Tony Shhnow’s Killstreak 2 Project Is Some Of His Best

ATL native Tony Shhnow has been on a steady incline for a while now. Tony’s latest project, ‘Killstreak 2’ and its deluxe version are both perfect representations of his rap prowess. Tony’s song “Sometimes” from KS2 made it onto our Monday To Monday playlist this past week, and for good reason.

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From the cover art to music to visuals, Tony Shhnow is clearly adamant about quality. His ‘Killstreak 2’ cover, along with the deluxe, were created by Kill Che, who made an appearance on One37pm socials earlier this month for his insanely unique art. Tony and Che actually dropped a collaborative project together as a Kill Che exclusive last year, called ‘Bad Guy Vol. 1’.

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Tony has a great understanding of art in general, and has been vocal about how important paying producers is to him. Many artists (and even labels) forget just how crucial that is, which can cause relationships with producers to go downhill. Tony Shhnow is a producer himself, and enlists this empathy to foster long-lasting relationships with his tight-knit circle of producers like Cashcache and Popstar Benny.

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Musically speaking, Tony Shhnow’s stock is on a steady rise. He’s constantly giving nostalgia to his fans with his classic vibes – whether through beat selection, flow, or videos, this effect is surely felt. “Sometimes” is a perfect example of this nostalgic effect – it’s reminiscent of older established artists, yet it has such a drastic element of originality to it. The hook is ridiculously catchy, too: “Lately I’ve been talking to myself, people never help you out unless it benefit they self”. 

Whether you’re a seasoned Tony Shhnow listener, or brand new to his stuff, “Sometimes” and the rest of his Killstreak 2 saga are perfect for any type of Hip-Hop fan. His prior work is phenomenal too, so definitely feel free to take a deeper look for yourself. And if you’re a fan of Cousin Stizz as well, you’re in luck – Tony’s touring the US with him throughout March and April!

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Meet Jesse Marsch, Leeds’ American Manager

Leeds has endured its share of struggles this season and an American manager is now being tasked with helping the club not only survive relegation but also lead the English side towards a brighter future.

Jesse Marsch has taken charge of Leeds with three months remaining in the Premier League and it’s a huge opportunity for the former RB Leipzig manager.

In fact, Marsch becomes only the third American to coach in England’s top flight, joining Bob Bradley (Swansea City) and David Wagner (Huddersfield Town).

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With Leeds currently two points clear of relegation, Marsch and his side have their work cut out over the final 12 matches of the season.

Marsch hopes to bring some of his previous successes to Elland Road, and his first triumph would be staving off dropping to the Championship.

History of Marsch

Before Marsch became one of the best minds around the U.S. Men’s National Team, the former Princeton Tiger played in Major League Soccer for over 16 years.

He spent time with D.C. United, Chicago Fire and Chivas USA and finished his career with over 300 appearances.

Marsch began his managerial career with the U.S. in 2010 under Bob Bradley before quickly getting two big coaching roles in MLS.

Marsch became well known in MLS circles for his success with the New York Red Bulls before joining sister club Red Bull Salzburg in 2019.

The American had plenty more positives in Austria, including winning the Austrian Bundesliga twice. That prompted a move to a third RB Global side, RB Leipzig, however, Marsch only managed to win eight of 21 matches in Germany.

Marsch’s Future

Although American managers don’t often get a chance to shine in Europe, Marsch has already proven his fast-paced style of play and tactical awareness make him a worthy candidate.

Marsch is the ultimate players’ coach and constantly receives glowing praise from former pupils, none bigger than Erling Haaland.

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“Jesse and I had a great relationship,” Haaland said of his former boss. “We still talk on the phone sometimes. He was an amazing manager for me, and we had some great memories together.

“I am lucky to have gotten to know him as a coach, but also as a person. He was very good with me. As you saw, I was very happy on and off the pitch in Salzburg. Even though it was just six months, it was a good time. He is an amazing guy.”

Marsch’s immediate goal will clearly be to help Leeds stay up, but after that he’ll need to show that he can hang in the best league in the world.

If Leeds can offer him defensive reinforcements next season, there’s plenty of reason to believe Marsch will have success in England.


5 Best Designed Buildings in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse

The metaverse may be a new territory with many unknowns, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t already architects chipping away at creating some amazing structures.

Cryptovoxels is a popular metaverse world where many of these structures currently exist. I had the opportunity to explore some of these buildings and decided to put together a list of what I believe to be 5 of the best-designed buildings in the Cryptovoxels metaverse.

1. Metapurse HQ

Standing tall at 37 meters, Metapurse HQ is one of the tallest buildings in Cryptovoxels. This skyscraper is owned by billionaire Vignesh Sundaresan, better known by the name Metkoven, who is largely known for purchasing Beeple’s ‘Everydays’ NFT for $69 million.

Although Metapurse HQ is an impressively tall building, there are only four floors that are currently available to explore. The meeting area, art gallery, the 1-1-1 room, and the rooftop. I’ll admit that each floor does look promising, however, there’s not much going on yet. 

The meeting area is empty and the art gallery has no art, but at least the 1-1-1 room has a replica of Metakoven’s F1 DeltaTime 111 NFT car displayed, which Metakoven bought for $111k in May 2019. Also, the rooftop provides a nice view of the city of Oasis. 

Overall, Metapurse HQ is without a doubt one of the greatest buildings in Cryptovoxels, and although there isn’t much to see yet, given the name and size of the structure, it’s likely that Metakoven plans to hold at least some of his operations inside of Metapurse HQ.

Visit Metapurse HQ

2. Dark Junction – Jedi Temple

Enter the Dark Junction Jedi Tower. This tower doesn’t stretch nearly as high as Metapurse HQ, but it’s still a proper 13 meters high and towers over all the surrounding buildings. Upon entering the main hall of the Jedi Temple you are greeted by a large screen that displays a YouTube video, which, unfortunately, gives you an error when you try to play it. Additionally, there are various pieces of NFT art hanging on the wall.

Similar to Metapurse HQ, the Jedi Temple has four floors which are all accessible via the elevator. Hop in the elevator and head to the second floor and you will find—you guessed it—more art! Something that I found interesting is that you can click on the art which will take you to the listing for that NFT.

After gazing at the several pieces of art found on the first two floors, the third floor revealed a completely different vibe. The Meditation Chamber appears to be a place where Star Wars fans would likely gather to relax, but really, this room could be used for anything.

The fourth and final floor is simply referred to as the Tower, which is a small room atop the temple offering visitors a 360 birds-eye view of the city. My overall impression of the Jedi Temple is that it may have been built as a museum rather than a place of worship.

Visit the Dark Junction Jedi Temple

3. West Coast Bill – SpaceX Metabase

The SpaceX Metabase is one of my personal favorite structures in the Cryptovoxels metaverse. The building is split into two main sections; the Metabase and the Spaceship which is made to look like SpaceX’s Starship, and features an animated spaceship orbiting around the top of the building.

It only makes sense that the SpaceX Metabase is owned by a gentleman named Bill Lee who’s an investor in many of Elon Musk’s ventures, including SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company. 

Out of all the places I visited during my exploration in Cryptovoxels, the SpaceX Metabase was the only place where I noticed other avatars loitering outside of the building. 

Once you enter the building, you are immediately greeted by a room full of art, all of which are from Bill’s personal collection. His collection includes pieces from creators such as RTFTK, Hackatao, and SuperPlastic.

As you walk upstairs to the second floor, a large screen with the words “the future is here”, signed by West Coast Bill himself, awaits.

It’s unclear as to what the SpaceX Metabase may be used for in the future, but I believe it has some serious potential.

Visit West Coast Bill – SpaceX Metabase

4. Metalympics

The Metalympics isn’t simply a single building, it’s an entire Olympic-inspired space in Cryptovoxels where a series of fun competitions were played. I’m unsure if there are any future plans for this space, however, the remanent of Metalympics is extremely fascinating to explore.

Encompassing the property is an entire hurdle track, and within, you will find a field with stands for the audience, vendor shops, a DJ set, and a spot where trophies were rewarded to winners of the game.

A look around and you quickly notice there are some extremely popular Web3 IPs that appeared to have acted as sponsors for the event.

Examples include Axie Infinity, Avastars, Art Blocks, and more. If nothing else were to ever occur on the Metalympics grounds, it still stands as a cool piece of history in the Cryptovoxels world.

Visit Metalympics

5. CryptoMotors Showroom

CryptoMotors Showroom is not only one of the first buildings ever created in Cryptovoxels, but it’s also one of the most detailed architectural structures. The aim behind the creation of the CryptoMotors Showroom was to set a standard and create an immersive experience in the Cryptovoxel metaverse.

The CryptoMotors building features a garage full of cars developed by CryptoMotors, a lounge area, a design studio, a helipad, and a toilet — for emergency use only. Moreover, you can head to the roof to enjoy a performance by artist Madhertz, called One of a Kind, and it actually goes pretty hard!

There’s no doubt that any detail was spared when creating the CryptoMotors Showroom. I firmly believe that this structure gives us a glimpse of what the future of the metaverse holds for both creators and consumers.

Visit the CryptoMotors Showroom

As the future of the Metaverse continues to be developed, more people will begin exploring and discovering the amazing architectural structures and unbelievable possibilities that can be had in the metaverse, and more specifically in the Cryptovoxels world.


Babyface Ray Continues Ascension With New ‘Face’ Album

Babyface Ray is easily one of the most talented artists out of Detroit, and that’s really saying something, considering just how much talent has been emerging from the motor city. Babyface Ray has had an incredibly graceful come-up, and for good reason. After winning the favor of both the older and younger Hip-Hop audience in his city, the same phenomenon began occurring with Hip-Hop fans around the world. Ray has been instrumental in forming what people know today as a ‘Detroit sound’, working with local producers and rappers to form a polarizing movement that’s taken over the music scene.

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As influential as he’s been in the rise of Detroit’s sound, he credits Tee Grizzley with setting the stage for Detroit’s modern musical renaissance. Similar to how Atlanta has different-sounding artists that all share a common ‘thread’ within their music, Detroit has been doing the same, and producing a plethora of stars: Babyface Ray, GT, Icewear Vezzo, Veeze, and even more.

Babyface Ray’s latest drop is a project called ‘FACE’, and it’s ridiculously good. The curation of features alone might be the best of the year so far: Icewear Vezzo, Yung Lean, G Herbo, 42 Dugg, Pusha T, Landstrip Chip, and Wiz Khalifa. As if that’s not enough reason to listen, Babyface Ray’s solo records are some of the biggest highlights of the project. “Tunnel Vision” and “Motown Music” are great examples of that, and can be found on our Monday to Monday playlist. 

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Babyface Ray blessed fans with 3 videos since unveiling his project: “Dancing With The Devil (feat. Pusha T and Landstrip Chip)”, “Sincerely Face”, and “My Thoughts 3 / Pop’s Prayer”. All of the visuals match the quality of the music seamlessly. Detroit rap is experiencing a rebirth, and Babyface Ray is leading the charge. He makes superior quality seem effortless, and surely all 7 of the seasoned artists featured on his ‘FACE’ project agree.

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Here’s How You Can Help the People of Ukraine Right Now

For nearly the past week, we have all watched the invasion of Ukraine unfold—almost in real-time—on our TVs and social media feeds. We’ve seen the people of Ukraine struggle to survive and escape this unjust invasion, looking for any means to protect themselves and their families and friends. As technology advances, so does the ability for warfare to become even more destructive and the potential to inflict casualties that much greater.

Civilians caught in the crossfire are always one of the most tragic consequences of war, and with many in Ukraine trying to find a way to flee the conflict, it’s only right that those with the ability to do so step up to help in any way we can. If you’ve been looking for places to donate, we’ve compiled a list of organizations supporting various causes in Ukraine right now. These are just a handful of groups on the ground helping, so we also encourage you to look to other places and spread the wealth.

Support Civilians
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Donate to CARE

Per their mission statement, “CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security.”

In addition to the great work they already do, CARE has started a fund that is dedicated to providing more than four million people with much-needed aid. The packages include food, water, and hygiene kits, and the organization is also providing psychosocial support.

With Ukrainian men aged 18-60 temporarily prohibited from leaving the country to fight, CARE is prioritizing the well-being of women, children, and the elderly.

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Donate to Voices of Children

This Ukrainian-based charity, Voices of Children, started in 2015 to respond to the conflict that began in the eastern portion of the country. Its goals include the protection and welfare of children affected by this war, and as the invasion unfolds, they are offering non-stop support for families across the country. In addition to providing psychological support, they are helping in the evacuation process for civilians.

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Support Razom for Ukraine

Prior to the war, Razom for Ukraine was dedicated to “unlocking the potential of Ukraine” by creating spaces for people to cooperate and foster growth. Now, the non-profit is focusing on purchasing medical supplies and ensuring they reach the proper areas using their team of volunteers and logistic professionals.

DOnate here
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Support Save the Children

Save the Children has supported the welfare of children across the globe for more than a century, and its latest mission is to protect those kids in Ukraine. Per their website:

  • “$50 – can provide enough food to keep 3 children from going hungry for a month
  • $150 – can wrap warm, cozy blankets around 30 children affected by conflict
  • $300 – can provide 150 face masks to refugee health workers on the front lines”

You can also set up a recurring donation system that will charge you monthly and will go towards helping those in Ukraine and other warzones.

Donate Here
Support Journalism in Ukraine
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Keep Ukraine’s Media Going

Many journalists from around the world, and more specifically reporters from Ukraine itself, are doing fantastic work to keep the world informed of what is happening on the ground.

Unfortunately, the war has impacted the industry significantly as outlets and journalists constantly have to shuffle around to keep themselves safe and move to where the stories are. Unlike international outlets like CNN or the BBC who have the funds necessary to operate, Ukrainian media lacks the means to keep things running. Your money will go towards relocating journalists, security, medical supplies, and more.

Donate Here
Other Organizations to Check Out
Getty Images

In addition to the organizations listed above, groups like UNICEF, The International Committee of the Red CrossDoctors Without Borders, and the United Nations Refugee Agency have begun to set up operations in Ukraine.

While they are receiving assistance from foreign powers like the United States, NATO, and European Union countries, the Ukrainian military is underfunded. It desperately needs supplies in order to push back the Russian forces. You can help raise funds for them here.

Promote Awareness
Getty Images

It doesn’t sound like much but ensuring that people are made aware of certain situations in Ukraine is crucial right now. In conjunction with reporting on the ground, we all have access to our social media accounts that afford us the opportunity to keep stories alive.

This idea all comes with the caveat of promoting disinformation and false narratives. The more certain posts and pictures are shared, the faster the information spreads, so it is of the utmost importance to verify things as best you can before doing so.

Getty Images

It’s on all of us to do what we can, no matter how small of an impact you might think you might be making, to help in some way. We encourage you to donate to one of the organizations listed above or others that you can find in order to help the people of Ukraine.

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“Somebody Somewhere,” a Show About Life—That’s It.

“I am home,” were the last words of Sam’s song to Joel (Jeff Hiller), which she sang to him in her practically empty barn during Somebody Somewhere‘s season finale. And judging by where Sam (Bridget Everett) started off this season, the fact that she was able to say those words and mean them shows how far she’s come in just seven episodes.

Though she was living at “home” with her “family,” neither quite felt like the definitions of those words, meaning that she would have to find those two things elsewhere—a seemingly impossible task given her negative feelings about Kansas and her disdain for her job. With nothing grounding her, she felt like she was floating in space.

The thing is, there has always been this debate over what “home” really is: some say it’s a physical place while others deem it to be a mentality or a certain “feeling.” For Sam, it ended up becoming both, as her unlikely friendship with Joel became her home, in addition to choir practice, which was both a physical and mental place of comfort to her. Choir practice introduced her to a whole new group of people just like her, giving her a family that would actually be there for her.

For the entirety of the season, Sam slept on the couch in her parents’ house in lieu of sleeping in Holly’s old room—the room of her sister who had recently died of cancer. Staring at the ceiling one night, about to go to sleep as she usually does on the couch, Sam decided to get up and walk into Holly’s room. Finally lying down on her sister’s old bed, she turns out the lights and the series ends.

Matt Dinerstein / HBO

Somebody Somewhere is quiet, as its meaning lies between its words and with its title directed right towards you, the viewer: you’re somebody somewhere. It reminds us of the little things that make up the human experience while telling a story of growth along the way. Sometimes we don’t notice the little wins in our lives because they don’t feel like “wins” to us; seeing them on-screen gives them a larger spotlight.

We live in an instantaneous world: if a website doesn’t load in two seconds, there’s something “wrong” with our phone. We’re so used to insane things happening on screen that Somebody Somewhere felt like such a fresh breeze. One of the greatest scenes in the entire show happens at the end of episode five when Sam lies down on her couch, calls Joel, and the two immediately start talking about nothing and laughing on the phone together. Sometimes we forget about how genuinely nice those tiny moments in life are—it took seeing that on-screen to remember that.

Tracking the gradual process of one woman’s journey isn’t always something that’s front and center in a show—usually, it’s woven in by a larger plot that has nothing to do with the journey itself. Sam’s journey is what the series is all about, and not even with Sam herself, as it extends past her and to those who surround her; we see the ups and down with Joel, Tricia, Sam’s parents, and Rick. While from Sam’s angle it seemed like Tricia had it all together, over time, it was revealed that her marriage was headed downhill as Rick was having an affair. And what makes that even worse than it already is: it was with Tricia’s business partner and best friend, Charity.

Sam had spent all of that time thinking that Tricia had a perfect life, yet that sentiment was quickly proven otherwise. In that sense, comparisons truly mean nothing as we never really know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Matt Dinerstein / HBO

In this same fashion, Sam and Joel flip places towards the end of the series, as Joel and Michael break up and Sam decides to quit her job at the essay-grading facility. Joel—who had been the more social one—was now left without a partner both in life and within his job. This is short-lived, however, as Sam has learned a valuable lesson in being friends with Joel: as soon as she realizes how both situations are affecting him, she drives over to his house, grabs him, and leaves, setting off to change the course of his day and showing him that even though it’s the end of their days together at work, it’s nowhere near the end of their friendship.

More than anything, Somebody Somewhere is brutally honest. It’s honest about the truth behind perceptions, the falsity of façades, and real friendship, which is probably why the show is so hard to sum up when describing it to others: it’s about life. That’s really it. It’s about you, me (and Dupree), and anyone else who is in the process of going through life.


What is Post Archive Faction?

South Korean brands have been on a steady rise in popularity the last few years, and the country as a whole is becoming a major player in the global fashion landscape. Labels like Hyein Seo, KANGHYUK, and Andersson Bell are leading the charge and setting international trends without compromising on originality. Post Archive Faction (PAF) is no exception. Having just launched in 2018, the PAF was already shortlisted for the 2021 LVMH prize, and has been lauded for its inimitable ingenuity. The label’s conceptual design approach defies typical fashion norms, relying heavily on prototyping and distorting familiar pieces from earlier collections. 

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Co-founded by Creative Director Dongjoon Lim and Head Designer Sookyo Jeong, PAF’s forward thinking designs reflect the brand’s unconventional beginnings. Lim was born in Seoul, Korea in 1992 and studied Industrial Design and Spatial Design at Hongik University. After graduating in 2016, Lim worked as a UX designer for fashion brands and IT corporations. He soon developed an interest in launchings his own business, although he did not initially land on fashion. In an interview with Hypebeast, Lim likened the experience of entering the fashion industry to “those times when you play a game without giving it much thought, but it turns out to be very enjoyable”. 

Since the start, PAF has eschewed the conventional system of seasonal collections, instead opting for a numerical system beginning with “1.0”. This allows the studio to take a more introverted approach to design, and allows more leeway in the production process given the supply chain issues that have plagued the fashion industry due to COVID-19. Moreover, design influences can easily be traced back to earlier collections through titles. For example, the “3.1” collection was directly based on the brand’s “3.0” collection, but developed many of the ideas seen in the preceding work. 

Post Archive Faction

PAF’s unique approach to design extends well beyond their nomenclature and into the finer details of design. Each garment is labeled left, right, and center, and often a single idea will be expressed in all three modes. The labeling system is akin to a political spectrum, where left represents the most radical and experimental ideas, right is a more conservative and traditional route, and center sits as an intermediary between the two. This system takes on a new life when ideas on the left move towards the right in succeeding collections, as both PAF and its audience become more familiar with a certain garment or concept. 

Post Archive Faction

In January of 2020, PAF was invited to present their clothing in a showroom at Paris Fashion Week, where the team assembled an array of 3D printed and foam-meshed art pieces into a beautiful display that highlighted the “3.1” collection. The work on the presentation indicated that the PAF team has interdisciplinary skills outside of fashion, something which Lim has expressed interest in. He has mentioned that in the future he would like to see PAF developing its identity in the realm of tools and furniture in addition to the exploratory clothing they already produce. In any case, we will be watching al future developments with a keen eye, and so should you. 

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Check out PAF’s Instagram where they have just begun teasing their 5.0 collection, or purchase a piece from their earlier collections, which are available on their website

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Catching You Up On jeen-yuhs Ahead Of Episode 3

As Kanye West preps the release of his eleventh studio album DONDA 2, fans are not only looking forward to the new music ahead of them, but they’re also getting a look back at the life and career of the Chicago legend. Kanye’s jeen-yuhs documentary is releasing weekly and in the first two episodes, fans have three hours of nearly all brand new footage of Ye on the come up. The third and final episode drops on March 2nd but before that, we’re getting you up to speed on what’s been happening.

When does jeen-yuhs episode 3 release?

The third and final episode drops on March 2nd but before that, we’re getting you up to speed on what’s been happening.

<code><iframe width="950" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedWhat Is jeen-yuhs?</code>
What Is jeen-yuhs?

jeen-yuhs, pronounced “genius” by the way, is Kanye West’s documentary which has been in the works for over twenty years, shot by Coodie and Chike. The way it’s spelt is truly fitting because while many of us would agree that Kanye is a genius in some form or fashion, he’s certainly an unorthodox one.

While we’ve seen footage in bits and pieces from the documentary over the years, the announcement of the full doc only came in May of last year. Netflix reportedly acquired it for $30 million, which seems fair since the footage is so highly valued.

<code><iframe width="950" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedjeen-yuhs act i: VISION (Episode 1)</code>
jeen-yuhs act i: VISION (Episode 1)

The first episode of jeen-yuhs, titled VISION, shows just that. Kanye is young and getting beat placements for big artists, but struggling to get people to believe in and take him seriously as a rapper. We see how his and Coodie’s relationship formed and some of the behind the scenes struggles of even a somewhat successful artist with big dreams.

One of the more memorable scenes sees Kanye at the Roc-A-Fella office in New York City. At this point, he had already laid down the blueprint for The Blueprint, but as far as he was concerned, producing was only him getting his foot in the door and to really set things off, he needed a record deal.

He walks through the office, playing ‘All Falls Down’ for a couple of execs. They seem mostly uninterested and are easily distracted. To hear a GRAMMY nominated song that hit #7 on the charts get an extremely flat reaction from those in the music industry is a truly unique experience. It’s hard not to feel sorry for Ye as you see him disheartened by the response, or lack thereof.

This is a theme throughout the first episode; Ye trying to get people to believe in him. It really feels like it’s him against the world. His name gets spelt wrong on big platforms, friends are dissing him on the radio and even when someone does believe he’s the future, there’s little that they can do to support him.

Of course, knowing who Kanye West is now, whether you like him or not, it’s hard not to be incredibly inspired seeing his humble beginnings. It’ll make you feel that no matter how hard a journey is for you, the destination can always be reached.

The episode ends with Ye getting signed to Roc-A-Fella, but of course, the hard work is really yet to begin.

<code><iframe width="950" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedjeen-yuhs act ii: PURPOSE (Episode 2)</code>
jeen-yuhs act ii: PURPOSE (Episode 2)

PURPOSE opens on a high note, amidst the chaos of signing a deal. Ye is asked what’s next for him with the Roc, he buys a new car and his beats are in even higher demand. He finds himself in the studio with Young Guru and JAY-Z, where Hov is working on The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse. Kanye raps what ended up being his verse on ‘The Bounce’, his first real collaboration with JAY despite him not even being credited on the original version of the album.

He gets coached by Jigga in the booth and when he’s done recording his verse, JAY says “a closed mouth don’t get fed, you wouldn’t have said nothing, you wouldn’t have been on that”. It’s a testament to the Chicagoan’s perseverance.

This episode also covers the near-fatal car crash that Kanye was in in 2003. As well as being a life-altering experience for him as it would be for anybody, it really put a pause on things with his career, killing his momentum. It meant that Roc-A-Fella’s focus shifted to other artists who fit their image a little more and now Ye was left trying to once again prove himself to a label, albeit this time one that he was signed to.

Not getting studio time of his own, Kanye has to find time in other artists’ studios when he can. Here, we see a lot of The College Dropout get recorded, including ‘Slow Jamz’, ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ and ‘We Don’t Care’. Seeing classic moments like DeRay Davis’ hilarious skits or Jamie Foxx’s intro on ‘Slow Jamz’ get recorded is mind-blowing and makes you wonder how footage like this was left vaulted for so long.

In the end, the video for ‘Through The Wire’ gets a great response and helps put Roc-A-Fella’s attention back on Kanye. He gets to release his debut album to worldwide success. The change feels almost overnight for Kanye, even though we’ve seen first-hand that it clearly wasn’t. The episode ends with Ye’s famous GRAMMY speech.

What To Expect From jeen-yuhs act ii: AWAKENING (Episode 3)

The preview that we get for AWAKENING at the end of episode two is interesting. Some of the more infamous moments of Ye’s life and career get shown in a montage; him saying George Bush doesn’t care about black people, his mother’s death, the Taylor Swift incident at the VMAs, his support of Trump, his Presidential election.

It’s tough to say how much of this we’ll really see behind the scenes footage of and how much will be covered somewhat from afar. The episode should be somewhere between 90 minutes and two hours long, so the potential for coverage is great, but we’ll find out when it airs on Wednesday.

Either way, the episode should be a treat for Kanye fans and will likely help you feel like you know the man behind the mask a little more.


The Utah Jazz Are Already Prepared For All-Star 2023

Okay Okay, we know that All-Star Weekend just ended, but we have updates about next year’s event in Utah, and it’s already off to a cool start. As part of the Utah Jazz NBA All-Star Weekend 2023 announcement, the organization is taking a page out of Kanye’s album release playbook, and here’s how they are doing it.

Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz All-Star 2023

Starting this month, the Jazz are dropping Merch monthly. March’s edition will have 223 tees dropping to officially commence the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend. The initiative started on February 23rd and was followed by a series of Billboards around different markets.

Additionally, this past Thursday in ATL, TNT personalities including D. Wade along with different members of The Utah Jazz, posted about the merch drop on their socials to hype up the event.

Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz All-Star 2023

ONE37pm asked Jim Olson, president of the Utah Jazz, his thoughts on their year-long All-Star promo.

Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz All-Star 2023

“The countdown is on for 2023 and everyone is invited for a global celebration of basketball in Utah at the NBA All-Star Weekend,” said Jim Olson, president of the Utah Jazz. “We are excited to showcase the innovative spirit and growth of our beautiful state with a memorable experience for all”

As Jim Olson, the countdown is on. Be sure to keep an eye on the Utah Jazz Instagram and Twitter accounts for more updates each month on what they will be dropping. 


How Reli3f Raised Over $1 Million For Ukraine in 30 Seconds Selling NFTs

In the midst of geopolitical turmoil, 37 NFT artists banded together to create a humanitarian initiative in a joint effort. 

As Vladimir Putin declared a “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, the human cost of a modern global conflict was displayed in full array.

In response to Russia’s invasion, the region saw unprecedented levels of economic sanctions, choking up the financial institutions. As a result, the question of how the public could provide financial aid to those in desperate need was left open. 

A web3 community recognized an unconventional solution — crowdfunding through NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The community of over 37 artists and NFT leaders formed RELI3F, a web3 initiative consisting of NFT leaders to provide global humanitarian aid. Within 30 seconds of the initial launch, the project sold out earning over a million dollars.

To this date, the NFT collection has now crossed over 620 ETH (​​$1,702,676.44 USD) in trading volume, with 100% of its primary sales going towards the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

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The Birth of RELI3F

Influential NFT community builder Andrew Wang woke up to the atrocities unfolding in Ukraine as Russian airstrikes bombarded Ukrainian cities, marking the beginning of the Russian invasion. 

Terrified and shocked, soon turning into conviction and resolve, Wang was determined to take action in the best way he knew how — bringing people together.

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Compelled by Wang’s tweet, members of Wang’s network responded within seconds, offering their commitment to the humanitarian effort. 

Fully recognizing the magnitude of this effort, Wang knew this mission had to be handled with utmost diligence.

There was a key moment where an influential NFT figure, Giovanni who co-founded NFT project Smilesssvrs offered his contribution and in turn, the brainstorming process amongst the NFT thought leaders began. 

Entrepreneur, activist, and social impact consultant, Satvik Sethi is also one of the co-founders for RELI3F who brought together Andrew and Gio after seeing Andrew’s initial tweet.

Additionally, SignorCrypto who’s a developer extraordinaire was excited to put together, the project’s official website, as well as our smart contract, and undertook all technical work.

The group envisioned raising funds through NFTs as an innovative way to help those in unimaginable circumstances. 

“That was all we needed to get started,” Wang said. 

This is how RELI3F was born. The collective consists of 37 influential NFT artists who combined compassion with their expertise including Danny Cole, Vinnie Hager, Sartoshi, Super Gremplin, Hawkward, Ravi Vora, Arial Jade, and more.

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“If web3 empowers artists,” Wang said, “we can unite artists, lead with art, and make an impact.” 

Since then, influential artists such as WithHearts, Sarah Script, Clon, and others volunteered to the cause — asking nothing in return. 

“The NFT community is filled with innovative and passionate individuals. This is the time to call on them,” Wang said, “And since blockchain technology enables all transactions to be transparent, the public can be assured that the funds are actually going to the people of Ukraine.”

In being part of the project, Wang commented, “many of the artists featured have collections with a 1 ETH floor or higher, meaning many people are priced out,” Wang said, referring to the 0.05 ETH price for each of the 37 pieces. “With this collection, you can help the situation in Ukraine and purchase art that would be above the average price range for casual NFT collectors.” 

Whether through word of mouth, or seeing different artists expressing their desire to help, the wave of empathy continued to flood NFT Twitter.

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Spotlighting Ukrainian Artists

The group decided to allocate 10% royalty on secondary sales, with all of the artists having the option of opting in or out of those royalties. 

“We did that because there are artists on our roster that are not only from Ukraine but are in Ukraine right now,” Wang said. “We wanted to give back to artists who could really use the royalties.”

One Ukrainian artist featured in the RELI3F collection is Julia Beliaeva — her piece in the collection is titled, “The Last Human Mother And Baby.”

The piece depicts a mother in dense jungle vegetation, watching over her infant son, with birds of prey watching from the trees. In this powerful illustration, Beliaeva imagines what will remain of humankind if “reason loses the battle to primeval aggression.” 

“Julia is especially meaningful to our team, she is in Ukraine with her son right now, hiding,” Wang said. “Julia is an artist and a mother and we are grateful she partnered with us, even in such times.”

Another artist leading the charge, inspired by his sentimental ties to Ukraine is Ukrainian photographer and urban climber, Vitaliy Raskalov. His piece, “South Bridge,” is part of a collection of photographs taken during his residence in Kyiv in 2011.

“I could not even imagine that in the future I would witness how enemy troops invaded my country,” Raskalov said. “Stay strong, Ukraine.”

How the funds will be distributed

On February 27th, RELI3F donated half of the funds ($485,000) to 4 different Ukrainian non-profits. Below is a breakdown of how they will be allocated.

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Members of the RELI3F team have been liaising with Ukrainian government officials and non-profit organizations to decide on where the remaining funds should be allocated to.

Aleksandra Artamonovskaja is one of the members who joined the group to help tirelessly by coordinating with local officials and community members in Ukraine to identify Ukrainian organizations and to donate to.

“Whether it’s helping those on the ground, giving to hospitals, donating to those fleeing the country; we promise to keep the process transparent for the public.” Wang said, “We are carefully considering distribution options that will be swift and effective.”

Checking the Validity and Credibility of a DAO/Charity

Whether it is RELI3F, Ukraine DAO, or other projects that are aiming to support Ukraine, it is important to ensure your donations are received by those who are truly in need. 

Many scammers are taking advantage of this tragedy as an opportunity for financial gain. With that in mind, many entities that may appear to be legitimate charity organizations can be a front for fraudulent operations. 

Use etherscan to verify the project’s contract. The blockchain is transparent so users are able to track where the money has been and where it’s going.

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Do your research. Put your trust in communities you know and people you trust however, always verify by doing your due diligence. 

“We’re putting our reputations on the line, we know who cares and who supports the cause,” Wang said. 

Wang hopes this will cause a ripple effect in the NFT community and demonstrate how powerful web3 crowdfunding can be. 

“I have faith that the people inside the NFT community and ecosystem can see that a fervor for art and collecting can turn into doing good, very quickly.”

To learn more, make sure to follow RELI3F on Twitter, check out the NFTs on Opensea, and view RELI3F’s contract on Etherscan.