Below is a list of the 20 best multiplayer horror games, so that you can share the experience with a friend.

1. Cry Of Fear

Cry Of Fear started out as a mod for the first Half-Life game, using its standard renderer, before becoming its own game. Interestingly, the game features an entirely separate co-op campaign that works better having already played the single-player campaign, because it sort of relies on the single-player campaign as context. If you’re willing to put the time in, we recommend the game from Swedish indie studio Team Psykskallar.

Free to play
2. Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is a 1 vs. 4 online multiplayer where the one is a killer who the other four must dodge and escape from. To do this, the other players must turn on generators around the map so that they can use the exit. What’s great about this game is that there are characters that can be used that are licensed from other famous horror franchises. Survivors can take on the roles of characters from Stranger Things, Saw, Left 4 Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and more while Killers have those options as well as Fun World’s Ghost Face and Hellraiser amongst others.

Buy now, $9.99
3. Dead Space 3

We’re excited for the Dead Space remake which we’re going to have to wait until 2022 to get news for, but in the meantime, playing the third game in the main series will hold you down. Playing the story with a friend on co-op actually unlocks new details of the story and some additional missions, so it’s well worth a try even if you already tried the story on your own when the game came out in 2013.

Buy now, $4.99
4. Deceit

Developed and published Baseline, Deceit is a game whose title sums it up perfectly. Like Dead By Daylight, you and a group of friends are tasked with escaping an area through an exit and must complete some tasks to do so. However, one of you is infected and must secretly consume the blood bags around the map to turn into a monster where you must kill all the players before they exit. There are items along the way that will help you figure out who the infected is too, so use them wisely.

Free to play
5. Dying Light

Much like many games on this list, Dying Light allows you to play the campaign with some friends if you so wish. What makes this one unique though is that the co-op version of the campaign features co-op challenges, where you and your friends can compete to see who kills the most zombies and race each other to airdrops, adding some fun. In addition to this is the Be The Zombie mode where one player becomes the Night Hunter and is tasked with stopping other players from destroying infected nests.

Buy now, $29.99
6. F.3.A.R.

F.3.A.R., or F.E.A.R. 3, was developed by Day 1 Studios and published by Warner Bros. Released in 2011, it was the first game in the series to allow players to experience the campaign with a friend through co-op. Knowing what happens in the first two games is important and does enhance the experience of this game, so it’s worth playing through first. As well as the co-op story mode, there are four multiplayer game modes: Fucking Run!, Contractions, Soul Survivor, and Soul King, allowing players to team up or battle against each other like any good multiplayer should.

Buy now, $19.99
7. Friday The 13th: The Game

This kind of survival horror, as evidenced by Dead By Daylight and Deceit already appearing on this list, is very popular right now. In a group, one player is randomly selected to control Jason Vorhees and they must kill as many of the other players, who will control Camp Crystal Lake counselors before the time runs out. You can fight back against Jason with items like bear traps, but Jason also has abilities like being able to teleport anywhere on the map, which ups the tension at all times. There are five maps available that are based on locations from the first five films.

Buy now, $14.99

GTFO comes from Swedish independent studio 10 Chambers Collective. The game is still technically in early access, with the time for a full release yet to be decided on. You’re one of four scavengers who must retrieve data from a particular area for a mysterious entity called The Warden. The only problem? The area is pitch blacked and filled with monsters.

Buy now, $34.99
9. Hide & Shriek

A lot of the games on this list are scary, but their concepts are really nothing new. If you want a multiplayer horror that’s a little fresher, look no further than Hide & Shriek. Developed by Funcom, the game pits two players against each other, giving them both a bunch of tasks to complete. However, along the way, you’ll get additional points for scaring the other person, luring them into traps, and performing rituals. To make things better and scarier, you’re both invisible, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for clues about where the other person is and what they could be doing.

Free to play
10. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer FPS that was released on Windows and Xbox in 2019 and PS4 in 2020. In the Bounty Hunt mode, players can either go it alone or team up to hunt down the Butcher, the Assassin, the Spider, or the Scrapbeak, the game’s four monsters. However, while you do this, you also have to look out for rival bounty hunters, making the game all the more suspenseful. There’s also the battle royale mode, where players must find an energy wellspring whilst fighting off enemies.

Buy now, $39.99
11. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 can be played alone, but why on earth would you ever want to do that when you can be part of a team of 6? You and a group of five friends can take on the game which takes place a short while after the events of the first game. Despite this, the sequel can be played and enjoyed on its own. You and your group of five friends will team up against hordes of Zeds, which are essentially zombies. If you like the concept, you might also like the Versus Survival version, where there are 6 teams of 2 and all but one team become Zeds, with the aim of killing the human team.

Buy now, $29.99
12. No More Room In Hell

No More Room In Hell was first released on Halloween of 2011 as a Half-Life 2 mod but two years later to the day, it was re-released as a standalone game. The game was created by Max Kazan. Set in a zombie apocalypse, you and your friends take the role of eight survivors who must work together to survive. There are two multiplayer game modes. In Objective, players must exit the area and in Survival, players must kill increasing waves of zombies while supplies get dropped every now and then.

Free to play
13. Phasmophobia

Phasamophobia really took off recently. The name is taken from the word for the fear of ghosts, so no prizes for guessing what you’ll be up against here. Phasmophobia puts you and some friends in the shoes of a paranormal investigator, or a ghost hunter if you will. A great unique selling point that this game has is that it features speech recognition, which means that the sound of equipment and even some keywords that players say in voice chat can be heard by ghosts, who will react accordingly. If that’s not spooky and won’t keep you on your toes, we don’t know what will.

Buy now, $13.99
14. Resident Evil 5

Fans and critics alike were very mixed on Resident Evil 5, but it does offer a good amount of multiplayer content. It was the first game in the series designed for co-op gameplay. Players control Chris and Sheva, the latter of which would be controlled by A.I. if players played on their own. You can either play online with a friend or split-screen, which is an option we see less frequently nowadays. The other multiplayer aspect of the game is the Versus DLC, which features the Slayers and Survivors modes.

Buy now, $19.99
15. Sign Of Silence

In Sign Of Silence, you and some friends end up in a car crash in a town called Danville, which is creepier than anything you’ve ever come across before. As you try to escape the town, monsters and eerie cultists will do their best to get you.

Buy now, $4.99
16. Obscure

Developed by Hydravision Entertainment, Obscure was released in 2004 and 2005 in Europe and North America, respectively. This game allows two players to tackle the campaign together with co-op and that’s a big help. Obscure is set at Leafmore High, where some students end up locked in the school overnight after searching for a missing friend. What they discover are some dark secrets about the school, that some students are mutated monsters due to injections and experimentation. If you’re looking for a creepy environment to traverse through and a fun game to scare yourself and a friend, this is a good choice.

Buy now, $6.99
17. The Blackout Club

The story of this game is that teenagers in a particular small town have been dealing with blackouts, that see them in a completely different area when they wake up. They uncover a dark and scary secret which pits them against a monster they can only see with their eyes closed.

Buy now, $29.99
18. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Little Hope was released about a year ago for Windows, the PS4, and the Xbox One. The Shared Story mode allows players to team up for the campaign, all the while making decisions that affect each other and the game’s ending. The great news here is that if you’re a fan of the game, you have Man Of Medan and House Of Ashes to play, with 5 other games planned for release as part of the anthology.

Buy now, $29.99
19. The Forest

Developed by Endnight Games and released for Windows and the PlayStation 4 in 2018, The Forest is a game where survival is the key. Doing this during the day is tricky because one or two cannibals can be a threat if not taken seriously, but it’s when the sun goes down where things get scary, with hordes of them coming at you.

Buy now, $19.99
20. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is one of the smaller games on this list, but don’t knock it until you try it. It was developed by Geoff Keene and it pits you and your teammates against a shapeshifting alien, which is controlled by one person. Some people have referred to this game as a more advanced version of Among Us and we can see why, with its concept and setting. If you liked Among Us but want a scarier twist, this is a must-play.

Free to play
NFT Tech

Robinhood Announces A New Crypto Wallet

Robinhood has been a mainstay for people first getting into crypto trading for several years. It has become a financial boon for the company. In fact, more than half of their $565 million transaction-based revenue came from crypto trading. This is crazy when you consider this app is where a good chunk of the AMC to the moon memes started. More on that later.

Why is this a big deal? In crypto, it’s important to have ways for people to get into and out of with regular currency. Such as the ability to buy crypto with the money in your bank account and also send the money you made from trading crypto to your bank account The more options they have, then the more people that will join the overall cryptocurrency space.

Even though crypto trading brings in millions of dollars of revenue for Robinhood, the app was introduced as a way for newcomers to the stock market who wanted to trade stocks without paying commission fees.

Later as it grew it added the ability to buy and sell crypto which opened the doors for people who never experimented with investing in crypto before. Which made it different from its competitors like Coinbase or Gemini which were primarily crypto-focused. 

Previously crypto fans jumped through hoops in order to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Fiat onramps are places you can exchange standard currency for crypto and have slowly become easier to use. Since I have joined the space connecting a bank account has become both more normalized and streamlined. But even with this groundswell of innovation, some banks have stiff-armed the change. Several banks have forbidden users from sending money/using money on these apps. Going so far as to decline the transfer. This is where it gets interesting with Robinhood. As stated before, they were initially a place for people to buy and sell stock without commission fees. It helped speed up adoption as more banks began to slowly accept the change.

In Robinhood’s announcement, they mention that you will be able to move your crypto in and out of the app. There is currently a waiting list and they’re planning on releasing it next month. Below is a screenshot from their announcement that shows what the user will be able to do with their new wallet functionality.  


Back when Robinhood introduced crypto trading a ton of users including myself bought crypto on the platform. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that what I bought was locked to the platform. Typically if I were to buy from a fiat onramp like Gemini I’d connect my bank account. Similarly, I purchased ETH I could then send it over to my Metamask wallet. And after transferring over the ETH I would then be able to buy NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea.

If you want to learn more about Metamask and how to get started with your own, be sure to check my Metamask setup guide here.

But what if I had tried that now on Robinhood? Nope. In Robinhood’s current state I could either buy more crypto or sell at whatever the current price was but I’d be unable to transfer it out of the platform. Imagine the disappointment of a newbie grabbing ETH in order to invest in NFTs and other digital assets and realizing they just spent a few hundred dollars that can only be bought and sold within the Robinhood platform. 

There are other reasons too for why some users have soured on Robinhood. Just in the past year, Robinhood has had several app crashes when there was a huge market swing in cryptos like dogecoin. And who can forget when they strong-armed users into selling their GameStop stock? You can find a bemusing Reddit video assembled by the community r/WallStreetBets that visually explains the drama of what happened here.

How did they strong-arm their users and why? Earlier this year GameStop‘s stock price exploded past 500%. During the excitement, Robinhood refused to let consumers buy any GameStop stock while still letting institutional inventors like hedge funds like Citadel. 

Closing access to retail investors didn’t just lead to upset users, it led to a full-blown SEC investigation. At one point the CEO had to apologize for their handling of the affair.

All in all, this is an exciting development for users of Robinhood. But as the past year has shown it isn’t perfect. It’s important to check out different exchanges to find the one that works best for you. And if you want to store your crypto and NFTs safely in your own hands be sure to check out our hardware wallet article.

Culture Movies/TV

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ Is a Welcome Addition to ‘The Sopranos’ Legacy

Those looking for a Tony Soprano origin story might be a tad bit disappointed in The Many Saints of Newark, a prequel film to the legendary HBO series The Sopranos. However, what they get in return is something more; whether that’s a good or a bad thing is up to the viewer.

Set many years before Tony Soprano takes his first on-screen bite of gabagool, The Many Saints of Newark provides a glimpse, albeit tiny, into the legendary and monstrous mob boss’s early days.

Per Warner Brothers:

“Young Anthony Soprano is growing up in one of the most tumultuous eras in Newark‘s history, becoming a man just as rival gangsters begin to rise up and challenge the all-powerful DiMeo crime family’s hold over the increasingly race-torn city. Caught up in the changing times is the uncle he idolizes, Dickie Moltisanti, who struggles to manage both his professional and personal responsibilities—and whose influence over his nephew will help make the impressionable teenager into the all-powerful mob boss we’ll later come to know: Tony Soprano.”

The Many Saints of Newark is a welcome return to familiar territory for fans of the show. Besides Tony Soprano—played by the late James Gandolfini’s son Michael—plenty of characters from The Sopranos reappear here, including Tony’s mother Livia (Vera Farmiga), his uncle Junior (Corey Stolz), as well as his loyal fellow mobsters, Silvio Dante (John Magaro), and Paulie Walnuts (Billy Magnussen).

It introduces characters such as Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola) and Tony’s father, Johnny Boy (Jon Bernthal), who are only mentioned on the show as they are long since deceased by the time The Sopranos takes place.

While Tony and the other characters from the show are present, they appear merely in a supporting role, with Nivola’s Dickie taking center stage as the protagonist of this story.

It is a smart move by series creator David Chase, as the focus is on expanding this universe and not keeping it constrained to what has already happened.

By helping clear up the mystery that surrounds Dickie Moltisanti, it also contributes to the growth and character development of his son Christopher, a supporting character of The Sopranos. Christopher is burdened by the legend of Dickie, and it is here that we get to see it explored.

This also helps the movie strengthen the foundations and themes of The Sopranos, which is considered one of, if not the greatest TV show of all time.

Warner Brothers/HBO

Many of the themes of The Sopranos are present throughout the film as well.

What does it mean to live up to the idea of one’s father? Do we carry the same sins as them? Or are we free to live as who we choose to be?

Given that Tony’s father was in prison for much of his formative years, Dickie takes the mantle of Tony’s mentor instead and, given that Dickie knows no other life, does not do much to steer Tony away from this “thing of ours.” Tony wants to go to college, play football (although I never thought he had the makings of a varsity athlete), and try to avoid the criminal lifestyle.

And although we know where things lead for him, it’s obvious that, at least at first, he does not want to follow in Dickie and his father’s footsteps.

This idea of legacy feeds into one of the other core tenets of the show and fuels the central conflict: Pride, and more specifically, how that sin contributes to one’s downfall.

Many characters on the show and in the film are embodiments of pride and toxic masculinity, most notably Uncle Junior, who, without spoiling anything, bears a growing resentment towards Dickie for a perceived and trivial slight. No man in this world of mobsters can be seen as weak, and if they make that mistake, it can ruin them.

Warner Brothers/HBO

The Many Saints of Newark uses a city in turmoil as the landscape for the story it tells. It begins in 1966, right as Newark is embroiled in one of the worst race riots in the country’s history, caused by the unjust arrest and beating of John William Smith, a black cab driver, by the Newark police department.

Harold McBrayer (Leslie Odom Jr.) begins the film as Dickie’s runner and employee of sorts but gradually grows to become his enemy as Harold yearns to start a criminal empire of his own. As a black man, Harold’s partnership with Dickie does not sit well with the mafia, who still harbor racist attitudes towards Newark’s black population. 

It is here where the film falls short, though. Harold longs to become the king of the Newark criminal underworld as the mob is pushed out, but it’s never explored more than that. His character serves as little more than a foil for Dickie and his personal life, and by the time the movie ends, you find yourself wondering why this plotline exists in the first place.

The film’s runtime clocks in at around two hours, but it is in this case where it could have used an extra 20 or so minutes to dive a little further into the motivations of Harold and his crew.

Warner Brothers/HBO

It is the performances of The Many Saints of Newark that carry the film. Vera Farmiga, Alessandro Nivola, Leslie Odom Jr., and Michael Gandolfini are all fantastic in their roles, with Farmiga perhaps being the best of all of them.

From her voice to her mannerisms and attitude and almost hatred for her children, she nails everything about who Livia Soprano was.

Gandolfini had the most challenging task, who, much like his on-screen character, had to live up to the legacy his father left behind. He is more than up to it, though. Tony is angry; he is rebellious but intelligent and a leader, something that Michael can embody just like his father did.

He won’t be visiting Dr. Melfi for many years, so Tony is forced to struggle with his issues and deal with a world that tells him that his mental health is not a priority.

Warner Brothers/HBO

Fans of The Sopranos, myself among them, will certainly enjoy The Many Saints of Newark. There are easter eggs throughout including, of course, a backroom meeting at Satriale’s but they don’t weigh down the story with simple fan service. They are simply the cherry on top of a story that exists all on its own.

By the time the show’s theme song hits (which gave me goosebumps), you might think “does this movie need to exist?” Maybe not, but you definitely won’t be mad that it does.

Entrepreneurs Grind

A Look At Tom Brady’s TB12 Brand With Co-Founder Alex Guerrero

The key to longevity as an athlete is health and consistency. At 44-years-old, Tom Brady has been able to have one of the longest and most successful careers in the history of professional sports, and as Brady begins this NFL season with yet another Super Bowl win under his belt, people are once again asking how he does it. If you want the answers on how he does it, look no further than TB12, the health and wellness brand he co-founded with longtime body coach Alex Guerrero in 2013. With the season back in full swing, we spoke with Guerrero about TB12, the importance of athletes caring for and maintaining their bodies, and how you can live a pain-free life. 


ONE37pm: You and Tom Brady launched TB12 in 2013. What was that process like then, and how has the company evolved since?

Guerrero: When I first started working with Tom, he couldn’t toss a ball without feeling pain. I worked with him using what would later be coined as muscle pliability, and he noticed a difference within two days of receiving his treatment. From there, our friendship and partnership began. I remember one day in 2012, we were sitting in Tom’s living room during a break in their offseason training and we reflected on the impact our work together had made on his ability to improve his performance.

I asked myself: If what we’re doing works for you, why wouldn’t it work for everyone? And so, the TB12 brand was born. TB12 is really a holistic approach to optimize pain management, performance, and recovery, with a focus on nutrition, hydration, and movement – and it can be applied to anyone. We are hoping to change the game for health and wellness globally and help people live their lives to the fullest and do what they love for as long as possible.

TB12 has a large and growing web presence, including virtual workout sessions.

The eCommerce store sells everything from pliability and performance equipment to the highest-quality nutritional supplements on the market.

ONE37pm:  These last few years one of the biggest questions in regards to Brady is how he has been able to achieve this type of longevity and stay in such great shape. Can you give us more insight into his overall process?

Guerrero: To perform your best is to perform pain-free. Tom and I work on several things to prevent overload to elbows and shoulders and maintaining mobility and strength through his hips and spine.  But the constant through it all was the hard work and determination that propelled Tom personally.  There are many ways to stay healthy, but one key part of longevity is muscle pliability.  For applying some of the practices of pliability that Tom works on,  you can roll out your muscles pre-and post-workout.


One of the best ways to experience deep-tissue manipulation is with a TB12 Body Coach whose process is modeled after my work with Tom. If you don’t have access to a Body Coach, you can perform pliability work at home using devices like the TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller, our Vibrating Pliability Sphere, or our Vibrating Mini Sphere. The second way to get pliable is to pursue a lifestyle that minimizes inflammation, which comes from a balanced approach to nutrition and an emphasis on proper hydration. A lifestyle that supports your pliability also has to include a good amount of sleep, which helps your brain to recover and develop. The result of pliability is that you recover faster, play better, and spend less time on the sidelines.

ONE37pm: Some of the core elements of TB12 are pliability, hydration, and living a pain-free life. A lot of our readers are young athletes that want to have long careers and just be healthy in general. Can you expand upon those concepts?

Guerrero: TB12 is centered around a holistic methodology for your overall health and athletic performance with personalized services from Body Coaches mirroring my approach to training Tom. TB12 integrates revolutionary concepts in deep-force muscle pliability work, hydration, nutrition, movement, and mental fitness. With a focus on performance and recovery, we help people do what they love better and for longer. Through this work, it is our mission to empower people to live pain-free and perform their best. 

Some of the key differentiators of the TB12 Method are the emphasis on pliability and recovery as a whole:  

At TB12, we believe everything begins with pliability, which is the daily lengthening and softening of muscles to promote recovery and help protect from injury. 

Core pillars of the TB12 Method include pliability, hydration, mental fitness, movement, and nutrition. We also believe that the recovery process is multi-faceted – it includes rest, hydration, diet, and pre and post-workout pliability. 

Overall, the body and brain need re-centering, rest, and recovery in order to perform their best 

ONE37pm: Last but not least, is there anything else that TB12 has in store for the rest of 2021. Obviously, the season is back in action which is exciting.

Guerrero: In addition to our Tampa, Boston, and Foxborough locations, TB12 has major growth plans that include expansion into markets such as NY, LA, and Florida. Our vision is to become the world’s most trusted authority on health and wellness.

You can continue to keep up with TB12 on both Instagram and Twitter.


September 23rd’s NF3 Recap: TIMEPieces, Twitter News and the Heart Project

Today was a big day for the world of Web 3.0. We’ve still been in a bit of a bear market in the NFT community, but there were a few big moments in the past day or so that signal some immense growth to come. TIME Magazine launched their NFT collection today, which sold out almost instantaneously. Twitter also made some NFT-bullish announcements, so we’ll dive into that as well.

If you’re just tuning into NF3, check out our last edition.

This article does not constitute formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

1. TIME Magazine’s NFT Collection Sells Out Instantaneously

TIME’s collection, which features the work of 40 artists, dropped today at noon ET and sold out seemingly immediately. At the time of writing, the mints are currently revealing, but the floor on OpenSea has already eclipsed 2.5 ETH—pretty good if you consider the .1 ETH mint price, even with the exorbitant gas fees that plagued minters.

The collection, which will hopefully be revealed some time tonight, features the work of legendary NFT photographer Justin Aversano, FVCKRENDER and more big names in the world of NFTs. We’ll be keeping our eyes on the resale market.

2. Twitter Announces NFT Authentication Service

There’s no exact timeline for the rollout yet, but today Twitter launched their tipping capability, which will allow iOS users to tip creators using Bitcoin. In addition to this massive innovation, they’ve announced their intent to allow users to verify their ownership over NFTs on the platform. This will certainly be beneficial for collectors wanting to verify their ownership on social media, but it’s especially helpful for validating ownership over the digital avatars folks use on their Twitter profiles, an incredibly pervasive trend in NFT communities.

As soon as this service launches, it will become much easier to determine who is using certain avatars for the vibes vs. who actually owns coveted digital avatars. Twitter and Jack Dorsey continue to embrace cryptocurrency and, specifically, the burgeoning world of NFTs and digital collectibles.

3. A Pre-Sale to Watch: The Heart Project

Shoutout 24kGoldn for throwing this one on our radar. Artwork is of course a big part of selecting cool projects, but these avatars also each have so much individual personality, part of which makes them so enticing. Rarity is often one of the biggest factors in identifying strong candidates from avatar projects, but there is also a growing commitment to picking avatars that you quite simply vibe with. And the vibes of the Heart project are off the charts.

The presale is live tonight at 6pm ET through Saturday, and the public sale goes live on Monday. Read more about the project and watch out for the mint on their website.

Other cool stuff:

The world of fashion NFTs is still pretty slept on IMO. Dissrup is a really cool platform launching fashion assets (and other pieces of 3D digital artwork), with the intent to be able to bring these wearables into other metaverses. Their inaugural drop with UV Zhu on the 13th, Acid Pool, was so sick—and sold out.

Read more about the platform here and check out their roster of artwork.

Boss Beauties is a project to watch. Their launch will take place on the 25th, and the artwork seems to take cues from (or potentially have some of the same artists?) World of Women, an immensely successful avatar project.

Keep your eyes on the project and tune into the many livestreams they’ve been doing this week leading up to the drop.

Consoles Gaming

The 30 Best Multiplayer Xbox One Games

Now let’s get this straight – MULTIPLAYER IS KING! 

Now that’s not to say that single-player games are lesser than – they’re just as amazing to get fully immersed in. But when we’re in the mood to really raise a game’s fun factor, we prefer to do it with a friend sitting right next to us or from a couple of miles away through online servers. The Xbox One has an abundance of incredible multiplayer-centric titles that provide hours upon hours of fun. A ton of genres are covered in that regard – fighters, racers, shooters, sports simulators, and so much more offer up worthwhile multiplayer experiences. With so many multiplayer games available on Xbox One that offer up local/online options, it can get a bit overwhelming to find the very best. 

We’re going to do all the heavy lifting here and showcase 30 of the best multiplayer Xbox One games.

1. ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’

At launch, this definitive edition of the Halo franchise let everyone down when it came to the massive multiplayer suite. But after years and years of further updates, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has improved its online multiplayer suite and fulfilled its original grand vision. Playing through the iconic Halo maps and modes across six games is a must-play experience for Xbox One owners, plus there’s some co-op fun to be had across many of those games’ campaigns.

2. ‘Killer Instinct’

If you adore the fighting game genre, then you already know how much of a high-quality fighter the rebooted Killer Instinct is. It retains the furious combos, beloved throwback characters, and fire soundtrack from the old games while adding in likable new combatants, deeper battle mechanics, and awesome guest characters to boot. Killer Instinct lets you hop online or keep it local for some heated sets with whoever wants to pull up with their amazing Fulgure skills.

3. ‘Cuphead’

Cuphead looks like the sweetest, most approachable run ‘n gun shooter the world has ever seen. But don’t let its inviting demeanor have you fooled – Cuphead is one of the hardest games ever made. If you know someone that you’d trust with your life, then tell ‘em to come through and help you get through all the insanely difficult boss fights and side-scrolling stages Cuphead has to offer. Just make sure your game plan is strong so you and your couch co-op buddy have a slither of a chance at overcoming The Devil himself.

4. ‘Minecraft’

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are – Minecraft’s gameplay formula is enjoyable for all ages. Its fun factor increases tenfold whenever you choose to hop onto a multiplayer server to get caught up in some friendly building efforts and also do some fun dungeon crawling. Getting into some local splitscreen multiplayer fun can also be done, so pull up with three buddies of yours and enjoy the stress-free gaming experience Minecraft has to offer.

5. ‘A Way Out’

Hazelight Studios has developed an affinity for producing co-op experiences that deliver deeply affective storylines and intriguing gameplay concepts. A Way Out is proof of that – it throws two players into the shoes of Leo and Vincent, two convicted prisoners who must work together to break out and stay ahead of the authorities. There’s way more to this game than running from the cops, however – you’ll get caught up in a bunch of surprising minigames and cooperate in interesting ways whenever the situation calls for them.

6. ‘Borderlands: The Handsome Collection’

So with this two-game compilation, you’ll be gifted with Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Both games are lengthy and packed with content, so the low price for this looter shooter package is pretty much a steal. Both games offer online, four-player co-op play that’s all about upgrading your characters, discovering a whole bunch of unique firearms, and shooting anything that moves within your vicinity.

7. ‘Destiny 2’

Destiny 2 has been holding strong since 2017 and is still adding on tons of extra content to keep all of its guardians fulfilled. If you haven’t hopped into this universe-spanning shooter yet, then do yourself a favor and give it a chance. The main campaign, Strikes, Patrol Zones, and Black Armory Forges lets you run with two other Guardians. The far more challenging Raids and the Menagerie allows you to link up with five other players. And when you’re in the mood to shoot down some other players, the competitive Crucible is there for you to hop into.

8. ‘Castle Crashers Remastered’

When Castle Crashers originally launched, it was acknowledged as one of the pillars that helped Xbox Live Arcade blossom into something more. Thankfully, that immensely entertaining beat ‘em up has gotten the remastered treatments for modern-day consoles. This hilarious hack and slasher offers four-player co-op through local and online means, so feel free to aid your friends as you attempt to save your kingdom and its princess.

9. ‘World War Z: Aftermath’

The original version of World War Z was already a fun entry into the sub-genre of zombie shooters that challenge players to survive against the undead hordes. The newly updated rendition goes above and beyond to present itself as a stronger experience overall. World War Z: Aftermath comes with new campaign locales, a first-person mode option, the new Horde Mode XL game mode, and so much more to enjoy with three other survivors.

10. ‘Diablo 3: Eternal Collection’

Ridding the world of demons from a top-down perspective as a powerful custom crusader is the name of the game with the Diablo series. Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is a content-rich package that combines everything featured in the Ultimate Evil Edition and Rise of the Necromancer. With seven character classes to choose from, plenty of loot to collect, and a whole bunch of beasties to vanquish, this game has so much to offer to you and your three friends.

11. ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

Goku vs. Vegeta. Yamcha vs. Krillin. Frieza vs. Cell. Those superpowered battles look so great and play even better thanks to the masterful battle mechanics featured in this Arc System Works gem. Dragon Ball FighterZ hits on every level possible due to the 3v3 fights, crisp anime visuals, and huge roster of iconic Dragon Ball characters. There’s plenty of fun to be had here against your local rivals and random online competitors.

12. ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’

At this point, Grand Theft Auto Online has blossomed into one of the most rewarding online multiplayer experiences of all time. With your custom character, you can practically do anything and everything as you venture through the seedy underbelly of Los Santos and Blaine County. There’s a ton of jobs, races, heists, bikers, sports, and a whole host of other features you can busy yourself with within GTA’s online component.

13. ‘Gears 5’

Gears of War has always been at the forefront of multiplayer games that deliver a near-limitless serving of content to stay busy with. Gears 5 keeps that goodwill going with its fans due to four main factors – the co-op campaign, Escape Mode, Horde Mode, and competitive multiplayer suite. Shooting down rival COG Gears and The Swarm never grows stale thanks to the tight cover-based movement and intense gunplay.

14. ‘It Takes Two’

We got another quality co-op release from Hazelight Studios to speak highly of here! And that game is It Takes Two, which is the perfect game for couples that are going through a bit of a rough patch and want to repair it. And yes, we’re serious when we say that! The premise of this spirited action/adventure game is all about a married couple being turned into dolls and making their way through a variety of environments & playstyles in order to return to their human selves.

15. ‘Monster Hunter: World’

Taking down massive creatures such as the Rajang and Alatreon is all the more enjoyable when you do it alongside three other formidable hunters. Monster Hunter: World offers that type of engrossing experience with a wealth of monsters to hunt down, defeat, and take apart in order to get the items needed to craft amazing gear sets. The base game and the Iceborne expansion give you a ton of monster hunting to stay busy with alongside your three friends.

16. ‘Overcooked: All You Can Eat’

The Overcooked franchise lends itself well to the party atmosphere that’s perfect for any and all gamers. Both games and all of their additional content are included in this definitive package for everyone to enjoy. Up to four players can enjoy some hectic cooperative cooking across a wild variety of stages that will have you & your friends running rampant as miniature chefs. Prepare yourself for the type of game that lets you cook up delicious delicacies while floating atop huge blocks of ice.

17. ‘Sea of Thieves’

At launch, Sea of Thieves was a bit lacking in the content department. But after years and years of constant updates, the pirate life simulator has successfully transformed into one of the most rewarding co-op games on the Xbox One. Gather three of your online buds and set sails for the harsh seas that exist within this game full of treasure hunting and vast questing. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for rival pirate parties that want to take your valuable loot for their own.

18. ‘Streets of Rage 4’

It took way too long to get another Streets of Rage game. But in 2020, Sega’s classic beat ‘em up series came back strong with a fourth official entry thanks to the combined efforts of Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games. Streets of Rage 4 lets you beat up some random thugs with four friends in a local setting and two in an online one. You can tackle the main campaign with your good people and even hop into the game’s survival mode to truly test your combo skills. Beating up your friends in the game’s Battle Mode is another fun diversion, by the way.

19. ‘Apex Legends’

The battle royale sub-genre is filled with some quality titles that have thrived for years since the rise of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. EA and Respawn hopped on the hot trend to deliver their own take, which has arguably taken the top spot on most gamer’s best-of lists. That game is Apex Legends, a battle-royale first-person shooter that incorporates Titanfall’s smooth movement and furious gunplay. Hopping online to enjoy some three-player action within Apex Legends’ vast battle map is definitely worth a shot.

20. ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

With 100+ million active players in two, it’s clear that Call of Duty’s battle royale spinoff mode has captured damn near everyone’s imagination. Warzone has been holding strong since the release of 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and has been included as part of that game’s follow-ups ever since. Warzone features the traditional battle royale experience, plus it switches things up via its Plunder and Resurgence modes. Get you and your three-man squad together to emerge as the ultimate survivors in Warzone!

21. ‘Forza Horizon 4’

Ripping the roads within a fictionalized rendition of Great Britain never grows old. Forza Horizon 4 provides that dream scenario for gearheads and it’s still worth playing to this day. Tackling Forzathon Live events and competing in co-op races with your friends is the bulk of the multiplayer experience featured within this amazing racer. As the seasons change, you’ll get to tackle a wealth of different races and challenges across various biomes.

22. ‘Deep Rock Galactic’

It’s procedurally generated. It’s a first-person shooter. And it offers four-player co-op. Deep Rock Galactic is a game you shouldn’t ignore due to those three amazing features. You and three other dwarven space miners will go on some fun excavations to get embroiled in some treasure hunting and shoot down some alien threats. Deep Rock Galactic requires efficient teamwork, so make sure you and your fellow elves are up to par.

23. ‘Rayman Legends’

Rayman Legends is one of the greatest platformers of all time. Its art design is fascinating, its characters are wholesome, and its stage layouts provide a decent challenge but are far from overwhelming. The multiplayer option featured in this game provides four-player local co-op, which means you and the homies can pick your own characters to engage in some fun hopping and bopping. Collecting Lums, knocking back enemies, and playing a few rounds of Kung Foot offers a near unlimited amount of replay value.

24. ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

Mortal Kombat has always provided a competitive two-player experience that drops everyone’s jaws thanks to its insane levels of violence and gore. The 11th entry in the long-running fighter goes above and beyond to blow you and your opponent’s mind. The graphics are more photorealistic than ever before, which makes all the extra brutal X-Rays, Fatalities, and Brutalities hit that much harder. And with a roster full of beloved MK characters and guests such as The Terminator and Rambo, you’ll have all the fun in the world going head to head with your rivals.

25. ‘Borderlands 3’

Once you’re done pouring hours of playtime into Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, then you and your fellow Vault Hunters will probably want to move on to do even more of it. Borderlands 3 will scratch that looter shooter itch of yours by offering new character types to upgrade, a whole bunch of new guns to acquire, and a vast collection of cult followers & creatures to shoot down. Getting into Borderlands 3 now is definitely worth a shot now thanks to all of its extra “Director’s Cut” content.

26. ‘Rocket League’

The surprising smash-hit game known as Rocket League is still going strong thanks to a healthy community of players and constant updates. The whole act of using a wealth of cars to push a soccer ball into the opponent’s goal is pretty hype and will always have you on the edge of your seat. Rocket League’s wild physics engine lends itself well to showcasing some wild moments that you’ll want to experience with your online teammates.

27. ‘Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2’

The Lego games have always been an absolute pleasure to play. The huge roster of playable minifigs, the varied stage selection, and the use of licensed properties have resulted in the Lego line of action platformers being a regular go-to for gamers of all ages. This Marvel Comics-themed Lego romp is the perfect game for those looking to play as their favorite heroes and villains with a couch co-op buddy. It’s time to take down Kang the Conqueror.

28. ‘Lego DC Super-Villains’

If you and your most reliable co-op partner prefer the world of DC Comics a lot more, then it’s definitely worth hopping into this quality Lego game too. Lego DC Super-Villains gives you the power to create your own baddie and enter an open-world themed after DC’s most famous landmarks. Taking on the role of your very own villain alongside your local co-op partner’s own custom baddie yields a ton of fun moments to enjoy. 

29. ‘Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition’

Surviving in the unrelenting wilderness on your own is quite a tall task. Doing it with a party of fellow survivors slightly raises your chances of staying alive, though! Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition provides a multiplayer expansion for the popular survival game – you can do some local scavenging with a friend or enter the online wilderness with five other players to test your survival skills.

30. ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite is split into two parts – you can choose to “Save the World” with three other online players and build a fortress and survive against the vicious Husks. Plus you can enter the game’s ever-expanding Battle Royale component to compete against 99 other players, where much of Fortnite’s fun truly lies. With a wealth of modes such as Solos, Duos, Squads, Trios, Battle Lab, Party Royale, and Team Rumble, you have plenty of options when it comes to online multiplayer play within Fortnite.