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Will Barton, P.J. Tucker and All the Best NBA Fits from March

The regular season is winding down, but ONE37pm’s serial fit watch series is just heating up. Fourteen teams are headed for an extended period of time off, which means there’s less of a sample to select from. However, as the NBA playoffs approach, we think it’s safe to assume a heightened level of fit-offs is in the making. So consider March a heat-check of sorts.

On that note, here are the best NBA fits from March.

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Will Barton Takes Accessories to the Next Level

Will Barton is an enormously likable player. He’s an instant offense in the mold of guys like Jamal Crawford, but Barton’s rhythm is funkier and his style is more difficult to synthesize. He hasn’t really been 100 percent since coming back from an injury, but once he’s a little closer to fully healthy, he could be something of an X-factor for the underrated Nuggets in the playoffs.

All these ideas collide with Barton’s recent accessory: a human male holding a custom sign to announce Barton’s arrival on TNT’s prime-time NBA broadcast. If another player were to do this, I could imagine it being a little more alarming, but with Barton, it just made me think,“Damn, nice.” After all, he’s the People’s Champ. —Corban

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Grateful Dame

As a Grateful Dead enthusiast, my broken-record refrain has been “I cannot wait until the Grateful Dead are unpopular again.” As the Dead’s weird, tie-dyed aesthetic goes increasingly mainstream, it’s been difficult to know how to feel. On one hand, paying $90 to $200 for brand-new or vintage gear sold by a third party seems antithetical to the ideology the Dead has trotted out their entire career, but I like the idea of a Deadhead getting some cash for an item that’s likely not even a Top 40 GD shirt in their possession. Let’s call it a push.

So, in that sense, I think it’s cool to see the more laid-back looks that the incorporation of tie-dye has provided. (While technically Dead-adjacent and not wholly separate, I’m seeing a lot of the 1992 Lithuania T-shirt too these days.) Dame creates good energy here—it must have been the Rose Garden. —Corban

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“And then I freaked it” — P.J. Tucker

This is an attack. We’ve covered the contents of P.J.’s hands upon entering the arena closely of late, so we know when he’s innocently transporting his game shoes plus a pre-game snack and when he’s not. He has two hands (two) and is using zero (zero) of them to carry something game-related.

There may not be a nonalcoholic beverage more flagrantly disagreeable with playing basketball than a Starbucks Frappuccino. And the LeBron V is known to be one of the bulkiest shoes to hoop in. This is an offensive waste of opposable thumbs, in my opinion. He might as well be walking into the arena holding a pickax and sandals. Actually, even that would be less detrimental. —Jacob

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Steph-en Out

Really not even sure who to award in this pic. So many characters in play here.

Steph is paying homage to B-Diddy, while Riley is supporting her dad in what would surely out-swag any other NBA kid fit (sorry, little CP3) and Ryan tags along. But it’s obvious Ayesha was the brains behind this ensemble. So shout-out to Ayesha for being the first person to earn a spot on ONE37pm’s monthly fits without actually being photographed. —Jacob

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Bucks in Six (For the Culture)

D.J. Wilson is low-key one of the NBA’s sharpest dressers, and here he is wearing a turtleneck from Brandon Jennings’s new streetwear line, Tuff Crowd. (Which is not bad for a player line!) But the point of this blurb is to salute the Bucks’ fit IG Bucks in Six, probably the best independent, single-team-specific fit IG. Milwaukee has long been considered one of the most boring-for-players stops in the NBA, so I think it says a lot that the Bucks drip (arguably too) hard even if they do tend to drift toward cozier looks. How’s that for team chemistry? —Corban

Style What To Buy

7 Dope Backpacks from Amazon You Can Snag for Under $150

Last year, I waxed poetic about why you deserve an upscale vessel to store your stuff (you can read the article here). I equated a nice backpack—potentially a leather one—to the modern man’s briefcase. Sales of backpacks will skyrocket to around $2 billion annually by 2021, according to a Technavio report, and with the definition of “business casual” morphing to incorporate more khakis, backpacks are now acceptable in the workplace.

They’re also your perfect travel companion. Conveniently strapping your stuff to your back, they work with all kinds of urban commuting (like bike riding, walking or subway squeezing) and offer a hands-free life. While wearing a backpack, you can tap and scroll to your heart’s content.

Since backpacks are clearly the modern man’s everyday luggage essential, we’ve rounded up the most stylish but affordable options on the overwhelming marketplace of Amazon, defining the man who needs it, why we love it and what Amazon reviewers are saying.

Oh yeah, and they’re all under $150. You’re welcome.

Bopai Laptop Backpack

Best for: The Do-It-All Dude

Why we love it: This backpack has every pocket and gizmo you could ever want: a card holder conveniently in the shoulder strap, an invisible water bottle holder, a phone charging port, a laptop sleeve, anti-theft compartments intelligently hidden and more. It is waterproof, commuter-approved and quite possibly the most tricked-out backpack around.

Amazon reviewers say: “So excited to have found this bag on Amazon. The design is sleek, simple and professional. It holds my 15.6″ Dell gaming laptop along with accessories perfectly. It’s just what I was looking for in a backpack for my gaming laptop.”- James

Buy Now
Herschel Little America Backpack

Best for: The Modern Savant

Why we love it: The iconic silhouette of this Herschel bag comes at such a reasonable price. Though not as tricked-out as some other options, this is a reliable and stylish backpack. It will never go out of style.

Amazon reviewers say: “This bag is really nice with nice pads on the back and shoulder straps, making it comfortable to carry even if it’s heavily loaded. The inside is pretty large and can fit a lot of stuff.” – Greg

Buy Now
Brass Tacks Waxed Canvas Backpack

Best for: The Rugged Traveler

Why we love it: Made of waxed canvas and leather trim, this backpack has a silhouette that is comparable to the Herschel but less polished. You have to break in the material, but that process just highlights the product’s longevity. You’ll have this pack for years.

Amazon reviewers say: “This is a solid messenger bag and my favorite (yes, even over my Coach leather messenger bag, which costs a lot more). The roominess and the storage potential are a plus, and I think this may be my go-to bag to use when I travel.” – Dennis

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Leather Architect Black Backpack

Best for: The Style Minimalist

Why we love it: Made of 100 percent genuine leather, this $50 backpack is a steal. The construction is minimal, excluding harsh branding or logos. You can’t go wrong.

Amazon reviewers say: “It’s a very nice-looking leather backpack at an amazingly inexpensive price. Very comfortable wide straps. Plenty of interior room. I love it!” – M

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Calvin Klein Coated Canvas Backpack

Best for: The Brand Loyalist

Why we love it: If you feel more secure buying into a brand with long-standing clout, then this Calvin Klein pack might be for you. With multiple interior pockets and a sleek look, the design here is spot on.

Amazon reviewers say: “Worked great for travel! Was able to fit a week’s worth of clothes and travel essentials inside.” – Amazon Customer

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Champion Manuscript Backpack

Best for: The Fashion Rebel

Why we love it: First, the price tag. Second, the bold camouflage fabric and striking Champion logo are trendy but cool.  

Amazon reviewers say: “Exactly what I wanted. I didn’t expect it to come in literally 2 days, but I’m not complaining. It is made with strong materials and the straps are nicely adjustable. Overall awesome bag and I’m super excited.” – Austin

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Diesel Discover Backpack in Surf Blue

Best for: The Stand-Out Adventurer

Why we love it: The striking blue color of this Diesel backpack takes the cake. You’ll stand out in a sea of neutrals with this electric hue. It fits a ‘15-inch laptop and has a handy front pocket too.

Amazon reviewers say: “Five stars. Amazing style, very good quality and fast delivery. A+++.” – Shai

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Grind Money

Here’s What People on Twitter Are Saying About Lyft’s IPO

You may have heard that on March 29 popular ride-sharing service Lyft officially hit Wall Street. The app famous for getting you from point A to point B seamlessly IPO’d at a starting price of $72 a share. 

According to CNBC, after it began trading, “the stock held at around $87 in its first few minutes of trading — something of a modest IPO for such a giant tech company. The initial pop nudges Lyft’s valuation to $25 billion.”

Needless to say, because of the giant amount of money the company is now worth, people are talking.

Here are a few interesting select takes to give you some perspective:

Some people are feeling good about the IPO:
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Others aren’t buying into the hype:
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Here’s a reminder that Lyft was always an underdog:
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People want the new millionaires to remember where they came from:
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With this new wave of IPOs we’re now entering into a whole new world:
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But at the end of the day, shout out to the bankers:
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Culture Movies/TV

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Run Time and Everything New We Know Now

Since the release of the first trailer in December, Avengers: Endgame has essentially dominated the internet. Well, let’s be honest: It’s basically owned the internet since Thanos decimated our heroes at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

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Record-breaking runtime

This week, we got a new piece of news that fans have been clamoring for: a run time. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that, per sources, the movie will clock in at an astounding three hours and 58 seconds. This would make it the longest MCU movie by 22 minutes, with the runner-up, Infinity War, clocking in at two hours and 40 minutes. It is a record-breaking length for a superhero film, and certainly one of the longest for a blockbuster.

Newest trailer

The report of the run time came hot on the heels of the movie’s next trailer, which was released two weeks ago and showcases not just the Avengers as they attempt to undo the destruction that the Mad Titan Thanos unleashed upon the universe but also the newest superhero to join the fray: Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel.

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Tickets are Officially on Sale

Tickets for Endgame went on sale on April 2nd and if that wasn’t enough, Marvel dropped another new trailer to go along with the tickets announcement. 

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Character posters confirm major deaths

Marvel has been relatively tight-lipped regarding the new movie, and the Russo brothers have stated that they used fake footage in their trailers just to keep information hidden from fans. This week, however, Marvel released character posters for everyone who will (or is believed to) make an appearance in Endgame, split by who is still alive and who was killed off in the battle against Thanos in Infinity War.

<code><p class = "twitter-tweet"></p></code>

These posters caused quite a stir online, especially the fact that one of the universe’s favorite characters, Shuri from Black Panther, had been lost in Thanos’s snap aka the Decimation.

It seems as if these posters and ticket announcement trailer might be the final pieces of content we get to see prior to the film’s worldwide release date on April 27, and with opening weekend box office projections looking to be above $800 million, fan anticipation has never been higher.

For now, we just need to be patient as we await the release.

Whatever it takes.

Culture Gaming

Everything We Don’t Know About Google’s Stadia Gaming Service

Google became the talk of the Game Developers Conference this month by unveiling Stadia, a new gaming streaming service that will allow people to play games within their Google Chrome browser on a desktop computer, laptop, TV, tablet or phone.

Stadia seems like a bold, futuristic vision of the future of video games. Google promises a seamless experience, without a dedicated console, that instantly gets players into games with the click of a link.

While Google revealed a lot about what it hopes to bring to players, it left many important questions unanswered. Here are a few of the biggest question marks.

How much will Stadia cost?
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The price of Stadia, or even what type of business model it will employ, was a topic completely absent from Google’s GDC keynote. Will Google charge per game? Will it be a “Netflix for games” like Microsoft’s Game Pass service? Will it be a new model, as yet unexplored for games? What will the overall cost be for the service? If it’s game by game, will games be the $60 we’re used to or something different to account for server usage? How will developers get paid for their games if it’s a Netflix-like service? Will that follow a similar model of Sony’s investments it makes with developers regarding free PlayStation Plus games?

Where are the games?

It has long been understood that any video game console or platform lives and dies by the games it provides. What good is a console if there’s nothing to play on it?

Google will run up against this same hurdle as it moves to release Stadia, and the GDC keynote last week did next to nothing to promote confidence in the platform’s future games. The one and only new game Google announced was Id Software’s Doom Eternal. Google announced a new in-house, first-party development studio, which would develop for Stadia. It also announced continuing partnerships with Ubisoft and a variety of other third-party tech companies. It also highlighted a variety of features that its cloud-based tech could deliver to players, like 1,000-person battle royale or high-fidelity split-screen play. But Google’s presentation was extremely lacking in game announcements.

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It was a very odd experience to roam around GDC, notice all the areas that Google had set up to show off Stadia and see only old games available to be played. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, which Google used on Project Stream beta testers from October to January, and 2016’s Doom were the only games that conference attendees could play. Of course, Google’s use of these kiosks was probably as a proof of concept for the technology, but players need more than that in the run-up to a future platform. It’s likely that Google showed off Stadia at GDC to get developers on board, but it could have done more to quell these inevitable questions.

How fast will my internet need to be to play?

Stadia’s idea for players to stream games directly off servers sounds great on paper. But questions immediately arise if you consider how fast an internet connection would need to be, the availability of ISPs offering those speeds and the slow build=out of internet infrastructure. Though specifics weren’t given during the keynote, Google VP and Stadia lead Phil Harrison addressed it on Kotaku’s Splitscreen podcast, where he said the Project Stream beta taught Google that the minimum requirement for streaming a game at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second would require an internet speed of 25 megabytes per second. A 2018 report says 49 out of 50 states have average broadband speeds above that 25 mbps line. Only Montana is below it.

Access to broadband is another question. That same report shows every state in America has at least 69 percent broadband coverage, with New Jersey leading the pack at 99 percent. But what about those who do not have access to broadband? Will Stadia be available to them? Questions still remain about actual performance. Does this minimum 25 mbps still hold as internet speeds fluctuate? Is this the minimum speed for an intensive, twitchy multiplayer game like Call of Duty? If speeds dip, will Stadia prioritize frame rate or resolution?

When is Stadia’s release date?

Harrison gave only a general sometime-in-2019 answer for when to expect the platform’s release. There’s no hint beyond that as to whether it will be a holiday release or come out quickly this summer. One thing is almost for sure, though. Stadia will almost certainly beat Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles to market. Both have been rumored to drop in 2020. Stadia will likely kick off this next cycle of video games, possibly leaving the other contenders to play catch-up in terms of service offerings and pricing.

Google said that we can expect to learn more about Stadia “this summer,” though it didn’t say whether that meant E3 or a standalone event. It’s unlikely that we’ll learn more about the most-pressing Stadia questions before that. Until then, Stadia will have to remain a very mysterious platform with more questions than answers about what it will mean for the future of video games.

Read More: Google’s ‘Netflix for Games’ Service: A Beta Tester Tells All

Culture Gaming

The ‘Borderlands 3’ Trailer Has It All: A Gun with Legs, Evil Twins and a Sax Solo

During game developer Gearbox’s presentation at PAX East Indie Showcase in Boston, the company unveiled the first trailer for the long-awaited Borderlands 3, the latest installment in the decade-old first-person shooter franchise.

Fan-favorite characters like Lilith and Maya are returning for more bloodthirsty fun. A mustached Rhys graces the screen. There’s a sneak peek of the game’s “baddies,” the Calypso Twins. Even Brick jams out on the sax. Watch the epic trailer here:

<code><p class = "twitter-tweet"></p></code>

It was never really an issue, but no one should worry about a lack of gun type variation—Borderlands 3 claims to have more than a billion guns, including walking guns with legs and mecha-suits. Holy skag sack! Full of new characters, endless loot, slick-lookin’ enemies and a rich, biodiverse world to romp about, it looks as though Borderlands 3 will return to its rightful throne in the gaming community.

In a tender moment during the live-streamed PAX event, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said his team’s “deepest wish is to just show [us] a worthy successor.” The trailer isn’t particularly revelatory with respect to game’s plot, but its action-packed scenes and Gearbox’s promise of more in-depth updates on April 3 will keep fans hyped up this spring.

Before the trailer dropped, Gearbox teased fans with a cryptic animation sequence dubbed “Mask of Mayhem.” The teaser ignited subreddits and editorials into a speculative frenzy, but the trailer answers some of those theories—a group of fans think they’ve found the holy grail: the release date.

<code>": "<iframe width=\"560\" height=\"315\" src=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen></iframe>\r\n", "hed": "", "subhed": "", "buttonText": "", "buttonUrl": "", "dropCase": false, "mediaId": null, "jwplayer": ""</code>

After seeing the trailer and the teaser, what more could Borderlands fans want?

Though nothing in the trailer screams reinvention, a bigger, more beautiful Borderlands 2 endowed with a captivating storyline would be pretty cool. It is too early to tell what the exact architecture and mechanics of the game will be, but I’m just glad they didn’t ride the MMO (massively multiplayer online) or battle royale gravy train, sticking to what fans love about the Borderlands franchise.

<code><p class = "twitter-tweet"></p></code>

With so many loot-based shooters on the market now, it will be interesting to see how Gearbox, the forefathers of the genre, will fare against new competitors. Similar games like The Division 2 and Anthem, previously in wage of war themselves, have enjoyed relative success, but even the smallest wisps of anything Borderlands-related has captivated the attention of everyone in the loot-shooter community.

Although it has been seven years since Borderlands 2 debuted in 2012, Gearbox can probably rest easy with the amount of hype surrounding the “Mask of Mayhem” teaser after one day, and the buzz generated by the Borderlands 3 trailer. By the looks of the fanfare, the years-long development period has paid off.

We might not be on Pandora this time around, but I’m so down for whatever post-apocalyptic world they want to hurl us into. Let’s just hope Gearbox’s release plan for Borderlands 3 doesn’t goad us on forever like Kingdom Hearts III.

BONUS: ‘Borderlands 3’ secrets and Easter eggs
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Grind Money

3 Dated Money Fallacies That Probably Won’t Matter in 10 Years

Mainstream financial advice these days either comes from your parents (by way of nagging) or from frantic Google searches akin to late-night cramming. And over the years you’ve probably experienced or come across some not necessarily bad advice but perhaps some advice that’s not that relevant to today’s digital world. A recent thread on Quora lays out perfectly some advice from back in the day that we may want to…leave there.

*Obviously, at the end of the day it’s your money and you can do whatever the hell you want with it. So you can take these with a grain of salt, but at least you’ve seen and read some potential alternative viewpoints.

1. FALSE: Buying is always better than renting
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

What they say: Buy a house as soon as you can.

Here’s the thing: Unless you’re loaded or your parents are graciously helping you with a down payment (lucky!), you don’t necessarily need to rush from renting to buying. If we take into account the state of today’s economy, owning a home just might not be the smartest move to solidify your financial future. 

I don’t mean to get too conspiracy theorist on you, but Zach Pinnell, who originally answered this question on Quora, made a good point. He said, “Somehow, the majority of Americans still seem to believe home ownership is always more financially sound than renting (if you can afford a down payment).” Pinnell went on to explain that there is “a lot invested (try centuries) in the housing industry’s success and subsequent industries that rely on the idea that you have to buy a home…”

I could write an entire article on this topic and how we’ve all been brainwashed, but Pinnell explains it pretty simply:

Zach Pinell

From Pinnell:

“Here we have a 30-year, $100,000 mortgage, 7.5% interest, taken out in 2010. Notice that in 2017, $90,678 still remains in principle after making ~ $65,000 in payments. So, in 2017, something like 93% of your payments have been interest. That changes over time… over 30 years.

“Who the hell owns a house for 30 years?

“I’m not googling it, but I’m guessing the average person sells their house after five years, paying a 6% commission to the agents (if you sell your house when you need to). Then there’s all that insurance you paid, the repairs and maintenance, closing costs, etc…”

So Pinnell makes a good point even based on 2010 figures. And let’s not forget that your home isn’t guaranteed to appreciate in value. Sure, the way the market is set up, chances are it will increase in value, but remember that it’s certainly not something you can fully bank on.

In the end, unless you’re planning on staying for 30-plus years (and in this day and age, most people aren’t) and nothing else in your life is changing, then by all means, buy that house. But if you’re the average person and you’re thinking that going from renting to buying is going to set you financially free, there’s a gamble at play because your owned home isn’t guaranteed to appreciate in value.

*One thing I do have to mention, though, is that the data above is from 2010, when rates were higher. Today, mortgage rates are at an all-time low: around 3.75 percent on a 30-year fixed loan.

2. FALSE: Invest in tech stocks
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

What they say: Investing in tech stocks at the right time will make you rich

Successful entrepreneur Doug Armey honed in on a piece of financial advice that might be best left ignored and that is the “buy tech stocks” movement. Armey explains that during both giant tech booms, people were saying “tech is the future.” And in some instances and for some people it was, but the idea that “you can’t lose money in tech” turned out not to be true, because people did.

Suddenly some investors decided maybe it wasn’t smart to invest in companies that had a cool logo but no sales. Truthfully, tech was the future. Just not some tech companies.

So the notion that you should invest in “the next big thing” just because everyone’s gushing over it may not be the smartest idea every time. 

3. FALSE: Buying avocado toast makes your poor.
Getty Images

What they say: Save money by avoiding expensive coffee or taking public transportation instead of cabs. 

Today’s tactics: focused on figuring out how to discover multiple streams of income

This has always been a popular thing for people to say, (imagine an old person waving a cane is saying this to you), “if you want to be rich then you millennials need to stop spending money on $5 coffee’s and $15 avocado toast.” You’ve definitely heard it before. And while maybe spending $15 every single weekend on Avocado toast isn’t the very best idea, the only way to truly be able to save money is to make MORE money.

That means that instead of focusing on curbing spending you should actually be focused on figuring out how to discover multiple streams of income. The more money you make, the easier it will be to save.

For example, if you’re a teacher, I know you probably have extremely long days, but it might be worth it to work an after-school program to take in more money and/or tutor on the weekends. These aren’t things you’ll have to do forever, but with every industry, there’s always more that can be done too.

Grooming Style

The 10 Most Purchased Products from Birchbox Man

The benefits of a morning ritual are innumerable, but convincing guys to moisturize is as difficult as jumping over hurdles in middle-school track and field.

What if there were a way to have a large group of guys sample products and judge which items they liked best? We sought out the data scientists at Birchbox Man, a personalized monthly grooming supplies subscription that delivers five samples to your door in a tidy box, to answer that very question.

If you’re convinced by the samples, you can purchase a full-sized products online. To help you navigate the bevy of products, here are the top ten items that will drastically improve your morning ritual:

10. Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm
Birchbox Man

Birchbox says: One of our best-performing grooming SKUs this year.

What it is: The Just-Right Moisturizer

Why we love it: Ursa Major is a clean beauty favorite, using ingredients like aloe vera and sunflower seed oil.

Reviews say: “A pleasant face moisturizer that left my face feeling soft and smooth. I do not often use moisturizer, but I did enjoy this one.” – Daniel

Buy Now
9. Hanz de Fuko Claymation
Birchbox Man

Birchbox says: Our best-selling grooming hair SKU. It has the holding power of wax with the versatile finish of clay.

What it is: The User-Friendly Hair Clay

Why we love it: Hanz de Fuko is an organic hair care line and a cult favorite of celebs such as David Beckham, Calvin Harris and Mark Foster. Launched in February 2009, the company makes an array of men’s hair products. They’re all great.

Reviews say: “This is the perfect hair product. Keeps hair in a style for the whole day!” – Nick

Buy Now
8. Hims Sleep Dietary Supplement
Birchbox Man

Birchbox says: One of our best sellers during Cyber Week. Includes L-theanine, which provides a relaxing effect.

What it is: The Fussy Sleeper Savior

Why we love it: Hims is a brand built by guys, for guys, that has revolutionized men’s accessibility to wellness products. Other product offerings include solutions to hair loss, erectile dysfunction and acne, but this one is exclusive to Birchbox Man. You’ve probably seen these advertised on the subway and you’ve probably wondered if you should try them.

Reviews say: “I didn’t have particularly high hopes for these, as I’ve used melatonin before. The first night I tried them, I was very impressed with the flavor. It was really unique and enjoyable. And about an hour later, I was much more tired than I normally am. I think they worked about as well as you can expect from a natural supplement.” – Zach

Buy Now
7. Ursa Major 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic
Birchbox Man

Birchbox says: This tonic has four distinct uses. Bamboo and birch sap firm tired skin and regulate oil for a shine-free complexion. Citrus extracts purify skin without drying while gently exfoliating for a  two-in-one cleanse. Witch hazel, aloe and willow bark extract help alleviate redness and irritation.

What it is: The One-and-Done Multitasker

Why we love it: Another Ursa Major favorite, this mist can really accomplish so much. It just might be the hardest-working product in your skin care lineup.

Reviews say: “Prefer this to rose water, for sure. Nice clean and refreshing feeling. Great little pick-me-up.” – Chris

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6. Hanz de Fuko Natural Body Wash
Birchbox Man

Birchbox says: Invigorating wash that features a minty rum and sandalwood scent.

What it is: The Everyman Body Wash

Why we love it: Are you washing your body? If you in any way doubt your answer to this question, please get yourself some genuine body wash. This one from Hanz de Fuko is mild and minty with rum and sandalwood.

Reviews say: “Basically exactly what the summary says. It smells nice, not very strong, and has a nice minty-ness, to it which I love. Also, a little goes a long way.” – Johnny

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5. Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash
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Birchbox says: Our Birchbox Grooming Award winner!

What it is: The Shine-No-More Face Wash

Why we love it: Our office loves Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator line, and this face wash delivers on its promise to tone down your forehead shine. It eliminates excess oil and minimizes those pesky pores.

Reviews say: “I have oily skin, and this face wash does a fantastic job at making my skin feel clean. It has just the right amount of exfoliation and cleansing. It also seems to limit the oil throughout the day. I got this as a sample but liked it so much I bought the full size. Highly recommend.” – Anonymous

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4. Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub
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Birchbox says: Eco-friendly, biodegradable scrubbing particles help to unclog pores, prevent ingrown hairs and minimize shaving irritation.

What it is: The Scrubby Face Buffer

Why we love it: This product is the perfect pre-shave exfoliator. You get a cleaner, closer shave after removing dirt, oil and dead skin cells with this scrub from Jack Black.

Reviews say: “Sold! It smells really good and cleans well. I was surprised I liked it so much.” – Anonymous

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3. Hims DHT Blocker Shampoo
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Birchbox says: This shampoo is formulated to reduce hair’s levels of DHT (the hormone that causes hair loss).

What it is: The Balding Guy’s Shampoo

Why we love it: Clinical studies have shown that DHT can lead to hair loss. Somehow, this blocks those hormones and simultaneously keeps your locks fresh and clean. The jury is still out on whether this product truly affects hair retention, but it’s worth a shot.

Reviews say: “My hair is thinning a little, but not so much that I’m too worried. I started using a DHT blocker shampoo just to be preventative. I can’t tell if this one is doing anything yet, but I wouldn’t expect to see results for several months anyway. It’s a little drying, even for shampoo, but not bad and it’s a solid product all around.” – Andrew

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2. Hanz de Fuko Gravity Paste
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Birchbox says: High-tech formula with a high hold to keep hair in place while leaving it soft, pliable, and with a natural, subtle shine.

What is it: The Run-Around Hair Paste

Why we love it: If you’re sprinting on the go but don’t want your locks to move, you need this gravity paste from Hanz de Fuko. Your hair will look natural but have a strong hold. The primary ingredient is beeswax, so it is an organic option.

Reviews say: “This product is great. Used to use American Crew Fiber, and I love this so much more. Don’t need very much, very good hold. I have short hair that I spike up and recommend this tremendously.” – Anonymous

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1. Kiehl’s Eye Fuel
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Birchbox says: Sales on anti-aging products increased by 40 percent in 2018 and they continue to perform.

What it is: The Tired Guy’s Eye Cream

Why we love it: This product instantly soothes and relieves tired eyes with caffeine and chestnut seed extract. Reach for this after pulling an all-nighter to look well rested and brand-new.

Reviews say: “I got great results fast with this. I love the tingly feeling when I apply. It helps wake me up! It smells good and I noticed results after a week. It has faded my dark circles considerably and quickly. It’s a permanent fixture in my skin care lineup now.” – Swanny

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Careers Grind

5 Ways to Prepare for a Career Leap

When I decided to leave the comfort of my full-time writer position to pursue freelance and creative writing, I felt sick to my stomach. As I packed my desk in the New York City office and said goodbye to my colleagues who had become family, I couldn’t help but wonder: Am I making a mistake?

But I didn’t have time to feed nostalgia or cycle doubts; I had a passion and dream to chase. And there was no turning back.

Taking that leap was one of the most liberating experiences but also one of the most terrifying. However, reminding myself I was in the right position to take this risk has eased most of that fear, allowing me to focus on the “why” behind my decision. I had to trust that I had made the right choice. I’d prepared for this.

If you’re considering taking a similar plunge but don’t feel you’re ready just yet, don’t fret. Here are five ways to prepare for a career leap.

Accrue a Stable Amount of Savings

I’ve always been a saver, but while planning to leave my office job, I became extra frugal. This meant only spending money on necessities like rent, utilities, groceries, etc. and transferring everything else to my savings.

Even so, it was difficult to keep up with this habit. I was a 23-year-old journalist with a pricy commute to the city, and I had my fair share of bills to pay. That’s when I realized that in order to leave my full-time role, I’d have to sacrifice my free time to my side hustle (freelance writing) so I could afford to save more money quicker.

This overlap was exhausting, to say the least, but I knew it would pay off eventually. The light at the end of the tunnel was bright enough to keep me motivated on those early mornings and lonely weekend nights.

If you don’t have a decent amount of money to fall back on in case of an emergency, you’re going to spend too much time worrying about earning a profit instead of dedicating yourself to your passion. Calculate how much you would need to cover a few months’ expenses to allow yourself time to recover from possible failures.

Adopt a Specific Career Passion

Don’t quit your job simply because you don’t want to work a nine-to-five. While that might be part of the reason, you need a strong drive to get you out of bed each day, or else you’ll likely end up sleeping late or neglecting your career altogether.

Before I even considered leaving my staff writer position, I knew I eventually wanted to become an author and freelance to support myself. Once I started writing my first novel, this dream quickly became more of a realistic career path, and I was ready to commit to it—regardless of the fear and instability that it might bring.

Until you are absolutely head-over-heels in love with that side hustle you’ve been working on, be it a podcast or food truck business, don’t make any major decisions. Take time to invest in that passion until you can’t imagine life without it.

Build a Decent List of Business Contacts

Business truly is about who you know. If your interests lie in a specific industry, you’ll want to make connections with experts in that field. This can be as simple as following influencers on Instagram, commenting on LinkedIn posts or reaching out for advice and collabs. The worst someone could say is no.

Take it from me: I am an introverted bookworm who shies away from confrontation most of the time. But when I want something that pertains to my career, like a writing opportunity I know I’m a good fit for, or even an interview with my favorite band, I’m not afraid to ask. (OK, that’s a lie—usually, I’m terrified. But I do it anyway.)

Sometimes this ends well and I gain a contact. Other times I receive silence as my answer. But by putting yourself out there, even if you’re rejected, you’re establishing yourself as a worthy and credible person in the industry, and developing thicker skin along the way. Having a decent support system makes all the difference when diving into a new career.

Create a Backup Plan

While you probably don’t even want to think about failing, to an extent, you should. You need to be prepared for any outcome, positive or negative, so you aren’t caught off guard and scrambling for money or work.

My backup plan is simple: If I don’t feel I’m making enough money to support a stable lifestyle in six months, I will start applying to full-time roles again. But for now, I am allowing myself the chance to turn my passions into a career—to finish my novel and land freelance gigs with brands I connect with.

Create a Long-Term Plan

Just like your backup plan, you should also have a long-term plan. Don’t take a risk without having an idea of where you want to end up.

For instance, the main reason I took my leap is that I knew I had a future with one of my freelance clients. I knew they could support me enough for the time being and that we could grow together to build a more sustainable business arrangement. I also gave myself a timeline for editing and publishing my novel, and I have made that one of my main priorities.

Bottom Line

It might never feel like the right time to risk financial stability for your desired career. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. At the end of the day, you have to be the one to make that decision. Whatever that may be, I hope you give yourself the chance you deserve.

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Watch Will Smith Let His Son ‘Cheat Death’ in This Wild Video

Will Smith squeezed in some heart-racing dad-son bonding—by challenging his oldest child, Trey, to an F1 car racing duel in Abu Dhabi—on the latest episode of Will Smith’s Bucket List on Facebook Watch.

As part of taking in the culture of the United Arab Emirates, Will let 26-year-old Trey live dangerously on the Jebel Jais Mountain: “It’s the highest point in the UAE, and there’s a serious love for cars in this culture, so I’mma let my son drift down this mountain and cheat death so, you know, he can get ready for the big race.”

The 50-year-old famous father of three immediately regretted the decision.

“It’s one of those parenting moments when everything was funny,” he admitted. “It was like funny before, but now he’s in the car.”

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Watch the full episode above to see that moment, see who wins the duel and see special guests Lewis Hamilton, a five-time F1 world champion, offer advice; Mo Amer, an Arab-American stand-up comedian, prank Trey; and Jaden Smith, another of Will’s kids, officiate the race.

“You know, this bucket list was never about cars; it was only ever about my son, and I won,” Will said after the race. “The central components of love are time and attention. You cannot get around spending time if you want to build love. It’s something I failed at for most of Trey’s life, but I’m going to dedicate the rest of my life to making up for it.”

In other Bucket List episodes, Smith skydives, runs a half marathon, swims with sharks and performs a stand-up comedy routine with help from comedic legend Dave Chappelle. What’s next on his bucket list? Dancing in a Bollywood movie.