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TikTok’s ‘For You’ Podcast Featuring Special Guest Jason Rodelo

TikTok’s For You podcast series starring host Brittany Broski continues with Episode 5, featuring content creator Jason Rodelo. Considered one of the best dancers and comedians on the platform, Rodelo has built a strong following and talks to Broski about his TikTok rise, dancing background, and plans for the future.

The budding TikTok star currently has over 350,000 followers on the app, with 6.5 million likes and counting. As a trained professional, Rodelo will often make several videos in a row to fully break down his choreography to his audience. True to his style, he also rarely misses an opportunity to provide comedic relief, never straying too far away from his humorous roots. The dance/comedy combo has helped take Rodelo’s TikTok career to the next level as the Los Angeles native continues to be one of the most talked-about and re-posted comedians, turning the hashtag ‘Affirmations’ into a global trend on TikTok with his Motivational Warriors series.

Below is a snippet from Broski and Rodelo’s conversation. A new episode of For You will debut every Wednesday at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST on TikTok LIVE. You can also catch it on all major podcast platforms such as Apple, Spotify, and Google.

Broski: “You have been dancing for a long time. When did that transition to ‘TikTok dance’ come about? When did you download the app and what kind of drew you to it?”

Rodelo: “My relationship with TikTok is so interesting! As a professional dancer, and this is the energy of a lot of dancers in the industry who have been training, taking classes have—when a thing like TikTok came around, a lot of us laughed. It was all of these simple dances and I was like ‘I’m working ten hours a day and doing music videos. I’m out here eating one meal a day!’ I honestly used to dislike the app, but that was me misjudging it. I started seeing it pop off after quarantine began, and that is where the transition happened. The dance world shut down, and all of my opportunities and income stopped. After that, I really started looking at TikTok.”

Broski: “I wanted to ask you about having a platform in general. Are there any issues that you feel pressured to speak about? Are you passionate about anything? Do you see yourself as a creator more or a choreographer?”

Rodelo: “I think I definitely see myself as a creator for sure. I have to pay respects to that because I did create, and people gave me a response, and that response has been doing wonders for myself and my life. I’m also showing different sides of what I have to offer as well. You see comedy—and a little bit of everything. There is one issue though, and I would say it’s a general thing. There is this weird incohesiveness with people and their expectations with this thing called viral. You have to find something deeper within your content in terms of what you really want to put out.”

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The 14 Most Expensive Yugioh Cards of All Time

Few media franchises have achieved the level of success that Yu-Gi-Oh! has. After launching, it offered a compelling trading card game and an anime series reflecting said game in an imaginative, mythology-inspired world in which cards’ monsters come to life. This one-two-punch immediately hooked young fans and began an entire mythos of Yu-Gi-Oh! series, films, video games, and merchandise, to name a few pillars of the empire. And like Pokemon and similar franchises, there are a few select trading cards that have gained prominence for their value and rarity. While some of the higher-valued ones were only distributed as and award status in tournaments, that’s not always the case.

Here are a few standouts cards and just how much they have sold for.

1. Tournament Black Luster Soldier
$2,000,000 (reportedly)
Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

Easily the most valuable card on this list, the Black Luster Soldier was an exclusive prize card awarded at the first-ever Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament in 1999. It is printed on stainless steel and is the only one of its kind, thus its coveted rarity makes it essentially priceless. Those who have listed it for sale (with only rumors confirming amounts trading hands) asked for amounts in the millions. Suffice it to say, anyone who lucks into this card has essentially hit the Yu-Gi-Oh! lottery.

2. 2002 Blue Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition PSA 10
$85,100 (10/28/20)

Arguably the most iconic card associated with the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! The franchise, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is popular not only for its strength in the trading card game — fusing three of them together will produce Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon — but also its powerful appearances in the original anime and manga. The first of these cards were released in Japan in 1999 and the United States soon after, and mint condition first editions are skyrocketing in value. (One father even went viral for selling a few of his to pay for his daughter’s education!)

3. 2004 Shonen Jump Championship Cyber-Stein PSA 10
$30,100 (10/28/20)

Unlike the many commonplace versions of this card inspired by the monster in Frankenstein, the one worth some significant cash is — you guessed it — another tournament award edition. Awarded at the Shonen Jump Championship, and a few thereafter, there are a little over a hundred of these cards in existence. There are only 21 PSA 10’s of this card out there, so they don’t come up for sale often!

4. 2002 Dark Duel Stories Blue-Eyes White Dragon PSA 10
$20,000 (2/21/21)

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories promotional cards are a set of Prismatic Secret Rare cards bundled with the North American release of the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories.

The total PSA 10 population on this card is only 131, making this rare gem very difficult to find.

5. 2002 Morphing Jar Tournament Pack 2 PSA 10
$15,000 (2/1/21)

There is nothing remarkable about the artwork on this card, but it has become one of the most collectible in the game. When Morphing Jar is activated during a match, both players discard their cards and draw five new cards, in what can be a sneaky good play when your back is up against the wall. 

With a PSA 10 population of only 24, it’s no wonder that this tournament pack 2 promo card is so hot and in demand. There are only 92 of them that have ever been graded by PSA, so good luck finding one!

6. 2002 Tournament Pack 1 MECHANICALCHASER PSA 10
$14,999 (2/1/21)

Much like the previously mentioned Morphing Jar, the Mechanicalchaser out of the 2002 Tournament Pack 1 is extremely rare, with only 25 PSA 10’s in existence and only 71 total that have been graded.

7. 2002 Red Eyes B. Dragon 1st Edition LOB PSA 10
$13,600 (2/5/21)

Continuing on the trend of ridiculously low PSA populations, there are only 69 of these graded as a PSA 10. This card comes from the first set of the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game released in English.

8. 2003 Magician’s Force 1st Edition Dark Paladin Alternate Art PSA 10
$12,000 (12/27/20)

The Dark Paladin is one of the most useful cards in the game. When a Spell Card is activated, you can discard 1 card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it. This card must be face-up on the field to activate and to resolve this effect. 

There are only 44 of these cards that have been graded, and only 12 PSA 10’s, making it one of the rarest cards on this list.

9. 2017 Dark Magician Girl Ghost World Championship Promo
$11,000 (1/6/21)

Dark Magician Girl first appears as a character in the Battle City arc when Yugi faces the ex-magician Arkana, whom she defeats by drawing power from both Duelists’ Dark Magician cards. 

This card was handed out in an envelope for the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2017 attendants and participants. They were limited to roughly 1000 copies, which makes the card extremely rare. Only 24 of them have been graded by PSA, with just 10 of them receiving PSA 10’s.

10. 2002 Dark Magician Dark Duel Stories Promo PSA 10
$9,999.99 (12/2/20)

Dark Magician was created when Mahad fused his ba with “Illusion Magician“, his ka while fighting Thief King Bakura

The Dark Magician fended off the ghosts and battled Diabound. He then continued to serve the Pharaoh in the form of the Dark Magician.

We previously mentioned a Blue Eyes White Dragon from the same promo set at #4 on the list, but this Dark Magician is actually a bit more rare, with only 88 PSA 10’s in population.

11. Shrink Ultra Rare Limited Edition
$9,586.64 (12/10/20)

Shrink was first released at the 2006 Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh! Championships, making first editions of the card very valuable. If you can prove that your Shrink is one of these limited-edition prize cards, you have quite a gem on your hands. I would personally get it graded, rather than sell it raw as this seller did, but the near $10,000 final sale price is quite a haul.

This card was sold raw, but to display the rarity, there are only 3 graded examples of this card on record with PSA, with no PSA 10’s and only 1 PSA 9.

12. 2009 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon Retro Pack 2 PSA 10
$9,000 (2/15/21)

Packed with all-powerful cards, the Retro Pack series was designed to help Duelists collect hard to get and out of print cards. Pokemon often creates similar sets that are wildly popular amongst collectors.

The total number of PSA graded examples of this card is only 88, with just 27 PSA 10’s in the population.

13. 2009 Stardust Overdrive 1st Majestic Star Dragon Ghost Rare PSA 10
$8,999.90 (1/14/21)

During either player’s turn, when your opponent activates a card or effect, you can tTribute this card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy all cards your opponent controls. Once per turn, you can target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; negate its effects until the end of this turn, and you can activate 1 of its effects as this card’s effect once this turn. 

There are only 65 total PSA graded examples of this card with just 22 of them getting a PSA 10 grade. Most of the cards that we talked about on this list were from the original 2002 sets, but this Ghost Rare card has become increasingly popular and it’s artwork is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the entire game.

14. 2020 United We Stand Blue Secret Rare Promo PSA 10
$7,000 (12/24/20)

This card was awarded as a Prize for the October 2020 Yu-Gi-Oh! Remote Duel at Home Sweepstakes.

To say that this card is rare would be an understatement, with only 5 of them on record with PSA and 3 total PSA 10’s on the planet. With a population that low, and the rising popularity of Yugioh cards amongst collectors, the sky is the limit for this card in future sales.

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The 10 Most Powerful ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Characters

Yu-Gi-Oh! first appeared on our television screens in the late 90s and in the nearly two and a half decades since its first iteration, it has gone through nearly a dozen different forms and remains here to this day. Based on that alone, it deserves a hell of a lot of respect that it doesn’t always get amongst its peers in anime. Today, it remains one of the most well-known card game anime of all time.

Of course, you can’t have Duel Monsters without the monsters. Maybe you’re looking to get into Yu-Gi-Oh!, maybe you’re looking to spend some money to expand your deck, or maybe you’re just a fan and love reading about it. Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself in the right place here today.

Below is our list of the ten most powerful monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! Of course, power is relative. We’ve gone with a variety of cards that have been overpowered in tournaments, had the biggest impact in the series, and have a high amount of attack points. Let us know what you think and who makes your list.

1. Apoqliphort Towers

This card is so powerful that it was actually banned from Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments. For it to be played, three Qliphort monsters must be sacrificed. It cannot be special summoned. Apoqliphort Towers is essentially immune to all spell and trap cards, as well as monsters that are a lower level than itself (10). Basically, it offers almost perfect protection.

2. Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy Of The End

The original overpowered monster in Duel Monsters, you knew this one had to make our list. Not only does Chaos Emperor Dragon allow you to summon one DARK and one LIGHT monster from your graveyard, but if you pay 1,000 life points, you can send all cards on the field and in yours and your opponent’s hand to the graveyard, then do 300 damage for each card that was sent to the graveyard with that effect. It isn’t quite a one-turn kill, but it’s damn close, especially when used with Sangan and Yata-Garasu. Well, before it was banned anyway.

3. Dark Armed Dragon

Requiring exactly three DARK monsters in your graveyard to be summoned, Dark Armed Dragon was so powerful that officially for tournaments, you were only allowed one in a deck. Once summoned, you could essentially destroy any three monsters on your opponent’s side. This was a meta for a while and was a main factor in a tier 0 deck. Only allowing players to have one at a time balanced it out a little.

4. Don Thousand / Monster C

If you follow Yu-Gi-Oh! closely, then you know the name of this card and know exactly why it’s on this list. When it comes to attack points, anything in the 4,000 to 5,000 range was considered powerful for a while, and in the anime, 5,000 was pretty much the maximum any singular card could have without a special ability. Don Thousand / Monster C, however, boasts an unimaginable 10,000 attack and defense points, respectively.

5. Exodia, The Forbidden One

One of the most famous Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters of all time, managing to draw all five pieces of Exodia, The Forbidden One ends the game instantly, so how could it not have made this list? Individually, the pieces are not worth much, but they’re certainly greater than the sum of their parts. You’ll need the heart of the cards for sure because Yugi himself only summoned Exodia once in the entire anime himself.

6. Master Peace, The True Dracoslaying King

What makes Master Peace, The True Dracoslaying King unique is that it becomes immune to the type of card it was tributed by. So if you tributed a spell card and a trap card for it, it became immune to spell cards and trap cards. If you tributed a trap card a monster card for it, it became immune to trap cards and monster cards. You get the point. This made for an incredibly overpowered card that could often only be beaten with a monster with 3,000 attack points or more if someone got lucky. This resulted in its ban.

7. Obelisk The Tormentor

Sure, in tournaments, the Egyptian God cards’ flaws start to show a little bit, and they’re hardly used. But their power and importance in the anime truly cannot be overstated. Obelisk is probably objectively the weakest of the three God cards, but it’s still more than deserving of a spot on this list. If the player tributes two other monsters on the field during their battle phase, Obelisk gains unlimited attack power. It can also attack a player directly and take away all of the opponent’s monsters.

8. Slifer The Sky Dragon

The second most powerful of the Egyptian God cards, Slifer The Sky Dragon is known well because it’s a card Yugi goes to a lot after he wins it. Slifer is powerful because it gains 1,000 attack and defense points for every card the player has in their hands. It also becomes the target of all opponents’ effects despite being immune, takes away 2,000 attack points from monsters in the attack position, and destroys them if they’re at 0 attack points.

9. The Tyrant Neptune

Don’t be fooled by the 0 attack and 0 defense on The Tyrant Neptune. For a certain amount of time in tournaments, this card was almost broken because of how overpowered it could be. When you used Instant Fusion to bring out Lyrical Luscinia – Independent Nightingale and then tributed it for this card, its special effects mean it would be unaffected by anything with 6,000 attack points and would inflict 5,000 burn damage per turn. That’s what resulted in its ban a few years ago.

10. The Winged Dragon Of Ra

Considered to be the most powerful of all of the Egyptian God cards, The Winged Dragon Of Ra being summoned makes for some epic moments in the anime. The attack and defense points for it are made up of the total of the three cards you tribute for it. You also have the option of giving up all but one of your life points (so 7,999 out of your 8,000 starting points, for example) and making those all attack points for the monster.

If that were not enough, Ra’s God Phoenix ability allows for the player to pay 1,000 life points for it to attack and destroy all of the opponent’s monsters. Just like the other God cards, this one feels like an instant win.

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The 5 Hottest Sneaker Drops This Week

Le Sigh. There are so many dope colorways being released this week, and to be honest, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I know last week was very disappointing for some folks—a lot of us didn’t get the sneaker drops we wanted (one of these days, we are going to have a very real conversation about resellers), but alas, this is a new week with new opportunities! I realize I may sound like a Disney character, but I truly have high hopes for this new round of releases. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Ivy Park Super Sleek 72 Shoes
Ivy Park Super Sleek 72

Release Date: 2/19

Okay, I’m making an exception to the rule with these because this was technically last week, but the ‘Super Sleeks’ are a thing of beauty. I copped a couple of items from the Icy Park release last week, but for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about these sneakers. The platform sole and the neutral colors give the shoe a smooth classy look pairable with just about anything in your wardrobe. You could wear them with athletic apparel, or dress them for a formal look. Luckily there are still a few pairs in stock, but I imagine this won’t be the case for long. A solid pick-up for sure.

2. Nike WMNS Dunk High ‘Football Grey’
Nike WMNS Dunk High ‘Football Grey’

Release Date: 2/25

I think the ‘Football Grays’ could be a good replacement for those unable to get the ‘Silver Toes’ last week. Nike seems to really be feeling springtime pastels at the moment, and this shoe is a nice mixture of light taupe with baby blue overlays. Not too overstated, but still eye-catching. Plus, they are high tops (since y’all swear up and down you don’t like mids), and you can never go wrong with highs. I think this a great addition for any level of sneaker fandom personally!

3. Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Rose’
Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Rose’

Release Date: 2/25

I had a strong inkling that this shoe would be hard to come by, and I guess I was right. Honestly, I’m surprised these didn’t come out for Valentine’s Day a couple of weeks ago! The pink hues combined with the rose design on the midsole just screams ‘romantic,’ but I digress. The pink is light enough not to be considered a ‘bold’ colorway, and I think you could swap out the laces for white ones (or even red) to give the shoe different looks. ‘Forces’ have always gone well with a number of outfits, but for some reason, I’m getting pantsuit vibes with these. Anywho, on to the next!

4. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Ash Blue’
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Ash Blue’

Out of all the ‘Yeezys’ scheduled to release this week, I believe the ‘Ash Blues’ might be the best. I personally love ‘Yeezys,’ but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out how exactly I can pair them with certain items in my closet. I know some have expressed similar sentiments, so I think these are a good choice. The ‘Ash Pearls’ feature splashes of dark grey and blue and are definitely more subtle compared to previous 350 releases. This is a great shoe for beginning ‘Yeezy’ wearers and a good addition for any collector itching for a new purchase.

5. Puma Suede Classic
Puma Suede Classic

Release: 2/19

I’m breaking tradition again because these were released last week as well. Honestly, I feel like I haven’t included enough releases from Puma, New Balance, etc., and I’m going to do a better job of that going forward. As you all know, Puma has become synonymous with their ‘Suede Classics’ over the years, and their recent ‘Suede Campaign’ featured some pretty notable names, including LaMelo Ball and Lauren London. The classics are loaded with colors and have tons of sizes available for men, women, and children. I personally own a pair of the ‘Suedes,’ and they are definitely one of my tried and trues!


That’s all I got for this week! I’ll be back next week with another round of releases, and you can keep up with my collection on Instagram and Twitter!

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The Best NBA Top Shot Resources To Explore

It’s been about a week since our last article at One37pm on NBA Top Shot and boy have some major things happened. At the time that article was posted, the record for sales in one day on NBA Top Shot peaked at around $6 million on January 24th.  

One month later, all previous records have been absolutely shattered.  Check out the new sales data on the official website.

The new record high for sales in one day peaked at over $40 million (!!) on February 23rd, 2020.  

But what has led to the parabolic rise? Well, a lot. NBA Top Shot is everywhere on the internet these days. Barstool Sports, ESPN, Social Media Influencers, and even NBA players themselves have joined in on the hype. 

We have seen NBA players including LaMelo Ball, Josh Hart, Damion Lee, PJ Washington, Cole Anthony, and more talking about NBA Top Shot on Twitter. Watch this clip from Sacramento Kings star rookie, Tyrese Haliburton, talking Top Shot in a post-game presser.

For people reading this article and hearing about NBA Top Shot for the first time, I imagine there are a ton of missing pieces.  In case you need a refresher, I broke it down here: What is NBA Top Shot?  

The industry is flooding with thousands of new users every day, so it may be hard to find the best tools and resources to stay up to date and educated on what’s happening with NBA Top Shot. We have you covered.

This may seem like an obvious resource, but there are some important aspects to be aware of when navigating the NBA Top Shot website. New Top Shot users should navigate to the ‘Community’ tab, where they can find two key resources. The first resource is the ‘Getting Started Guide.’ 

NBA Top Shot

Using this resource, new users are able to read about the product basics of NBA Top Shot. The ‘Getting Started Guide’ includes information on:

  • Explaining the queue
  • The Official NBA Top Shot Challenge Guide
  • A guide to challenges
  • The Xs and Os of retired moments
  • The Codex
  • Fees & Finances
  • Welcome to The Beta

All of this information that is provided to you directly by the official website, is a great way for a new user to dip deeper into the water that is NBA Top Shot.

NBA Top Shot Discord

The second key resource provided by NBA Top Shot’s “Community” tab is the official Top Shot Discord. For those of you new to Discord, it is an instant messaging platform that is specifically designed for building communities. The Top Shot Discord has a lot of channels to it, so I will highlight what I have found to be the most useful.

Stress-testers-announcements: The primary function of this channel is to communicate ‘Stress Tests’, which are pack drops. Pack Drops are great ways to start building your collection at a low cost and are critical for new collectors to be a part of.

Site-status-issues: The Top Shot website is still in beta, so maintenance is regular. This channel lets users know when the marketplace is live. During maintenance, users are not able to buy, sell, or gift moments.

General: The general channel can be used to communicate with tens of thousands of other Top Shot users in an open forum. As you may expect, things become a bit toxic from time to time. I avoid this channel for the most part but check in every once in a while for entertainment.

Buying/Selling/Marketplace-chat: This is one of my favorite channels to hang out in. A user can post moments that are for sale or even inquire about a specific moment they are looking to purchase.  Often in these channels, you may be able to strike a deal for a moment if you reach out to users via Discord DM.

Top Tools for Market/Moment Analytics:
Crypto Slam

Cryptoslam is one of the simplest tools for analyzing the Top Shot market. The information is provided in a straightforward and easy-to-digest format for users. The four charts on the top show users’ data and trends that are key when evaluating the market.


Today’s Sales Volume: The number shown in USD is the value of all marketplace sales over the past 24 hours.  

Today’s Market Buyers:  The number of users making a purchase on the marketplace over the past 24 hours.

Today’s Market Sellers:  The number of users selling a moment on the marketplace over the past 24 hours.

Today’s Mints: The number of newly minted moments over the past 24 hours.

Also included on Crypto Slam, are the latest sales, listings, and moments minted.  This is all provided to the user in real-time.  

Crypto Slam is one of my staple NBA Top Shot tools to form an analysis on the current market state.

Evaluate Market

Evaluate Market is my personal favorite tool to use for all things NBA Top Shot. On the website’s homepage, users can see a snapshot of total market sales in terms of dollars and volume. I spend the majority of my time on Evaluate Market in ‘Moments,’ ‘Account Value,’ and ‘Market Movers.’


On the moments’ page, users are able to do a deep dive into the analytics on an individual moment. Users enter the name of the player and the moment (Set/Series) they are looking to analyze.  

For example, check out the analytics on the LeBron James, Base Set (Series 2) 3 Pointer.

Users are able to see all relevant data points related to the specific moment in a one-stop-shop. Market Cap, % of Packs/Owned, Average Sale Price Trend, and Volume Trend are just a few of this useful tool’s offerings.

Account Value

I hate to admit it, but the Account Value page is one of the resources on Evaluate Market I find myself using most often.  There’s just something about hitting the F5 button on this page and watching the value of your account move.  

The Account Value tool allows users to search any username on NBA Top Shot and see what their account is worth using current marketplace lows. 

Evaluate Market

Also, when searching an account name, users are able to see details on each individual moment owned.  Included features are lowest ask, purchase price, moment, category, set, and serial.  Also, by clicking on the moment icon, users are taken to the moment evaluation page I highlighted above.

Market Movers

Last but not least, we have the Market Movers feature.  This tool allows users to filter by ‘Avg Floor Today’, % Change (24 hr), and Floor Volume.

Evaluate Market

This can be used to identify moments that are trending down or up, which is very useful when making a decision whether or not to invest in a moment.

Twitter accounts to follow:

Twitter is one of the best places to stay up to date on everything happening NBA Top Shot. I listed a few of my favorite Twitter accounts (including mine) that I recommend following.

@NBA_TopShotThe Official NBA Top Shot Account

@TheFirstMintThe First Mint was one of the first NFT / Top Shot accounts I followed.  They cover everything NBA Top Shot and provide some of the best real-time info on Twitter. Be on the lookout for their new website coming soon!

@OwnTheMomentNFTOwn The Moment provides in-depth analysis and strategy on how to succeed as a collector on NBA Top Shot.

@PeterOverzetWelcome to the CLUB! The world’s first NBA Top Shot comedian who hosts a live stream called ‘Club Top Shot’ on Youtube (most recently featuring Warrior’s Damion Lee.)

@Bobby2NiceeMy Twitter account where I drop tidbits on my NBA Top Shot thoughts/experience.

Bobby’s Best Buy

Spencer Dinwiddie 

Layup – Base Set (Series 2)

Lowest Ask: $24

Brooklyn Nets guard, Spencer Dinwiddie, is currently out recovering from a partially torn ACL.  Recently an article was published where Dinwiddie expressed his desire to return to the action this season and how his recovery is ahead of schedule.  Presumably, any return to action would happen during a Brooklyn Nets playoff run.  IF Dinwiddie does return, and IF the Brooklyn Nets win the championship, this could be the only moment we see Dinwiddie in a championship-winning season. At $24, he would be a bargain.

NBA Top Shot


NBA Top Shot has solidified itself in the NFT and NBA world as a product that is here to stay.  These resources will help you stay up to date and educated on all things NBA Top Shot and allow you to become sharper as a collector and/or investor.  Stay tuned for more content coming soon around NBA Top Shot!

Grind Money

How To Invest In LEGO

2020 saw the rise of numerous nontraditional markets: From sports card trading to the recent explosion of NBA Top Shot and other NFTs, folks are finding ways to make money in more ways than ever before. Personally, I love investing in LEGO because the process combines my love for bricks with business. With that in mind, I wanted to bring you some of my favorite tips and tricks for getting involved in the LEGO investment game.

1.) Set a budget and a timeline, as well as some guide rules:

It’s important to ask yourself some questions before you get started. How much can you afford to spend, and how long are you willing to sit on your investment? The last thing you want to do is invest money you can’t afford to lose! LEGO sets are never guaranteed to go up in value, but most do over time. We all have to make our best-educated guesses at which sets are worth holding onto because investing in LEGO is rarely an overnight money-maker.

Another more product-specific question is what condition of LEGO sets would you like to collect? Will you only buy sealed sets? What about sets with damaged boxes? Will you only buy Minifigures? Would you buy sets and sell them individually piece-by-piece? Set some ground rules for how you’ll invest to ensure you aren’t buying junk and/or everything you can get your hands on (believe me, I’ve done it!) Of course, you can change your mind as you get deeper into the game, but it’s a good idea to set some ground rules so that you’re not investing your money on everything you come across in your LEGO hunts.

2.) Research LEGO themes and current events to see what suits you as an investor

As is the case with all markets, what’s hot ebbs and flows. That said, LEGO Star Wars, Castle, LEGO Ideas, and LEGO Creator Modular buildings are always safe bets to go up in value, as they’re some of the most timeless series in the LEGO lineup. Some of the early modular buildings are worth double or triple their original price tags, not to mention certain LEGO Star Wars sets’ value increases.

Another good tip is to watch current events. When Kobe died, the sets he came in skyrocketed. When Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian, her Minifigure tripled in value from $7 to over $24 inside of one week! Just like the stock market, you’ve got to watch trends and ride hype waves as they come and go.

3.) Dedicate a space to store your sets/figures

LEGO can take up a lot of space. The better condition your LEGO sets/Minifigures are in, the more valuable they will be, so you don’t want to cram your sets in a corner or in your garage. Find a place to store your sets that is away from pets, smoke, sunlight, or anything else that can damage your investment pieces. LEGO sets are toys, but if you’re investing in them, need to treat them like cash. You wouldn’t leave your nest egg crumpled up in a corner of your room, would you?

4.) Find some deals!

This is one of my more open-ended tips, but it boils down to exploring all of the marketplaces available. In the 21st century, there are so many avenues through which you can buy your LEGO sets. Consider yard sales, garage sales, thrift stores, antique stores, used toy stores, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, and anywhere else you can think of for conducting your purchases. Beware of scammers though; if you’re meeting someone from online in-person, do your best to verify the authenticity of sets, and always meet in a public location (I recommend the parking lot of your local police station for large cash transactions!) If you’re buying online, only buy through verified or well-reviewed sellers.

5.) Make an exit strategy

This final tip comes full circle and compliments my first tip: Plan, plan, plan. Just like investing in the stock market, you’ve got to set a plan for when you’ll cash in. Are you looking for a short-term investment? Are you looking to hold onto products for years? 5 years? 10 years? When it’s gone up 50% in value, or maybe doubled? These are all good factors to keep in mind as you’re making your purchases and building out your investment strategy.

Style What To Buy

Producer Kato Shows Off the ‘Fit He Rocks in the Studio

Since the genre’s inception, hip-hop and fashion have been inextricably linked. Rappers and producers are trendsetters. Where would Adidas be without their iconic collaboration with RUN-DMC? Streetwear isn’t only dynamic, but increasingly global. You can’t possibly keep your finger on the pulse of contemporary streetwear by simply shopping at American retailers.

Luckily, JD Sports is finally available in the U.S., and—through their Global Access program—is offering exclusive gear you can’t find anywhere else. We partnered with legendary producer Kato to showcase how he rocks some of the freshest JD Sports clothing and shoes in the studio to demonstrate the full style possibilities available to the modern sneakerhead.


From fly Nike T-shirts to Global Access exclusives like the Air Max 97, you can’t possibly make beats without getting a fresh ‘fit off. Air Maxes are also immensely comfortable for long studio sessions, making them a great pair of sneakers for artists and fans alike.

JD Sports

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Between the cozy Nike sweats and Air Max 97s, Kato shows off a timeless ‘fit that you can wear at home, in the studio or on the town. With JD Sports, the possibilities are endless.
JD Sports

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Grind Money

I Just Learned About NFTs A Week Ago: A Newbie’s First Impressions

About a week ago, I was working on a project that, honestly, I just wasn’t all that jazzed about. 

I’ve been writing for a while in the tech space, mostly covering topics like cloud services, cybersecurity, and JavaScript optimization—things that may not be super exciting to most people but that I’ve got enough exposure to via my training as a developer to discuss with some level of understanding. 

On this particular day, though, my work had more to do with legal and regulatory requirements in an area barely adjacent to my primary areas of interest. Yay.

So, in a highly predictable moment of distraction, I found myself on Twitter, where I came across this tweet by one of my favorite content creators, Gary Vaynerchuk:

Passionate seems a little strong for something I know nothing about, I thought. And yet…

I was intrigued. So, being the voracious Googler that I am, I dug a little deeper. 

After I finished what I was originally working on, of course.

Anyway, over the next few days, I went and found everything I could about NFTs. What follows is one tech enthusiast’s take on an incredible new(ish) technology that might have some pretty wild implications for the future.

What even is an NFT?

I’m not going to take up too much time here defining NFTs, because there are plenty of resources about that (and here’s one!,) but it’s good practice to let you know that NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” 

Still, as one introductory guide to NFTs put it, “trying to understand an NFT through the expansion of its abbreviation is like answering the question ‘what is an mp3?’ with ‘it’s a MPEG Audio Layer-3.’” 

The key word here, then, is “fungible.” 

A fungible asset is something that is mutually interchangeable with something else of its kind. 

There are plenty of these on the blockchain; Dogecoin is a fun example. So, if I sent you one Dogecoin from my wallet, and you sent me one of yours at the same time, nothing really happened aside from the two of us paying some unnecessary fees. What makes NFTs special, though, is that each one is unique. No two people can own the same token, and they can’t be divided into smaller units. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t exchange them, of course. But if you do trade one NFT for another, you do so knowing that even if they both command the same price on a certain day, the value for each is determined only by the demand for it.

But rather than getting into the technical and financial details, let’s have a look at a couple of interesting contemporary use cases.

Digital Art
Everydays: The First 5000 days – Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) | via Makersplace

One of the most popular applications of NFTs at this particular juncture in spacetime is digital art. 

Even outside of the digital world, the art space has always struck me as a funny one. There’s no way exactly to quantify what a piece is worth — though you would expect it to be at least the cost of the materials with some consideration for the time taken in its creation. But what about the time taken before that, in learning how to create it? And then, what if it has some particular cultural relevance or encapsulates a moment in history? 

All this comes into play when art collectors determine how much they’re willing to fork over for a piece, and they’re going to want some kind of proof that they’re dealing with the original work. This part is tricky because people have become quite adept at producing fakes. 

With NFT art, however, the ability to verify authenticity is baked into the blockchain. The technology is designed for meticulous recordkeeping, making the owners and creator of a particular work decidedly unquestionable. 

So yeah, I can copy and paste Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days until my computer crashes — which it might, because at a whopping 319 MB, it’s pretty beefy for a JPG. But unless I hit up Christie’s auction house with a digital boatload of Ether come auction time, my newly-conceived dreams of legitimately owning this historic piece will, for now, remain just that: Dreams. 

Steph Curry 3 Pointer | Via NBA Top Shot

Sports memorabilia has come a long way since the early days of trading cards back in the late 1800s. Collectors still covet both antique and contemporary cards, but NFTs have allowed a newcomer to step onto the scene — officially-licensed “Moments” from NBA games via Top Shot.

A “Moment” is a high-definition highlight from a particular game —often from several different angles—along with details about that highlight, such as player stats, box score, the game scores, the number of tokens of its kind, and more. If you look at the Moment shown in that gif of Steph Curry, you’ll get a better picture of what this is all about.

The thing that makes this incredibly dope to me is that it seems to be what sports cards always wanted to be. Bringing together HD footage with 3D animation and a nice soundtrack seems like the perfect way to immortalize the best highlights of NBA history going forward, and more broadly, moments from other sports and live performances as well. 

What comes next?

I could go on (and on and on) about awesome things happening with NFTs right now. Still, as someone deeply interested in the technology itself, I can’t help but think about some of the more practical applications for something like an NFT. 

For example, what if the title deed for a house lived on the blockchain in the form of an NFT, supported by a smart contract? This guy who had to take a 400km round trip twice to have a deed reprinted could’ve saved himself and his family a lot of time on the road.

Or what about ticketing systems? Digital technology is already eliminating fraud in the NFL, but NFT tech could take what’s already been done a step further by allowing purchasers to see a clear chain of ownership. 

I can even see governments adopting the tech years from now in the form of state-issued identification. How cool would it be if NFTs were used as secure, verifiable driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, or social security cards? You’d never have to worry about leaving them behind or losing them again!

It only seems natural that as the world moves more and more away from physical paperwork, the only thing stopping us from digitizing important documents like these is the problem of authenticity and security. After spending the last week learning about NFTs, I believe we’ve found a solution.

Grind Money

Digital Artist FEWOCiOUS is Hitting it Big With NFTs

Getting one’s name and work to generate mass interest in the art world can be laborious, but the respect and notoriety that comes with reaching that goal are unmatched.

An 18-year old visionary from Las Vegas named Victor aka “FEWOCiOUS” managed to do just that through his astonishing digital artwork. Things are certainly looking up for Victor, to say the least—one of his most recent art pieces sold for $35,000 (22 ETH.) Victor’s penchant for creating striking digital illustrations has diversified his creative options and given him the chance to produce custom sneakers with Artifact Studios. A clothing drop from the burgeoning artist is also on the horizon, plus he’s making plenty of headway within the NFT medium.

The young pop surrealist sat down with ONE37pm’s Tyler Schmitt to discuss his early origins as an artist, how he got into selling his work online, and his introduction to the booming NFT industry.

ONE37pm : When did everything begin for you as an artist? When did you consider yourself an artist?

FEWOCiOUS: I feel like there was a point in middle school where I was just drawing all the time. Kids would see me with my sketchbook and be like “can I see it?,” and I’d be like “first of all, this is really personal. But fine!” At that point, it was just other kids that would be like “yeah, that’s the artist kid.” Or I’d be in lunch (I didn’t have friends), but kids would be like “hey that’s the artist kid. Check out his sketchbook.” Then they’d look through my sketchbook and I was just like “I guess I’m the artist person.”

ONE37pm: Do you have family? Was it crafty around your house? Where was your inspiration to start drawing?

FEWOCiOUS: My family is not supportive of art. They don’t like art, they wanted me to be a doctor. And it wasn’t even like they were indifferent or they didn’t care. If I was painting and they saw that, they’d like “what are you doing? That’s ugly. At least if you’re gonna paint, do a landscape or draw an animal.” My grandma would insult it so much every time she saw it. It was a non-no to be doing that.

ONE37pm: [in regards to his family’s unsupportive nature] Do you feel it was because you were good?

FEWOCiOUS: My mom tried to start a business and she went down her rabbit hole. My grandparents saw my mom’s failure and spiral into drug abuse. Maybe they didn’t want that for me. But that turned into actual toxicity.

ONE37pm: What was the first thing you ever sold?

FEWOCiOUS: When I was 12, I used to do Minecraft thumbnails for random people. Five bucks a pop. That’s how I learned to do PhotoShop and computer programs. And then I saw all the popular Minecraft videos no longer were graphic design, it was like drawings. And I was like “Well, I wanna be the best-selling Minecraft thumbnail person. I need to learn how to do it.” And then I learned digital and obviously didn’t know it would turn into my life.

FEWOCiOUS: No. I just start. I think with physical…It’s just I express myself in different ways. Like, I can make a mess and it’ll make sense. I can see the texture and can build off of that. But in digital, you can make a pretty mess. But it’s more like, I don’t like it as much. So I like doing my lines on digital. But if I wanna make a crazy whatever, then I’ll go paint.

ONE37pm: When you create physical vs. digital, is there much of a difference in how you’re approaching it?

FEWOCiOUS: No. I just start. I think with physical…It’s just I express myself in different ways. Like, I can make a mess and it’ll make sense. I can see the texture and can build off of that. But in digital, you can make a pretty mess. But it’s more like, I don’t like it as much. So I like doing my lines on digital. But if I wanna make a crazy whatever, then I’ll go paint.

FEWOCiOUS and Tyler’s lengthy discussion broaches a number of other introspective topics, so be sure to check out the full interview. Be sure to follow FEWOCiOUS on Twitter and Instagram, so as not to miss out on anything going on in his world.

Gaming New Releases

16 Games Like ‘Dark Room’ You’re Going To Want To Play

Maneuvering through a decidedly unnerving environment while getting to the bottom of a mystery is scary enough in third-person. That scenario becomes even more of a nail-biter when you experience it from a first-person perspective.

Lexip Games’ Dark Room presents its amalgamation of classic adventure point & click mechanics and a horrifying atmosphere from that aforementioned camera setting. Solving a myriad of brainteasers while you learn about the big secret at the heart of your journey is what Dark Room is all about. Chances are you’re on the lookout for something along the lines of that game ever since you completed it. And that’s where we step in – the 16 titles on this list provide unforgettable scares, intriguing mysteries to solve, and an assortment of puzzling situations to work your way out of.

Whether it’s from a third- or first-person viewpoint, these recommended games will provide you with everything you enjoyed about Dark Room and more.

1. ‘Resident Evil 7 Biohazard’

Capcom’s lauded survival horror series switched things up in 2017 and largely succeeded in the process. As newcomer Ethan Winters, you set out to rescue your wife whilst exploring a creepy plantation. This mission sees you defending yourself against a crazed family and humanoid creatures that are referred to as the “Molded.” Resident Evil 7 Biohazard entails a whole lot of shooting, puzzle-solving, hide and seek sequences, and heart-thumping scares. And you’ll feel every part of the horror as you get to enjoy it all in first-person (this game absolutely rules in VR, by the way).

buy here, $29.40
2. ‘Alien: Isolation’

The main conundrum that Alien: Isolation presents players with is wholly terrifying. There’s a vicious Xenomorph on your trail, and you’ll need to utilize the best methods needed to avoid it. As the daughter of Ellen Ripley, you set out to uncover everything behind her disappearance. Reaching that goal isn’t going to be easy thanks to the presence of hostile humans, killer androids, and an Alien that wants you dead. You’ll get to play around with a whole host of weapons, but the name of the game here is stealth. Keep quiet, stay low, and try not to get eaten.

buy here, $40
3. ‘Outlast’ (series)

Outlast, and its successor are incredibly tense horror games that will keep you on your toes and sweating bullets more often than not. The first release in the series puts you in the role of an investigative journalist that’s out to uncover the truth behind a twisted psychiatric hospital. As for its sequel, Outlast 2 sets you up as another journalist that explores the Arizona desert in a bid to get more info on the murder of a pregnant woman. Both games force you into uneasy scenarios that see you constantly run, hide, and use your camcorder to maneuver through the darkness.

buy here, $19.75
4. ‘Amnesia’ (series)

The Amnesia games feature everything you’ve come to expect from survival horror games – a creepy environment to explore, tons of puzzles to solve, and the types of monsters that increase your heart rate at first sight. The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs, and Rebirth all manage to spark one’s interest due to their intriguing premises. They also have a penchant for scaring the hell out of anyone that tries them, so you should expect to turn a few lights on while you’re making your way through each fear-inducing entry.

Buy here, $56.23
5. ‘Condemned’ (series)

One of Sega’s more slept-on IPs has to be Condemned. Anyone who’s given it a chance knows just how nerve-wracking the original game and its sequel can be. If you’re not in the know, then let us bring you up to speed – both games have you take on the role of a crime scene investigation agent that’s looking for some sort of reasoning behind the madness occurring in his city. Criminal Origins and Bloodshot both focus on thorough crime scene investigations, brutal melee combat, and a whole lot of exploring within unfriendly locales.

buy here, $20
6. ‘SOMA’

It’s one thing to be above ground whilst getting confronted by all manner of mysterious horrors. It’s a whole other thing when you’re forced to deal with those same horrors while trapped within an underwater facility. SOMA’s the type of game that gives you that exact scenario to overcome. As a character named Simon Jarrett, you set out to make sense of your surroundings and come to grips with psychological horror elements. The clues you’ll discover during your journey will bring you ever so closer to the truth about your underwater prison.

buy here, $30
7. ‘Pacify’

As the newest member of Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated, you’re entrusted with exploring a dilapidated home that once doubled as a funeral parlor. On your own, with three of your friends or against other players, this supernatural thriller tasks you with pacifying a great evil. You’ll need to adjust your game plan as the little girl that hunts you progressively gets smarter and faster. Gather your clues, collect the items needed to aid your progression, and overcome one of the biggest paranormal threats you’ve ever faced.

Buy here, $5

DEVOUR is another one of those first-person survival horror games that pit you against a singular menace. You can choose to go it alone during this harrowing mission or make your playthrough a tad bit easier with three other players by your side. A maniacal cult leader that’s been possessed by a goat demon has it out for you and your fellow cult members. Everyone must work together to exorcise the woman with a demonic hold over her, which is quite a tall task. The essential items you need to make that happen are randomized during every session, plus the unpredictable AI attached to the crazed cult leader certainly complicates things.

buy here, $5
9. ‘The Medium’

Marianne doesn’t live a normal life. She has the ability to converge with the dead and navigate the realm they inhabit, which classifies her as a spirit medium. After receiving a mysterious phone call from an unknown individual, Marianne makes her way to an abandoned location in hopes of getting to the bottom of her paranormal dilemma. Besides offering an engrossing storyline, The Medium features an old-school approach to survival horror games. The inclusion of a third-person viewpoint, clever puzzle sequences, and a particularly rabid spirit that wants to consume you are the main hooks that’ll pull you into this game. The dual-reality sections that let you explore two realms at once should also pique your interest.

buy here, $50
10. ‘Layers of Fear’ (series)

The Layers of Fear series pushes the horror genre forward by mixing in elements of psychedelic and psychological horror. And what comes from that complex mixture are two games that will mess with your mind and make you question the very events that play out in front of you. The first entry in the series puts you in the role of a disturbed painter who must find a way to complete his magnum opus, while the sequel sets you up as an actor that’s been called upon to handle an important leadership role. Both games focus on heavy exploration, mind-bending sights, and haunting audio. The Layers of Fear games will certainly stick with you long after you’ve completed them.

buy here, $20
11. ‘Little Nightmares’ (series)

The first Little Nightmares came out of nowhere to capture the imagination of horror fans everywhere back in 2017. Participating in the horrifying misadventures of Six as she looks to escape the grasp of hideous beings inside the Maw is a nail-biting blast. There’s a ton of fun to be had as you figure out the best routes and solutions that are crucial to Six’s survival. For 2021, Little Nightmares II arrived with everything that worked beforehand. Plus, it ratchets up the fun factor of it all by bringing back Six and debuting a completely new character (Mono) that’s onscreen at all times.

buy here, $60
12. ‘Phasmophobia’

If you always find yourself binge-watching ghost investigation shows on Travel Channel, then Phasmophobia should be right up your alley. This four-player ghost-hunting simulator gives you a spooky locale to explore and an assortment of essential equipment that’ll pick up on any paranormal activity. There are 10 different ghosts to keep an eye out for, so each investigation you embark on will be different from the last. The use of actual voice recognition when it comes time to communicate with your ghostly targets is one of the coolest parts of this spirit-filled adventure.

buy here, $14
13. ‘Blair Witch’

It took forever and a day, but we finally got a video game adaptation of the monumental Blair Witch film. Taking place two years after the events of the first movie, this playable sequel sees you searching for a missing boy in the Black Hills Forest as former police officer Ellis Lynch. During your unnerving search and rescue mission, you’ll regularly find yourself getting spooked by shadowy creatures. The mood is always tense in this one as you come upon cassette tapes full of curious footage and make your way through a forest that definitely has it out for you.

buy here, $30
14. ‘Stories Untold’

Stories Untold is kind of like a video game rendition of Tales from the Crypt. Players are treated to four episodes that focus on delivering everything you love about classic puzzle-laden horror adventure games. Each episode embraces a retro feel thanks to an 80s aesthetic and incorporates text-based, point-and-click gameplay. You can expect to get caught up in all of Stories Untold’s trippy narratives that deliver elements of sci-fi, psychological horror, and more.

buy here, $10
15. ‘Sylvio’ (series)

The Sylvio games center around a ghost recorder named Juliette Waters, who embarks upon the type of nerve-wracking adventures that will keep anyone up at night. Juliette’s first encounter with the deceased puts her on the path to learning about an evil curse and a ruthless cult, while her second run-in with the deceased has her exploring a decidedly creepy flooded setting. Hopping into these games means you’ll be analyzing clues, taking note of your uncomfortable surroundings, and listening in on the spirits that want to tell you their story.

buy here, $13
16. ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ (series)

If you don’t know about the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise by now, then you’ve been living under a rock for far too long. The premise of the mainline games has you taking on the role of a night guard (one game even has you playing as a child!) that‘s tasked with keeping an eye on a building full of animatronic characters. Those bots may look friendly, but don’t let their innocent exterior fool you. They move around on their own and are looking to take you out of the equation. The series’ clever use of a security camera system, unmistakable horrors, and signature jump scares have made it a mainstream force since its inception.

buy here, $5